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Okay but watch if
-Ladybug gets in a fight with Bee (or she just doesn’t like her lmao) and starts referring to her as Queen Beeotch
-Chat starts flirting with her and calling her Queen Bae
-Ladybug finally realises her feelings for Chat after she gets jealous of his flirting with ‘Queen Beeotch’

Okay but just consider it

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i dont kno if i learned it from u, but i remember readingsomething saying that kamukura met naegi in his old classroom?? probably reminiscing about natsumi, bcoz there were flowers there and there flowers as well in the room when natsumi died. if it is u can u send me the url coz i wanted to reblog and read the post again tnx

Hi there Anon! I think you’ve mistaken me for some other person, since I didn’t say anything like that? But I do know what you’re talking about! I think I’ve read someone post/mention it before (although I don’t think I reblogged it? Since I tried searching up what you mentioned, but it didn’t appear on my blog so I’m sure you mistook me for another person), which was probably last week when the Izuru/Makoto flashback (DR Mirai ep 3) and the one with Natsumi (DR Zetsubou ep 3) aired.

Hmmm well in my opinion, I don’t think the room was even the same room or that Izuru was reminiscing about Natsumi? Because of well, the flowers are different and also the meanings behind those flowers in each episode. The flowers are different and they symbolize elements that are completely different from each other.

Now I’m no flower expert, so I had to google images of flowers just to make sure I got the flowers correctly,

So first off is the flower about Natsumi on DR Zetsubou episode 3:

In Japanese culture, there are different meanings in putting flowers on a person’s desk. Like say, if someone puts roses on a person’s desk, then that someone is telling the person that they have feelings for them. However, that isn’t the case here. If you put white flowers on a person’s desk, then that symbolizes ‘death’, which is normally done when the person who sat in that desk has passed away. Although if the person was still alive, this would be considered bullying since it’s basically saying to that person that ‘you should go die’. But iirc, if you put white carnations on a person’s desk, instead of mourning over the person who sat there, you would be mourning over the mother of the person sitting in that desk.

Now I’m not entirely sure if the flower shown there is a white chrysanthemum (but it sure looks like one lol), but in Chinese Culture, a white chrysanthemum symbolizes mourning, honesty, or curse, and all these three symbols certainly appear in this episode. Mourning over the death of two characters, and the lack of honesty of the true killer which ended up cursing her and resulting in her own death.

Next are those two flowers during Makoto and Izuru’s meeting:

I’m not sure which is which, so first I’ll explain what do those flowers mean.

Marigolds, in general, symbolizes cruelty, grief, jealousy, and secret affection.

Yellow carnations show disdain, rejection, contempt, or just overall disappointment.

Daisies have lots of meanings, but I guess the ones that scream out here would be innocence, purity, transformation, and it’s old english meaning, "day’s eye" or the beginning of a new day.

I think we all already know a lot about cruelty, grief, jealousy, and secret affection (mostly about Hinata/Izuru)

And I would think yellow carnations mostly refer to Izuru.

As for daisies, it literally screams Makoto lol. Innocent, pure, and his transformation into the SHSL Hope after the events of the first game. However this doesn’t always means that it’s good, because his innocence and purity is exactly what Munakata hated about him. He lost his memories (and I’m not even sure if he did gain them all back) so he has no idea about how tragic the events led up to until now. He talks about hope without knowing despair, and that’s what makes him pure and innocent, but his unawareness about despair isn’t only what makes him the Makoto we all know. It’s ingrained in his character as well.

But transformation could also refer to Izuru, and maybe the transformation of the 77th class as a whole. And the ‘beginning of a new day’ perhaps refers to Makoto’s decision of making the SHSL Despair undergo the Neo World Program, because he knows that if they hadn’t met ‘her’, then they wouldn’t have committed such crimes. Thus, it is only natural for him to give them a second chance, to start up new lives and pave a path for their own future, thus, giving them a new day.

So… there, I just wanted to point out that they were different flowers (and even the vase is different). I ended up explaining the meanings behind those flowers as well… because I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the url that you were looking for! >_< And I think that the second set of flowers were a daisy and a marigold, with the daisy representing Makoto and the marigold representing Izuru (and Hajime).


Alright, makin a bit of a Homestuck/Hiveswap/Hauntswitch combo theory here regarding the timeline of things. Had to get this out in text form before I went digging for screenshots as evidence to support it :P

Note, I think this is *Heavily* close to what the overall endings of everything will be like. If I’m right, and you don’t wanna get spoiled, don’t click the tag.

My Predictions:

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Friendly reminder (spoilers for It book and potentially second movie) that while the rest of the losers club were able to forget the events with It the first time and move on to successful careers, Mike chose to stay behind and remain a loser, in order to make sure he knew everything about It and could watch over Derry incase It ever returned.

He chose to protect others, instead of moving on and living a successful life. 

Okay!! Trailer thoughts now. I’ll be tagging as spoilers incase anyone isn’t interested. 

Okay, so first of all… It does seem to be hinting shadow guy is who they’re meeting up with. I really hope we’ll learn how he knew their parents (one of my theories is an older brother to the twins who was maybe 18ish when it happened and thus, couldn’t take care of them). Moving on…

The first specific scene is this with Alexy in a new outfit and Armin… not happy: 

I’m guessing Alexy wanted the guy in their life (after all, Kentin knows him too), but Armin does not look happy about it. I wonder if Alexy’s new clothes are because of the guy too… I don’t really know how to feel about them. 

Then there was this which makes me think we’ll finally find out what Mrs. Delanay and Principal Shermansky were talking about:

Also one (or the only) of the outfits!:

I really like the necklace. The jacket is also okay. 

And it looks like it really is a night club/dance club called Moondance: 

Dancing with the boyfriend maybe?? Get dragged along by the Shadow guy? Maybe he’s taking Alexy and Kentin and you go with Armin and/or your boyfriend to look into it?

“steamy nights” makes me so uncomfortable though–especially because it’s… nights. Plural. NIGHTS. 

I just hope there isn’t a… scary incident with shadow guy and Candy that finishes this off, but I’m worried now that if this isn’t a SUPER long episode (though, with the delay, maybe??), we may not see it resolved yet and I don’t know if I can go an extra episode without Armin and Alexy smiling once more as usual :(

But yeah, the Trailer title is “Influenced” and I feel with the new clothes and that first picture, Shadow guy is likely… heavily influencing Alexy and Armin is either not okay with it or suspicious or SOMETHING and I am very concerned and paranoid. 

Don’t let Alexy get hurt again :(