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Tagged by @hobbitsetal to post a selfie, my lockscreen, and the last song I listened to! Featuring my still slightly-damp hair, Howl’s Moving Castle, and this one angsty song I’ve been listening to on repeat for a week!

You definitely don’t have to do this but I’m tagging @forksalesperson @ramari1600 @rememberozzie @bird-princess-official @jayykesley @rabbits-of-negative-euphoria @atlas-the-toad and @thylovelylionheart ! I don’t know if any of u don’t like posting selfies but if u don’t, please just ignore this! <3


Guess I’ll finally post this here- I’d been putting off posting these to tumbls for a while because I managed to accidentally make two more parts lmao..BUT I lack proper refs for the time periods to complete them so I.. Scrapped ‘em and decided I’ll just post these two after all. Ayy.

I just wanted to draw lil’ grumpers  :’)