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PEOPLE Never take me seriously when I say Phoebus stole a dog, but he deadass stole a dog. He got arrested for it, ofc. And Ben totally showed up and bailed him out. 
Why did you steal a freaking dog, Ben would ask him, And Phoebus would go on a long tirade on how the dog’s owner was never taking proper care of her anyway, and he didn’t think anyone would care. 

Also, Phoebus would have Bad Leg Days, and it’ll always have to be up to Ben and Ari (but mostly Ben) to lug his ass home. Sometimes Phoebus gets jealous that  Ben Seems To Like Malek More so he’ll always bother Ben about stuff.

One time Ben dated this girl who was into ice hockey, and when they broke up, He dated another girl who was into lacrosse and Phoebus had a Field Day. He’d go up to Ben and be all, gee Ben, if you were into Canadians, you shoulda just told me, I’m right here. 

He goes fishing with Phoebus. He catches Fish, Phoebus catches cryptids. 

I remember I mentioned Phoebus wants to start a band with Malek, and Ben is like, 100% up for it, he’s been bothering Malek to start a band with them for god knows how long. Also, him and Phoebus do a lot of volunteer work at shelters! The rest of the baseball team comes with him, even though most of them try to stop Malek from tagging along ‘cause the poor guy’s overworked like 100% of the time (Malek “110% effort” Solh)


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Hi Guys! So here is a fic I’ve had for a WHILE..but tbh I don’t think its that great. I’m kinda just tired of seeing it in my drafts, so I’m posting it because I do like parts of it but as I said in a previous post I don’t like it enough to tag you guys. You probably have no idea what I’m on about…and sorry I just…I dunno its hard to explain how I’m feeling and why I feel its not enough to tag you wonderful people… but yeah…so only tagging mmfdfanfic 

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Trevor cleared up his dinner with Tomi on the Breakfast Club. Trevor and Tomi were out at dinner with their producers and team. TMZ cropped them out of the photo to sell the narrative that Trevor and Tomi are dating. 

They are not. Trevor and Tomi are in relationships of their own. 

As for Trevor sending cupcakes? His show sent that. TV shows send guests thank you packages all the time. Tomi knew that by tagging Trevor and mentioning Trevor by name in her Instagram post she would cause discussion and commotion and get people to turn against Trevor (like what’s happening in his tag). 

Tomi got her ass kicked on Trevor’s show. Let’s be clear on that. She is still reeling from the embarrassment of how badly she lost. So by tagging Trevor and selling the narrative that Trevor wants to date her and fuck her, she’s having people turn against Trevor so that people can forget about her. 

DON’T FALL FOR THIS SHIT! DO NOT! She is purposefully creating a narrative because she is butthurt that she is being seen as a joke by a lot of people. By turning people against Trevor, she is able to take attention off of herself for a little while. 

Pokemon-global-academy just made a huge post trying to call me out. (surprise)

I’ll address it here:

  • Pkparaiso sprites are free to use as mentioned on their site: “Don’t claim these gifs as yours. Credit is not needed, but still apreciated, if you are using 6 or less of them.” Despite not needing to credit them, there is a constant link to that site in my about and in any sprite scenery gifs I make with them.
  • Pokescans did agree to let me edit their scans and did not once message me asking me to stop using them. If they feel bad about how I edit them, I’ll stop immediately. They’re also not crops btw, they’re all edited.
  • I don’t need permission to post/edit official fighting game backgrounds in the same way you don’t need permission to post/edit official Pokémon art. I tagged them as my gif because they were edited by me using PSDs, but if that causes confusion, I’ll remove the tag.

Anything else? I notice you didn’t mention or deny stealing my edits anywhere in your very large post.  ☕