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(3/?) Gerard is the type of boyfriend to keep a bunch of candid photos of Y/N up on his wall. Really early in the morning he'll buy coffee and take it over to Y/N's apartment while he's still asleep and cover his faces in kisses till he wakes up. Gerard also draws Y/N a lot, sometimes as superheroes and sometimes naked (wink wink). If someone even looks at Y/N wrong Gerard would puff out his chest and try to look intimating just to scare them off. This is literally my favourite headcannon, fuck.

awwwwwww cuuuuuuuuute, i love these fluffy things

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kara listens to one (1) lana del rey song and has to contemplate her entire life. she calls up alex like "i need a sugar daddy" at like 4am

“aren’t you and lena already dating?” a sleepy alex replies, not really paying attention to the conversation because she’s too busy wondering what she did to deserve this

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Comment fais-tu l'effet de flou sur Sai comme dans ton dernier dessin posté ? (je voulais te le demander en anglais, mais je ne savais pas comment le dire lol) (je ne sais pas si tu m'as comprise)

“How do you do that blur effect with SAI, like in your last drawing? (I wanted to ask it in english but I didn’t know how to say it lol) (I don’t know if you understood me)”

Okay, I’m replying in english because maybe there are people who want to know it too. 

I actually don’t use SAI for that effect because SAI can’t do it. lol I use something called “Photofiltre”. I’m pretty sure you can do it with Gimp or Photoshop.
I wouldn’t recommend to use Photofiltre for editing because it’s pretty outdated. But it’s been like 5 years I haven’t tried to use Gimp, so I can’t tell much about it.

Okay, since I’m using the french version, I don’t know how they translated it in english but I’m either using “Flou gaussien” (gaussian blur) or “Flou de mouvement” (motion blur).

1) So first, open your file. Then set is as “motif” (or “pattern”? Idk how they translated it).

2) Once you’re done, throw the blur effect. 

You’ll get this if you use the motion blur:

Too much motion blur, right? You can tone it down by lowering the opacity (I didn’t):

3) Grab the stamp tool and check “Motif”. You can change the pressure/size too.

4) Then, you can now remove that blur effect with the stamp tool.

[Okay, I tried to upload a gif, but tumblr broke it. So here you go if you wanna see it.]

I hope this will help you! 

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am i the only one who is really annoyed by the fact that brienne always calls jaime "ser jaime" like GIRL you have seen each other naked and been through so much shit for fucks sake dont be so formal smh

(hi nonnie and so sorry for replying this über late, I hope you still see this <3)

You might have come to the wrong person with this question (and not only because I suck at replying asks on time!) because I definitely don’t find it annoying. Unnecessary? Yes, kinda. Sad? Yes. Heartbreaking even? Yes! But not annoying.

Now I don’t know if you were thinking showverse or bookverse, but *George R.R. Martin voice* in the books there are several reasons Brienne would address Jaime as Ser Jaime. For one, it’s what etiquette requires. He is a knight, so he is a ser. Similarly, Hyle Hunt is Ser Hyle for example. Brienne is close enough to Jaime that her dropping the “ser” would probably not offend him, but it would be a very intimate way of addressing him, and Brienne is not comfortable with that. Courtesy is a lady’s armour in more than one way.

(Side note: in Brienne’s dreams she calls Jaime just “Jaime” and - unless I misremember - in her narration she switches between “Jaime” and “Ser Jaime” and I’d actually love to analyse why/how. But clearly she thinks of him more intimately than she talks.)

Secondly, it’s also about genuine respect. Brienne calls Jaime “Ser Jaime” because she respects him as a knight, and it is very important for Jaime she does that. Being addressed like any honorable knight, plain and simple, is kind of a big deal for the Kingslayer. Maybe Brienne even recognises this on some level.

I’m sure Brienne will eventually, either accidentally when overcome by emotion or perhaps by Jaime’s insistence, drop the “ser”. But so far it doesn’t disturb me. It’s what she’s comfortable with and what he appreciates. Of course it’s a little heartbreaking Brienne’s walls are as high as Winterfell’s and that she loves him so much yet addresses him so formally, but isn’t it quite bittersweet too?

As for the show - well, I have less to say because I haven’t been paying as much attention and also I feel like the etiquette/culture is not as consistently portrayed, but what I said about Brienne hiding her feelings behind courtesy and calling Jaime “Ser Jaime” out of respect is just as valid in the show canon imo. Only in the show in season 6 you can clearly see that Jaime (how much thanks to Nikolaj the Ship Captain’s acting rather than the script though??) craves for more intimacy and emotional connection with Brienne, but because of the precarious situation (and maybe because of personal insecurities) she struggles to maintain the distance and calling him “Ser Jaime” is one tool of that. Frustrating for a shipper, I understand, but I still wouldn’t call it annoying. Sad, more like. Fingers crossed that we will hear her call him just “Jaime” in season 7!

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#20, 'things you said I wasn't meant to hear' for rebelcaptain? :D

i’m cheating and combining @strong-bottle-of-jyn‘s prompt: things you said at one am. anywho, in honor of rogue one leaking and slowly murdering me, please enjoy this angst fest!

Jyn hasn’t been out of her quarters all day. After the ordeal she’s been though, nobody much feels like admonishing her. Even Draven, rivaling Kaytoo in terms of not caring about Jyn’s feelings, keeps telling everyone to give her space.

Bodhi comes round in the middle of the day with a mug of honest to god tea instead of the crap caf from the mess. It’s Kay, standing guard by the door, who lets him in. Jyn thanks him, voice hoarse, and tries to hide her red rimmed eyes by rubbing at her face with the sleeve of Cassian’s shirt. 

She doesn’t touch the tea.

In fact, by the time Cassian slides into bed beside her, hours later, Jyn hasn’t had anything to eat or drink. He presses a kiss to the crown of her head and slips an arm around her waist. Jyn pushes him away, fresh tears welling in her eyes. 

“Jyn,” Cassian sighs, “Draven told me. Are you alright?”

She nods, biting her lip to keep from breaking into sobs.

“Jyn,” he repeats. “You know I don’t — I’m not angry. Or disappointed. I’m just…glad that you’re okay.”

She just nods again, pressing a fist to her mouth. 

“I know you’ve been resting all day, but Kay told me you…well, people in your — “ Cassian stops. “He said you’d want to sleep,” he finishes. 

“I,” Jyn starts, voice thin as ice. She feels Cassian tense, in anticipation of something. “I’m fine.”

He relaxes, pulls away a little. His hand seeks hers beneath the blankets and Jyn lets out a strangled noise. Still, she laces her fingers through his. It’s enough and too much all at once. 

What feels like days later but must only be a few hours later, Jyn still isn’t asleep. She can’t feel Cassian beside her for the first time all night and her heart drops. Her eyes squeeze shut, trying to contain the tears that won’t stop slowing. “Please don’t leave me,” she whispers, voice breaking, overcome with hiccuping sobs.

Suddenly, Cassian’s arms come around her, pulling Jyn flush against his chest. “I’m right here, mi amor. I’m not going anywhere.”

For the first time since Kay carried her from the refresher, blood coating her thighs, to the med bay, Jyn lets herself be held. She turns into the frame of Cassian’s shoulders, fists her hands in his shirt, and lets the fragile veil of strength she’s managed to piece together shatter. 

Jyn clings to Cassian until she has nothing left to cry. She holds him like a lifeline, willing the images of the family she’s just lost to fade like any other scar. 

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How do you think Hyde's tumblr would be in a modern AU?

I don’t think he would have one. In fact, I don’t think he would had any social media profile, this is a guy whose conspiracy theories goes beyond the circle lol. If he had profiles, they would had been most likely done by his friends (probably Eric) and later, he would had to use them because Jackie won’t stop bothering about it.

But in the remote case he would had a tumblr…

  • Since the thing would probably be done by Eric, the username would be something pretty obvious at first and Hyde would probably search for it to be different so no one (but his friends) can imagine it may be him. I guess he would be pushing at every option in the control tabs and getting a headache because he decided to do so at like 3 am on a monday.
  • Generic, simple, boring theme. Just changed the background to black or to some badass picture. One day, Donna and Kelso would change the theme themselves, but as long as it’s simple, can read shit on it and mostly black, it’s ok.
  • Just reblogs a lot of stuff, refuses to post something. Not about him, not about anything.
  • One of those that appears every new moon, reblogs a lot of crap in five minutes, then disappears until the next new moon.
  • Lowkey reblogs everything Donna ever posts.
  • Messy and more probably non-existent tag system. Like he may tag a few things, things he would actually like to find later (#references #burn).
  • Midnight shitposter if drunk/high, thing that starts happening more and more from age 13 to 17. When he starts dating Jackie, his policy of not post shit comes back, mostly because he knows he will end up posting about her and #nope.
  • He ends up posting about her. Tag was something like #get out of my mind or deadpan #nope at first, gradually becomes something like #my chick.
  • Doesn’t have the ask or submition option activated, has messages only for people he follows.
  • Stupid humor posts. Agressive social justice. Lots of Trump hate.
  • Secret poetry side-blog that at some point becomes pretty active. If that point seems to have something to do with the tag #grasshopper, he just ignores it.

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This is the Amazing Person Award! Once you are given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re amazing inside and out! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚

!!! thank you so much omg, you’re amazing too and I hope you have a nice day! ;v;

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And what if it had been Jackie the one dating someone outside the gang in season 4?

[We are talking about if the gang would had been ok with the girls dating boys outside their group when they broke up with their respective couples]

If we are talking about season 2-3, when she had broke up with Kelso, everyone, even Donna, would had been very happy. You are forgetting Jackie was never truly welcomed in the gang.

She went to being Kelso’s annoying girlfriend, to be someone Fez wanted to fuck and Hyde to protect, to be Donna’s “best friend” and then Hyde’s annoying girlfriend. This is how they truly saw her, and we know it.

Donna would had supported her and make sure the dude in question wasn’t an ass. But knowing how Jackie was at the time, I’m worried the kind of person she would had dated. I mean, look at this Chip guy and the cheese guy in season 4, lol. Like Jackie, my girl, you deserve so much more. Don’t settle down for catfish.

Anyway, Hyde would had also been ok. Or more like *fake smile* ok. He lowkey hated JackieAndKelso together once again during season 3-4, so he would probably be first in kind of awe at Jackie’s new relationship because, let’s face it, he kinda had feelings for her so he would be like :lllll

But this also depends on something: is this before the kiss in JBH or after? If it’s before, maybe he won’t be like this. Maybe he would be glad Jackie is truly moving on. And maybe having her for less more time a day will make him realize he misses her and oh shit.

If it’s after, LMAO, he would be lowkey doing faces at this, especially because knowing Jackie, she would try and spend most of her time with her new boyfriend, which means no basement. In fact, that’s when I think the real grow may come.

She would miss Donna and Hyde. She would even miss the rest of the idiots, too. By this point her only real friends are Donna and Hyde (Fez doesn’t count because he started to treat her like crap after he realized she isn’t interested in him during ‘Ice Shack’ And Kelso? LMAO, he would be bitter as fuck, wanting to make her break up with the new dude. Eric wouldn’t care), and she would miss being with them, especially Donna.

Her only option is to tell her boyfriend she wants him to spend time with her friends, but if by some kind of miracle the guy has better friends? Well, lmao, goodbye then.

It may had changed a lot of things, if that would had happened. Because Jackie and Fez were the outsiders at the begining, and Fez gets a place quickly, she has to fucking fight for it. And even after years of knowing each other and so, there’s always this feeling like Jackie is only allowed as long as she is dating one of the guys/trying to date one of them.

The writers really wasted good chances with her and Donna’s friendship when she was single, when both were single. I dream of a season in which both had been single at the same time, and had learned they don’t need the boys, that love and relationships doesn’t define you.

It would had been nice.