tagging so many people why tho

Things I have learned purely from the notes and tags of my Toblerone post

  • 150 grams of of Toblerone is the common variant but it can get up to   4.5 kgs (BIG Toblerone)
  • This is often called the Brexit Toblerone (I don’t know why tho)
  • there is a white chocolate variant 
  • 90% of people didn’t actually know what a Toblerone was (me too tbh)
  • a lot of people don’t actually get that this is a meme from Neo Yokio
  • most people actually just really love their friends and want to give them all the good Toblerones (so wholesome what love)
  • a good chunk of people straight up say they fucking hate Toblerones now because of Neo Yokio and it’s great
  • surprising amount of people don’t like chocolate 
  • there’s a hidden bear in the Toblerone mountain on the packaging 
  • you DO deserve the big toblerone 
How Do You Get Your Hair To Stay Like That?

Emerald: Hair gel, duh, what other ways are there?

Green: It’s a mixture of natural cowlicks, a blow dryer, and some hairspray

Red: Like what? I thought my hair was normal?

Gold: Haven’t brushed my hair since the ‘90s

Crystal: I? Don’t? Know? My hair has gotten wet but maintained form and it has started to show signs of intelligent life

Peal: The ‘natural windswept look’ of running in circles while waiting for Diamond

Shauna:  Qu'est-ce que vous avez dit? Je ne parle pas anglais

Hugh: DNA-splicers and a qwilfish

White: I shampoo to give it volume

WhiTwo: Donut ask about it

LackTwo: It’s just fluffy. Is this whole list mainly to make fun of Unova hair styles?

Silver, Ruby, Cheren, and everyone else with those fricken antenna: “Ever heard of Anime?”


I was taggged by the lovely @kpop–moodboards

Rules: Tag 20 people (I won’t be tagging this much, I guess. Sorry)

Nicknames: Han, Honey, Butch, Hanniloop, Hasi, Hanni

Gender: female

Star sign: Capricorn

Height: 5'7

Hogwarts house: Slytherclaw

Favorite animal: orcas & wolves

Avg hours of sleep: 6 to 8

Cats or dogs? I love dogs, but cats fit in better with me

Number of blankets I sleep with: Two

Why I made this blog: So I wouldn’t have to look up cool tumblr posts on Pinterest anymore (I still do it tho)

Dream trip: I dream of going on a road trip in America, visiting many cute and cozy bookshops in the UK, seeing Alaska and travelling to Japan and South Korea.

Dream job: English teacher and author

When I made this blog: a year ago

Why I made this blog: So I wouldn’t have to look up cool tumblr posts on Pinterest anymore (I’m still doing that tho)

Number of followers: 70 (disgusting porn blogs included, but it’s still more than I thought)

I’ll tag: @sebastianshoe @quicksilver123456 @savetheblackpaladin @couch-potato-in-action @flipping-voltron-imagines


walking with seokmin moodboard

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I feel like a lot of blogs are way too cool for me ?? do u feel this way if so any "too cool for you" blogs you follow that u can't believe followed you back (or haven't whatever) ?

do you mean every single one of my mutuals?

no but seriously I feel this way all the time. I cannot believe so many amazing blogs follow me (a lot of which I used to lurk on when I was just starting to like dnp and was low key obsessed but too scared to actually follow people from my main). 

shout out to a few of them because I love them and hope they know that: @doinganap @ratinof @danslester @danieldaily @astronautdan @fringegaps @hobbithair @donthavetobebrave @fallinghowell @cuddlesphan @cringe-attacks @snowbunnylester @dandromedas @dannyhowell @dantlers @pseudophan @writerdan *insert an endless list of etc. because I know I forgot so many people sdfghjk and I seriously do feel that way about all my mutuals*

I have something to say about Rollo Weeks. Like many people on here found in his tag, he was among my first big star crushes.
This kid, tho.

Like, in the Little Vampire the guy was advanced as an actor and I’m not sure he knew it. I really really liked him in this role because it felt like holy shit this kid is hundreds of years old. For so young he was so mature it was scary and awesome.

Why he isn’t mainstream now is beyond me.

anonymous asked:

Dang I didn't think I would ever find someone who doesn't overly praise YOI or find anything negative, and I'm glad. As much as I love Yuri on Ice, I'm getting tired of people acting like it done certain things like 'the first time done in any anime' like m/m representation while other anime have done it better (Doukyuusei and No.6) in my opinion. Like I don't feel anything towards Victuri even tho they are shown to be a couple, but I know many won't accept that people have opinions on YOI.(1/2)

Besides, tbh it feels like the reason why people love this anime soooo much or even keep watching it is because their ship became canon. I mean most posts I’ve seen in the YOI tag is about victuri, yet they talk about how it’s such a great sports anime. I mean would they still love the anime as much as they do if victuuri wasn’t canon or didn’t have ‘gay moments’? I can imagine so many dropping the anime. (2/2)

This series isn’t exactly untolerable if the fandom didn’t take it sooooo seriously. They’re like “this isn’t yaoi”, exuse me, but victuuri is top of the chart in the yaoipervert poll every week. They’re like “this is not media made for women’s consumption, it’s a great sport anime”, but every other day, there’s a YOI pairing fanart in top 3 ranking on pixiv, mind you, not the overall ranking, just the FEMLAE USERS ONLY ranking. 

tbh I feel most of these people just want to hop on a “progressive” bandwagon, but were born 10 years too late for No.6. I’m surprised tumblr’s reception of Doukyuusei is so muted tho. And this cheap fanservice mess dressed up as “sport anime” is touted as “representation” and ground breaking…..Probably beacuse Doukyuusei’s art style isn’t their cup of tea. 

I agree about victuuri, I tend to whore ship in sports anime, but I just feel nothing towards victuuri. I know they’re like “canon”, but if I hate the tropes, I don’t care if they’re canonically married or divorced.

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1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 16, and 20! ♥

1. a font you don’t like to use

*already answered*

3. three reasons why you make graphics

i enjoy making them!! i like being able to do something for my faves (spread the word i guess??) and its a good way to meet people?? idk, ((oh,, and the validation))

4. who/ what inspired you to make graphics?

i don’t really remember?? there’s been a bunch of ppl that have influenced how i edit, but i think i just saw how common it was on here and decided to try it out

6. a graphic ur proud of

are picspams included in this?? [x]

8. list five graphic makers you enjoy seeing graphics from

@adtahti​ (ha) @gisabarrow@gansei@aelin@faheys

16. which fandom do you like making graphics for the most?

*already answered* + tsoa cause i forgot

Get to know me

Rules - tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know

I was tagged by @baeringandwells @istolethejellyfish @lost-your-memory and @nadiiselsil thanks :D

even tho I think I have already did this tag game but I feel like I should do it again cuz tagged by too many people lmao

Name - Jo

Nicknames - umm… Jo? 

Gender - female

Star sign - capricorn (or aquarius? idk man, I’m stuck in between cuz my birthday)

Height - 158 cm (why are you guys so freaking tall)

Sexuality - not straight :)

Hogwarts house - hufflepuff but sometimes ravenclaw but I prefer hufflepuff

Favourite animal - puppies

Average hours spent sleeping - sometimes 4 hours sometimes 9 hours

Dogs or cats - dogs

Number of blankets I sleep with - one 

Dream trip - all over the world cuz I wanna visit all my tumblr friends

Dream job - photographers or writers or both

When I made this account - no idea, too lazy to check

Why I made this account - I have no idea why I created it at the first place but now it’s definitely for posting rebloging liking fandom stuff

# of followers - 944 today (too many followers, it’s kinda freaking me out a little)

soooooooooooooooo I tag whoever wanna do this :D

I’m obsessed.

I honestly don’t know why it took me so damn long to get on Tumblr because I’m in so many fandoms and love so many things but I’m loving it so far. I’m lowkey overwhelmed tho like how do you even gain followers? Should I just attempt to be funny? Tag every post a billion times? For the like 2 people that see this: could y’all give a newbie some advice?

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which of your popular posts are you ashamed of?

none, this site is like a refined collection of trash, and i’ve never posted anything to do with superwhopotterlockuponatimeriseofthebravefrozentangleddragonslokiinthetardis221-B so

when it comes to posts that just won’t fucking quit, though - harry potter posts. It’s always fuckin harry potter posts. i STILL get asks arguing dumbledore post, which like…. why. u know i aint gon change my mind; you would be AMAZED how many people think they’re a genius for pointing out ron stayed at hogwarts cause his parents went to romania like i don’t know that shit on the christmas post; and then there’s the marauders tv show post….. yikes

there’s also fucking hell post, which keeps getting featured in buzzfeed articles on australia which my sister loves to bring up during family board game night

Undead, Beating Heart pt 2

Read Part 1 here.

A/N: Here is the second part to my The Walking Dead/Supernatural crossover series. Thank you so much to @balthazars-muse for helping me out with this and listening to me bitch. You’re the best. I hope you enjoy it! As always, like, reblog, follow, and send me feedback! I love to hear from you. I appreciate all of you so much. xo

- Violence.
- Language.
- Zombies.
- You’re gonna hate me so much. Sorry ahead of time.

Squad tags: @kayteonline @aprofoundbondwithdean @dancingdin @manawhaat @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @king-crowley-tho @oriona75

*gifs are not mine.

How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed, and why?

Dean looked over to Sam, trying to silently communicate to his brother on what they should say. Rick kicked some dust up with his boot, clearly getting impatient.

“Today fellas,” Rick said, pointing the shotgun between Dean’s eyes. Daryl kept his crossbow fixed on Sam’s head. “I don’t need you wasting my time!” Dean cleared his throat, the dry air making his mouth bone dry.

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there are so many people in the tags upset with how like 4 separate characters like marinette but??? she's so CUTE????? Of course she's got a fanclub i wanna be in the fanclub i will fight adrien for the position as leader

LOL REALLY?????????????????


there is literally NO WAY her feelings will be swayed by anyone other than MAYBE chat noir who is literally just adrien with cat ears anyway


anonymous asked:

Okay so I really admire you and recently made a blog for my own OCS and was wondering if you had any tips to get started? I'm kinda at a loss and kinda anxious about it because whatifpeopledontlikeme

Aww thanks!

I had an oc ask blog before I had this personal blog. He got more popular then I thought he would. It got 1000 followers before I decided to end it, because of many reasons (still have the Oc tho).

So I’ll tell you what I know!

  • Interact with other blogs. Even if you’re shy, maybe pop an ask into others ask boxes. It will help you gain friends and get noticed more.
  • TAG your stuff. If its a fandom oc, tag it as the fandom. Tags is how people find stuff. When people are in those tags, they will see your blog, and if they like what they see, will check you out!
  • Make sure your characters each have their own personalities, and make sure they have stories, that show people WHY they are they way they are! Interesting characters is what pulls people in! Its not all about looks.
  • Just be nice to people no matter how silly someone is, I’ve seen a lot of rude mods of blogs, and they wonder why people end up disliking them. (also don’t fight back bullies, just block and move on. Less drama the better, since drama means losing followers and brings in more bullies.)
  • Keep it as an ask blog, try not to post too much personal stuff, or random posts. Make it all about your oc and nothing else. I’ve seen a lot of “ask blogs” that hardly look like ask blogs. Cluttered blogs are less appealing.
  • If you’re drawing for it, make sure to add colored drawings of your oc, makes the blog more appealing, then just sketches. Not everything has to be colored tho. Also doing that and adding a lot of full body drawings, helps people that want to draw any gift arts.
  • Blog layout, and theme. Make it character themed, and not so much clutter and make it appealing (look at other blogs for ideas). 

What I can think of right now.

also about the “whatifpeopledontlikeme“. What I learned for almost 8 years of drawing and having ocs. Not everyone will like your stuff or you. You don’t even need to really do anything, and some people just wont like it/you, but don’t let that get you down. I LOVE Steven Universe and so do a lot of other people, but there are people out there that can’t stand it. Why? Who knows. People have different opinions. Just remember for that one person that doesn’t like your stuff, there are 10+ more people that DO like your stuff. Care about those people, not the haters.