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((i got so happy i made a phone screen of it ○゚ε゚○ ))

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Headcanon: Daud did become the void god after Outie died/became human. Someone had to take over after all and the void went "THAT ONE. I WANT THAT ONE NOW." Because we all know Daud can never catch a break. It went like that: Void: "THAT'S THE DAUD?" Other Entity: "... yes." V: "GOOD. I WANT THAT ONE." OE: "Are you-" V: "THAT ONE."

Daud made it about fifteen feet into nothingness until the Void stopped his pieces from floating away, collected them all up and then turned him back into a whole spirit. I’d like to know how long it will be before he figures he can (1) change his clothes and (2) can bother the hell out of Mark now

(it’s two months since Death of the Outsider was released so I think I’ll stop tagging spoilers)

Santa Gets a Suprise

Winchester daughter imagine

Dean’s Daughter doesn’t really understand Santa

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“Shorty, what exactly are you doing?” Sam half laughed mainly yawned at three am with an extra groggy voice.

Holding your baseball bat tighter and making sure the flashlight headband didn’t go out, you continued to walk through the hall ways.

“Ssshhhhh.” You instructed with a thick whisper. “I’m huntin’ Santa.” Your voice calmly replied.

“You sure it’s not wabbits?” Sam laughed but soon realized you didn’t get his joke, making him feel old.

“Why would you hunt Santa Claus? He brings you presents. Besides, shouldn’t you be in bed?” He asked with a shaking head in disbelief.

“Some old homeless weirdo creeps around my house and lures me in with presents and candy? Sounds sketch. I’ll sleep when he’s dead.” You sassed back at him.

“Okay, it is way too early to hold hands and sing campfire songs and share war stories.” Dean came out from behind Sam, holding his head with one hand and extending the other in your direction.

“Bat.” He asked with one word. Fully expecting you to give it over. “Don’t even say anything, just do it and not be stubborn for once.”

With irritation and attitude You sighed but handed over the bat.

“First things first, where the hell did you get a baseball bat?” He asked with closed eyes from being half asleep and raised eyebrows from confusion.

“Claire said I should have something to keep me safe.” Your eyes and head were low as well as your voice. There was a reason your dad didn’t give you any weapons of any sort.

“Oh course she did. Why would I expect anything less of her?” He shook the thought out of his mind, apparently not going to discipline you.

“Second, four Winchester’s live here. You, me, Sam and Cas. Ain’t nobody trying to break in here.” His words had some sort of sense to it.

“Finally, get to bed before my mind realizes I haven’t had coffee yet.” With those words you instantly fast walked back to your room and quietly shut the door.

Your dad awake early was bad enough, but without coffee? God himself wouldn’t dare talk to him.

Turning to Sam after he was sure you’d gone to bed, he widened his eyes momentarily to process what had happened.

“She didn’t see her present that ‘Santa’ brought her, right?” He asked, peaking around the corner to make sure you weren’t listening.

“Nope, we’re good. But she’s ten Dean, you’ve got to tell her he’s not real at some point.” Sam pointed out, warning him a glare.

“Not happening. She’s gonna be my little girl as long as I damn well please.” He mumbled out as he too headed Back to bed before Christmas morning began.


This was what I was talking about by saying Pikachu was speaking English. lmao the audience was exactly like my theater's reaction. BY FAR THE MONST WEIRDEST THING POKEMON HAS EVER DONE. like omg the fuck hell na so weird and awkward like naaa boy!

Video Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6YkGejS6IM

Edit: So I just came back from school and now see this has over 27K notes! WTF IM losing MY SHIT…i only gained around 20 followers tho XD. BUT STILL WTF!!! THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH. Also, some people were complaining that it was a spoiler but I didn’t see it as much but out of respect I have put a spoiler tag.

hey @ goyim could y'all reblog this if you're actually willing to listen to Jewish people and protect us?

we really need allies right now, and I know seeing this on people’s blogs could be comforting to other Jewish people. But please don’t do this as performative allyship- actually try and help us irl, or at least learn about antisemitism enough to spot it and call it out.

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  

Reblog to save a ‘Be More Chill’ fans life

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dan is so beautiful and anyone who disagrees is lying. like have you seen that boy? he has slight curves and a soft face and his lips jesus christ. and gorgeous long legs and he has a little bit of a chub tum. everything about him is so soft yet he can go from holy shit to aww it literally two seconds and he looks gorgeous in literally everything.

i thought this answer needed some visual representation

like this is just a random liveshow screenshot?? hOW??

WHY WHY WHY yOU knOw what this is dOIng to us bOIIIIII

phil lester: photographer extraordinaire

fOr fUCk!!!!!

my heart is soft :(((

tHE squISHieST bOYe???

the purest human :((( 7 hours of training a week looks good on him

eXCUse mE????

he deserves all the happiness in the world :(( i’m so :(((


this entire panel was a blessing for our eyes

i will nEVer be over this. eVER.

more denim jacket dan 2kforever pls :(((

fRECKles???? so good man :((((

i would die for him

gLoRiouS. stUnNinG. what is existence honestly

truly, what have we done to deserve him. i need to lie down.

this dream is short but this dream is happy
—  Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig

cupcakes are totally a breakfast food


i got commissioned back in feb for some quick busts of sock from welcome to hell and i figure now that they’ve actually been paid off i can probably share these here

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this seems like a no-brainer but after the septicart event is over, are you cool with us still posting in the tag? i've been hella busy and didn't get to work on anything cool yet

Hell yes!! I highly encourage people to keep creating. If anything that’s what I hoped would happen, that the tag became a sort out outlet or place for people to post and filter through constantly. Think of “septicart” as a focal point instead of a once off thing :)

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a fic prompt - Steve gets introduced to El and internally he's like 'guess ive got 5 kids now' :3

frICK this is cute thank u for this prompt omg

hopefully!!! i did okay!!! ahfsdlfkja

Steve finally properly meets Eleven three days after the fact, on a bright and sunny morning. It’s a busy day in Hawkins - people seem to be getting a head-start on holiday shopping early this year - but beneath all that surface-level hustle and bustle, The Party is busy with their own excitable rush.

(Inwardly, Steve winces every time he subconsciously refers to the group of traumatized humans he’s unwittingly become a part of as The Party. He really, really needs to stop spending so much time with Dustin.)

If their fellow citizens notice the fact that Hopper, Joyce, Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve have been driving back and forth along the same path over and over again all day today, they don’t seem to care. Dustin doesn’t seem all that bothered by it, either; he just chatters away into his walky-talky radio…thing in Steve’s passenger’s seat, pointing out various window fronts to his friends as they drive along ahead of them or behind them, oblivious to Steve’s occasional side-long glances. Every now and then Lucas or Mike will answer, usually in the form of an exasperated groan or else yelling at him to shut up, but Dustin is completely unperturbed.

It’s hard to admit, but Steve almost envies him.

At age 13, Steve was already obsessed with the social hierarchy in place at Hawkins Middle School. He knew Jessica Lang threw all the best parties when her parents were out of town and had already developed an uncanny talent for making the bottle land on her every time he spun it, thus quickly propelling him to the very top by the time they hit high school; all it took was earning his place on the basketball team for King Steve to be born. King Steve never showed that much excitement over any single thing. King Steve was cool at every possible moment, from the way he stood to the way he dressed to the way he styled his hair. King Steve was carefully and meticulously designed and was really a bitch to maintain.

He thinks with a faint smile that he really doesn’t miss that old stodgy monarch as he listens to Dustin fawn over some Star Wars toy on display in a passing window.

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