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AO3 Filtering and You!

So I’ve seen a couple people talking about hating to see certain pairings and characters when searching on AO3, and I thought I’d take a moment to teach everyone A Thing I Love To Do. You can absolutely and very very easily filter out pairings and characters when you search for fics!

Step one: Find the tag for the character/pairing you want to filter out.

You’re gonna have to click on it (I’M SORRY I KNOW BUT ONLY FOR A SECOND).

Step two: After clicking on that tag you hate, find the RSS Feed button up on top and click that.

This is gonna bring up a screen full of gibberish. But it’s okay! This is good gibberish.

Step three: In the address bar, find the numbers that appear after tags/

That’s the numerical code that AO3 has attached to that tag.

Step four: Copy that number, then paste it in the search bar with a - in front of it

Step five: Success! Pressing search will remove that tag from the search results.

For best results, save all the tags you hate in a document and copy/paste when needed. You can totally stack these filters as much as you want, just make sure there’s a - in front of each tag code.

But Lady, you ask, how does this work? Well, the AO3 search engine, like every single search engine you will ever use, uses something called boolean searching. Putting that - in front of what you don’t want will tell the search engine “show me everything that fits this criteria, EXCEPT NOT this other criteria”.

The problem with AO3 is, if you search “-Character1/Character2″, it will fail to filter out stories tagged with “Character2/Character1″, or any stories where the tag uses a character’s nickname. But thanks to something that AO3 calls tag wrangling, both of those options will be stored within the same numerical code, so that a search for one will also bring up the other. You can use that in your filtering to ensure that all iterations of that pairing you hate will be removed.

WARNING: this currently only applies to character and pairing tags, and only the tags that have gotten enough fics to have been “wrangled” by AO3 and given a tag code. It also won’t work on stories where the tag has been misspelled.

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Hi Sam. I hope you or your readers can help me. I've been looking for a specific Stucky fic but can NOT find it again. It's an AU set in Rome. Steve is a reporter and Bucky is the President's runaway son, I think. I've searched AO3 over and over but no luck. :( Can you help me find it?

Hi Anon! I can help you find it, but I’m also going to use your post as a bit of a soapbox in return :D None of this is aimed specifically at you, I’m just using your request as a teaching tool. 

I want to remind everyone that I do not (ordinarily) post fic-finding requests, because that’s not really the purpose of my tumblr and there are other communities for that, as well as posting in tumblr tags with the question. If you contact me under your name I may be able to help you privately but ordinarily, fic-finding requests from anon accounts get deleted. Sorry, it’s just…when I do one like this, generally within a week I get ten more, and I want to actively discourage that. 

The second half of the soapbox is to remind people that AO3 has a very robust search engine and it behooves us to learn how to use it. If you know it’s Steve/Bucky, that it’s in Rome, and that Bucky is the President’s son, you can do stuff like searching AO3 using the Steve/Bucky tag and the word “rome” or “president” in the “any fields” (Rome, being more rare, will be more useful). Entering the steve/bucky tag in the relationship field and entering Rome in the “any fields” at the top turns up 13 fics, which it’s easy to review. 

Sidebar: learning to use AO3′s search engine will help you out a great deal (it meant it took me about two minutes to find your fic, see below) and I encourage you to play around with it. One great way is to take a fic you like and try to find it using various combinations of tags, keywords, and other filters. It will help you learn your way around. Also this is one reason, fic authors, that it is VERY IMPORTANT to properly tag your fic with characters, ships, and canonized trope/kink/AU/fusion tags if they exist. 

In this case I happened to recognize in your summary the plot of the movie Roman Holiday, so I knew it was a Roman Holiday fusion. I was able to enter steve/bucky in the relationship tag to pull up the canonized “James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers” tag, and I could enter “roman holiday” in the “additional tags” field to bring up the canonized “Alternate Universe - Roman Holiday Fusion” tag and search for both, which turned up just one fic, whose summary definitely describes what you’re looking for. 

The upshot is I believe the fic you want is When In Rome. I hope you enjoy it! :) Thanks for letting me springboard off your question. 

Since people are now causing a shit storm both on one of the confession posts, in my inbox, and in the tag in general, I feel the need to clear this up once and for all.

Val is intersex. They were assigned male at birth which is obvious from the letters calling them a “he”, but (probably) present as female.

I’m not going to show pictures to try and prove my point, there’s already enough crotch shots of Val in the tag and you know how to use a search engine to look up intersex.

And lastly guys, I just write the confessions as is, I don’t care if someone calls Val a man, woman, neither; it’s not my words.

So can we chill? Please?

- Mod Walrider



i never rly thought about what kind of weird posts would be in the quarter tag till i started tracking it. now thanks to tumblr’s weird search engine i see thos posts on my dashboard all the time. i’ll be just randomly scrolling and a post will show up tagged #quarter and its like, a giant pile of weed. or its a picture of a 60′s era snack stand menu board where hot dogs were 25cents. those are just 2 examples but the posts are never about me so basically it’s a sham

Almost forgot about this one, but then I saw @barbaranestor​ do hers haha, I was tagged by @sonador-reveur​ as well :)

Type the first few words on google and let the word suggestion do the rest:

my name is khan
my age is 13
i live with models 

(first three sound like a sitcom format)

my body is ready (hah!)
i’m looking like money money money (???)
i enjoyed (way to just add the past tense, Google)
my ideal partner is (… see here, the greatest search-engine on earth bamboozled: )

my turn ons are hugging and depression (d’aww)

How to stay out of other ship tags

HOWDY so one thing that I notice frequently in the mcreyes tag and in asks that people send me is that they don’t tag a ship they’re talking about, but those posts still show up in searches. Some (unfortunately not all) don’t seem to be aware of this.

Tumblr search on the website works more like a google engine than a real tag search. If a post contains the word ‘peanut butter’ but you don’t tag it as peanut butter, it’ll still show up when others search ‘peanut butter’. 

If you really want to talk shit (don’t? do that tho?) or even just want to mention a ship but don’t want your post to appear “in the tags” then you have to censor the word! Otherwise, when fans search for their ship, your post will show up there. If you’re lucky, that means being blocked a lot. If you’re not so lucky, that means the anons will descend on you.

Examples!! (And I do apologize for doing the very thing I’m saying you shouldn’t do but anyway.)

A post that WILL show up in the searches: I like mcreyes but not mchanzo. 

A post that WON’T show up in the searches: I like mc//reyes but not mc//hanzo. 

You have to do this in the tags too! For example, if you type the tag ‘anti mcreyes’, the phrase ‘mcreyes’ is still there, and it’ll show up in the tags too. I understand that for some this may be intentional, but this is for people who just want to discuss their opinions without getting into catfights. 

For this to work, you have to put an interruption in the word. A tag like ‘anti mc//reyes’ should work just fine!

The point is that if you want to express your displeasure with a ship, that’s your right! But be courteous and make sure you don’t make unpleasant posts show up in other ship tags. All it takes is one extra key whenever you reference a ship. It’ll save you a lot of hassle and harassment that way!

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I don't care if you don't ship something, it doesn't matter who the fuck you are. You don't tag a ship you don't like. You DON'T put ship hate in the SHIPS TAGS! God, it's like going into the Ace Attorney tag and saying "Here are all the reasons I hate it!" You just don't do it because it's a tag filled with people who DO like it. This is your second or third time doing it and I'm sick of your shit.

i didn’t censor it, but unlike SOME PEOPLE explicitly putting shit in the naru//mitsu tag, i didn’t tag it. maybe i would censor my (justified because jesus what the fuck why can’t you people be normal) ship salt if you people would quit doing that, actually. 

anyway if you dont want to see salt for your shitty hell ship just actually look in the tags, tumblrs dumb search engine picks up everything on this hellsite 

Mystic Messenger High School AU (Fanfic)

Sooo I’ve had this sitting on my computer for a while now and haven’t posted it. I’d like to work on it some more yet, but figured I’d share what I’ve written :P Feedback and ideas more than welcome!

Summary: High school AU, pretty much what’s on the tin. This is just the intro – essentially covers part of MM’s prologue. I might use this setting to write a request or two if I like it enough~ E for everyone, no spoilers. I named the MC Kassi (Kasumi) because this would be really hard to do without a name for her. Enjoy!

Keep reading

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yo, be sure to tag all of the ships in that survey. someone in plance/kallura/shance tag isn't going to know that a fandon survey like this exists.

I had heard that the Tumblr search doesn’t register tags after the fifth one, that’s why I didn’t tag every single ship. I do hope that this survey reaches as much of the fandom as possible. If people could reblog the survey as well so that it gets around that would be greatly appreciated!

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I looked for the effects on sealing flames/headcanon on your tumblr and couldn't find it. Care to explain for me?

Oh, I kinda thought they were? I spent a while being frustrated with my tumblr search engine and thinking that I forgot to tag it.

Apparently I had never posted them here, as a post. So when mentioned, they’re referring to what’s written in fic, specifically, ‘Xanxus’ Adventures in Parenthood Piracy’ which is just kinda adorable, rambles and has fluff and plot and Xanxus caring. It’s only on ff.net so far.

It’s also kind of something of a mess as there are a few things that could be trimmed out, explained better and so on. Also on hiatus until more of the New World/Yonko is/are explained because I could world-build in One Piece but another crossover fic of mine there showed how bad I was at that because I lost the plot which was whoops but something I learned from.

So hiatus until I’ve got a more solid grip on the OP-world and can clean it up some. 

Anyway, XAiPP chapter 31 quote broken up by comments:

Xanxus turned the puzzle of how damaged Skies and the like worked together in a sensible fashion. Skies were generally too rare to risk major brainwashing and the like for the sake of science. Even a Sky wasn’t guaranteed to have a child that was also a Sky and it didn’t mean that an unexpected Sky wouldn’t pop up from the mistress’ sheets on occasion either. The Sawada-brat’s Storm Guardian probably had a Sky mother with inactive flames; his father and half-sister were pure Storm.

Skies had to have all the flames and be able to draw them all out equally at once. Generally most managed a rather equal mix, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t have one flame stronger than the rest which is why you had Sunny Skies, Stormy Skies and more. The little bomber was so close to being a Sky it was hilarious, especially if he ever managed to train up the one Flame he couldn’t materialize already. It could be done, but that didn’t mean it would be easy.

(By the last line I mean that Gokudera could learn to use his Cloud Flames on his too-weak-to-manifest Mist Flames so that there’s enough of them to manifest and use. Which means Gokudera could learn to use Sky Flames.

He’d just be like the most pathetic Sky to ever Sky.)

Xanxus did know what a lack flames did; those who had their flames sealed generally suffered a bit of psychological trauma, withdrawal symptoms, general uncoordinated movements and fatigue. It also had the effect of making Skies or Suns stupid, slow to react and sleepy; sealing off the Sun Flame alone was a very bad idea as it important for physical and mental activity. Skies had it worse as all the other flames would be sealed too; Lightning was ambition, Rain for emotional equilibrium, Storm for desire, Cloud for independence and Mist for creativity.

(Xanxus’ definition of ‘a bit of psychological trauma’ is not other people’s. He lives with the Varia so ‘a bit’ might as well be very traumatic.

Some of the last part is kinda sketchy but it is what Xanxus believes, mostly. Lightning is more intellectual desire than Storm’s physical desire which is such a fine difference but still staggering. Rains are generally the most stable people around and by that I mean they don’t change much in terms of personality, because look at Squalo, Colonello and even Yamamoto. Cloud independence is all tied up in pride, honor, duty and the like. Creativity can also be considered freedom of thought. So having none of that is a bad thing.)

Even if the Dying Will Flames weren’t active, they were needed for life and growth or else people wouldn’t have them. Sealing a grown man’s flames was a punishment of unspeakable cruelty as it reduced them to ruins within hours; it was a very effective torture technique especially if they had active flames and weren’t Suns as then they could understand what happened to them, for all the technique wasn’t well known. Doing so to a child was even worse, as the Sawada-brat proved.

A lot of the Sawada-brat’s issues could be laid at the fact that the Ninth sealed his flames so young and he had inadequate emotional and physical support afterwards, as Nono had then promoted Iemitsu as a ‘reward’ for providing the Famiglia with an additional heir. The blond idiot had then all but ceased to spend time with his wife and son, the results of which were horrendous and very obvious for everyone that cared to look.

Xanxus didn’t care about the excuse sputtered out about children not being ready to use Dying Will Flames responsibly; all that told Xanxus was that Nono purposely sealed the Sawada-brat’s flames instead of going through the effort of teaching him how to use them or assigning a tutor. At the time all of Nono’s sons were alive so the whole responsibility bullshit was just a ruse to keep the Sawada-brat from taking over the Vongola due to sharing Primo’s blood as unlike Iemitsu, the kid wasn’t in CEDEF. The Sawada-brat actually had a better claim on the Vongola than Nono’s sons as Ricardo was entrusted the Vongola, and while Ricardo might have been Secondo, he was technically the steward of the Vongola, as were all the Bosses after him. If Nono really believed that children weren’t responsible enough for Dying Will Flames Nono would have protested about the Bovino-brat. He did not.

(Xanxus makes a very good point here about how age, responsibility and so on. Part of this could be influenced by Reborn, but Lambo knows how to use Flames from Future Arc on and there’s no comment about that.

Which makes the ‘to be kept safe’ line of thought even more bullshit. Especially with the effects of sealing Flames. Which is the only excuse available to Nono, really.

Other than say keeping the Vongola in his hands and the hands of his sons. How best to keep power other than make the one who might take it from you, that has the potential to do so powerless? It’s not as if the Vongola need him… with three viable heirs still around and a frozen false claimant in the basement.)

Sawada Nana might be an excellent cook and housekeeper but as a mother… Xanxus thought his mad mother might have been a better one in terms of emotional support and she had been out of her mind half the damn time. Nana’s psych report was nightmare fuel even for the Varia and the cause of a lot of praying on Father Greg’s part; the retired assassin was the one that had examined the housewife. For a retired Sun he was very good at getting people to talk to him and tell him everything. The long-retired assassin monopolized the Varia’s Chapel for the next three days after getting back. Most of the Father’s prayers were thanking God for Reborn’s existence and excellence in assisting the Neo-Primo in recovering from his tortured civilian existence; that Father Greg phrased it that way by itself was telling and damning.

(Nana is often oblivious and far too trusting; she also never asks or pushes the mafia/strangers around the house issue like Haru and Kyoko do in the Future Arc. We also know nothing about her background other than one day she and Iemitsu met, fell in love and she became a house-wife.

It’s all sorts of telling in what’s not shown in the manga despite it spanning a couple of years. She’s shown scolding Tsuna like once and calls him dame-Tsuna to Kyoko’s face. Kyoko in Dying Will Mode tells Nana to take that back but then Reborn knocks them both out with a Leon-hammer and makes them not remember it. That is Nana’s parenting ability and not a good sign at all. If she’s willing to say dame-Tsuna to her son’s visitor/friend aka Kyoko, then what must she say to her neighbors? Her friends? Does Nana even have friends? None that are shown.

Also Nana is just creepy to me, in a way that makes me want to run away from this hollow smiling woman who is all smiles and cheer and not look back.)

In short, the Ninth had probably done more damage directly and indirectly to the Sawada-brat’s life than anyone else; seriously, it might have been kinder had the damn Neo-Primo-brat been physically raped repeatedly than had his flames sealed. The sealing of such flames was trauma enough to count as mental rape anyway. If it had been physical rape, evidence of that could have been gathered, Iemitsu’s brat would have been removed from the home by any half-decent social worker and Tsuna would have had the support of a therapist and a foster family. Japan’s foster system was much nicer than a lot of others out there due to the homogeneity and family-oriented nature of the culture.

He still would have had problems due to being sealed but at least they would have been addressed properly with support, encouragement and therapy instead of having his own mother confirming that he was fucking no-good to his face. Hell, she had never spoke with his school about possible tutoring for his grades or the bullying issues like any other semi-responsible parent would have, which meant that the bullies knew that they had a target that they could do practically anything to without any consequences. The teachers even bullied the brat, which endorsed it. Physical, verbal and emotional bullying was enough but it could easily have escalated to sexual abuse once those middle school brats grew a set of balls. That was a recipe for disaster in the making that Reborn had thankfully headed off. Sexual abuse fucked people up for the rest of their lives; even watching it happen fucked people up as he knew personally.

(The Ninth really screwed over Tsuna. First with the sealing, second with effectively removing a parent full-time, causing Nana to have more issues beyond the usual dissociation with reality. Which she has, at minimum.

Add in Nana and the lack of her doing anything other than keep house and smile… it’s not a good sign of her mental state. She might scold her son but mostly she just feeds and clothes him, instead of teaching him or supporting him. Surely with not having a job she has time to help her son with the basics of school work at home right? Except that doesn’t happen, nor are there mentions of previous tutors or talking to the school.

There’s no mention of her family at all, no mention of her friends, she occasionally does neighborhood things but her life is pretty much empty other than home and her child. Her husband is gone for years on end with only sparse communication and she’s fine with it?

There’s none of what I’d consider to be a normal human interaction with her. Not when her husband is home and has brought back heaps of dirty laundry. When he’s eaten all the food she’s made. When he gives Lambo, I-pin and Fuuta sake. When he disappears after a few days. When he gives terrible lies with a straight face.

Sure this stuff could happen off-screen but we never see any sign of it other than smiles, cheer and lovey-dovey behavior. The scene where Tsuna hears his mother crying late at night when he was younger is either in the anime or is just popular fanon because it doesn’t happen in the manga. The flame-sealing has a semi-basis in the manga as Tsuna remembers the Ninth after the Ninth touches him with a finger; the anime has the actual sealing happen.

In conclusion Nana is creepy because she doesn’t react like a person does; partially because reality what is that?)

Sawada Nana might have been a sweet, kind woman and trusting, loving wife but as a mother… Xanxus knew there were junkies that were better mothers. Abandoning the kid as a baby would have been a kindness. Unfortunately, the Sawada-brat wasn’t and truly believed he was no-good, even after all of Reborn’s subtle brainwashing to negate the worst of the damage. It was why the brat had such an ingrained martyr complex that Reborn had manipulated to make the shithead accept his birthright because this way he could make his life and death more than no-good. For twisting a Sky, you had to use what was already there.

Yeah, so that’s the headcanons of what happens to sealed people in a nutshell. 

There’s all sorts of implications in there if you care to read for them because Xanxus and I share a nasty suspicious mind.

Help undo sexism and racism in artificial intelligence with Tumblr tags!

We know the bias where men are “athletes” and women are “female athletes,” men are “writers” and women are “female writers.”

Conversely, women are “nannies” and men are “male nannies.” Women are “nurses” and men are “male nurses.”

Gender stereotypes and beliefs underlie sexist actions and institutions. We need to undo this.

AI bots are crawling the web and learning the same prejudices. Google results show the bias that is being picked up from the content it’s crawling.

What do we do?

On one hand we need to get the companies to address the racism and sexism in their results. The search results you see are already adjusted based on a ton of factors so Google and co. could build in correction for the non-inclusive results. 

But here’s an easy thing you can do right now!

When you tag your posts, “universalize” women and POC. For example, if you are tagging Serena Williams, don’t just tag gender or race-specific tags like “women’s tennis” “female athlete” “women athletes” - while you absolutely can use tags like these to help people find your posts, don’t stop there!

ALSO TAG: “athletes,” “tennis players,” “tennis”, “sports,” etc. 


This will also help in social media search results like on Tumblr.  


bpdka  asked:

wtf whats the community??? im screaming

Ya know, I was gonna just keep this private but in light of just how BAD it is and how I can easily tag the drama, I’m just gonna say it. (Not to mention it’ll be on my byf anyway so)

They’re called LGBTPN Kiddos. (not sure if with the space or not) You could probably just look them up in the search engine on tumblr and find them. I recommend blocking everyone on their members list and the blog itself. It’s so so bad.

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Don't you want to hit ichiruki fans with a book like Jason Bourne did when they bash ichihime, ichihime edits and orihime?


Originally posted by dathatha

I’m just kidding, lol.

As much as they are being rude and annoying, I would never smack them with a book. Unless that’s how you get antis to understand Bleach isn’t about a romance shounen about only Ichigo and Rukia…then I’d reconsider smacking them with all the Bleach Volumes… (Lol, kidding again).

Every-time I see an anti bashing on Orihime to make her be this “Horrible selfish girl, that has never gotten development, only thinks about Ichigo, has an ugly body with big boobs, is a relevant fail that everyone considers useless” I wonder if they were just watching the anime, reading essays with biased hate, or skipping every scene with her and only noticing what they want.

I think the countless blogs dedicated to bash her are hilarious, just because of their ugly edits, unjustified arguments, and obsession to bring down a innocent fictional character.

Lol, to see people actually like them and agree with them just makes me question how blind are they with their hate toward her to agree with crap like that. 

Originally posted by sweeet-as-poison

For them bashing Ichihime, its obvious they have their opinion (even though most of their reasons are pretty stupid) . But there is a difference between ignoring the development between two characters, and instead explaining how their relationship is disgusting and gross; not to mention nothing compared to other pairings.

Nonetheless, I never see antis unless I’m using the search engine wrong through my cell or laptop. It’s much easier using #ichihime to see posts actually tagged instead of anything mentioned.

By the way who can hate the relationship between these two cute teenagers acting dorky being acquaintances to maturing into what we see now?

To bash an edit or even a fan-art, is something that I can’t understand (unless they are bashing others/a character, super low move lol). Someone put effort into making that, and it’s kind of revolting when you see someone’s hard effort be told they suck, are delusional, and etc.

I mean their way of expressing hate is unnecessary, unless they subconsciously see Ichihime as a threat or have that much anger toward the ship and fans.

Oh well what can you do?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

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she basically called out a girl younger than her damn daughter. (Favorited a tweet talking about the klaroline fandom abusing Jomo or some bullshit)

Now that this is all cleared up, I wonder; how did she find that tweet? 

Because neither Joseph Morgan or Persia White were tagged in this tweet. Also, it hardly has any RTs so it can’t have ended up on her TL by accident. Does she just sit down and put his name through the twitter search engine every day? 

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do you have any fics that have a ton of sexual tension

We get different variations of this ask all the time and our answer is always the same - check out our slow building romance tag and use our search engine  when looking for specific terms such as UST, sexual tension, etc. (instructions under the ask box here). 

And we get it! We all want to read that fic that keeps teasing and cock blocking Dean and Cas for miles and miles. The thing is, fic reading is a very personal enjoyment. What is hot and sizzling for one fan, can be just lukewarm and frustrating for another. Very often, after we post these kind of YMMV lists, we get anons complaining that we left out their favorite fic. 

So, a mandatory disclaimer: these are our personal choices, the ones that stood out in our minds when asked. Although we do our best, this is subjective and we are sure there’s more great fic out there that we missed - even among the ones we have reviewed!!

Disclaimer out of the way - here are a few you just might enjoy for that delicious (unresolved) sexual tension! We’ve added asterisk to fics that has longer periods of UST.

Ghostbusters Character Bios

So I purchased the Ghostbusters Handbook (amongst other things) and the information inside was both entertaining and delightful. (and legit helpful for fic writing purposes). Thought I’d share some of the highlights.

First up, whomever authored this book knew nothing about scientific publications.

[image of book page with no title; relevant sentence: Dr. Erin Gilbert specializes in theoretical particle physics and has been published in journals such as Nature and Scientific American.]

LOL Scientific American is a popular science magazine not a scientific journal. That is most definitely not where Erin would have published her work. Trust me I went to an engineering school. I had to read scientific journals all the time. (Nature technically is, but its sketchy if she would have published there. That journal covers a broad range of topics, including physics. However it is not tagged with particle physics or other ghostbusters related physics studies (energy, magnetism, nuclear, etc) according to my alma mater’s library search. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just means it’s not the most likely journal for Erin to publish her work in.) (Fic Writing Tip: if you need to provide a title of a scientific journal, go to a university library’s website and search their journals by categories.)

Here we have a glimpse at the fallout between Erin and Abby:

[image of book pages with the partial title Lifelong Friends; relevant section: When their book was released, the friends were invited to appear on a University of Michigan public television show. But having been taunted and teased as “ghost girl” for most of her life, Erin was worried about going public with her research. She wanted to be taken seriously as a scientist. Erin failed to appear for the television show, causing a massive rift in her and Abby’s friendship that lasted years.]

Confirmed by the novelization: Erin is from Michigan! Which pleases me on a personal level. Specifically she is from the Battle Creek area, which is not as pleasing to me on a personal level, but at least it’s not all the way over by the Detroit/Ann Arbor area (why do they always get all the fun). The novelization further confirms that Abby moved to Michigan from Indiana during high school, and both Erin and Abby attended the University of Michigan for their undergrad degree. Their paths began to diverge after that when they attended different graduate schools and Erin grew more and more worried about her career reputation. When Abby arranged for the television appearance at their alma mater, Erin’s grad advisor told her not to go and to bury the book where no one would ever hear about it. It was the permission Erin needed to stand Abby up and run away from her past.

Not pictured: the information that their high school science fair project, the one that later grew into Ghosts From Our Past, was originally presented as a rap. Because Erin and Abby are nerdy white girls trying to be cool white girls and I’m dying. (but legit, the novelization confirms this; they thought they were the effin’ coolest with that rap) (tbh they still do)

Holtzmann’s turn:

[image of book page titled Founding Member: Jillian Holtzmann; relevant sections: Jillian Holtzmann (she prefers to be addressed as Holtzmann) is an engineer who, like Erin and Abby, specializes in theoretical particle physics. … Holtzmann met Abby shortly after a lab accident that lost her a job offer with a top nuclear research organization. ‘lab accident’ is circled with an arrow drawn to it and a note that says “It wasn’t that bad… They said he moved a finger yesterday!” presumably written by Holtzmann herself.]

First of all, she prefers to be addressed as Holtzmann, something I interpreted from the movie, but is nice to see confirmed. (And as someone who’s getting into reading/writing fic for this fandom, I feel so vindicated :P)

Second, and confirmed by the novelization, Holtz definitely did something to send a guy into a coma. Likely blew something up. At CERN. Yikes :S (and not at all surprising). Somehow this led to her meeting Abby, and obviously Abby was much more forgiving of Holtzmann’s penchant for creating not-so-medium-sized poofs and booms.

Extra note: the novelization mentioned Holtz buying a get well soon card and writing “Happy anniversary!” on it to send to coma guy on the same day they moved in above the Chinese restaurant. No further details given.


[image of book page, no title. Relevant section: Raised with a fierce love of reading, Patty quickly became an indispensable member of the team for her extensive knowledge on a variety of topics, including the history of New York.]

There’s a lot here on Patty’s accomplishments from the movie (which is great because she kicked ass), but virtually nothing here on her backstory. This suggests the script-writers didn’t give her one which is disappointing :/ (though I guess Abby doesn’t have one that doesn’t revolve around Erin). But there was that one little phrase that got me hyped: raised with a fierce love of reading.

:D She got her love of reading from her family, you guys! Her parents might have been teachers! or just giant-ass nerds. They probably taught her to read before she even entered school. Patty was the not-so-quiet bookworm who always checked out the max number of books from the library and read them cover to cover before returning them. As shown in that one heartbreaking fanart (link) (A+ op A+), she was also the excited nerd who wanted to share every interesting oddball thing she found. I just cannot guys, AAAAHHHHHHHH

Please continue with this train of thought. Give me all the Patty headcanons. She’s amazing.

And finally:

[image of book page titled Kevin: The Ghostbusters’ Loyal Receptionist; relevant section: Kevin lives at the Ghostbusters’ headquarters, but that doesn’t mean he’s always on call. He doesn’t work Wednesdays, and he doesn’t answer the phone before 10 a.m. Occasionally, he’ll need to dash out for auditions, improv rehearsal, or saxophone lessons, so please be sure to answer the Ghostbusters’ hotline if Kevin isn’t at his post.]

Oh Kevin. Sweet, sweet Kevin. I don’t know if they all live at headquarters, now that they’re moved into the firehouse, but Kevin definitely does (but does he actually???). He doesn’t work Wednesdays (official hide-and-seek day? or for some other reason?), and he doesn’t answer the phone before 10 a.m (novelization says he doesn’t come in before 10 a.m.). Those saxophone lessons are his uncle’s; he just listens. He’s apparently trying to be an actor which I guess we got from those headshots in the movie (“Which one makes me look more like a doctor?”). I find this hilarious because according to the novelization, Garret the tour-guide also wanted to be an actor. (and now I guess that Kevin/Garret fic on AO3 makes a tiny bit of sense)

Later I’ll post some tips for being a Ghostbuster and more fun character stuff. Cause there is a lot in this book.

I like to personally apologize for being Ghirafi trash

So I used to have the search function for all of my tumblr blogs off cause I didn’t want irl people finding them and it turns out that really doesn’t do jack shit since you can still easily google my blogs. So I just turned that shit back on so you can search for my tumblrs on various search engines and holy shit looking at the ghirafi tag and I see it just flooded with my crap. Wow, that must be really annoying to deal with. I’m so sorry. I’ll make sure to tag all my ghirafi shit as ghirafi so people can blacklist that shit.

I should make this the header for my art blog.

anonymous asked:

¡Hola! Do you have any tips for artists starting out on the Internet? I don’t mean advice regarding art tutorials or Photoshop but general guidelines to starting from scratch on Tumblr (or Deviant Art) when you are a young artist. Thank you!

Hola anon!

¿cómo estás?

Ok, first, I’m sorry about the late reply. I wanted to give you a detailed answer and, as usual I got carried away. (look at this looooong, long post  >< )

NOTE: If you guys want to avoid this kind of very very long posts, you can blacklist the tag #pmlongasks thanks to Tumblr savior or Xkit.

Very interesting question!

Here are my 2 cents on the matter (written in Frenglish because I’m French, sorry about that). Of course YMMV and if you ask the same question to another illustrator, they will tell you something a bit different. I may have forgotten important points too. For a lot of people, what I’m gonna say here will seem obvious (very “No shit, Sherlock!”) but when I surf on the net, I’m not sure that what I wrote below is that obvious for everybody so…Ok, here we go.

1) The very, very start: choose your artist name wisely. No, Samlicker81 isn’t a good idea. You can use your real name like AliceXZ (Alice X. Zhang) or an artist name like Baruyon but it’s better if it’s not fandom related. Fandoms come and go and if you are planning to become a pro artist or just someone who post their fan art and personal production on the web, it’s better to stay rather neutral IMO.

2) Keep the name simple. Creatureofsorrowlostinthedarknessofafrozenheart isn’t a good idea, same with names like ywzkkkkkzrrrr88555. Looks cool when you create a profile on scenekids.com but people have to remember a bit who you are and this kind of names isn’t helping.

3) Keep the same user name on every platform if you can (or at least, a variation of it). It’s a pain in the ass  for people who are looking for you if you are Boris on Deviant Art, Stephanie on Tumblr and Marcel on LiveJournal. (Also, be careful on Tumblr if you change your url for Halloween or the Holiday Season to secure your real name on a side blog so that people can’t steal it from you like it happened to poor Badbastion a few weeks ago)

4) Organize your Tumblr thanks to tags, or your DA gallery thanks to DA folders. Create an art tag if you don’t have a separate art blog so that people can easily find what they are looking for. Nothing more boring than navigating through text posts and Glee gifs when what you are looking for is art. Don’t hesitate to delete unwanted posts once in a while to keep your archive “clean”.

5) Create a F.A.Q where you are gonna introduce yourself, say if you take commissions/requests or not, what software you use, tell about your drawing supplies. It will avoid you to constantly answer to the same questions.

6) Tag your art properly. The first 5 tags are the ones that count on Tumblr because they are here for referencing. So tag seriously the first five tags particularly if it’s stuff like “nswf” or “gore” and go wild on the others. That’s how people and search engine will notice you.

6) Sign your works so that people know where to find you. It’s a habit I lost but I’m gonna go back to it because my art has been floating around a lot without credit lately. No need to write your name in big just “my_name@Tumblr” at the bottom is enough.

7) Draw whatever you want. You love death!art and everybody hates it? Go ahead. Unless you really crossed the line (racist, homophobic, antisemitic artworks, etc…), nobody has the right to tell you what you should or shouldn’t draw. (Ex: “Why did you draw Dean with a cigarette? He’s not a smoker!! You shouldn’t draw something like this”. ).

8) Post your sketches. I had no idea that my sketchbooks could have any interest until I started to post them online. Apparently followers love to see what is happening “behind the curtain”.

9) Don’t hesitate to submit to blogs like eatsleepdraw, artforadults, or fuckyeahmoleskines so Tumblr crowds know that you are…out there. It’s not attention whoring, it’s promoting yourself, letting people know that you exist, particularly if you intend to become a pro illustrator. It’s part of the necessary networking. However too much cross-posting can create a “Oh fuck, not her/him again…” effect so, choose wisely.

10) A difficult one now: try to have the right perception of your work (= of your art skills) to make the difference between constructive criticisms and gratuitous bashing by imbeciles who improvised themselves art critics this morning, or just jealous people. Ex: I know that I have problems with hands (in spite of hours of practice) but when someone tells me that I am “a cunt who doesn’t know how to hold a pen”, it makes me laugh more than anything.

11) Never forget that…Internet never forgets. Even if you delete your artworks, they will still be “out there” because of reposting or people who have saved your art on their computer. Brilcrist took the decision to delete her Dean/Castiel artworks from her gallery about two years ago because she wasn’t interested in Supernatural anymore but it only takes 2mn to find some of her deleted drawings on the web. Same for me. I posted stuff anonymously on LJ forums two years ago and now they have been reposted on Tumblr (with credit!) and they are close to 3000 notes so…

12) Hang in there. a) you won’t become a skilled artist in one night, it takes years b) People will be harsh with you, if not absolutely mean sometimes so, just let go.

13) Don’t be afraid to interact with your followers and to leave your ask box open. Relax. You’ll learn very very quickly that 90% of the people who will contact you mean you no harm. Some questions are a bit awkward sometimes (= poorly worded) or people don’t realize that you aren’t a drawing machine that is here to draw what they want but when you take the time to explain them nicely, it’s ok most of the time. It’s not worth going ballistic.

If the question if really rude, you delete it (I do it quite often). Wank feeds wank. Otherwise, it’s better staying calm…And to carry on!

14) Your art will be stolen. Cropped. Edited with Celine Dion lyrics in Comic Sans. It will be printed without your permission on posters in the USA, on mugs in Russia and on T-shirts in China (true story). Be prepared. It will happen. And don’t go on Instagram, you gonna have an heart attack. (“My draaaawings!! Why are they cropped with an ugly filter!!”)

15) If you decide to take commissions, charge at the right price. Don’t underestimate your work and don’t let people tell you “Yes, but I know another artist who is less expensive than youuuuuu” (Good for you, bro!) . In other words $30 for a full CG art that takes you around 10 hours to make isn’t a good idea.

16) Keep your files in your computer organized. I didn’t do it when I started with Photoshop about 4-5 years ago and now, I lost a lot of drawings I loved. I have no idea where the original PSD files are. Lesson learned! (And save your art on an external HD too!!)

17) Finally, the most important advice: dress up. You have to look good so that your followers can enjoy how pretty you are.

OMG! That was long!! -____- I hope it helped. Sorry about that :/