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posting this again cause tumblr freaking marked this as NSFW -.-


stick bird and neko cat!

(based on a certain ask from anger’s blog) i drew them at school (colored at home since too many things needed to do at school)

i greatly apologize to you two,i just thought the idea of swapping angexci and nekophy  would be really cool,and from that ask i imagined anger as a stick parrot and ta-da!

its been so long since i properly did traditional,well if you can call this proper,im not used to it anymore but its still fun~ too many mistakes in it though.

both characters still belong to angexci and nekophy

im theorizing that tumblr marks my post nsfw because i tag blogs that arent sfw at times so im gonna tag them in the chat below! please note that i do not own these characters or do i claim that they are.

TheDoctorNumber11′s Permanent Starter Call 2.0

Liking this means

1. You’d at some point like a starter.  Everyone who likes this will get a starter at some point, even if it’s not right away.

2. You don’t mind being tagged in random starters at any point.  Once one thread comes to a conclusion, there’s a good chance I’ll tag you in a new one randomly.  Or just when I feel like it.  Who knows.

3. You don’t mind me sending you random asks and memes and headcannons and general OOC conversation.

4. You acknowledge that I enjoy being sent ask memes and I have no problem with people tagging me in random starters.  It also means you’ve read my rules and sent me the thing saying you’ve done so.

5. We can just generally be best friends because you liked this.  I’ll probably send you ooc messages just to say hello a lot and in general you don’t mind me sending you lots of stuff!

This basically goes on forever and ever.  At any point I can randomly tag you in a starter, send you a meme, a message to start conversation, etc.  One might call this more of a friendship call than a permanent starter call, but permanent starter call works too!

Ego headcanons ;u;

-They all sleep in onesies -Dark: raccoon -Wilford: pink monkey -Host: orange owl -Bim: rainbow unicorn -Doc: skeleton -Googles: dinosaurs (in their respective colors of course) -Jims: bears (also in their respective colors) -King of the squirrels: squirrel -Ed Edgar: walrus -Silver Shephard: rhino

-Sometimes Bim forgets to change before leaving his room and the others will harass him

-Dark gets really protective over the Jims, especially if they are in their pjs

-One time Dark entered the kitchen early in the morning and the others thought he was a robber.. or the were really really good at pretending he was

-Ed forgot to change and no one even noticed.

-Doc was woken up at 4 am once because of a patient but he hadn’t changed. The patient thought his doctor was a living skeleton.

-On rare occasion, someone can find the googles in a dino jump tournament whilst wearing their pjs (it helps them boot up in the morning)


Dean asking Cas to take away Lisa and Ben’s memories literally makes no sense as a form of protection for Lisa and Ben. The problem was Crowley being able to use them to get to DEAN. And taking away their memories does nothing to stop that from happening in the future, because DEAN still remembers them.  Any bad guy can come along and threaten to kill them because DEAN remembers them and presumably still wouldn’t want them to be hurt because of him. Which means, another Crowley can come along and threaten their lives and Dean will go and try to save them. So, unless the entire population’s memories were also altered, which they were not because Sam remembers it just fine, this plot literally makes NO SENSE. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi Ad, I've been a big fan of you and your art for a long time, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'd love to become a professional artist when I'm older, but everyone (including myself) thinks my art looks terrible. I'm conflicted and I wonder if it's worth the effort. What should I do?

give up. just give up, right now.

look at that, its me, a person whose opinion you respect. and im telling you to give the fuck up. your art looks terrible, so why would anyone care, right?

are you still there? did you take my advice in yet? no? good.

life is unfair. from even before the moment were born, some are getting royally fucked over by life while others are already being set a nice little path to glory.
some people are born with talent, and some are not. looks like you werent born with the talent to draw. 

so right now, there are hundreds, thousands of people out there who have the same experience as you, yet draw a shit ton of times better than you. too bad.

should it let you stop you though? should someones opinion change the value of your art? well, if you really want to be an artist, then the answer should always be: FUCK NO.

you werent born with natural talent for art. guess who wasnt either? me.
since i was a little kid, ive always had shit hand coordination, ive always been really clumsy and hopeless. my drawings looked like the other kids’, if not worse. so why am where i am right now?

almost 15 years ago i started playing piano. it took my teachers 4 years to realize i could barely decipher music sheets, and since then i can still barely read them. i havent had a teacher in 7 years. but im still playing. it takes me hundreds of hours to get a song right, and then the moment i try to learn a new song im back to square one. its very frustrating.

now, for someone whos been playing piano for 15 years, im as awful as can be. but for someone who just plays piano in general? im ok! yeah, sure, there are tons of people ahead of me, but who cares? my playing sounds good enough.

ive progressed a lot in drawing along the years as well. go ahead, look at my art tag chronologically, jump to random pages, youll see how things changed.

change. my art changes. it evolves. it grows, because i give it time to change. because i keep drawing. had i listened to people telling me to give up, none of this wouldve happened. this blog wouldnt exist, i wouldnt be in animation school, and my art would be nowhere to be found. 

so many possibilities, crushed in a single instant by a reckless decision.

do you want to be an artist? do you really want to be an artist? then dont give up. dont let anyone talk you into it.
keep creating. keep learning. make yourself a better person. 

and honestly, who gives a shit if your art still looks bad in 3 years. at least itll be worth something. itll be worth more than anything an artist who was naturally born with talent couldve ever made. 

now get to work, and prove everyone who was trashing your art wrong.

How do I even begin this? It’s nearly the new year, and right now, I’m thinking about the last 365 days, specifically in the ways of people and friendships and random acts of kindness.

I’ve had friendships that have continued on into this year, and for those I am beyond grateful. I am so blessed that these amazing people have stuck around and that neither timezones nor distance have made our friendship any less of a friendship.

I’ve made so many new friends this year too! Friends who have appeared in my life and who I hope to be able to know better this coming year. You’re proof that taking the chance to reach out, even when you have what others would call a ‘set’ friend group, is so incredibly wonderful and worth it because you never know what literal gems you’re going to meet when you send a message or join a call.

To all my friends: whether I’ve known you for over a year or a few months or even a few weeks, whether near and in the same timezone or far and in inconvenient timezones, I am so beyond grateful for you. You’ve each brought me so many amazing memories and so many feelings of warmth and happiness to my life this year, whether you meant to or not. I am so incredibly thankful for everything that led up to meeting each one of you because you have seriously made my year so very memorable and wonderful. As numerous as you are, I can guarantee that I have, at the very least, three memories specific to interactions I’ve had with you that more likely than not, bring a smile to my face. And if I’m crying it’s because it was an especially happy memory. All the good tears, pals, only ever good.

And when I think about the people I know as acquaintances, there is no lack of fondness for you. The amount of people who have just…been so genuinely kind and welcoming out of the goodness of their hearts have added to making this year all that much better. Because you don’t know me, we’ve only had short conversations or only interacted through asks and whatnot, and still I get tagged in things you think I’ll enjoy (and I do), I get little bits of kindness at random moments, I see you interact with others and I can just tell how incredibly lucky people are to know you.

My wish for all of you this year is that the world treats you with kindness, and gives you random little joys throughout each day as often as possible. I hope that, if you’re struggling, that you’re given the support you need and that you’re surrounded by goodness. I hope you have friendships that continue to bring you laughter and feelings of warmth and allow you to be entirely you. I hope that you are content with yourself and the decisions you make and the people you surround yourself with. I hope that you’re able to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself this year.

And, well, there’s quite a few of you and this post is already long as all heck and I don’t want to forget to tag anyone goodness gracious, how lucky am I to know so many incredible people and have such fantastic friends? , so if you read this, please know that this is my being thankful for you and the blessing that you are to me, to others, and to the world.

You’ve already kicked butt in 2017, I have every confidence that this year will be no different. All the very best to you in 2018, lovelies!

Phandom Creators Secret Santa!!

If you want to participate just like/reblog!! Try and spread this because I’d love for this to be a thing. 

So, my idea was, whoever decided to participate, their username gets put into a hat and paired with someone random. Once your Secret Santa is chosen (I’ll send it to you through messages) its up to you what you give them! It can be art, gifs, fanfic, one-shots, I don’t care. But on Christmas day, everyone has to post what they made using the tag #Phandomsecretsanta2017, as well as tag their Secret Santa! (You can also PM them the link to make sure they see it if you’d like) 


1. Try to keep whatever you make relatively clean and free of any possible triggers, we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable

2. If you choose to participate and then realize you can’t TELL ME so I can reassign your Secret Santa. 


4.The gift can be anything you want, as long as YOU make it. DO NOT STEAL ART!!!!

5. You can participate no matter your skill level, just have fun with this and do your best to make your Secret Santa happy!!

The deadline is on December 20th at 6:00pm NST to give people time to make everything! 

If this flops it never happened, okay? 

friendly reminder.  you can tag me in starters, send me meme’s, anything you like; anons, whatever. even if i’m not online, chances are i’ll answer them when i get on. i love being sent random things, love being tagged in random starters just because your muse wanted to bug mine. it’s the best feeling ever, knowing that your muse thinks about my muse, knowing that you think about my muse is particular. it’s the absolute best feeling in the world i can assure you. you’re not bugging me, you’re not annoying me. you’re making my day.

Need Some Help! (Signal boost this!!)

So Ethan decided to give me a heart attack and reblog my idea for a meet up when he’s close to reaching 300k subscribers, so I need some people to help me out because I can’t really be here this week. I can try for maybe an hour a day or so but it might not be possible since I got school and work which is my priority to handle.

I know he’s pretty close to the milestone at the moment but I cannot do this without some help from you guys. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m really afraid for how to go about this because I’m just some random person honestly, and not exactly an Ethan blog either. (what even is my blog anymore lmao)

If you are interested in helping me out, or just want to give suggestions for what we can do, please send an ask or message and I will take things into consideration before the end of this week. Soon enough I will post a final thing for the meetup tag, what day and time this will happen, etc.

Oh and before I forget I really want to take this over to the community from twitter very soon. My account is at @/crankyblumuffin if you want to know ahead of time when I tweet about it. It’s a new-ish account so the only way people will know about it on there is if you guys help out and retweet! ^^

I hope this can clear some things up for what I have planned. Thanks for reading, and have a great week! See you soon!

working on the Epilogue for Chasing Suns today, hoping I’ll be able to post it later tonight

I was a good adult and did adult things like responsibilities today, so I have some time to write c;

also got a haircut, and bangs ‘just because’ (though I feel I may regret them sooner than later, lolol forehead sweat) 

Also a rare day where I wore contacts instead. here have my face:

I was promptly reminded that I look like a guppy without glasses so HAH NEVER AGAIN XD

You know what?

After all the drama around the antis in the tags I’m gonna start posting more jonerys content. For every negative thing I see on our amazing tag I’m gonna post something positive about jonerys. Weather it’s another AU or one-shots or hell even just random posts to boost up the moral. I’M POSTING THAT SHIT. I’m tired of the hate in the tag so I’m gonna shower it with love. Get ready y'all because a jonerys strom is coming. 😎

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dear overwatch fandom: why does junkmetra exist?

Genuinely, where does this come from?  Like, I can understand them as friends (although that’s mainly just because I read a really good junkmetra friendship fic) but why is this ship popular enough to have a name and a tag and all that?  Honestly when I read that fic I thought it was one of those “write an interaction between two random characters” challenge things, not a Thing.

anonymous asked:

Hiii this is a bit random but do you know where the video of hoseok in a red hoodie, black bomber and grey sweats is from? he's also wearing a snapback/ cap and they seemed to be doing vocal practice? idk which one of their dvds it's from. sorry this is so ambiguous!

hmm maybe this one or this one. I’m not sure, I’m sorry :(

Anonymous asked : I just wanted to thank you because WOW you find things with a quickness. I’m honestly so impressed, and I know others have said it already but your tagging system is GENIUS. Literally so hopeful. While I can’t afford like 90% of what the boy swear, it’s nice to see where the pieces come from and what the fashion influences are. Keep rockin babe!

ahhh it makes me so happy when someone compliments my tagging system :’) I made this blog with no clear idea of what I wanted it to be like, it’s crazy to see how much it has grown. THANK YOU!

Anonymous asked : Hello, do you know what type/brand of colored contact lenses that the boys use? thank you!!

The blog @dewybangtan deals with things like these but they’re currently on hiatus 

So, I don’t really know anyone in the Lokean community because I’m relatively new to this and I mostly just lurk in the tag, so I’m just going to tag this and hope people see it and can maybe give me some advice. Also this is just one of my random sideblogs, I don’t have a blog specifically for this (yet, at least). 

I started working with Loki a few months ago and for the most part I feel like things have been really good, but at the same time I sometimes just get really doubtful and worried that I’m deluding myself. I’m not very good at anything like, spiritually related, I just feel kind of unable to connect when I try to do a lot of things, so I rarely get any kind of communication, and when I do, I’m always skeptical that it’s just coincidence or me making connections where there aren’t any. So I worry that I’m sitting here, oblivious, while Loki is going “yeah well thanks but actually I’m not interested???” and I just don’t realize it. The few times I’ve had what I thought was some communication, it was always positive and I felt really confident at those times, but in the longer stretches of silence in between I start thinking again that it was just wishful thinking on my part. I guess by sharing this I’m looking for advice or tips on how to deal with feeling like this, or just encouragement. 


Hello everyone!

It’s once again time for a kingsman tumblr meetup :D Here’s a pic of me and one of my cat (Thorin wasn’t collaborative at all, it took like 60 tries before he looked the camera’s way) *waves*

The name’s Elle for those who don’t know me yet and I have been in the fandom since more or less the begining and I haven’t regretted it ever! I have met some of the best people in my life through it, people I call friends and have been nothing but supportive to me :)

I am only a fic writer because that one is hard enough and I don’t have the patience for art. I will gladly participate in all the challenges possible (even if sometimes I regret it because writing is hard peeps) and you can see me lose my mind over deadlines (among other things) in my ‘writing’ tag. Also know that I have no chill when it comes to writing. I will write everything, no matter how many wips I already am working on. It can be because I have been inspired by something random or a friend sent me something and I am just “… Ok, gotta write this”

My main ship is Hartwin, but I am totally a multi-shipper in this fandom (as long as you make Harry and Eggsy have a great relationship I am totally your gal for any ship) and my usual answer to “love triangles” is to write polyamory stories because really, that triangle shit is getting old. Also if you want to hate on Tilde, I am really not the person you should follow because I will defend her character to my dying breath. And not related to Tilde, but I am already deeply in love with Ginger so I can’t wait to see the movie so I can write her EVERYWHERE!!!

And here Imma tag a few people you should totally follow (in no particular order)

@insanereddragon is totally someone you should follow, she is THE best and if you think I am annoying on tumblr with her, that’s only because you can’t see my whatsapp :D But seriously, Red is my partner in writing for a lot of stuff since the fateful day we decided to write the kingsman bang together (well we had plot-bunnied together before and written some stories in the same verse, but that’s different from a 40+k story) and I think a lot of my improvement this year in terms of writing is thanks to her

@krissielee is the totally amazing friend with whom I’ll be going in London with in September because of course we have no chill for Kingsman and are going to go meet-up in London when we both live in completely opposite places in North America just so we can see the sequel there and together (among other things… But seriously the sequel is the only reason we are doing our trip in September). She is also a fantastic writer :)

@phaeleah the lovely darling who organises the meetups and seriously she is just one of the greatest

@lady-mephistopheles @agent-eggy @bouncybrittonie @kingscunt and @virgosista are all horrible enablers that are all responsible for like 60% of my wips. They are also absolute cuties.

@liprouvaire @solarrift and @completely-nonsequitur make absolutely gorgeous edits and they are the sweetest of the sweet even if sometimes they break my heart (that’s mostly aimed at li)

@hepcatliz @missbeckywrites @hartwinorlose @sententiousandbellicose @hisreindeerjumper @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin @potentiality-26 @anarchycox @sherlockianonfire91 @zombiisheep @trekkiepirate and @annaofaza who are all amazing writers and seriously go read their stories if you haven’t already because you are missing out on some amazing stuff!!!

And ok, this is really not an exhaustive list of everyone you should follow, because there is a LOT of amazing and talented people in this fandom, this is but a raindrop in the ocean, but I gotta go eat breakfast or I fear imma digest myself or something

The End of the Year Tag

The rules: Find your fave pics of your story or your blog in general and post them up in a collage! It can be 1 picture or 100 whatever you want. But just reflect on your fave moments in your story or on your blog. It can be cute moments or pictures you’re just really proud of - when you’re done tag 5 people or more :) tag me @shysimblr because i wanna see all your collages!!

I was tagged by @budgie2budgie, @nervous—subject and @beaella9

I decided to take some highlights from Erin’s life so far…kind of random anyway and there are lots of things missing but I don’t want to turn this into a recap post lol

I think most people have done this already but I’m tagging @annegirl13, @alcearosea-sims, @vicarious-sims, @shaysimmer15xx, @adelajde21, @simmingbee, @sisselin and @jenba (I think none of you have done this! but forgive me if you have!)

ok so I wanna get back into my writing

as I have been away for a bit (sorry)

my challenge to all my lovely followers, either:

  • send me a character/ship/etc. with a prompt (has to be less than ten words, such as “why are you here?” “its killing me not to kiss you right now” “you’re such a dick but I also wanna snog you senseless”) because you’re ideas are my fave
  • send me a ship with a picture (like books, snow, coffee, lava, idk) and I’ll make a story out of it (nothing inappropriate of course)
  • send me a ship that is totally not canon and I’ll do my best to write a terribly horrendous story on it because its funny (e.g. draco x sorting hat)
  • send me “Houses As:” and then a random thing (e.g. dish soaps, Disney songs, emotions, satisfying sounds, etc.) and I’ll do it
  • give me a random quote and I’ll fit it to one of the characters (I can tag you if you’d like) and post it
  • send me a character with a ridiculous patronus (e.g. draco’s is a house elf, harry’s is draco) not to post just to make me laugh because thats funny
  • literally anything else I love hearing from you guys

hope to hear from y’all xx

... i hit 1000+?




i’m gonna be kinda sappy for a moment and say i’ve… never dreamed of hitting 300, let alone somehow manage to get to over 1000 - and i 100% mean that.

heck, i never expected to get more than ten notes on literally anything i’ve written tbh???

i never expected to have the friends that i have now, or the confidence that i’m gaining now when it comes to things like theatre and writing - hell, i was convinced i’d just go and force myself through culinary school and end up in some job that i’d probably end up tolerating rather than loving? hell, the future isn’t certain and who knows if i’ll end up on a stage anywhere - but at least if i do, it’ll be something i love

and just… so many things have changed over the past month and i’m honestly speaking when i say that:  i never expected any of it

so… i guess just… thank you? thank you all for following me and liking my content and talking to me and just… being there, i guess.

im just gonna thank a bunch of ppl because i fuckn love all of u <333333 sorry if stuff gets repetitive idk how many ways i can say ‘I LOVE U THANK U FOR SUPPORT HERE’S A SMOOCH’

to @sincerlyyme and @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou - the two people that actually got me into writing to begin with: thank you. so so fucking much. y’all are so sweet and i absolutely love you two because i never would have actually posted anything if it weren’t for the fact that you two inspired me a ton! plus i might have nearly cried when the two of u followed me so <33333

@earlyjunes @a-second-hand-sorrow @connormurphyobsessed @imagine-boyo @dear-alex-hansen and @huffleheck - the swan fam: I LOVE ALL OF U??? SO MUCH???? swan fam is best fam <3 especially because y’all??? are the sweetest babes???? i love all of u and support all of u and we all should talk more i swear (aka if y’all have discord, swan family discord + swan mama. speaking of swan mama…)

@polygenderselkie - i wasn’t gonna leave u off just put u separately: MY FAVE SWAN MOM <3 thank you for just being a huge influence in my life and being the mom that i’ve kind of needed as of recently tbh? if i’m ever feeling down, i know that you’ll def be there to give swan kisses n sweet words <3

@sarajanesmith42 / @connormurphyisbab: ren i love u so much dude. i’m glad you trusted me and messaged me and i’m glad to talk to you because w o w what a sweetheart??? you’re such a cool dude and i love seeing you happy because it’s such a nice thing tbh? love you a lot, dude <3

@protecting-my-legacy: MACKIE. I LOVE U. ur fics also inspire me a lot and i love your writing and i’m glad we can talk tbh??? uh what else can i say other than i love u and ur a cool babe and just. 10/10 i’m glad we can talk about fics n shit and just???? love u <3333

@waving-at-failed-words: MADDIE I LOVE U BECAUSE WE CAN NOT SLEEP TOGETHER AND IT’S GREAT. thank u for the bird and the sweet things you always put in the tags whenever u reblog my shit <3

@anotherstellarconversation & @luckyadd: u two have to deal with me not sleeping and u deserve an award for that tbh. alex, you’re such a cool bab and u know of my secret love for things and??? i love u a lot??? and lucky - i love ur art and i’m glad we can just talk about random memes n shit and iii am 100% sorry that i never sleep (which is gonna change soon, since… school………)

@1two-player-game1: elizaaaa. my player one. my amigo. my icon buddy, my pal. i love u a lot tbh??? ur always such a sweetheart and u also have dealt with me not sleeping and u also deserve an award for that i swear 

(these are slowly getting shorter as i realize how many ppl i feel the need to thank jfc sorry babes)

@pleasedontatme​: CAT U COOL NERD I LOVE U AND UR WRITING???? ur poly fics inspire me a lot since…. i love poly fics a lot and they’re rare as far as i know??? love u 

@psychedemigod​: psy. i love u. so much. u make me laugh and u have given me ideas for shit and just??? ur so cool and i jUST RLY LOVE U OK <333 

@yikesjaredkleinman​: adam i love u alot and i’ve literally stayed up waiting for ur writing because its jUST SO GOOD???? UR SUCH A COOL DUDE AND <3333 LOVE U

@twoplayergaymers: i love u and i love talking to u and??? i just love u a lot dude <3333 (plus ur art??? im love <333)

and to two other GIANT NERDS who i love a lot:

@thebirdwitch and @commando-76: jfc how long have we been friends? i love both of you to the ends of the earth and i’m glad we’re all friends still tbh. you two put up with me talking about theatre and my singing and my stressed ranting/venting and your both… still here? which is… really, really weird honestly since i’ve opened up to people before and they’ve ended up leaving me one way or another - which sucks, but… i don’t blame them? i really love both of u and appreciate how much we’ve generally fucked around and our stupid jokes and laughing with you two over the panty raid one night because it was just a fucking stupid thing to say but it was hilarious because we were all tired little shits. love you guys. maybe someday we’ll actually meet face to face? i fucking hope so, honestly.

to anyone i haven’t thanked or ppl that quietly support or ppl that stay on anon: i love you guys too. you’re all always so sweet and i love you all a lot as well. sorry if i left you off this list - i don’t mean anything by it. i love u guys a lot and just <3333

thank you. for everything.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you have any advice for getting ideas? I've written stories before, but since I haven't had any new ideas (it's been almost four years since I've written anything). I really want to write again, but have no ideas. What do?

Hey, it’s great that you’re getting back into it!

Inspiration is the oldest enemy.

I talked a little about finding motivation before (x) and some of those tips might also be adapted to help out here. 

First, I’d recommend keeping a notebook or some place where you can keep track of any ideas you have, or anything that might spark an idea later.

One of the best ways to find ideas is to read/watch other things. Some really great and original ideas come from inspiration brought on by the work of others. Maybe there was something you really liked that made you want to see more of it. Maybe there was something you didn’t like, but now you feel inspired to do a better job of it. Great! Go for it. Maybe you see background character #27 and something about them makes you feel like they might have their own story to them. Super cool.

And don’t rule art out on your media binge. Sometimes, I like to look at tags or fanart for things that I don’t know anything about, because the random first impressions you get just from looking at a character you don’t really know can create a whole new character of your own in your mind.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just media, either. Observe life around you. Talk to people, or make up stories about people. Write out memories, dreams, daydreams, views that moved you or jokes that made you laugh or an interesting mannerism or outfit or voice that someone had. There are lots of things out in the world that you can use as the start of something. A great Orson Scott Card quote for you: “Everyone walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.”

You can also just try… writing. Even if you don’t know you’re going to say, put pen to paper and talk about anything. Whatever is on your mind, or just talking about your day. Whatever. Sometimes we can pull interesting things from our stream of consciousness. 

Another thing you might want to do is re-read some of your own old work. You never know. Maybe there is something you want to expand, or re-do, or something that starts a brand new idea. 

And finally, you can always try prompts. There are plenty of blogs on this very site that provide awesome daily writing prompts in the form of dialogue, pictures, ideas, and so on. Dig through them, and maybe you’ll find one that tickles your fancy. You can always find these blogs in the prompts tag, and I’m sure plenty of people have some recommendations that they can contribute too.

Here are a few I found just by looking for a couple of minutes:






And trust me, there are loads more. Feel free to add your favorites!

Good for you for wanting to write again! I’m sure it won’t be long before something brilliant is knocking on your brain’s door. 


Hello beautiful people! Omg, I’m almost 2,3k???? Gaah I don’t know what to say!! 

As some of you may know, I recently switched to HP and so, considering most of you stuck around from my old days before, I just want to say thank you SO much, you’re all so So wonderful and I love you!

Also, to the new HP followers, I don’t understand why you think I’m worth following but thank you sooo much ILY omg!! Tag me in your stuff and talk to me, let’s be mutuals! ♥♥

Anyway, to celebrate this, I’m doing all sorts of random things (because who can stop me~) \o/

Here’s what to do:

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