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Shit Aph Belarus Does #65

Drops those toxic friends who don’t care for her and make her feel bad about herself.

Be like Belarus

Drop those toxic friends

Be like Belarus

Be happy

alright here’s the deal

thinking it over today, i may not quit tumblr just yet. however, i do not like the way the community has been lately (and really, how it’s been for a long time). i don’t mean any specific fandom, i mean the tumblr community at large. it purports itself as some loving, accepting place, where all are welcome! which hey in theory that’s great. but it doesn’t hold up to that; of course not, it’s a ridiculous standard.

i understand that every blogger is a person. and i don’t like the way we begin to treat each other. it makes me mean, and i don’t want to be mean. it can be poisonous, and maybe i’m more susceptible to that influence that most people, i really don’t know. a lot of the nasty things that have been said about me are true; true enough to bother me, at least.

in addition to those, i am still a student. i have to spend more time on school, and sleep, and my own private life. i have been letting this website be my priority, and i cannot allow that to continue.

so i am going to do three things: i am turning anon asks off permanently, i am turning notifications off for a good while, and i am going to severely limit my time spent here.

thank you for your time.