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1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

I post all of them on AO3 as well as on tumblr @cooperjones2020 under the tag #mine and on my master list. (also fyi it’s a sideblog, so if you ever get a reply from @acitrusmoon, that’s also me!)

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve tipped the scale into second half of my 20’s. I’m currently doing my master’s in English lit, focusing on early modern drama and cultural studies. Canada is the third country I’ve lived in. I’ve been in four separate countries within a 24-hour timespan on two separate occasions. I prefer children’s toothbrushes to adult ones. I made my parents let me drop out of preschool when I was four because they wouldn’t give me orange juice.

3. What do you never leave home without?

Nothing. I leave with the absolute bare minimum I can get away with. So 99% of the time I have my phone, but even that’s not a sure thing. If I can stick a card or some cash in my bra so I don’t have to carry a purse or wallet, I’m doing it. If I do have a bag, I definitely have my giant reusable water bottle and a book with me.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird. I’ve hit the level of adulthood where I wake up at like 6:30 sans alarm. And I have no excuse. I don’t have to be at work til 10.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

I’ve been thinking about this question and I can’t come up with anything other than HP. I basically learned to read off those books and grew up alongside them. That fictional world is so embedded with my real one, it would be a disservice to pick something else.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met.

In general, I have no interest in meeting famous people, so I think the most famous person I’ve ever actually met was Roger Ebert at an ice cream shop in Michigan when I was 8. But I’ve been adjacent to famous people. I saw Josh Radnor in my college bookstore, I’ve emailed with John Green, and Chicago Fire used to film in my old apartment in Chicago before it became my apartment. They would still shut our street down to do external shots, and NBC paid my landlord not to gut the apartment when he rehabbed it, in case they needed to use it again.

Does Walk the Moon count as famous now? I’ve met Nick Petricca at parties (figure out what Josh Radnor, John Green, and Nick Petricca have in common, and you’ll learn something else about me).

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

I’m the worst with “favorite” type questions because I change my mind all the time when my attention wanders. So TV shows I’ve loved a long time and will continue to rewatch ad infinitum: Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Boy Meets World. I don’t really re-watch movies, which is my general bar for loving something. I recently saw The Third Man and it blew my mind, so much so that it made it into chapter 5 of “Nobodies Nobody Knows.”

(but also I haven’t had consistent access to a television since 2006 because I went to boarding school for nerds, so I’m out of touch with a lot what’s been on unless I’ve been able to find it on the internet and binge watch it)

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

Again, I don’t know if I have anyone I would say is a favorite above all the music I like. I cycle through songs I get obsessed with for a week or two. The Spotify playlist I’m currently listening to on repeat includes Halsey, Imagine Dragons, Walk the Moon, Regina Spektor, Lorde, Cigarettes After Sex, Ed Sheeran, Adele, X Embassadors, and Sia. But it’s also my Bughead writing playlist. I’d really like to see Maren Morris in concert.

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somerdraws  asked:

Hi! :) I just saw the post you reblogged about the upcoming Finn book and saw your tags that the novelisation of The Force Awakens wrote Finn as racist. Not disputing that fact, just I hadn't heard anything like that and was wondering if you had something about that I could read? Or a tag on your blog where more info would be? I'm interested to read about that. If not that's totally fine I don't mean to bug you but.

OH HO HO, you’ve brought up the magical topic, it’s time for another round of “How much does Defira hate the TFA novelisation” 

If you would like to see the entirety of my liveblogging as I read it, right from the start, you can find the tag here complete with all of my screaming and hatred and trying to challenge Alan Dean Foster to a fist fight

I do not have links to any other articles about the story being racist, only my own impression of it to go off, but I can tell you the following about it:

·         Finn is never described in any great detail. The extent of our knowledge of his physical appearance is that he is black, and he is male. This might not have been an issue at all if Foster hadn’t devoted lengthy sections of the book lovingly describing the appearance of other characters- Rey gets a few sentences, a little more detail at least, and Poe gets a couple of gushing paragraphs about how good looking and charming he is. Kylo gets pages upon pages upon pages describing every excruciating detail of his tortured visage. To avoid describing anything about Finn’s physical appearance is deliberate, especially in comparison to how much effort is spent describing the white villain. I was up to page 166 of the ebook before I got a description of Finn, and all it was was “the dark-skinned young man”.

·         Finn’s panic attack at the start of the film, ostensibly one of THE pivotal moments of the film (“there has been an awakening, have you felt it?”) is over in about two sentences. I had to go back and reread it because I actually thought I’d missed a page, and that I couldn’t possible have had the entirety of his panic attack over and done with that quickly. A novelisation is a chance for us to explore the inner workings of the characters in ways we can’t in the film, and there is one hundred percent NOTHING about what Finn is going through, what his anguish is, what is causing his moral quandary, how he’s feeling. Nothing. He throws up in the shuttle, then Phasma appears and tells him off, scene over. Most of Kylo’s monologues are longer than Finn’s panic attack.

·         Given that we’re near the start of the film, we can mention his treatment of the native aliens on Jakku, who he gleefully describes as savages and barbaric and makes careful not of the fact that they’re greedy and untrustworthy and thieves and amoral, which of course plays right into the same narratives as White Colonialism treating native peoples as savages and barbaric.

·         The kids novel Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka went into great detail about how Finn was an exceptional soldier and tactician, viewed as a model soldier by his superiors and considered for future advancement in the officer corps. The TFA novelisation, by comparison, goes to great lengths to tell us that Finn was nothing remarkable, the phrase actually used in the novel is “Nothing to distinguish him as a person, as a soldier, as an exception.” So going from BTA to TFA was quite jarring, because I’d been told that Finn was exceptional and talented and clever, and then Foster likes to remind us constantly that Finn is nothing.

·         Finn is dismissive of Rey quite a lot, refers to her as “woman”, is critical of her fighting style (despite being on the receiving end of it AND having trained extensively with polesabers and staffs in the BTA novel) and can’t fire a turret for shit. His taking out the TIE fighter with the Falcon’s guns is referred to as “a badly aimed spray”.

·         My favourite part, the part that literally made me throw my phone down on the table in disgust and scream: “That silenced her. He might as well have hit her across the face with the business end of a blaster.” Finn is the most GENTLE, RESPECTFUL DUDE TO REY, and this particularly is the scene at Maz’s where he’s admitting the truth to her and asking her to come with him to run away. I remember that scene as being pretty quiet and heartwrenching in the film, but apparently Foster wanted to describe it in violent, heavily racialized terms to evoke the idea of black male aggression against vulnerable white women.

·         Finn’s fight against Kylo in the forest was a non-event. It was another one of those scenes that I had to reread because I thought I’d missed it.

In general, the writing of the novel was godawful (you can see me crying over it in the liveblog tag) and it was clearly not edited at any point. Finn’s treatment was racist, there is no reason for one of the TWO PROTAGONISTS to be skipped over so constantly, especially when so much care and detail is expended on far more minuscule parts of the story.   

Alan Dean Foster can’t write black men. His writing of Finn was racist. The novel was racist. 

Hi Guys! Here is my Valentines Day Fic (but its not really valentinish, I don’t think) I hope you enjoy! :D 6,200+

Forever tag list :) nemo-miracle-grow areyousad8118 thisissomefreshbullshit luckyemcee mmfdiaryfan kristicallahan irish-girl-84 sey77 bebelievelive justagirlnamedkayla i-love-mmfd anitavalija stephsadickhead milymargot busstop ililypop pink-royaute lolflash youmehellofarollercoasterride curvygirlonabudget mellamoaiko dontneedamoralcompass paleasalabaster mmfdfanfic mallyallyandra lethallylauren finnleysraemundo pissingonursoul losingpudge bitchy-broken fuckintentshop audisodd perfecters darlingdiver fantasticab celestev31 myfinnnelsonpls rinncincin tinakegg ducky17 katywright340 bitcheslovebeck raernundo nutinanutshell cant-getno-sleep courtkismet omgbananasnailus i-dream-of-emus gemmarstyles guyoverboard anglophileyoungblood swooningfangirl bitchesbecrazy89 chrryblsms girlwithafoxhat annemarieted sammylbc abullofshit sarahlouise88ni denaceleste how-ardently idontliketalkingtoanybody mmfdblog phoenixflow penguinsandbowties fizzezlikecherrycola fangirlwithoutshame africancreativity alyssaloca llexis thatfunnygirllauren cheersmedear 14000romances rred87 nirvanalove27 takenbyatree im-an-emu shashaaussi mirandasmadeofstone lililuvlight flxwxry slitherouter saracasm25 becauseyouarestrong please let me know if you would like to be added or removed :) 

Just Another Day

She was single again on this overrated day, well, when wasn’t she single really, but it just so happens that her best mate was also single, she seemed to be taking it a lot harder.

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kenrylo  asked:

So I'm rereading HP, and I'm on Prisoner of Azkaban; but one thing has me stumped. Peter Pettigrew was sorted into Gryffindor... But when, really, did he exhibit the bravery that house would suggest? (Honestly, I think the opposite of him??)

    This is a fantastic question, and I apologize for it sitting in my inbox for so long. I could probably turn this into a thesis-length paper, but I have editing to work on, so I’m just going to hit the major points:

   We know almost nothing about canon Peter during his better days. We see a glimpse of him in SWM, and know that McGonagall didn’t think very highly of him. JKR did a serious disservice to the character and his story by not spending more time on him, but I would like to draw your attention to a couple of facts: One, while we don’t know when Peter turned, he was a member of the Order through to the end of War. Based off of Lily’s letter, Lily only noticed Peter acting off shortly before Voldemort’s attack, so I would posit that he did not turn on his friends until late in the war. Peter may have looked up to the others, but he wasn’t just their cheerleader. It’s important to remember that Lily trusted him with their lives. The second thing to remember, is that the other Marauders very clearly saw Peter as a valued member of the group. He was just as much a Marauder as James, Sirius, or Remus:


   The sorting hat looks at someone’s potential as much, if not more than what they currently are, and takes choice into consideration. If it didn’t, Hermione would have been a Ravenclaw, Neville would have been a Hufflepuff, and Harry would have been a Slytherin. 
   We know that Peter idolized James and Sirius. They were cool, and daring, and charismatic. But more than that, they were brave. It’s a quality he clearly admired. And I think the hat saw that. It’s not a novel comparison to make, but to a degree, Peter is the Neville of the Marauders’ era. He had the potential to be a hero, but to reference another quote,

“Fear makes people do terrible things.”

  The story of Peter Pettigrew can work one of two ways: Either he was the sad little tag-along who was never really their friend at all, OR, he was the friend who they saw as a brother, but who never saw himself as good enough; who was warped by fear until he betrayed the people who loved and trusted him most. I don’t know about you, but one of those stories is much more interesting to me at least.

   None of this is to say that Peter is a victim. In the end, he made a choice (the subject of choice is a major force in The Gathering Storm). He might not have had a good choice, but there was one. That said, for marauders-fanfilm,we wanted to focus on exploring Peter before the turn. The Peter that other Marauders loved and trusted. Because that betrayal only had weight and meaning if there was a real relationship, a real brotherhood there to begin with. If we did our job right with the film, hopefully you’ll grow to love Peter as much as his friends did.

pasdechat  asked:

It doesn't have to be about **kids** per say, but if you feel up for it I would love to see something with NozoEli and the line "…They just grow up so fast."

sarah, this day has been a long time coming. the day… i write kitten fic. may i do justice to it… (everybody please read pasdechat.tumblr.com/tagged/kitten-fic it’s so good and pure and cleanses my skin every time i reread)

NozoEli - #101 “…They just grow up so fast.”

As far as a cat is concerned, it is a kitten - always has been, always will be. Unfortunately, biology disagreed.

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Soooo as i told you in a post, when i was at Pierrefonds, i met this guy who worked here when they were filming Merlin. We talked a lot, like more than 2 hours i think (because we kept running into each other). He was so nice! I told him what the cast has been doing since Merlin, that Colin got the best drama actor award (he was so proud!)  and all that. And then, he told me everything he could think of about our beloved cast. It wasn’t necessary new, or even interesting but talking about my favorite actors with someone who actually knew them was, for me, amazing! So i wanted to share with you some anectodes. So here’s (let’s call him Mr X) Mr X’s anecdotes about the cast (oh and i apologize for any english mistakes, not my mother language) : 

  • Colin was the sweetest, he was always nice, smiling and polite. (what a surprise!) He always said hello to everyone. He was also very profesional. One day, he was talking with Mr X in the yard, then the director shouted ‘action’ and he was running, shooting the scene. He came back walking and continue to chat casually with Mr X, and then he was off running again. And this for a whole morning. He wans’t even tired, he just continued his talk with Mr X. 
  • At first, he entered in the castle alone, but in the end he needed 5 bodyguards. One day, a girl even tried to snach his hair. Poor Cols got really scared, they took him to a locked room after that. (fans can be so stupid sometimes, Colin was afraid to go out of the castle after that).
  • There was a day when they found him on the floor of the corridor, he was pretty hurt. But he came back 48 hours later to film. He told Mr X that the french hospital services were good. Mr X wonders if he didn’t fake his accident to escape Perrefonds because of the tension between Bradley and the crew. (personnally i don’t think so, it doesn’t sound like him).
  • What always amazed Mr X was the energy of Colin, he was always descending the stair or running around with an incredible speed without falling. It was impressive. (hehe i bet running isn’t the only thing he can do with an incredible speed).
  • In the Pierrefonds golden book, he signed in french 'j'ai la patate’ which is a funny way to say 'i feel good, i’m in a good shape’ (and if you don’t think that is the cutest thing ever..).
  • At lunch, one day, before shooting the stables scene in the 2x02, Colin had to eat with his 'horse manure’ all over his face because the make up was too long to redo. While he was chatting with the others, Bradley was laughing his ass off. (sounds like Bradley).
  • Mr X found Colin one day in the 'echo room’ of the castle, he was showing it to the new actress girl of s5, after showing her around the whole castle (how sweet *w*)
  • Colin was very emotional to the idea of leaving France at the end of 5, he was very very sad, he almost cried. ( :( )
  • Bradley was the total opposite of Colin. He was more arrogant. He never said hello. Mr X said that it was because he was fiancé or engaged at the beginning of Merlin and that his girl was receiving death treats from fans. So he kinda built this shell to protect himself and his lover from the world. But once you get to know him, he becomes nicer. On the last day, he finally said 'bonjour monsieur’ to Mr X. 
  • A fan one day heard where his hotel room was (because Bradley’s driver said on the radion 'i am taking him to the.blablabla hotel’). She paid a room there and knocked on his door. He was very pissed. 
  • He was sometimes bossing around the crew. One day the crew had enough and they had an argument. They spoke to him after that and he became a better person. (maybe it’s the intervention that Colin talks about here)
  • Otherwise, as we know, he was very sporty and always had fun between scenes, while Colin was always rereading his script. But Colin and him were, according to Mrs X, as close in real life as Merlin and Arthur are. (iiiiiih)

  • Anthony was very sweet, he even took the time to take pics with all the crew of Pierrefonds.  One day, Mr X’s daugther stole his sword, but instead of being angry, he was laughing very hard. He was one of the nicest guy. He even brought his kids one day. (this man i swear)
  • Richard was unrecognizable without his wing and with his sunglasses on. Sometimes, people thought he was just a visitor of Pierrefonds!
  • As he was a famous old actor, he was very strict on the way of working. He was angry anytime something was wrong on set. He knew exactly how he wanted to work and disliked when thing didn’t go his way. 
  • He, too, had his group of fangirls waiting for him at Pierrefonds.

  • He didn’t say much about Katie and Angel, apart from the fact that they were adorable and nice. (oww girls, i knew it)
  • All the actors must have bodyguards. Even Tom Hopper. So, one morning, Mr X saw Tom Hopper coming into the castle with…a tiny little girl next to him. He asked him if she was her bodyguard, he answered yes with a funny face that suggested that he didn’t understand the point. (a tiny girl to protect Tom omg)

  • Santiago was also very kind. One afternoon, he was smoking but Mr X told him that he wasn’t allow to do it here so he gently stopped. He was loved by every girl, even Mr X’s friends were crazy about him. (how can you blame them)
  • I suggested the idea of doing a meeting actors/fans at Pierrefonds. Mr X wasn’t sure if it was possible, but thought it was a brillant idea and said he will try to…. I’m not saying this will happen, but it was worth the shot. Also, the actors NEVER went back to Pierrefonds!

Then he talk to me about how Merlin was film, about the special effects etc… I just want to see him again so he could tell me more! I’m sure he has plenty other anecdotes to tell!

anonymous asked:

Hi! What do you think of when the Larries say that they aren't stereotyping Louis when they say he has a 'gay wrist', but that a limp wrist is 'queer coding' and that sort of thing? Is that a thing? And if so, where does one draw the line? I've seen them use that argument so often, but it always just seems like an excuse for them to rely on stereotypes to me because they really have little else to go on at the moment. Thanks! Xxx

Hello, anon. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your question, but I wanted to try to substantiate my response with some academically sound, non-fandom sources, and that… took a bit longer than I was anticipating. Before I go any further, I want to preface this whole post by saying that I use the word “queer” as an umbrella term that encompasses all LGBTQIAP+ people, and I have a zero-tolerance policy towards people policing my use of this word, so anyone who intends to send me messages or reblog my post just to snap at me for using “the Q slur” should maybe just… not do that. Anyway, moving right along.
Queer coding is absolutely a thing, but it is a term that applies to creative content, not to human beings. An actual living, breathing human does not “queer code” themselves, and any posts that are circulating on this site in which people attempt to argue that queer people use certain characteristics to identify themselves to each other in public (read: any posts in which people say that queer people can be identified on sight according to various homophobic stereotypes) are wildly inaccurate. Allow me to explain why!
If you throw “queer coding” into a search engine, many of your results will be posts like this one. Complete and utter randoms on tumblr, going off about queer coding or queer theory as it relates to their own fandom. And that’s great, freedom of speech, sharing information, etc., but it’s also not an academically reliable source for your information. I can tell you guys that I have my degree in English Literature (I do) and my minor in Gender Studies (also true), but unless I plan to post pictures of my degree and my student ID (I do not plan to do this at all), you guys have absolutely no way of verifying that I have any idea what I’m actually talking about.
So, instead of demanding that you just take my word for it, I would love to provide you guys with some links to outside sources for my definitions and examples of what queer coding actually means, outside of the smoking crater where the One Direction fandom used to be. I accessed a few of these sources through my university database, which means they can only be accessed with a student ID. In those cases, I will use direct quotations and provide the titles, authors, and publication years so that you can try to hunt the articles down yourselves.

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