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btas jay sketches for kal @kalreyno

(also before anyone says anything: yes this robin is technically called tim and theoretically an amalgamation of tim and jason, but pretty much all he got from tim was his name and having some interest in batman before meeting him, but personality and backstory are p much all jason so)

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Supergirl Writer Problems

When you have James Olsen, who helps Kara, loves her for who she is:

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But decide he isn’t good enough for Kara

Then you have Lena Luthor, who fills Kara’s office with flowers, tells her that she’s her hero, has a relationship built and trust and respect:

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But somehow she isn’t good enough for Kara so you decide this guy is:

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Dissociation tiers

Disclaimer: These are based on my own experiences and what I’ve read of other people’s experiences. I am not a doctor, nor do I represent anyone but myself who experiences dissociation/depersonalization/derealization. Some of these points may assume an abled body, as that is the type of body I have and am familiar with. Tier 0 also assumes no other mental/neurological disorders, which is untrue to my own brain but used for simplicity’s sake. Very simplistic list in general, mainly due to it being a list.

Tier 0

  • No brain fog.
  • No visual fog.
  • Senses are generally clear.
  • Reflection is recognizable.
  • Friends and family are recognizable.
  • When you touch something, you feel it immediately.
  • Everything is the correct distance away.
  • You can walk easily.
  • You can speak and easily understand yourself.
  • You can easily understand others when they speak.
  • You can multitask.
  • You are not detached from the world in any way.
  • Memory is mostly consistent.

Tier 1

  • Mild brain fog.
  • Visual fog is minimal or nonexistent.
  • Some other senses may be dulled, such as smell.
  • You know your reflection is your reflection, but you may not have a connection to it.
  • You can recognize your friends and family, but you might have to think about it.
  • Sense of touch may have minimal lag.
  • The floor may seem closer or further than normal.
  • The world in general may seem too close or too far, but not debilitatingly so.
  • Walking may require some focus.
  • Voice may feel thick in your mouth, but no one else seems concerned.
  • Other people’s voices may seem far away or too loud.
  • Multitasking is difficult, but doable.
  • You’re slightly detached from the world.
  • Memories are harder to hold on to.

Tier 2

  • Moderate brain fog; thinking is becoming difficult.
  • The world may seem significantly grayer or fuzzier.
  • Other senses are dulled to some degree.
  • You cognitively know your reflection is supposed to be you, but it doesn’t seem right.
  • You can’t immediately recognize your friends and family. They could be who you think they are, but you aren’t sure.
  • When you touch something, a lag of about a second or more occurs before you recognize any feeling, or even that you touched anything at all.
  • All distances are wrong. The floor is wrong, objects are wrong, other people are wrong, etc.
  • You need to focus to get one place to another.
  • Other people may notice differences in your speech. You might not be able to.
  • You aren’t always sure people are speaking the same language as any you know. You might ask them to repeat themselves more than once.
  • You can do one task at most without extreme difficulty and/or slowness.
  • You feel as though you and the world are on separate planes.
  • You can’t remember much from these points in time. You might even have “lost time.”

Tier 3

  • You’ve lost all memory of this point.
  • Friends say you acted off, but that’s all you know.

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Has Serperior ever been buried in the sand?

Sure has! He likes to hang in the warm sand whenever Cadmium goes to chuck pyukumuku back into the ocean!

Featuring @dailysandygast cuz what better mon to have with sand than living sand? (Also I just love their blog)

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Can you explain to me the chubby mccree thing? where it comes from? why the fandom loves it so much? why there is no chubby hanzo? is because sushi is healthier than hamburger?

its mostly a personal preference, I feel he looks nice with some chub on him, and it goes well with my headcanon of him being a twig when he was rebellious teen in a gang, and then getting some muscle after coming to blackwatch and having regular meals and excersise routines and also having to be in shape for missions and such~~, and them becoming chubby as he grows older and is on the run, eating irregularly and mostly fast food or food from diners which are things he can eat quickly….also drinks alot which we can sorta see in the reflections comics…. idk I just feel he looks really nice like that.

As for Hanzo, I have seen a couple of peeps draw him chubby and I like that too, but in my headcanon, Hanzo is very strict about his diet and his workout routines that I dont see him allowing himself  be any other way…. idk he is a workout junkie in my hc because its something that keeps his mind occupied.

Also please rephrase that last part because its very stereotype-y and not cool 


I wish I knew more about their back story together, but guessing from jonouchi/joey’s shitty home life, him and honda/tristan probably had that in common and that what united these two punks

Now that I’m finally out of my month(s)-long art slump, here’s a very belated piece of my favorite character from Sun/Moon, Lillie! Talk about a character that grows on you! She kind of irritated me when I first started playing the game, as I don’t really care for the whole *helpless damsel* trope, but ugh she’s so well-developed and wonderful I can’t even