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posting this again cause tumblr freaking marked this as NSFW -.-


stick bird and neko cat!

(based on a certain ask from anger’s blog) i drew them at school (colored at home since too many things needed to do at school)

i greatly apologize to you two,i just thought the idea of swapping angexci and nekophy  would be really cool,and from that ask i imagined anger as a stick parrot and ta-da!

its been so long since i properly did traditional,well if you can call this proper,im not used to it anymore but its still fun~ too many mistakes in it though.

both characters still belong to angexci and nekophy

im theorizing that tumblr marks my post nsfw because i tag blogs that arent sfw at times so im gonna tag them in the chat below! please note that i do not own these characters or do i claim that they are.

Gladiolus with a Strong F!S/O (Headcanons)

One things you should know about me; I freaking love strong female characters. I write a lot of stories with original characters and 90% of them are females that can kick some serious ass. I was thinking about said OCs last night and it got me thinking; How would Gladio react to having a girlfriend that is as strong as or stronger than he is? 

Let’s go!

Tagging @chocobrodreamteam because Gladio. Yes.

Disclaimer: This is not at all about the OC, Kya, from my Mulier Militiae FFXV fanfic (which is Gladio x F!OC). This is just some general random speculation lol. Just thought you’d ought to know <3

  • Gladio first met his S/O while observing the Kingsglaive’s combat practice. 
  • That girl is kicking some serious ass. Damn.
  • It didn’t matter her opponent. Male. Female. Twice her size. Half her size. She never held back. She won every spar. 
  • At first, Gladio had some sort of animosity toward her.
  • Was he jealous of her strength?  He doesn’t even know. 
  • He really wanted to spar with her.
  • Hell, he just wanted to talk to her
  • And be close to her
  • Possibly kiss her?
  • He continued to visit the Kingsglaive’s sparring sessions to study her tactics. 
  • Eventually, she approaches him. 
  • “Why’s the Prince’s Shield wasting his time here, huh?”
  • “You’ve certainly got the Glaive wrapped around your finger.”
  • “Oh you’ve noticed.”
  • Oh gods, she’s so confident too.
  • That’s when the attraction really sets in for Gladio. 
  • It’s not long before they start dating
  • Who knew Gladio has a thing for insanely strong women? I did 

  • Absolutely loves having a sparring partner that gives him a challenge. 
  • Sparring often ends with tickling attacks until someone yields.
  • Can you imagine them arm wrestling? She catches him off guard with a kiss and wins the match. dskfjgdsljgn. 
  • She could probably beat him without the distraction too.
  • He really takes pride in her strength
  • Originally, you would think Gladio would be kinda self conscious that his own girlfriend is stronger than him.
  • But he loves it. 
  • He brags about her a lot.
  • My girlfriend can totally kick your ass.”
  • Loves that she’s able to keep up with him stamina wise. 
  • They always wake up at the crack of dawn to go jogging together
  • Ends up being race
  • Loser has to cook breakfast when they get home
  • She is totally able to pick him up with no problem.
  • Oh my god, she gives him piggyback rides help
  • A lot of their dates are gym dates. 
  • They help each other work out. 
  • She totally sits on his back while he does push ups.
  • Sometimes she lay under him, and he kisses her every time he does a push up 
  • They both assist each other while bench pressing. 
  • When finishing a tough exercise, they totally reward each other with a kiss.
  • When fighting in a real battle together, they make excellent partners.
  • Though he knows she doesn’t need protecting, he still keeps an eye out for her in battle
  • He’s still rather protective of her, and this causes some fights.
  • She often will get the idea that he thinks she weak and needs him to watch after her
  • He simply tell her that he doesn’t want her to get hurt
  • Especially when they’re together.
  • He loves when she has her guard down around him.
  • He’s really the only person she trusts completely and he knows that.

anonymous asked:

Hi Ad, I've been a big fan of you and your art for a long time, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'd love to become a professional artist when I'm older, but everyone (including myself) thinks my art looks terrible. I'm conflicted and I wonder if it's worth the effort. What should I do?

give up. just give up, right now.

look at that, its me, a person whose opinion you respect. and im telling you to give the fuck up. your art looks terrible, so why would anyone care, right?

are you still there? did you take my advice in yet? no? good.

life is unfair. from even before the moment were born, some are getting royally fucked over by life while others are already being set a nice little path to glory.
some people are born with talent, and some are not. looks like you werent born with the talent to draw. 

so right now, there are hundreds, thousands of people out there who have the same experience as you, yet draw a shit ton of times better than you. too bad.

should it let you stop you though? should someones opinion change the value of your art? well, if you really want to be an artist, then the answer should always be: FUCK NO.

you werent born with natural talent for art. guess who wasnt either? me.
since i was a little kid, ive always had shit hand coordination, ive always been really clumsy and hopeless. my drawings looked like the other kids’, if not worse. so why am where i am right now?

almost 15 years ago i started playing piano. it took my teachers 4 years to realize i could barely decipher music sheets, and since then i can still barely read them. i havent had a teacher in 7 years. but im still playing. it takes me hundreds of hours to get a song right, and then the moment i try to learn a new song im back to square one. its very frustrating.

now, for someone whos been playing piano for 15 years, im as awful as can be. but for someone who just plays piano in general? im ok! yeah, sure, there are tons of people ahead of me, but who cares? my playing sounds good enough.

ive progressed a lot in drawing along the years as well. go ahead, look at my art tag chronologically, jump to random pages, youll see how things changed.

change. my art changes. it evolves. it grows, because i give it time to change. because i keep drawing. had i listened to people telling me to give up, none of this wouldve happened. this blog wouldnt exist, i wouldnt be in animation school, and my art would be nowhere to be found. 

so many possibilities, crushed in a single instant by a reckless decision.

do you want to be an artist? do you really want to be an artist? then dont give up. dont let anyone talk you into it.
keep creating. keep learning. make yourself a better person. 

and honestly, who gives a shit if your art still looks bad in 3 years. at least itll be worth something. itll be worth more than anything an artist who was naturally born with talent couldve ever made. 

now get to work, and prove everyone who was trashing your art wrong.

TheDoctorNumber11′s Permanent Starter Call 2.0

Liking this means

1. You’d at some point like a starter.  Everyone who likes this will get a starter at some point, even if it’s not right away.

2. You don’t mind being tagged in random starters at any point.  Once one thread comes to a conclusion, there’s a good chance I’ll tag you in a new one randomly.  Or just when I feel like it.  Who knows.

3. You don’t mind me sending you random asks and memes and headcannons and general OOC conversation.

4. You acknowledge that I enjoy being sent ask memes and I have no problem with people tagging me in random starters.  It also means you’ve read my rules and sent me the thing saying you’ve done so.

5. We can just generally be best friends because you liked this.  I’ll probably send you ooc messages just to say hello a lot and in general you don’t mind me sending you lots of stuff!

This basically goes on forever and ever.  At any point I can randomly tag you in a starter, send you a meme, a message to start conversation, etc.  One might call this more of a friendship call than a permanent starter call, but permanent starter call works too!

Need Some Help! (Signal boost this!!)

So Ethan decided to give me a heart attack and reblog my idea for a meet up when he’s close to reaching 300k subscribers, so I need some people to help me out because I can’t really be here this week. I can try for maybe an hour a day or so but it might not be possible since I got school and work which is my priority to handle.

I know he’s pretty close to the milestone at the moment but I cannot do this without some help from you guys. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m really afraid for how to go about this because I’m just some random person honestly, and not exactly an Ethan blog either. (what even is my blog anymore lmao)

If you are interested in helping me out, or just want to give suggestions for what we can do, please send an ask or message and I will take things into consideration before the end of this week. Soon enough I will post a final thing for the meetup tag, what day and time this will happen, etc.

Oh and before I forget I really want to take this over to the community from twitter very soon. My account is at @/crankyblumuffin if you want to know ahead of time when I tweet about it. It’s a new-ish account so the only way people will know about it on there is if you guys help out and retweet! ^^

I hope this can clear some things up for what I have planned. Thanks for reading, and have a great week! See you soon!

working on the Epilogue for Chasing Suns today, hoping I’ll be able to post it later tonight

I was a good adult and did adult things like responsibilities today, so I have some time to write c;

also got a haircut, and bangs ‘just because’ (though I feel I may regret them sooner than later, lolol forehead sweat) 

Also a rare day where I wore contacts instead. here have my face:

I was promptly reminded that I look like a guppy without glasses so HAH NEVER AGAIN XD

friendly reminder.  you can tag me in starters, send me meme’s, anything you like; anons, whatever. even if i’m not online, chances are i’ll answer them when i get on. i love being sent random things, love being tagged in random starters just because your muse wanted to bug mine. it’s the best feeling ever, knowing that your muse thinks about my muse, knowing that you think about my muse is particular. it’s the absolute best feeling in the world i can assure you. you’re not bugging me, you’re not annoying me. you’re making my day.

You know what?

After all the drama around the antis in the tags I’m gonna start posting more jonerys content. For every negative thing I see on our amazing tag I’m gonna post something positive about jonerys. Weather it’s another AU or one-shots or hell even just random posts to boost up the moral. I’M POSTING THAT SHIT. I’m tired of the hate in the tag so I’m gonna shower it with love. Get ready y'all because a jonerys strom is coming. 😎

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you have any advice for getting ideas? I've written stories before, but since I haven't had any new ideas (it's been almost four years since I've written anything). I really want to write again, but have no ideas. What do?

Hey, it’s great that you’re getting back into it!

Inspiration is the oldest enemy.

I talked a little about finding motivation before (x) and some of those tips might also be adapted to help out here. 

First, I’d recommend keeping a notebook or some place where you can keep track of any ideas you have, or anything that might spark an idea later.

One of the best ways to find ideas is to read/watch other things. Some really great and original ideas come from inspiration brought on by the work of others. Maybe there was something you really liked that made you want to see more of it. Maybe there was something you didn’t like, but now you feel inspired to do a better job of it. Great! Go for it. Maybe you see background character #27 and something about them makes you feel like they might have their own story to them. Super cool.

And don’t rule art out on your media binge. Sometimes, I like to look at tags or fanart for things that I don’t know anything about, because the random first impressions you get just from looking at a character you don’t really know can create a whole new character of your own in your mind.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just media, either. Observe life around you. Talk to people, or make up stories about people. Write out memories, dreams, daydreams, views that moved you or jokes that made you laugh or an interesting mannerism or outfit or voice that someone had. There are lots of things out in the world that you can use as the start of something. A great Orson Scott Card quote for you: “Everyone walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.”

You can also just try… writing. Even if you don’t know you’re going to say, put pen to paper and talk about anything. Whatever is on your mind, or just talking about your day. Whatever. Sometimes we can pull interesting things from our stream of consciousness. 

Another thing you might want to do is re-read some of your own old work. You never know. Maybe there is something you want to expand, or re-do, or something that starts a brand new idea. 

And finally, you can always try prompts. There are plenty of blogs on this very site that provide awesome daily writing prompts in the form of dialogue, pictures, ideas, and so on. Dig through them, and maybe you’ll find one that tickles your fancy. You can always find these blogs in the prompts tag, and I’m sure plenty of people have some recommendations that they can contribute too.

Here are a few I found just by looking for a couple of minutes:






And trust me, there are loads more. Feel free to add your favorites!

Good for you for wanting to write again! I’m sure it won’t be long before something brilliant is knocking on your brain’s door. 


bobthejob  asked:

Yo just as a note fructose malabsorbtion can look like a random cause bc americans eat so damn much sugar. To the point where before i was diagnosed the leading suspect was ibs. So uh try not eating sugar or asking for a test

Oh I already know I have issues with certain sugars, it was one of the first things we looked into cause my family has a history of diabetes. I’m also allergic to a lot of things like high fructose corn syrup so I avoid them anyway because it’s the digestive equivalent of ingesting paint thinner for me. 

Thank you though, perhaps this might help someone else too <3

anonymous asked:

Hi there so which Paladin do you think would specifically purchase a set of 538 googly eyes of assorted sizes on Amazon just to stick them to random objects because I literally did that and the package just came today and I've stuck googly eyes to so many things

Tbh I can see Hunk 100% doing this just to cheer everyone up and make them laugh.

Reading Habits Tag!

I wasn’t tagged, but I wanted to do the thing because this looks fun!

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

My chair. It’s an old, ratty thing I found YEARS ago at GoodWill. Its in my living room with my big windows in sight of my bookshelves with a handy table next to it for setting my drink.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Bookmarks all the way. I have a bit of a collection and love matching the one I am using to the current read.

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/a certain amount of pages?

I CAN stop at a random spot - middle of sentence, page, chapter - but I prefer to stop at the end of a chapter since I tend to reread a lot of what I read if I stop abruptly.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

Both usually. I almost always have a drink and will occasionally grab a snack though not very often.

Music or TV while reading?

Neither usually. I like the quiet while reading though good musical music is okay.

Reading at home or everywhere?


Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Oh, silently to be sure.

Do you read ahead or ever skip pages?

Not often though if I get really caught into the story I will skim more than read and then read something that I realized I didn’t have full context of and have to reread. lol.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I don’t really think about it too much. I try to keep my books in good condition and “season” larger, hardcover books to avoid damaging them.

Do you write in your books?

Occasionally when a book keeps spitting good lines I’ll highlight in my book.

If you have less than 500 followers I am tagging you. Be sure to let me know when you do this tag!

5 things about myself.

Been tagged by @dr4xx0r-modblog

I hope these things aren’t too negative!

1. I have a blood disease (disease of Von Willebrand) which causes wounds longer to heal, more blood by nose bleeds etc etc. Having this doesn’t hold me back, just slightly closer to death. (Because blood props that can appear in my vains)

2. My social anxiety has been caused by the fact that I’ve been bullied in the last grade of elementary school. There’s lots of overthinking and unnecessary thoughts that are not true.

3. I love to sing and write besides games and drawing. However, I’m kinda unsure about my voice/drawing skills/writing skills. I should write again. I’m great at cliffhangers.

4. I highly dislike the fact that people curse with “cancer”. It appears in my dad’s side of the family and I’m scared that I would get it too. My grandpa died of lung cancer one day before my birthday so if the word is said in a negative way, it hits me very hard.

5. I’m dreaming of, in the future hopefully, create my own game or make amazing animations or make amazing drawings or create amazing stories. I’ve already inspired people to draw and write, I want to continue that legacy.

I tag you folks; @azure-quill @specklesthetinynerdhorse @rdashi29 @dookin-foof-lord @moonaknight13 @thatdewmodstuff @pfh-mod @sharp-tone @askbelgianwaffle @the-mad-badger

Pen Pals!

Hey there. I’m looking for a snail-mail pen pal or two. Someone I can write notes and letters with on cool stationary with pretty pens and include dorky stickers. I am not fluent enough in any language other than English to write stuff. I’d like someone who intends to actually stick with writing, and won’t just stop after the first couple cards/letters. It would also be cool to sometimes send nifty things to each other. Small gifts, handmade or store-bought, but nothing super expensive. Just neat things sometimes.

Things I’m interested in and would enjoy writing about:

Human Services (I’m in school for this)

Anime (all kinds, I’d love to trade recommendations)

Video games

Queer things (I’m an AFAB demiboy, bisexual, and polyam)

Social Justice


Writing in general


Mental junk (PTSD, Depression, HPD, possibly more)

Spoonie things (I have Fibro, Arthritis, IBS, and more)

Books (especially YA because brain fog)


Hellenistic Paganism

Flight Rising (Shadow Flight!)

Rock painting/hunting (just getting into it)

Random dorky things that happen during our days

If you’re at all interested, send me a PM on here, and we can trade addresses and stuff. If you know someone else who might be interested, go ahead and reblog this, tag them or not, and hook us up!

I just miss the act of writing letters to people, and would love to start up again. I DO NOT want to get into an erotic letter thing. Like, for real. I want to *just* write people.

I really can’t promise I can keep up with more that two people, because of illnesses and school, and I have two kids, and I’m starting HRT in a couple months and… life. lol But, if we decide to write each other, I will 100% keep up with it.

 - Sage

annabathtime  asked:

It's frustrating because!!!! Some random posts will be blocked from random people, including you, but, the things kids actually probably SHOULD be blocked from, and is actually TAGGED, is not blocked. Just innocent gay posts and, honestly, what did we expect. Ugh

i can’t even fathom how the safe mode was supposed to work…like it just…doesn’t make sense

bluberry-sims  asked:

TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go,to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it! *-*(i know you did it already, don't care)

I’m sure I can figure out 5 more things to say, maybe!

1. One time my friend threw a smartie at my eye (but it hit just under it) and it got bruised.

2. One time I was eating spaghetti and I was going to slurp it (because why not?) and it ended up hitting my eye and it hurt. But I just died laughing and my eyes were watering and my little sister was like “Omg shes crying” and everyone was staring at me.

3. The same friend that hit me in the eye with a smartie dropped her lock on my head.

4. I am terrible at talking to people irl. 

5. I didn’t know what sims was until sims 4 came out.

10 Random Things

I was tagged by @emmayame  Thank youu!  ^^

okayyyyy here we go!

1. I’m almost thirty and still collect stuffed animals.  Every time I visit the zoo I buy a new one. 

2. I tend to re-read my favourite books many times because I just feel at home in the stories.

3. I actually carry a book with me everywhere I go (a habit my mum taught me) and as soon as I finish it, I have to start a new one.  I just can’t *not* be reading something.

4. I wish I could speak another language other than English.  In college I studied Japanese for a few semesters and loved it, but eventually forgot most of it & every time I try to reteach myself I get distracted or lose interest.  :/

5. I have a dream of one day owning a fox as a pet.

6. Sometimes I think about taking acting lessons, but I’m so shy, I doubt I’d be any good.

7. I love my pair of cowboy boots that I wear everyday to work.  They’re just so dang comfortable, but alas are beginning to wear out.

8. I can not drive in the car without music, but I’m super picky about what I listen to.  If someone else chooses shitty music I get super grumpy.

9. My brother and I get mistaken for twins a lot even though we’re four years apart.

10. I love fish.  I could spend an entire day at the aquarium and not be bored.  I can watch them swim around for hours & my favourites are blue tangs.

And I think I’ll tagggg: @ntbogoni @dopplegoners @ashleyanthrax @gondowan @trashcanxshoggoth @himluv @vorchagirl & anyone else I didn’t think of who wants to.  Sorry if you’ve already been tagged in one of these -__-;;

On tagging triggers

So this might be random to you (or a stupid long ass text that bothers you on mobile), but recently I’ve noticed again how some of the things that really trigger me (and surely others, too) just don’t get tagged. Now I know this most likely doesn’t happen out of ignorance, but rather because it’s simply not considered triggering to the person who posts or because it’s difficult to keep track of them. Nevertheless, it can be quite the unpleasant experience, and I also know how very awkward it is to ask the person to tag them (I always feel like the most annoying follower on earth when doing so) and usually some damage will be done by you seeing it in the first place.

So I’m aware there are A TON of triggers out there, but I thought I’d make a little list (and I’d be happy if you added to it or helped me word them right) so at least I can prevent these things from happening on my blog, and maybe at some point it’ll be spread out a bit so I myself can be safe as well. I’m quite sure these lists exist somewhere, but I’d kinda like one of our own.

How to exactly tag your triggers correctly has been described here.

NOW (finally under the cut) my list so far (be safe, for obvious reasons):

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drhu0806  asked:

PFFFFT I do the same thing in my tags so I relate hardcore :D It's like thoughts on my thoughts and I can't find a way to fit it into the blog text heh. I'M HAPPY TO SEE SOMEONE ELSE WHO DOES THE SAME THING AS ME SINCE I'VE NEVER FOUND ANYONE ELSE WHO DOES IT

OMGGGG it’s so much fun because it’s like a little diary where you just toss random thoughts. BUT I’M SOOO HAPPY SOMEONE ELSE DOES IT TOO. <33333 Does this make us a… tag team? *_*

Not going to lie, I’m going to be bitter about Still Star-Crossed being cancelled for a while. I’m probably going to have just random waves of gif sets and SSC things flooding my page because, honestly, I’m rocking both denial and rage atm. Everything will be tagged ‘still star-crossed’ if you need to blacklist the flood.

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More jumbled thoughts under cut.

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