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Batfamily Artistic Ability

Requested by: @captainsupernoodle

Note: Some of the mediums are like music or computer. Just helps give more varitey and fits their personality better.

Bruce: Playing piano and occasionally sketching. Its more during work meetings but he’s pretty good at it.

Alfred: calligraphy. His handwriting is its own art. Like the fancy first letter in old books, yeah he can do that.

Kate: This one is hard. I could see her being the more likely to enjoy other people’s art. She is all for the unknown artist who is up and coming. (If someone knows an artistic ability for her let me know.)

Dick: Stick figures and coloring books. The boy lacks in the art department, but hey he still tries. He also has the Batman coloring book.

Barbara: Photoshop and video editing. Her skills with the computer are awesome.

Jason: Writing. He just likes to write. It comes from all the reading. Also plays the gutiar but hasn’t picked it up in a long time.

Tim: Photography. Started when he would stalk Batman and Robin. Doesn’t get to do it as much now, but once in awhile does. Lots of photos of around the manor.

Stephanie: PAinting. Its nothing super amazing but just enjoys it. Especially with water colors. Its a stress relief for her along with coloring books.

Cass: Ballet hands down. Her dancing is just so beautiful.

Harper: I could see her being the type to make unique sculptors out of items laying around. Or anything with electricity, maybe making light shows.

Damian: Drawing, painting, charcoal. Really just give this kid a canvas. He has sketch books full of stuff.

Duke: He thinks his ability with Snapchat should he an art form. Really though he doesn’t do a whole lot in the arts category.

Luke: Don’t know why, but I always seen him as someone who can secretly sing well. Like his voice would just blow you away.

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Could you please rec me any fics where the Sheriff protects/stands up for/comforts Stiles. I've been reading a lot of fics where the Sheriff is a less than great dad and I really want one where the Sheriff proves he loves his son and would do anything for him. Please and thank you and may the fan fiction gods bless you

Here’s some good parent Sheriff,@feminismfox! And our Stilinski Family Feels tag for more. - Anastasia

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Get It Together by atimeforflores

(1/1 I 651 I General I Stiles/Parrish)

Both Stiles and Parrish are oblivious to each other’s attraction for the other, but the sheriff sees it. The sheriff eventually gets sick of the romantic/sexual tension and tricks them to go into a cell, a cell of love.

Backtrack by inhystereks

(1/1 I 1,036 I General I No Pairing)

Sheriff Stilinski is tired of all the lies.

One way it could have gone down by almaruth

(1/1 I 1,636 I Teen I No Pairing)

Sheriff Stilinski is not stupid, and he loves his son. Stiles, in turn, loves his dad - and that plus his concern for Scott give us a whole new (series of) outlook(s).

Dinner in family by Agata_Ridlle

(1/1 I 1,909 I Teen I Sterek)

Sheriff Stilinski is happy cause he is in home early and will have a nice dinner with Stiles.

Ad Rem by sherlocksimpaladoctorskanima

(1/1 I 2,173 I Teen I Sterek)

“I think we need to stop being such fucking idiots about this and get together. It’s time, Derek. ”

Well, that was certainly unexpected.

she’s just in the background by Shadowstar

(1/1 I 5,098 I Teen I Sterek)

Kara just wants to help. More than anything. Even when she manages to stick her foot in it, repeatedly.

Hospital For Souls by ATaleOfTwoCaitlins

(5/? I 7,557 I Teen I Sterek)

Breathe in. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Hold it. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Breathe out. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Stiles was used to managing his anxiety on his own, despite his father’s best efforts to get him to open up. However, at the arrival of a shrink with a decidedly different approach, Stiles begins to realise that he doesn’t have to deal with things alone. That he can let someone into his life without having to have them leave. He discovers that he can breathe on his own, but breathes deeper in company.

Nothing but a Note by adult_disneyprincess (orphan_account)

(2/2 I 8,008 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles leaves Beacon Hills.

Jealousy; An Interesting Shade of Green by PolarisTheYoungWolf

(1/1 I 9,397 I Explicit I Sterek)

Would you please write a story for me one where Derek can’t understand why he and his wolf feel so possessively jealous over Stiles.
It was never this way when he was dating Paige,Kate or Jennifer in fact he’s pretty sure he didn’t do the jealous thing before meeting Stiles.
Now everyone who even looks at Stiles with the smallest hint of lust makes him want to rip their throats out with his teeth even certain members of his own pack.
You can make this either explicit or not which ever you feel happiest with and Stiles can be male or female.
It would be great if you could have Stiles not aware of how Derek feels at first {it’s totally not one sided Stiles really likes Derek as well} and that it’s either Jackson or Isaac that has Derek growling jealously thank you.

False Dawn (Stiles, it’s called zodiacal light) by ElisAttack

(3/3 I 11,145 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles wakes up in the middle of the woods with no memory of how he got there.

Or the one where Stiles can’t die, but people keep hurting him anyway.

Forming a Pack and a Family by babigurl21793

(31/31 I 27,479 I Mature I Sterek)

After the showdown with Gerard the pack has gotten closer, except for Scott. Relationships, both romantic and friendly, are forming and life is good in the newly built Hale house. But can this happiness last? Or will someone close to the pack try to sabotage them?

Choosing you by babigurl21793

(17/17 I 34,380 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Stiles has been training for his magic, Isaac and Stiles are close friends, Scott is not a very good alpha, Erica and Boyd escaped the alpha pack and ran away. Derek returns. Feelings are made known and things change.

Alpha and Luna by kurenohikari

(20/20 I 44,745 I General I Sterek)

After killing his uncle Derek thinks about what he had done and what a monster he is. However, he tries to not fall into despair because he has a new Beta to take care of. Will he be able to do it on his own? Or will he have help?

Bruises and Bitemarks by oblivions172

(26/27 I 103, 610 I Explicit I Sterek)

Biologically, Stiles is weak. When he presented as an omega, he knew that to be the truth but that never stopped him from running his mouth as a defense mechanism. However, it could only save him so many times before he ended up pissing off the wrong person. After he’s attacked in the parking lot outside of school, Stiles realizes he can no longer protect himself with just pure wit and sarcasm. When the attack lands him in the hospital, his dad forces him to pick between two options, report the alphas who attacked him or join a kickboxing gym run by omega rights activist and alpha, Derek Hale, a man Stiles has been in love with for many years.

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so i know you like to believe newt definitely isnt a virgin, and tina may/may not be one, may i ask why you think that? its funny because i have the exact opposite thoughts, and i see newt as so childlike and awkward. like i cant even imagine him having anything other than a few bumbling kisses, but i think tina definitely would have seen a guy or two, i mean, she is a ~modern woman~. im just interested in picking your brain btw, not trying to tell you youre wrong or anything! also great stories

Disclaimer: I am really, really tired, so this may only make sense to me right now…


So. Newt.

As of December 6th, 1926 (which is the first day of Fantastic Beasts), our dear cinnamon roll is 29 years old. In those 29 years, we know it is canon that he had a (most likely romantic) entanglement with a woman in school whom he loved. It is canon (per the movie) that he fought in and survived WWI. It is canon that he has visited at least 3 continents (thought it’s more likely 4 continents, going by his having Dougal and the Occamies in his possession, plus his traveling through Africa) and has spent at least a year traveling.

29 years of living, part of that time in the male-dominated military establishment (and believe me when I say: prostitutes and WWI soldiers went together like dragons and flames, okay? Those men visited brothels. They solicited women. They got their jollies when and where they could because WWI was Not Pretty), another good portion of that time traveling the world, and then the rest of that time living as a bachelor in (presumably) London?

There’s no bloody way he’s a virgin. Social awkwardness aside, he’s done too much living, and he’s too earthy, to not have known a woman once or twice. If it wasn’t Leta Lestrange, then it was someone during the war (probably after his commander and/or brother frog-marched him over to the brother because “God dammit Scamander, we’re gonna make a man out of you yet!”). If it wasn’t during the war, then it was while he was out traveling the world. And if it wasn’t then, it was when he was lonely and/or sad so Theseus bought him a companion because “Cheer up, little brother; she won’t bite you. Well, not unless you ask…”

Outside of all this, I’ll point out that in his time, it was not exactly frowned upon for young men on his class and standing (upper-middle-class to upper-class, since his mother bred “fancy Hippogriffs”–which indicates some level of wealth, or at least comfort) to have the occasional sexual dalliance, either before or even during marriage. It wasn’t wise to flaunt it, and it was something that nobody really talked about. But, it was also a fact of life at that time. Which is not to say it was right, but we aren’t talking about morality here.

Logical conclusion: Newt may not be Don Juan, but he’s got at least some sexual experience. It’s most likely limited in both frequency and scope–but it’s there. Given all the facts and the reality of life at the time, it would be a statistical anomaly for him to still be a virgin.


Now, let’s talk about Tina, because Tina is my girl and I will fight to the death to protect her. Much like Newt, really…

As of December 6th, 1926, our dear cinnamon roll Tina is 25 years old. In those 25 years, we know it is canon that she lost her parents at a young age, thereby presumably burdening her with her younger sister. We know that she has dedicated herself to her career (and I hesitate to use that term, knowing what we know about where she winds up in the future) as an Auror, and most likely threw herself into training straight out of school. And, extrapolating from the ages of the other Aurors shown in the movie, it’s a good bet that she did all this at a phenomenally young age.

25 years of living, part of that time as either a ward of the state or with a relative (which would not give her time to get up to any funny business), another good portion of that time at school (which means that, if we consider how quickly she got to where she is now, she dedicated all her time to studying–her syllabus, not boys), and the rest of that time in Auror training and then building a name and reputation for herself?

It is very likely that Tina is a virgin. “Modern woman” status aside, dedication to her sister and to her career and personal drive aside, she has an extra consideration that Newt doesn’t really have to concern himself with: if she slips up once, just once, and she winds up pregnant, then the onus is on her to bear that burden.

Birth control back then was either expensive, difficult to obtain or both. Not to mention, for the No-Maj population at least, it was limited to condoms. We have no way of knowing how the wizarding world controls their birth rates, but considering how backwards they are about many things (and considering the silence from JKR on the matter), it’s a safe bet that they are no more advanced than the No-Maj world. Therefore, a smart woman (and Tina, we can all agree, is very smart) would have made the choice to abstain from penetrative sex until at least entering a solid engagement.

Logical conclusion: Tina may not be celestial, but she is most definitely a virgin. I’m sure she had her wild moments–fumbling kisses behind the greenhouse at Ilvermorny, stepping out with a gentleman or two when her schedule allowed, maybe even some heavy petting through clothes–but that’s as far as it would go. Given the facts of life for women at the time (even for “advanced” wizarding world women), and the unknown status of birth control availability and accessibility, it’s a statistically safe bet that she is still a virgin.


On a side note, I know a lot of people in the fandom chafe when someone like me points out the historical reality of these times. I get that, I really do…but for me, fantasy is so much more enjoyable when it parallels and/or is rooted in reality.

If you want to ignore historical facts, that’s completely fine! Knock yourself out. Just understand that when I build my fictional universes and my head-canons, I am doing so with one foot in the real-world. If I can add up the weight of historical fact and combine it with what I know about a character (which is what I’ve done to reach my conclusions above), then that’s what I’m going to do–which is not to say that I don’t stray from it on occasion, because I do. ;)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a virgin!Newt one-shot to write.

lost characters* on tumblr

* when i say this, i mean “assuming they’re mostly all teens/young adults n it’s a Modern Setting” so don’t. critique that. I Know

  • jack: runs a Personal Blog where he spills every detail of his life but he cares a lot about the #aesthetic and always spaces out his text posts. uses read mores every time he talks about his dad or his enormous but Totally Hetero crush on sawyer (which he thinks is subtle btw but is not, at all). posts a lot of pictures of kate and juliet to make up for his entire existence. always saying shit like “if you ever need someone to talk to i’m here!!!!” but then when people actually msg him he freaks out and closes his ask box
  • kate: only has a blog because she cares too much about everyone else’s wellbeing and feels a great need to keep track of them. she doesn’t hate it but there’s no real theme to hers, either. will always like and reblog your selfies and tell you how great you look, unless you are sawyer. because she never posts Original Content (other than her instagram feed) she’s kind of ~enigmatic~ & every time someone tries to ask her about herself she responds with a meme. never tags anything, ever
  • hurley: has a positivity tag that he is constantly adding to. constantly. reblogs every single chain post. will signal boost all the things & probably has hotlines linked in his sidebar. he and charlie have a youtube channel where they basically pay tribute to jackass and record bad music (desmond shows up a lot). very popular with several niche crowds. gets a lot of notes. he’s big on #vintage and #nostalgia and puts a lot of effort into capturing a certain Vibe. hates conflict but sometimes he vagueblogs and it’s adorable, actually
  • sawyer: calls himself Anti-Bullshit and has every single label that applies to him in bold print in his sidebar (also has an “i pledge to read the printed word” badge stuck on there). always uses proper capitalization and punctuation and looks down his nose @ you if you don’t. his bad grammar is a Stylistic Choice. predictably, he blogs about what he’s reading but he also likes to gif. he thinks that if he makes enough posts about fight club or whatever he can get by with showing off his little house box set. tracks not only his url but also everyone else’s bc he gotta follow the drama and also jump into it uninvited
  • locke: weird Lifestyle Blogger who posts a lot of pictures of the Great Outdoors and his gardening endeavors. sometimes shares recipes (there is a drinking game based on his abuse of the word “organic”). very here for inspirational quotes and sawyer is always mocking him about it even tho half of them end up pasted in his journal. hosts game nights every week that everyone comes to and he live streams them
  • sayid: mostly a social justice blogger so he has a lot of Serious Followers from that but he also posts a lot of selfies and everyone is obsessed with his hair (he is also obsessed with his hair & very eager to answer questions about it). pretty quiet but has a lot of successful text posts that are both hilarious and #relatable. for the most part he wants nothing to do with any of the others online– the mute function is his bff– but he does always make a point to reblog hurley’s original content
  • jin: kate once made a joke on instagram about her bf the korean pop star when they were out getting food and everyone who doesn’t know them irl thought it was real so now everyone is obsessed with him. he doesn’t post a lot but he takes tumblr very seriously & replies to all of his friends’ posts 
  • sun: mostly a garden blogger. it’s a genuine commitment but she’s not immune to the pull of succulents & she likes the notes cute plants get her. very fond of snakes & bugs but she always tags them ‘cause she’s not an asshole. linguistics enthusiast. makes a lot of great puns and also is always roasting the boys within an inch of their lives. she always knows what’s up & usually willing to tell you about it
  • claire: runs an astrology-centric blog where she tells everyone how their terrible personalities aren’t really their fault. does natal charts & tarot card readings for donations. also has an etsy shop because she’s always doing weird craft stuff. very helpful to know & she makes a lot of primer / xyz for dummies beginners posts. answers every single message she gets, ever, even the ones that are obviously trolls. promotes hurley, charlie, and desmond’s terrible music videos
  • charlie: mostly a text post blogger. tries to be #relatable but he just can’t do it. has been known to send himself anon hate when he wants attention. at one point in time he had wonderwall set on autoplay. a good-intentioned dude who is mostly willing to take criticism & really wants to help everyone out but he hasn’t known chill since like 1996
  • ben: david karp
  • juliet: mostly an #aesthetic blogger who never actually posts; Everything Is Queued. very fond of cult classic movie stills. doesn’t actively engage with the discourse but is super aware of it & always has her privilege #checked in her intro. doesn’t believe in the anon function because it gives too much power to people who aren’t her. judging you a lot. makes read mores sometimes but she always deletes them before anyone can see them (except kate who usually manages & embarrasses her)
The Makeup Artist (Sebastian Stan X Reader drabble)

Summary: The makeup artist for Picnic has quite the task–not only does she have to do Sebastian’s makeup and touch-ups but also oil his chest and arms

Characters: Reader Y/N, Sebastian Stan

Notes: Happy birthday, Mary-Kate! This one is written for you!! :D It’s a little short, but full of feeling and written with love

Tags: @callingmrsbarnes

It was the final week before the show had its opening night and Sebastian was feeling quite nervous. Not because he was doubting himself, but because he was inexperienced with broadway makeup and was now face to face with possibly the youngest and cutest makeup artist he’s ever seen. She wore an apron over her black pants and long-sleeved shirt that held various products such as powder, gloves, about 50 brushes and hairspray.

She stood in the dressing room patiently, the counter behind her filled with various products. Sebastian walked in and she smiled at him politely.

“Hi. You’re Hal Carter, right?” she asked in a sweet tone. Sebastian smiled and extended his hand, running a tongue across his lips.

“Yes, I’m playing Hal. My name is Sebastian,” he said to her. She took his hand and shook it gently.

“I know who you are–just making sure I’ve got the right character for you,” she said and smiled, laughing slightly. She motioned for him to sit in the chair that was sat across from her.

Sebastian noticed how concentrated she looked as she examined the paper in front of her and grabbed a few tubes. He watched as she squeezed a cream-like substance onto her fingertips and then approached him. He closed his eyes at the feeling of her hand swiping slow strokes over his cheeks, nose and forehead.

“Keep your eyes closed, please,” she told him in a sweet tone.

He nodded and then felt a light swiping and patting on his eyelid. He wasn’t expecting such a gengle and caring touch–the other makeup artists he’d experienced were much rougher on him than she was.

“You’re very gentle…” he commented. His eyes remained closed, but he heard a soft giggle fom her.

“Thank you. It helps that you’re staying still…” she told him.

Their conversation flourished and they clicked immediately. Sebastian was surprised with how much they had in common–they both loved space, old movies and ‘80s music. Sebastian was slightly disappointed when she told him she had finished.

“I’ll be waiting back stage to oil you up before you go on, okay?” she told him as he exitdd the room. He was slightly taken aback.

“O-oh.. Okay, I’ll be there early then…” he told her and smiled. Oil him up? The directors must have chosen for him to have that sweaty look and everyone knows that water does nothing under stage lights.

When Sebastian entered back stage, she was waiting for him with a small vile, an aerosol can, and a bright smile.

“Okay, how do you wanna do this…?” he asked her in a low voice.

“Arms out, please,” she said and opened the vile. Sebastian did as she told him and she walked around him, dropping oil onto his skin in various places. When she was done droppin it on him, she pressed her hands to his shoulders and rubbed the oil onto his skin, spreading it over his chest and arms. He wore a tank top now, so she couldn’t get the entirety of him without lifting his shirt–which is exactly what she did.

Sebastian’s pants became increasingly tighter as she felt up his abs and chest. He wanted to know what she felt like, too.

“Okay, close your eyes and hold your breath…” she told him. He did at she instructed and felt a liquid spray on his face. After a few seconds, the mist subsided and settled on his face.

“Okay, you can breathe and open your eyes,” she told him.

“Thanks…” he said and opened his eyes again. All throughout rehearsal, he could think of nothing but her. He went to sleep that night with his mind swirling. He felt bad, but for the kiss he and Maggie shared, he pictured he was kissing Y/N.


On the last night of the show at the end of the performance and after the audience left, Sebastian thought he was the only one in the theater until he walked out to the stage to see it one last time and he saw a small frame sitting on the apron and gazing up at the set and identified it as Y/N. He smiled and joined her, sitting down.

The two of them had become fast friends, what with her touching him so intimately in the darkness of the backstage area. She was a quiet woman who Sebastian had taken quite a liking to. He noticed the way her eyes sparkled when she looked up at the lights of the empty theater.

“Hey. You alright?” Sebastian asked her as he sat down.

She nodded. “It’s just amazing is all… Thought I’d admire it one last time.”

Sebastian looked at the set. It was definitely interesting and unique. He had been on it for the past six months, sying the same lines over and over, changing them in different ways and performing them to the best of his ability.

“It is a great set. You did an amazing job with my face, by the way,“ he said, knowing that he had already told her a hundred times. Whenever he said it, she got a smile on her face and Sebastian longed for that smile almost every moment. He saw her cheeks turn pink and there it was–that smile.

“Thank you.. You know.. All my life I’ve known that I wanted to be on Broadway like this. I just didn’t know it’d be so great.. And working here and.. with you, it’s just.. I don’t want it to end. It’s been an amazing experience…“ she said, her voice laden with wonder and awe.

“Well, we can still see each other. I mean, I’ve gotta go to Atlanta a few times to play Bucky, but.. We’ll still see each other,” Sebastian said. “I’ve really enjoyed working with you…”

“And I, you..” she said and turned to him, who hadn’t taken his eyes off of her.

After a beat of Sebastian debating with himself on what to say, he settled for, “You’re beautiful, you know.”

She giggled and spoke, “Always a charmer, you are.”

“I try..” he said and smiled. He saw her shoulders rise and fall as she sighed.

“I suppose I should get going…” she said and began to stand. Sebastian stood with her and offered her his hand. She took his hand and smiled up at him. Sebastian couldn’t hide what he was feeling any longer, so he leaned down and hugged her against his chest. He held her there for a moment and then began to pull away. His cheek brushed against hers as he pulled away and he felt his lips collide with her soft skin. Before he knew it, they were sharing a passionate kiss, one that tasted sweet and pure. Their lips danced together and their bodies molded to fit each other perfectly. Sebastian pulled away from her and gazed into her eyes.

“I’d like to take you out,” he said.

“I’d like that,” Y/N said and kissed his lips again.

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okay OAKY umm kate has a nightmare and wakes up in the middle of the night so she goes to brooke and then they proceed to cuddle an d kiss and other cute fluffy stuff,,

“Please… please s-stop.. stop- Stop!” Kate shifted upwards in her bed, frame shaking and breathing heavy as she revived from a dream that felt too real.

Sometimes I feel like God is punishing me through dreams…

She pulled her knees to her face, barely able to keep herself silent without biting her tongue to muffle her breathes.

Kate could feel her heart pounding against her rib cage, a deep fear spreading through her body like a deadly disease.

She needed… she needed someone to hold her.. to sing to her.. she needed Max? No. She needed someone to love her. She needed… Brooke.

She needed her more than ever.

Kate crawled out of bed, apologizing for waking her pet before running out her dorm and stumbling upon the carpet due to how fast she was moving.

She knocked, hand trembling as she waited for answer.

“Wha.. ugh- It’s three in the fuckin’ mornin! Jesus christ, what the fuck do you want!?” A voice slurred from inside the room, Kate shuddering at the other girl’s tone.

“I’m sorry.. I just uh-”

The door swung open, revealing Brooke, who’s hair which hung down past her shoulders covered her eyes completely.

“Oh, Kate. Sorry. I didn’t know who it was and as you can see, I’m grumpy as heck in the mornings.”

“It’s my fault, I shouldn’t come this early and expect you to be the nicest person.” Kate rubbed the back of her head.

“You.. You wanna come in?” Brooke stepped out of the doorway, waiting for the shorter girl to go inside.

Once she finally strobed into the room, eyes dead like a zombie, Brooke flopped on her small couch.

“Get comfortable, eat if you’re hungry, fill your buzz, I dunno. Just make yourself at home, sorry that the place looks like total shit- I mean crap. I wasn’t exactly expecting company.” she admitted.

“Oh it’s no big deal, um.. if you aren’t busy can we.. just lay down for a bit? Ya know, talk? I mean-”

“Yeah! I’m not busy.. a-at all.” Brooke gave her a lopsided grin.

Kate found herself wrapped around Brooke like a blanket in a matter of seconds, nose buried in the taller girl’s mop of hair.

Her eyes filled with tears once again, arms gripping tighter around the other girl’s stomach and holding on for dear life.

“Kho? You okay?” Brooke suddenly flashed worried as she heard muffled sobs emitting from her friend’s mouth.

She wouldn’t budge, or lessen her grip, not one bit.


The only response was another choked sob.

Kate had a fear. Rejection. She was terrified of being rejected and pushed away especially by Brooke.

Brooke huffed in frustration, not minding she was barely able to breathe in the blonde’s near death grip.

It wasn’t a bad thing, she actually liked having such affectionate company. Kate was nice, but something deep down held Brooke on the edge every time they’re eyes met. Her heart would pound, eyes wide and a sudden wave would instantly change her mood.

It’s almost as if Kate had a cloud of cheer that radiated to people she walked near or made eye contact with, it was.. cool?

“I d-don’t wanna let you go, Bree, never. P-Please-”

“Kho.. I don’t want you to let go… but maybe not so tight, I think you crushed something.” A smile tugged at her lips.

“S-Sorry..” Kate lessened her grip.

“No biggy.”

“So.. Random question, if I were to kiss you, how would you react-”

“Just do it.” Brooke blurted

“Wait what?”

“I know you want to, so do it.” She flipped around out of Kate’s grip to face her.


“Kho, your Queen awaits.” Brooke joked.

Kate shook her head then kissed her, quickly flushing pink.

“You are so fucking shy.”

“That’s something you’re gonna have to get comfortable with.” She played with the taller girl’s loose strands of hair.

“Yeah yeah. You are just too much for this world aren’t yeh’.” She mumbled.

“Exactly, that’s what I’m here for.” Kate flashed a grin.

“Oh really? I thought you were here for more.” she winked.

Kate turned a shade of crimson, tackling the other girl and pinned her against the couch.

They lay there, eyes meeting. Kate shook with nervousness, Brooke wriggling under her while her hair still covered one eye like a sheepdog. She puffed out her cheeks gave a look of defeat.

“S-Stop giving me that look.” Kate murmured.

“Only if you kiss me again.” she smiled.

Kate gave in and leaned down for another kiss.


EXTRA: Max walked down the hall to look at the snow covered grounds when she heard music blasting from Brooke’s room.

She nosily opened the door to find Brooke strumming her guitar while Kate danced around her.

“I really wish I had my camera.” Max glanced in her back and huffed at the yellow note in the bag that had ‘TOOK YOUR CAMERA FOR UM.. PERSONAL PURPOSES! -CHLOE P <3’ written in bold black letters.


A/N: *constantly update’s the brookate tag because has no life*

The good parent.. or not

Summary: After returning from your break at work, you were already faced with a longer shift than you were supposed to have. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who mostly caused you this trouble.

Words: 1335

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Originally posted by acklesjensen

Warnings: none

A/N: I really want to know what you guys think, if I should continue this etc so make sure to leave something in my ask! Also thanks to @iammajorsupernaturaltrash and @beyond-the-nights-world for helping me out a little!

Tagging: @spnashley @ohfora67impala @but-deans-back-tho 

Masterpost (Rewrite and Old Parts)

It was the first day of work after a very long time. You had to step back for a few months because of family reasons, but now you were back and ready to work again.

You had the last shift, which meant you were able to sleep in and would only have to show up at 3PM. You actually wondered if the kids in your group still remembered you or if you were long forgotten. You’d have to see. Because you were too much in a hurry, you grabbed a coffee from some cheap coffee shop, you could basically taste that it was cheap, but for now you had to live with it.

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10, 31, and 40 for the fic asks meme :)

*side note: most of these fic recs are olicity, unless otherwise stated

10. Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?


I don’t know if anyone does it better than @machawicket, let’s be honest:
Deceive, Inveigle, and Obfuscate
Little Black Dresses and King Sized Messes

31. Do you read AUs?

DO I READ AUs?????

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Is the sky blue?

Does Oliver Queen love Felicity Smoak? (the answer is yes, although apparently don’t ask Andrew Kreisberg …hahahahaahah asshole)

Hell yes, I read AUs. I LOVE THEM.

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SOUL MATES AUs (I’m not kidding on this one, I don’t think anyone loves them as much as I do). This one, ugh universe forgive me, it’s so good I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it: Darling heart, I loved you from the start (But you’ll never know what a fool I’ve been) by @sarcasticfina

I am also totally in love with the FiCoN ‘verse by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated (Julianna Queen Defense Squad reporting for service!), and You Have Not Failed This ‘Verse (also by Janis) is one of my favorite works ever, across all fandoms. It’s brilliant and also FIREFLY

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It feels like an olicity fandom rite of passage to have read the Legacy verse by @ash818, but you can’t talk about AUs without this monster of a work.

If you’re looking for sci-fi/fantasy AUs, @alexiablackbriar13 is your writer. Start with Little Bird Blue.

College AU you asked? Oh-ho-ho…here: Something Like Fate series by @hannasus (I have yet to read Into You Like a Train, but it’s top of my list. I’m going to recommend it regardless because I just know it’s good.)

This falls into AU category for canon-divergence, but fuck me guys this is so gorgeous: Between the Shadow and the Soul by @apinknightmare

Movie AU? How about Speed but with super sexy cop Oliver Queen and the bravest genius to ever ride a bus Felicity Smoak? Velocity by @machawicket

I don’t think anyone writes suspense quite like @supersillyanddorky06 does - I’m in so deep for The Predator  it’s not even funny at this point.

My favorite AUs, far and away, category of their own, are written by @thatmasquedgirl. Masque is the AU queen. Bow to her. Her work is brilliant and I will READ IT ALL.Find her on AO3 here: (x)  Just, read all of the things. I’ve made it a goal for my fandom life to read everything she’s written. I don’t even think I’m halfway through yet, but I’ll get there. May I suggest you start with Deathstroke!Felicity (trust me on this one).

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40. Do you like fluff?

Oh yes, very much.

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I’m selective about it for sure, but when fluff is good it’s so good.

This Feels Like Falling In Love by @sophie1973 - it’s AU and maybe the sweetest kid!fic in existence 

Text message fics? Why yes, please and thank you. Also, DOG BLANKET.
The Unbearable Hotness of Being by @machawicket (not sure if you’re sensing a theme here or not, but I am a Macha fangirl full stop. I love everything she writes, even when she kills my faves - which she does, so read those tags).


So, I tend to like some realism in my fluff…maybe that makes it less fluffy? Not sure. But this is an absolute favorite of mine: A man no longer what he was (nor yet the thing he planned) by @ash818 - chapter 12, Nightmares (NSFW)

Now for tiva, I tend to like fluff when it feels real because they are the least fluffy ship I have ever shipped. They are a ship of pain and I LOVE IT (except for canon. I hate canon. Canon can die on a hill for all I care). So fluffy tiva can feel OOC to me depending. I’m selective on that one.

Tiva writers I will always read no matter what they write: @sharilynn87, @quotelation, @perfectblue (Kate has written some works that just FUCK ME UP in the best ways possible), @easylion, and @mcgeekle.

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Bawson is delightful in that the writing is SO GOOD from literally everyone and if you’re really determined, you could read everything labeled Ginny Baker/Mike Lawson on AO3 to catch up (you can, I did).

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But here are some of my favorites just because:

I’m all in for The Littlest Padre series by @magicinhermadness. Papa!Mike kills me every damn time and OMG Tillie Baker-Lawson shut the front door I love her to pieces.

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I’m also completely in love with and died a little over Raise My Glass ‘Cause Otherwise I’m Dead by @theshipsfirstmate (who incidentally is also one of my favorite olicity writers and the fact that she’s now writing bawson is KILLING ME IN THE BEST WAY DAMN IT).

This little ficlet from @darlinginmyway is like, everything I want from fanfiction…feels real and lived in but also sexy and funny and I WANT IT. Probably goes without saying, but I rec literally every single thing Jen has written for bawson (and olicity too, just saying). 

Cuter than cute drabble, Sweater Weather by @lawofavgs (another read all the things recommendation)

Is it weird I’m rec’ing your own work in this ask @oddlyfamiliar? Ahahah oh well. I just want to wrap myself up in bawson feels. I can’t help it. The people need to know of this goodness (x)! I’m also obsessed with your series: Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too 

my darling Erica, @sadlymylifeisno80smovie also wrote this bawson delightful sweetness that makes me want to cry a little: Ruin 

So yeah, yup, This is an extremely long answer because I am a wordy bitch with opinions and things.

Thanks for the ask!


In honor of this being FuckYeahStilesDerek’s 20th Fic Rec Friday, and in honor of it being the last one before Teen Wolf season 4 begins on Monday, I’ve put together an extra special, super-sized rec list. So, hopefully, no matter how or why this season succeeds or fails, you will still always have some amazing fanfiction to fall back on :)

Behind the “read more” you will find a lengthy list of some of my recent favorites, as well as a list of some older fics I’ve loved that I don’t think get near as much attention as they deserve. 31 recs in all! I hope you enjoy!

And, as always, all stories are complete unless noted otherwise. Previous rec lists can be found in the fic rec fridays tag. Occasionally I also rec fic over on twitter.


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You requested proof so here’s the evidence I’ve collected. Now, for the record, nothing below contains IP addresses, I don’t even need them. This was all collected on public platforms. I didn’t hack anything, I simply followed the trail. For any Richonne shipper who doubts Ihatethesnow is a racist (even though no one does) please see below. Under a cut to spare my followers. Beware that it contains very hateful and racist language. 

Also, I apologize to any Richonne shipper that doesn’t want this in the tag but I thought some might be curious.

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Kate’s first bow is an Olympic recurve, sleek and black with a matching leather quiver that slings over her back. Say what you want about her father – he doesn’t skimp. He thinks her newfound obsession with self-defense is an odd phase for a teenage girl to have, but he throws his money at it anyway, to keep from feeling too guilty about only seeing her every month or so. Kate doesn’t complain. She takes the bow to the gym every day after school and slots arrow after arrow into place on the bowstring. She shoots and misses. Shoots. Misses. Shoots. Misses.

Shoot. Miss. Breathe.

Shoot. Miss. Breathe.

Collect arrows. Begin again.

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Okay. Here is why Stiles seems off this season. 

Let’s make a list of all the supernatural problems that went down in the last four episodes:

  • Trip to Mexico
  • The Benefactor’s heist
  • The Wendingo
  • The Dead Pool

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Starstruck Bonus Content - Surprise Video Chat

Author’s Note: For Day 13 of 25 Days of Olicity, I give you more Starstruck Bonus Content! This takes place after the events of Starstruck Chapter 11, explaining how Felicity thanks Oliver for all of those gifts he gave her over the course of Hanukkah. This is also from Oliver’s POV. Enjoy! Read on Ao3 as well! 

Surprise Video Chat

The popcorn is ready, buttered and overflowing in the bowl they’ve used for years. Thea is setting the movie up - some romantic comedy she watches every year around Christmas - and Oliver is getting the fire started. He has promised Thea one movie night before Felicity arrives, and he made the mistake of allowing her to choose the film. But he doesn’t get home enough for them to do this regularly, so he’s fine with anything. Spending time with his sister is always a joy.

“It’s starting, Ollie,” she says excitedly, sitting cross legged on the couch in the center of his living room, clutching a throw pillow in her lap topped with the bowl of heart attack inducing popcorn. She’s smiling, and he realizes how much he’s missed these sibling moments. Simple moments. Moments not laden with responsibility or family drama. Just the two of them. Ollie and Speedy.

They are in their comfiest clothes, ready for a night in. He plops down next to her and the opening sequence begins, playing a melancholy orchestral piece. He clears his throat. “I thought this was a Christmas movie, Speedy…”

Shh… the opening monologue is about to start. It is important! And yes, it is a Christmas movie. Give it time!”

Then he hears Kate Winslet’s voice, bringing him back to a time when he had a huge crush on her - he’s certain every guy did after they saw Titanic. She’s talking about love, and how it is perceived and documented. It instantly makes him think of Felicity and those three little words she spoke during the screen test. They reverberate in his head as if she’s next to him, speaking them softly into his ear. Her eyes had sparkled when she said them, her whole demeanor in character except for her eyes. She had spoken them as herself - as Felicity - and his heart is still skipping beats at the thought.

And then a slight pang of regret seeps quickly. He beats himself for not saying it back. For not letting her know he feels the same way. But he knows he has the chance to do so during her visit to Starling. There’ll be chances for lots of things…

The movie continues, revealing the Kate Winslet in an office during a Christmas party. Before anything can be explained further, his phone chimes.

“Ollie! You promised no phones!”

He checks the screen to see a request for a video chat with Felicity. He smiles broadly and shows the request to Thea, who promptly rolls her eyes. “Please, Speedy?” he asks, feigning pathetic begging.

“Ugh, fine.”

He accepts the request and when the connection goes through, he sees the screen light up. It is inside Felicity’s apartment, he can tell. All bright colors and organized chaos. The camera is trained on a sign. An adorably decorated sign frames with ribbon that resembles candy canes. The sign reads:


Then music begins to play. A familiar song. A song he cannot escape during the holiday season. A song everyone knows by heart, even if they refuse to admit it. Felicity pops up then, head topped with a sparkly Santa hat, a sparkly top and red skinny jeans. She’s gorgeous as usual, even as she starts to lip sync the song, terribly.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need.”

She goes through the first verse alone, hands flailing awkwardly. He grins like an idiot while he watches, and Thea leans over against his shoulder to get a glimpse. “Oh my god, she is not.”

“She is.”

When the music picks up tempo, two people pop up to join her, their own heads topped with plain Santa hats.

Thea gasps. “Is that Roy Harper?” she asks excitedly. “And Iris West?”

Oliver remains silent and smiles, then nods.

Their choreography is all over the place, Iris leading Roy into backup vocal stereotypes - the typical hand gestures and swaying. His eyes are blank. He doesn’t want to be there, but he’s doing it for Felicity.

“I just want you for my own. More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you. You-o-o, ba-a-by!”

When the song ends, Felicity leans forward in front of the camera and smiles. “See you tomorrow, Oliver!” And then she blows him a kiss, which he forces himself not to reach out and catch.

Thea is giggling beside him. “You guys are too cute. Now can we get back to the movie?”

“Yeah,” he murmurs, pressing play.

Before any dialogue is spoken, he hears Thea mutter beneath her breath: “Will Roy Harper join us for New Years Eve?”

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It’s a new dawn (Part 3)

Hi! Before I let you read Part 3 I’ve got some announcements. First of all thank you (again and again and again!) for all the likes and reblogs. You Guys are truly amazing! Second of all big thank you to very close friend of mine-Kate who reread this part for me and corrected mistakes because I was way too busy for that today. Thanks to her I’m posting today. And the last one: I feel like I need to answer some of your comments but I don’t want to spam and reblog part 2 a couple of times so I’m just going to do it here.

@lilaviolet your gifs always makes me laugh. Thank you!

happyfrasers I’m sorry but like I said English isn’t my first language and writing even this short parts still takes me forever. Maybe one day my English will be better but for now it’s the best I can do.

bitchy-broken I’m sorry, I just assumed you wanted to be tagged only in late for the debrief and I didn’t want to spam you with fics you maybe wouldn’t like to read. That’s all ;)

Sorry for that long entrance. I’m stopping now and letting you read.

You can find previous parts here


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