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@nuevayor Facebook is the first place people go to dox you. That’s one of many reasons I don’t use it at all. If you’re gonna use it I’d definitely create a fake profile.

Any images you post need to be unique to the platform you’re posting it on. If you make a photo post here don’t put the same photo on your twitter or Instagram. Don’t even post the same photo on another tumblr blog. You can sometimes find a nazis personal blog just by going thru their selfies and uploading them to a reverse image search engine. Great tool to have but don’t let it be used against you. Also don’t have a selfie tag. Or a personal tag. Make it as difficult as possible for someone to find your selfies and personal posts on here.

Use a different email address for each platform too. Getting into someone’s email once you have enough identifying information is pretty easy so make sure if someone does get in they can’t change your passwords for all your social media accounts and access them all. One social media platform per email address will make things exponentially harder for anyone trying to dox you.

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Is it confirmed Harry's album is coming in late April or just a rumor?

Well, let’s see. I tagged it as rumors. I made or reblogged three additional posts after reblogging it where it was again made clear that it’s a rumor. So….I’m thinking it’s a rumor.

I realize I sound like a huge bitch in this response, but I’m getting really frustrated at having to hold certain anons’ hands through everything. Look at my blog. Look at my tags. If your question is about a quote from an article, actually look at the article. If your question is something that can be googled, open up that search engine. And THEN if you still have questions, I’m more than happy to answer. It’s really annoying because I feel like I make things pretty clear on my blog and I get people who just ignore everything I post or who ask me questions that they could easily answer themselves. PLEASE just look at my blog first.

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Sorry to bother. I don't really know what tags to search. I had a fic saved and something happened and now it's gone. I just remember that Bucky and Steve were in college together and couldn't stand each other. Steve was maybe in architecture and Bucky in engineering and both thought the other's style was ridiculous. Help please?

the best one i know of is The Only Medicine is You byKellyscams

February 12

If you missed any  2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 2/4, 2/5 2/6, 2/7, 2/8, 2/9, 2/10, 2/11

Fact #12 -  Viagra, when dissolved in water, can make cut-flowers stay erect for up to a week longer than they usually would. Try it! (after yesterday I just had to)

You can use Google or some other search engine.  Doesn’t have to come from your head.  

Let’s try to have them all on one thread so please go to the last note and post yours afterward.  And if you don’t follow that person, make a new friend.

Tagging some friends.

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Do you have any recs for KisuHaru fics as well? ;3;

aughhh h, not nearly as much as id like to have. :’) like wtf where’s all their content. aight, so im gonna mostly just say writers instead of specific fics, bec the best kh fics typically come from the same people

- popnographic on ao3 has got some gREAT kisuharu fics. real good, dependable stuff. honestly all the works by her are super good, but if you’re specifically looking for kisuharu, you can bet your ass she got that too

- gwenndelous (Eristastic) also very dependable, provides a lot of v good stuff for the tag. lots of sweet stuff, a kisuharu idol!AU, (which is GREAT,) et cetera. definitely worth a quick lookie on the ol’ google search engine

- im not sure if cyancandy has more kh on ao3 but i DO know they wrote a super cute one shot called “Braids” that made me love this pairing even more ;v;

- i dont thiNK ishka has any kisuharu fics by themselves, but if youre into ot3-5 type stuff they DEFINITELY have some v good, satisfying, wholesome reads. “Sea Glass” (a multichap w/ soukisuharu) is one of my personal favorites

- the one individual fic that i will list here is [pink], by livecement, bc i think it’s the only kh the writer did. suuuuuuper good, nice and angsty, just the way i like it :’) 

honestly the kisuharu tag is so pitifully small you could probably just go through it yourself and find the best ones in a matter of like. thirty minutes. super sad, ik, but it makes the good ones all the more precious, right? 

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I'm using your Sang Woo Moon sims i love love him so so much you did an amazing job. However, his skin mask can only be found if i were to edit a female sim since i cannot choose feminine or masculine option with skin details. I have tried to delete the masculine trade in the search engine but can't get the eyebags which are meant for females to work either? Thank you so so much and i really hope you can help me cause i really love your vampire

well the eyebags aren’t made by me, and they show up for me with males, so Im not sure what to say about that part >.< As for the facemask, are you saying it doesn’t show up on sangwoo at all? So you can only access it from the female tag??? I Just checked the gender tags in sfs, and everything looks correct doe? Is anybody else having this problem?

Being the public eye for as long as she had been, Parker had been forced to grow a relatively thick skin from an early age. Even still, she was only human and there were times when people, people who didn’t even know her, could just be down right cruel. What had possessed her to type her name into Google’s search engine Parker was unaware, but what was even more baffling were the stories people had come up with to explain her quick disappearing act after being released from jail. “Pregnant with director’s baby, Parker Lowell forced to go into hiding,” she read quietly to herself. “Parker’s cellmate tells all: She’s not the girl you think.” She hadn’t even been in a cell with anyone, let alone someone who would be able to give a full account of Parker’s time behind bars. Tossing her phone back into her purse, Parker was grateful for the pair of sunglasses that she’d been smart enough to put on before leaving her house. Rummaging through her bag, Parker searched for her pack of cigarettes, before realizing she’d left them on her kitchen counter. “Great,” she mumbled to herself before turning and spotting a person walking a few feet away. Probably a long shot, but truthfully she was kind of desperate. “You don’t happen to have a cigarette, do you?”

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do you have any fics that have a ton of sexual tension

We get different variations of this ask all the time and our answer is always the same - check out our slow building romance tag and use our search engine  when looking for specific terms such as UST, sexual tension, etc. (instructions under the ask box here). 

And we get it! We all want to read that fic that keeps teasing and cock blocking Dean and Cas for miles and miles. The thing is, fic reading is a very personal enjoyment. What is hot and sizzling for one fan, can be just lukewarm and frustrating for another. Very often, after we post these kind of YMMV lists, we get anons complaining that we left out their favorite fic. 

So, a mandatory disclaimer: these are our personal choices, the ones that stood out in our minds when asked. Although we do our best, this is subjective and we are sure there’s more great fic out there that we missed - even among the ones we have reviewed!!

Disclaimer out of the way - here are a few you just might enjoy for that delicious (unresolved) sexual tension! We’ve added asterisk to fics that has longer periods of UST.

Ghostbusters Character Bios

So I purchased the Ghostbusters Handbook (amongst other things) and the information inside was both entertaining and delightful. (and legit helpful for fic writing purposes). Thought I’d share some of the highlights.

First up, whomever authored this book knew nothing about scientific publications.

[image of book page with no title; relevant sentence: Dr. Erin Gilbert specializes in theoretical particle physics and has been published in journals such as Nature and Scientific American.]

LOL Scientific American is a popular science magazine not a scientific journal. That is most definitely not where Erin would have published her work. Trust me I went to an engineering school. I had to read scientific journals all the time. (Nature technically is, but its sketchy if she would have published there. That journal covers a broad range of topics, including physics. However it is not tagged with particle physics or other ghostbusters related physics studies (energy, magnetism, nuclear, etc) according to my alma mater’s library search. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just means it’s not the most likely journal for Erin to publish her work in.) (Fic Writing Tip: if you need to provide a title of a scientific journal, go to a university library’s website and search their journals by categories.)

Here we have a glimpse at the fallout between Erin and Abby:

[image of book pages with the partial title Lifelong Friends; relevant section: When their book was released, the friends were invited to appear on a University of Michigan public television show. But having been taunted and teased as “ghost girl” for most of her life, Erin was worried about going public with her research. She wanted to be taken seriously as a scientist. Erin failed to appear for the television show, causing a massive rift in her and Abby’s friendship that lasted years.]

Confirmed by the novelization: Erin is from Michigan! Which pleases me on a personal level. Specifically she is from the Battle Creek area, which is not as pleasing to me on a personal level, but at least it’s not all the way over by the Detroit/Ann Arbor area (why do they always get all the fun). The novelization further confirms that Abby moved to Michigan from Indiana during high school, and both Erin and Abby attended the University of Michigan for their undergrad degree. Their paths began to diverge after that when they attended different graduate schools and Erin grew more and more worried about her career reputation. When Abby arranged for the television appearance at their alma mater, Erin’s grad advisor told her not to go and to bury the book where no one would ever hear about it. It was the permission Erin needed to stand Abby up and run away from her past.

Not pictured: the information that their high school science fair project, the one that later grew into Ghosts From Our Past, was originally presented as a rap. Because Erin and Abby are nerdy white girls trying to be cool white girls and I’m dying. (but legit, the novelization confirms this; they thought they were the effin’ coolest with that rap) (tbh they still do)

Holtzmann’s turn:

[image of book page titled Founding Member: Jillian Holtzmann; relevant sections: Jillian Holtzmann (she prefers to be addressed as Holtzmann) is an engineer who, like Erin and Abby, specializes in theoretical particle physics. … Holtzmann met Abby shortly after a lab accident that lost her a job offer with a top nuclear research organization. ‘lab accident’ is circled with an arrow drawn to it and a note that says “It wasn’t that bad… They said he moved a finger yesterday!” presumably written by Holtzmann herself.]

First of all, she prefers to be addressed as Holtzmann, something I interpreted from the movie, but is nice to see confirmed. (And as someone who’s getting into reading/writing fic for this fandom, I feel so vindicated :P)

Second, and confirmed by the novelization, Holtz definitely did something to send a guy into a coma. Likely blew something up. At CERN. Yikes :S (and not at all surprising). Somehow this led to her meeting Abby, and obviously Abby was much more forgiving of Holtzmann’s penchant for creating not-so-medium-sized poofs and booms.

Extra note: the novelization mentioned Holtz buying a get well soon card and writing “Happy anniversary!” on it to send to coma guy on the same day they moved in above the Chinese restaurant. No further details given.


[image of book page, no title. Relevant section: Raised with a fierce love of reading, Patty quickly became an indispensable member of the team for her extensive knowledge on a variety of topics, including the history of New York.]

There’s a lot here on Patty’s accomplishments from the movie (which is great because she kicked ass), but virtually nothing here on her backstory. This suggests the script-writers didn’t give her one which is disappointing :/ (though I guess Abby doesn’t have one that doesn’t revolve around Erin). But there was that one little phrase that got me hyped: raised with a fierce love of reading.

:D She got her love of reading from her family, you guys! Her parents might have been teachers! or just giant-ass nerds. They probably taught her to read before she even entered school. Patty was the not-so-quiet bookworm who always checked out the max number of books from the library and read them cover to cover before returning them. As shown in that one heartbreaking fanart (link) (A+ op A+), she was also the excited nerd who wanted to share every interesting oddball thing she found. I just cannot guys, AAAAHHHHHHHH

Please continue with this train of thought. Give me all the Patty headcanons. She’s amazing.

And finally:

[image of book page titled Kevin: The Ghostbusters’ Loyal Receptionist; relevant section: Kevin lives at the Ghostbusters’ headquarters, but that doesn’t mean he’s always on call. He doesn’t work Wednesdays, and he doesn’t answer the phone before 10 a.m. Occasionally, he’ll need to dash out for auditions, improv rehearsal, or saxophone lessons, so please be sure to answer the Ghostbusters’ hotline if Kevin isn’t at his post.]

Oh Kevin. Sweet, sweet Kevin. I don’t know if they all live at headquarters, now that they’re moved into the firehouse, but Kevin definitely does (but does he actually???). He doesn’t work Wednesdays (official hide-and-seek day? or for some other reason?), and he doesn’t answer the phone before 10 a.m (novelization says he doesn’t come in before 10 a.m.). Those saxophone lessons are his uncle’s; he just listens. He’s apparently trying to be an actor which I guess we got from those headshots in the movie (“Which one makes me look more like a doctor?”). I find this hilarious because according to the novelization, Garret the tour-guide also wanted to be an actor. (and now I guess that Kevin/Garret fic on AO3 makes a tiny bit of sense)

Later I’ll post some tips for being a Ghostbuster and more fun character stuff. Cause there is a lot in this book.

I like to personally apologize for being Ghirafi trash

So I used to have the search function for all of my tumblr blogs off cause I didn’t want irl people finding them and it turns out that really doesn’t do jack shit since you can still easily google my blogs. So I just turned that shit back on so you can search for my tumblrs on various search engines and holy shit looking at the ghirafi tag and I see it just flooded with my crap. Wow, that must be really annoying to deal with. I’m so sorry. I’ll make sure to tag all my ghirafi shit as ghirafi so people can blacklist that shit.

I should make this the header for my art blog.

Tumblr: Stop the Use Tags on Your Images That are Dangerous to People with Epilepsy!

The practice of using the tag “epilepsy warning” on flashing images can help cause people to have seizures instead of preventing them. The problem is that any tag with the word epilepsy will show up in any search done for epilepsy, which will bring people straight to the image that will trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Any seizure can be dangerous or even deadly so this practice is doing exactly the opposite of what people, apparently think it is.

When uploading an image onto your site and typing the word epilepsy for a tag, the option of Epilepsy Warning appears on the list so it is possible that people think they are preventing seizures by using it. The use of this tag needs to stop to ensure the safety of your members and others just using search engines to search for epilepsy images.

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder, behind migraines, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease; it affects more people than Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and Parkinson’s disease combined!

1 in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime, 1 in 26 will develop epilepsy, and over 50,000 people die from epilepsy related causes each year in the United States alone.

Thank you,

Chris Arceneaux
Coalition for the Rights of Disabled People