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laying here in bed and I had a funny thought about fanfics…

You know how a lot of times in fics, Dean’s boots just come right off? I’ve done it too, because I miss that detail in my head. 

But anyways, I wear really similar boots for work and do you know how long those things take? And if you are in a hurry, you are falling everywhere like an animal just learning how to walk. 

I want that! Like Dean and the Reader gettin all hot and heavy and he is struggling like a mother fucker cause he is so cute and excited. Ugh, I’d die from cuteness overload

@eyes-of-a-disney-princess….I’m tagging you because feel my pain woman

    ━━━━   / /  *    WOAH  !    i   can’t    believe   this  !   i’ve   been    around  this    account   for   like   six    days    &   i    already   hit    100 +   of    you   lovely    people  !  .
   i    don’t   really   know   what   to    write   here   but    thanks   for   giving   me   a  chance    in   playing   this   little   shit !    i’ve  always   wanted   to   try   so   here   i’m   trying   my   best   but  also   thanks    to    @veniials    &    @searedrebirth    because   you    two   were   always    giving   me    good   vibes    &    telling   me   that   i   could   somehow   do   a    good   job   playing    jonathan.   so   once   again    thank   you   everybody   for   rp’ing    with   me    &   as   always   feel   free   to   always   IM   me,    tag me   in   random   starters   or   send   me   memes,   doesn’t   matter   if   you just   starter   following   me. 

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I’m just soooo tired of random ass character hate floating across my dash so I’m just going to unfollow people. Honestly, what’s even the point of adding ‘Cullen is eeeviiilll’ comments to a post about Blackwall!? You couldn’t just vague post like the rest of us, it needed to be on a random ass post as well?

And to be clear, I don’t mind posts that are actually critical, you know, posts that actually discuss what you feel is wrong with this character(’s portrayal/ story arc), I like a good debate, but I’m tired of the nonsense hate posts.

It isn’t just Cullen obviously… but I guess I follow a lot of people who truly hate him and I’m just… tired of it. And because no one tags this shit blacklisting it isn’t working.

And yeah you can post what you like but I’m just not going to be around for it.

madamateur  asked:

This is 100% random but, i feel like topaz is crying because Lars probably said stuff about his feelings for sadie, bc hes stuck on a spaceship going to another planet thats a pretty doomed situation.... and it touched the topazes bc they are actually in love too, but on homeworld??? Do they value feelings? Love? Love between two low ranking gems? Fusing as expression of love when fusion is just a tactic to make weak gems stronger??


shipping in this fandom is so weird. it’s like… i’m sure there are shipwars to an extent (from my seat in the otayuri section i have definitely seen people actively shit on any opposing ships for both characters - pls don’t do this guys, come on, people hate us enough already lmao), but i feel like for the most part it’s not ship vs. ship, it’s just… anti vs. ship. since otayuri antis are so far up their own asses about age, there’s basically no one it’s acceptable to ship yuri with, so it’s almost entirely on principle rather than because they prefer to see one or both of them with someone else.

but it’s like… man, if you’re uncomfortable with this ship, that’s fine. blacklist it. that’s the entire purpose of the function. i don’t understand why people feel the need to embark on some kind of holy crusade and shit up the tag. like, i get it, i’m a horrible person. but has anyone ever actually stopped shipping something because of something some random anti said? for that matter, has an anti ever stopped being an anti because of something a shipper said? what’s the point of any of this? who am i? why am i here?? incoming existential shipping crisis.

oh, and as a side note, it’s pretty incredible how many people on this hellsite there are who have presumably gone through puberty but somehow still have no fucking clue how it works. pro tip: it’s not a light switch. you don’t just start dinging like a microwave when you turn 18. you can make arguments about the law, but don’t act like you’re a child one minute and an adult the next. it’s a process. and another pro tip: if you think yuri is “prepubescent,” you’re either high, bad at biology, or you watched the show on mute. i feel like i’m taking crazy pills sometimes.


What do the two of you think is the secret to your very special chemistry? When playing these two characters? As actors?

GA: We’ve actually been having a fifteen year affair.
[press cackling]
DD: I mean, I don’t know why in the beginning. You know, maybe just luck in the beginning. But, you know, after this long, we actually do have a history. So when I look over at Gillian, or you know, I’m Mulder looking over at Scully… there’s a lot of shit that I can call on, you know. We have a lot between us. We don’t really have to make it up. I think that just as people, you know, now, fifteen years later, we’ve just shared so much, regardless of how much we speak to each other, that you know, when I see – I expect to see Gillian, even if I haven’t seen her for a year.
DD: She wasn’t listening to me.
GA: I was, I was, I was, I heard –
DD: You just heard the last line.
GA: – no no no, I, but I think, I was really distracted –
DD: You were, what were you looking at?
GA: – no no no, I wasn’t I wasn’t I wasn’t…
DD: You were looking out the window. I don’t have a window like you do.
GA: Okay, you can tune out now. Um. I, uh. But that, whatever it is that is between us, was there from the second we started working together. I don’t think it’s, it’s not quantifiable, it’s something that is unique, — and you know, yes, they got lucky, but it was something that Chris had seen, which is why he fought so hard, um, you know, specifically – this is something that has been written about a lot, but, to cast me over somebody else, that he saw something between the two of us that was unique. But you know, it is, we got– whether it’s luck or [mock wistful] that we were meant to be with each all along, I don’t know–
DD: Well, there’s chemistry in life, and there’s acting chemistry. I’m not saying they’re the same thing, but they’re as mysterious.

IWTB roundtable press interview, July 2008

as I hit the tag limit but felt there was much to be said about this exchange, I have copied in the intended interpretive comments below:

#ah yes #the fabled acting chemistry #much different from real life chemistry #which is the kind he doesn’t have with gillian #okay but there is so much to say here #it is the sacred origin of our name #shit between us #it is gillian bringing up all on her own the hilarious joke that they might have had sex #or at least want to have sex #gillian the true origin of the shackin up tag #then david getting all mushy at her saying they have a history #he’s like #i guess it was random at first #but at this point our acting isn’t really acting #i just look at gillian and i feel things #deep deep love shit things #that mulder feels too #and i don’t have to make it up #because we been through shit in our lives #fifteen years later#and he has such feelings that it overrides the ordinary need to see in person the person one cares about#he doesn’t even need to #he expects to see gillian #which ngl is incredibly adorable to say #like that is definitely family member level yo #and he is sitting there being all sincere with his halting expression of vulnerability #and emotional revelations about his expectation to see her even after a year #and gillian is staring out the window not listening #and when he calls her out she totally denies it #but david’s voice is like #on the edge between let down and mock let down #here he was getting real in front of all these journalists #who are totally annoying wow #and she manages to miss it #or deliberately ‘misses’ it? #in order to deescalate the emotional tone of the conversation? #anyway there he is pouring out his heart about his expectation to see sometime in the future his former costar #and gillian giggles and denies him his mush and then completely contradicts what he said # by saying that it’s just there for no reason #vs. herr sappmeister who brushes off the random chemistry they started with and just wants to talk about their deep deep acting love as people who been through it all #and she just rambles and talks again about FOX not wanting her #and wraps up with another jokey joke about how they were meant to be #by which time david has recovered his dignity and is like #no okay acting chemistry tho #not the real kind bye


Because some people think I should “improve” on scenic and interior background when I haven’t even learned shit about it. Add on to the fact I’ve always been a character design artist rather than a scenery one. Don’t even get me started on saying you can learn how to background in one day and improve in one night. :V

Whatever, here’s some random ruin and plants since I don’t feel like any shit today. I didn’t bother render it off completely anymore, thought it looks better in small size.

6 more facts about me.

I got tagged by @deartreadmill @my-road-back-to-fitness and @queenallisandra to share 6 random facts about me. I took my sweet ass time to get this done because….well because I was hoping some interesting shiz went down this week so that I felt more interesting. Sadly, nothing happened so let’s see what I can come up with. 

1. I love singing. If I had a great voice I’d loose my shit. Like sometimes I daydream about what it must feel like to go for a power note and not have your voice crack. I had a very nice average childhood as evidenced by the fact that the saddest thing to ever happen to me as a kid was finding out that I didn’t sing well. I remember being obsessed with Mariah Carey’s One Sweet Day (featuring Boys II Men) and I was convinced I sang it just as well as they did. Well, my grandma came to live with us sometime around that era. She was a piano teacher and had some cool recording equipment. I thought she loved me, but now I think she was a bitch (just kidding grandma….may you rest in peace), because she recorded me singing that song and played it back to me. Let me tell you guys, I pretty much balled my eyes out, because I couldn’t believe how awful I was. I’ve gotten a lot better, but still not anywhere close to where I’d love to be. Oh well. I’m sure I have other talents. 

2. I get easily infatuated by the prospects of careers that I’ve never heard about or have zero experience in. A few months back I discovered The Great British Bake Off and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted to drop everything to open up a little bakery. Last year, I discovered “YouTubers” (yes I did live under a rock and yeah, you guessed it, I wanted to drop everything to become a tweenaged YouTuber).  

3. When I was a kid my much older cousins took me to a bonfire for some weird spiritual thing they were into. I honestly have no idea what it was. At the bonfire we did this fire dance thing where you stared into the flames and tried to mimic their movement. I did this for a looooooong time and it was like I was in a trance. When I came back from that, I went through a phase where I wanted to become a Wiccan. First on my agenda was to make my best friend stop dating my other best friend. I’m sure my intentions were honorable. I cast my spell on the roof of my house for some reason and it worked like a charm. My second spell was to stop being gay, but luckily that one didn’t work lol. 

4. I once got pretty bad food poisoning, but went back to work a bit too soon. I remember I was having a conversation with a friend and I full on sharted mid-sentence. Apparently, I exclaimed “uh oh!” and ran away without saying anything else. 

Internal dialog as I typed this up: 

me: really? you’re really going to put this out there? 

me: yeah, I already did all that typing. 

me: please don’t. 

me: I know where you’re coming from I just choose to ignore you atm. 

me: whatever, you’re an idiot. 

me: if I’m an idiot then you’re an idiot. 

me: dude…just move on you’ve got 2 more facts and this shit is hella long already. 

me: ok

me *thinking to meta-self*: is this normal?

5. I once got a full Brazilian wax. I’d love to say it was a bet or a dare. But I was just like: “I wonder what it’s like to get waxed.” So I made an appointment, but my confidence went from “why the hell not, let’s give it a go” to “oh my god what am I doing here, what do I do now?” I could barely speak by the time I went up to the counter. I didn’t know what to ask for and was soooooooooooo embarrassed that I just mumbled and nodded my way through a conversation that may have actually been carried out in Russian. In the actual room I didn’t know what was going on as I couldn’t look down. I just remember it being painful and excruciatingly long. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that there was nothing left.  

6. I can sometimes overshare. See above. 

I’m not going to tag anyone in an attempt to minimize the attention that this post gets. lol. 


// so i was tagged by sassyqueenhistoria in that ‘post your six favorite selfies’ meme thing. it took me forever to find some because most are with other people and i figured this shit means by yourself

and i am tagging some random six people(i feel like most people have done this already but whatever and u aint gotta do it if u dont wanna): hyrulewarriorszelda the-coporal kidofmischief hawknerf attack-on-sailor-moon fufucuddlypuffs