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IDK why it’s not a more popular headcanon that Mccree didn’t just lose his arm in whatever explosion/calamity he went through, but also a significant chunk of his torso

I would imagine that whatever it was would have definitely taken out most of that side of his body, and even if it didn’t they would have had to do some serious work to create a working structure that supported the weight of his arm on his torso

I’ve also considered that those gigantic tubes wired into his stomach are just some fancy cooling system, but I also genuinely think it’s more likely Mccree’s got quite the injury that’s more than just a missing limb. He might even have some artificial/biomechanical organs under all that plating. 

Not to mention his torso kinda sorta resembles Zenyatta’s 

As well as Genji’s

So I do pretty much believe that the setup on Mccree’s torso isn’t just armor plating you can take off, especially since there’s no discernible reason a chest plate should glow like that unless it’s got some mechanisms running under there

Who’s ready for this?!

Here is a small teaser from the upcoming comic! This one will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic. Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!

First part coming soon!

Rendezvous comic:

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The Wolf’s Domain

Words: 15, 795

Everyone writes about Werewolf!McCree, and I love it, but I tried my hand at Werewolf!Hanzo. It… got a bit out of hand.

Few ever branched into the wolf’s domain. It was not a place that wanderers could merely find themselves after a single missed turn or misread sign. This was the heart of the unsettled land, secluded, safe. People did not come here on their morning walks; beautiful as it was, it was simply not the place for man.

Few that wandered here possessed kind souls, not this distance from the beaten path through the forest. Those that meandered these grounds with a weapon in hand were only looking for trouble, and, most often, they would find it. The warnings posted at every entrance to the forest that bid travelers be wary were not decorations meant to be admired and forgotten. Those that freely disobeyed these warnings would come to regret their actions in time.

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Can you explain to me the chubby mccree thing? where it comes from? why the fandom loves it so much? why there is no chubby hanzo? is because sushi is healthier than hamburger?

its mostly a personal preference, I feel he looks nice with some chub on him, and it goes well with my headcanon of him being a twig when he was rebellious teen in a gang, and then getting some muscle after coming to blackwatch and having regular meals and excersise routines and also having to be in shape for missions and such~~, and them becoming chubby as he grows older and is on the run, eating irregularly and mostly fast food or food from diners which are things he can eat quickly….also drinks alot which we can sorta see in the reflections comics…. idk I just feel he looks really nice like that.

As for Hanzo, I have seen a couple of peeps draw him chubby and I like that too, but in my headcanon, Hanzo is very strict about his diet and his workout routines that I dont see him allowing himself  be any other way…. idk he is a workout junkie in my hc because its something that keeps his mind occupied.

Also please rephrase that last part because its very stereotype-y and not cool 


The Broken Past That Continues To Haunt;; Reaper/Past Abused!Reader

The Broken Past That Continues To Haunt;; Protective!Pree-fall!Reaper/Past Abused! Reader
Warning;; Mentions of past abuse, bad memories, Mentions of Nightmares.

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all i see about the years when andreil are on separate teams is fricking angst about it,, my gay ass can’t have that,,,,, have some fluff about andreil managing long distance alright

  • honestly, neil and andrew weren’t expecting to miss each other
  • they knew they were used to each other so they were prepared for it to feel weird
  • but not wrong, not like something or someone was actually missing
  • neither of them have had cause to miss someone before
  • usually if someone stopped being in their life it was for the better
  • neil never even really missed his mother, all his memories of her are mixed in with her anger, her leaving bodies in their wake with no remorse, all the things she denied him
  • of course they don’t tell anyone they miss each other
  • they barely even admit it to themselves
  • but within a week of not living together anymore they’ve made up ways of missing each other less

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I really appreciate the fact that Jane the Virgin and Gilmore Girls are like the exact same show except that Jane’s boyfriends are all beautiful and gentle souls while Rory’s boyfriends are trash men she found in the Dumpster (and not the fun Dumpster where all the sexy Marvel men live)



What if I have an AU where Hanzo is a smol birb and stares at Mccree like a cute smol birb to prevent him from smoking


This is also a gift for my beloved and crazy @mccree-senpai! You know how much I appreciate your support, daddy 💛

More overwatch here!


Shocked Loftmates.

I love how Nick + Schmidt and Jess + Cece have similar expressions. I think that was the cast’s natural reactions but it’s why their characters are best friends.


  • <p> <b>Jesse Tuck:</b> All we see is sky for forever...<p/><b>Miles Tuck:</b> We let the world pass by for forever...<p/><b>Mae Tuck:</b> Feels like we could go on for forever this way.<p/></p>

McCree and Genji doesn’t have time to go take long walks down the beach sO Genji brings McCree around the base and shows him all the cool spots he found when he zips around everywhere and they hold hands the whole time and it’s GREAT!!!