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If you fancy it, maybe the house of Finwë for the clone-fucking meme. It seems like your cup of tea, in the nicest way possible :-)

I was gonna do this with art but I ran into the ‘which dark haired mopey-looking fucker is which?’ issue so….

  • I don’t want to fuck my clone because it would be gay sex and I’m not gay - Turgon
  • I’m not gay, but I would actually totally fuck my clone - Maglor
  • ‘I’m gay, but I still don’t want to fuck my clone, that’s gross and weird’ - Gil-Galad
  • ‘I don’t want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong’ - Maedhros 
  • ‘I’d totally fuck my clone because I want to know if I’m good in bed’ - Fingon
  • ‘I’d fuck my clone because who would know better how to fuck ME than ME?’ - Celegorm
  • ‘I’d totally do all sorts of weird things to my clone I’d be embarrassed to ask someone else to do’ - Caranthir
  • ‘To be honest, fucking my clone has always been my fantasy’ - Galadriel
  • ‘It’s basically the same as masturbating, right? So no big deal’ - Aredhel
  • ‘It’s not the same as masturbating; it’d be like having sex with your twin. Wrong and bad!’ - Elrond
  • ‘I would not have sex with my clone because what if my clone is evil’ - Celebrimbor
  • ‘Not only would I have sex with my clone, I’d probably make a bunch of clones and just get it on with all of them at once because that’s how pro-clone fucking I am’ - Finrod
My Kind of Football, Your Kind of Football

Will took Nico to watch a football game. Nico said he didn’t get it.
The next day, Will and Nico watched Nico’s kind of football. Will kind of got it, but to be honest, he was too busy watching Nico.

Word count: 3200 words || Read on AO3

(Shout out to @mvrtjnafc that helped me translating the words into Italian :) )

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“This happened about two years ago to me, but it was pretty unsettling.

I’ll start by saying I used to have a shop in an over 100 year old building that was split up into three different storefronts. I had one shop, my best friend had another, and then the third was rented to another girl.

One day, I’m at the shop when the phone rings. A man is on the other line asking me for something or other and is being really spacey. I am trying to talk to him, but there are long pauses before his answers and he is just being a little odd. Finally, I ask him something and there is a long pause on the other end, long enough to make me ask, ‘Hello?’ because I think he has hung up on me. Instead he replies with, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just having a hard time focusing on our conversation because there is a spirit standing next to you that is yelling into the phone, trying to get my attention.’

At this point, I’m intrigued and decide to play along, so I say, ‘Oh really, what is he saying?’

The ‘psychic’ goes on to make a few broad comments about me and the space I’m in (all of which he could have easily found if he had looked on our website, so I’m not impressed), and says the man has been in the building since the early 1900s and is “infatuated” with me, has been following me for years, and frequently tags along with me to my house, my friends’ houses, and even places like the grocery store.

Okay, that’s interesting, but then it gets more-so.

He tells me the man is very jealous of the guy that I am dating, and doesn’t like him because we are so close. He then goes on to say that the spirit hurt the guy I am seeing when he was doing renovations on the building (which was 100% accurate, I put that story below*) and that he didn’t like that he was in his personal space changing it.

So, that was weird, but his next comment really bothered me.

The psychic says, ‘And he is very glad you broke up with that army dude. He really hated him.’ Now, this was weird to me because I had dated that guy about three years prior before and had been restationed right after we broke up and had never set foot in the building, nor had I seen him since we broke up. At the time of the phone call, I had only had my shop in the building for about six months, so I couldn’t figure out how this ‘spirit’ would know about him.

The guy told me some other stuff, most of which was pretty basic, and then I finally got him off the phone because he started getting weird, and I just wasn’t interested anymore. The whole conversation lasted about fifteen minutes, and I was thoroughly creeped by his couple of comments and couldn’t figure out how he knew so specifically the last two people I had dated (I should add that I don’t have any personal social media that someone can search for me for, so there wouldn’t have been any couples pictures up of me with either person I dated).

Then, it dawned on me. I had worked for about six months for my friend at her shop in the same building for some extra cash after I moved back to the city, which was about four years prior and in the time that I had dated/broken up with the army guy, which would also explain why the psychic said the spirit had been following me for years.

I no longer have the shop in that building, but still go in there every now and then to see my friend. We both agree that building has some bad vibes, especially at night, and there’s a couple more weird things that happened to me while I had the shop there.

TL;DR: Psychic guy calls my shop and begins to tell me all about the spirit who lives there and is in love with me and hates all the guys I date.

*So, before I opened the shop, the guy I was seeing at the time agreed to help me put ceiling lights up, which involved having to go into the attic. Now, the attic, like in any old building, was nasty, so I bought him one of those industrial dust suits to wear and a mask so he wouldn’t be breathing in asbestos and whatever else was up there. 

He’s up in the attic and I’m on the floor underneath, and we are communicating through this little hole that we are installing the light into, when I hear him yell, and then his voice gets really rushed and agitated, like he is irritated with me that I’m taking to long. So, finally, about ten minutes later, we get the light up and he comes barreling down the steps to the attic and flings the door shut. He looks really freaked out and begins ripping off the dust suit and pulls up his shirt. 

On his left side are three long claw marks/scratches, running the length of his side, one of which was bleeding. We look at the dust suit, no scratches through it, so he didn’t get caught on something, and the scratches were too widely spaced to have been a rodent’s, plus he hasn’t seen anything when he was up there.

According to him, he had felt weird up there to begin with, but the last light we were installing was all the way in the back corner of the attic, and he was lying on his stomach feeding me the chords down the little hole when he felt what felt like a whip go across his side.

TL;DR: Boyfriend gets scratched by unknown entity in attic, which psychic claims was the spirit in the building who is in love with me.”

By: Oliverrr36 (Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?)

yo yo yo yo listen just because Shilla came out and said that SM announced Jinki would not attend does not DOES NOT mean that they completely made the decision themselves. Shilla ofc is not in contact with Jinki personally messaging him and asking him “hey you wanna come or nah?” They have to go through company representatives and when they say “SM announced” or “SM decided” it’s because…well…yea that’s kind of who they’re talking to! This could’ve been Jinki telling SM “hey I’m not ready.” it could’ve been SM taking into consideration the atmosphere and the impact Jinki attending the concert would make and talking it through with Jinki and them deciding together what the best plan of action was. So like, please just stop with the hate. I know you guys want people to blame, but sometimes it’s better to just focus on support and positivity than trying to immediately place blame when you don’t know all the thinking behind a decision.

I just remembered a dream I had like three years ago where me and Billie Joe were sitting on a bench outside this barbecue place and suddenly my phone started lighting up and buzzing because Pennywise, the clown from It, was commenting mean and scary things on all my instagram posts and I started screaming and crying and freaking out and Billie Joe was like “bitch calm down… just block him omfg,,, look I’ll do it for you boop” and he blocked him for me and saved my life

I’m nothing special

Summary: Bucky meets Y/N. Y/N thinks she’s nothing special but Bucky thinks differently…

A/N: This was rushed I’m sorry but enjoy it anyway! Not read through either…

Bucky woke up to the same routine that he had for the past three weeks. Wake up, eat breakfast, work out, work with Wanda on his mind, check in with Tony, eat dinner, sleep. Ever since coming back from Wakanda they were on lock down in the tower for a month on some kind of probation period. It was times like theses Bucky missed the 40′s, the man he used to be and how easy it seemed to work his way around the world.

He woke up to knocking on his door, one more week and Bucky was free for a while until training started for him becoming an avenger. It was Steve “shaking up the routine Stevie?” Steve rolls his eyes and leans his left side into Bucky’s door frame “Tony’s called off our probation Buck, your a free man. For a while at least.” Bucky grunts acceptance and shuts his door but when the lock clicks into place he fist bumps the air and does a little dance. He goes to breakfast in his red Henley and black jeans, greeting everyone with high spirits Wanda and Nat give him strange looks. Whilst shoving cereal down his throat he shrugs his shoulders at the girls and Nat states “Bucky not that us girls don’t appreciate the taut shirts but wouldn’t you like some new ones?” He shrugs again now placing his bowl in the dishwasher, heading down to the lab his thanks Tony for cutting the probation and whilst the air and tension is still thick between them. The smoke seems to be clearing and Tony actually acknowledges him and shakes his hand which puts a spring in Bucks step therefore he decides that maybe he will treat himself to some new shirts.

Steve drops him off outside the retail shop that towers over Bucky making him feel like a kid in a candy store. Walking through the shop his rough hands brushed over the material some of the shirts coarse against his hands, others were soft. Bucky gets caught up in the women’s section for no reason than he was astounded by the change from the 40′s, the range of material, the lower cut tops, the shorter skirts and just about every difference he can identify. A head pops around the rail of clothing and he jumps back a bit, raising a hand in surrender the Y/H/C haired girl comes around and speaks in a slow tone “can I help you with anything Sir? A girlfriend your shopping for maybe?” His eyes widen because how does he explain to this cute worker that actually his 100 years old an obsessed with the softness of silk because he spent 70 years as a killing machine? So instead he replies with  a simple nod, the waves indented into her hair seems to have caught his voice from his throat. She gives a toothy grin that clasps his throat, clapping her hand he notices her delicately manicured nails. “What are we looking for then? Dresses, tops, shorts, underwear?” The spun off list gives Buck a headache but he mumbles something about dresses and goes speeding off towards the end of the shop, black dress swishing to her movement. She has already yanked down three by the time his caught up “what’s her style…” She pokes him for a name and he splutters out “Bucky.” She smiles at the stranger and finishes it off “ok Bucky what’s your girls style?” He rubs the back of his neck, fumbling around in thin air for an answer.

“I don’t have a girlfriend! I like the feel of the silk ok? That may sound weird but if you knew my situation it would make sense, I actually need t-shirts.” He pants for breath after the out burst and the blushing girl now starts to slowly put away the dresses, walking back towards where she came from she shouts out “its a shame! That red wouldn’t have matched your shirt!” Bucky walked in with nothing and left without nothing and basically dropped his dignity off at the door.

Bucky thinks if he leaves it a week then the girl won’t be there and he can shop in peace but a part of him wants to see the girls soft skin again. Walking in with a cap on his head and making a b-line for the men’s section he looks at some and realises he now doesn’t understand 21st century sizes. Screwing his hands into his eyes with the crumples t-shirt in his hands, “actually shopping today?” The voice he knows pops up behind him. He turns and gives a small nod, since he dropped is dignity off last time he dives straight in. “It’s to long to explain really but I don’t understand half of theses sizes may you help me ma’am?” She places a hand over her heart “I’m swooning Bucky! Call me ma’am again and I’ll buy the clothes for you!” She laughs and his ears pipe up at the sound, delicate but deep enough to ring through the men’s level. Taking the black long sleeved one from his hand she looks and snorts “well this is a size extra small so defiantly not for you love, your more of an extra large.” Bucky’s slightly offended at the ‘extra’ but his mind is hazed by the love. He see’s her name tag reads ‘Rosie’ so he asks her “Rosie why am I an extra large I’m not exactly fat?”  Her ears prick up at his voice but she looks at her name tag and shakes her head “no no my names not Rosie! I take peoples name tags so creepy guys don’t have details on me. My names actually Y/N.” Holding out her free hand he shakes it.

Half an hour later she has the grown man trudging behind her with six different shirts in her folded arms. His still pre-occupied trying to work out why she gave him her real name and why she has to hide it in the first place because no women should have to hide behind a fake name. Ringing up his order they talk about small stuff, she in this job for money to fund uni, she goes home only for Christmas and birthday’s and Bucky lives in the richer parts of NYC.

When Bucky gets home the girls are waiting on his bed ready to judge his purchases. Sitting crossed legged Nat pulls out the final top and lifts up a piece of paper “Bucky there’s a phone number here?” He snatches it and it reads

‘Give me a ring, I’d like to see those tops outside of the shop floor for a change.’

Did you guys like it? Shall I do their date or write part three to I don’t need protecting? Tell me here 

Breaking into an abandoned mall with Got7

Idk where this idea came from but it’s something to write about so here we go

alsoooo it’s friday the 13th so I wanted to do something spoopy

Originally posted by jiminschicken

-Ok so for me, I honestly view Got7 as the friends that do the weirdest shit and are just down for anything anytime

-So one day when Yugyeom’s like “hey I wanna explore an abandoned mall, like on a ghost hunt”

-And Jinyoung is immediately googling where to find one

-Jackson and Mark are already pulling together snacks 

-Youngjae and BamBam are like “Whyyyyy, why a ghost hunt”

-And JB’s telling Mark and Jackson other things they need to bring

-And you’re rolling your eyes and preparing yourself because you know that now that the idea is out there, there’s no way you guys aren’t going THAT night

-So soon all of you are gathering your stuff and planning which place you wanna go

-Youngjae keeps asking “Can’t we just go right now”

-”Youngjae, it’s 2 in the afternoon, we’re not gonna find any ghosts in the daylight”

-”That’s the point”

-So all of you just chill for the day, finally eat dinner, and wait for the sun to set

-When it’s finally dark you guys all pile into the car and drive off

-Mark parks a few blocks away from the mall and you all walk over

-Youngjae, being as anxious as he is about the situation, keeps watch as you all climb into a hole in the wall

-Youngjae bolts in after everyone

-And you all pause for a second

-”Wow, I’m glad JB reminded us about flashlights”

-All of you just sit in the room you’re in, gathering your thoughts and adjusting to the light

-JB is the first person to start walking towards the door leading to the rest of the mall

-The rest of you are still trying to gather your bearings so for the first good while you all just follow him like little ducklings

-He’s truly the leader

Originally posted by defnyeong

-Once you guys are out in the mall you spread out, but still stick pretty close together

-JB is looking at all the graffiti 

-You and Mark just walk along talking

-Yugyeom and Jackson and Jinyoung are chasing each other in and out of random rooms, sometimes provoking you and Mark enough to run after one of them

-BamBam and Youngjae act like they’re walking casually, but at pretty much every noise they jump and grab one of you

-They eventually chill a little, and you all just start having fun

-You guys all play a game where you try to find certain things in the graffiti

-You play tag games 

-You set up a little picnic when you’re hungry

-Jackson and Yugyeom jokingly try to call on ghosts

-You all explore a lot

-And it’s more invested than you thought

-You guys are having to climb and crawl and squeeze into places

-The place is actually really cool, and there’s lots of rooms to look in

-When all of you are comfortable enough you set up a base in the main part of the mall and you split up in groups/ pairs to just see what you can find

-You start to understand why JB was staring at graffiti because there’s tons of cool drawings to see

-Forget ghost hunting, you guys are full on explorers now

-You have a competition to see who can find the strangest thing

-You all bring like journals, or old merchandise

-Yugyeom thinks he’s got everyone beat when he finds this old painting 

-But Jackson appears out of nowhere carrying a tricycle 

-And all of you are like ???? where even????

-And he’s just so proud of himself

Originally posted by got7ish

-It ends up being a really cool time and all of you have a collection of trinkets and photos 

-You guys are finally ready to leave but then someone suggests a game of hide-and-seek before you go

-So you guys all agree

-Jinyoung volunteers to be it because he’s tired and all of you arguing will mean another thirty minutes added onto this game

-So you guys declare that your setup in the main area of the mall is base and that if anyone isn’t found in 20 minutes, you all just go back to the base

-So Jinyoung starts counting and you all run off in different directions

-BamBam grabs onto you cuz there’s no way he’s running off by himself

-Likewise, Youngjae is latched onto JB as he runs off in another direction

-You drag BamBam to an old store you had explored earlier

-There’s a desk still standing in the store, it’s really old and rusted and falling apart, but it’s there

-So you drag BamBam underneath it and you both sit there hiding

-You check your watch occasionally just to see when you should be going back

-5 minutes, no noise

-BamBam starts looking around at everything, and y’all lowkey start a game of eye spy with what you can see from under the desk

-10 minutes, Mark and Jackson yell as their caught

-They ran the opposite direction from you and BamBam so you know you’re safe for that moment

-15 minutes, BamBam starts getting anxious

-”[Y/N], I’m honestly kind of freaked out”

-”Don’t worry Bams, nothing’s gonna happen, the other guys are really close”

-20 minutes, Jinyoung yells for everyone to come back

-When you guys walk up, Mark and Jackson are already sitting there, defeated

Originally posted by marksonislovely

-”Ok gather everything”

-”Which way did we come in again”

-”That way, we’ll start walking when we’re done getting our stuff”

-”This was actually really fun”

-”We should do this again! We should bring more blankets and-”

-”Wait where’s yugyeom?”

-All of you look up and around, realizing he really isn’t there

-”Did he not go with one of you?”

-”Did you see where he ran?”

-All of you start calling for him, but you can’t figure out where he is

-BamBam and Youngjae start freaking out

-That leads to the rest of you starting to panic

-But JB tells everyone to calm down, and that you’re all gonna look for him together

-You all gather your stuff and start walking from one end of the mall to the other, calling Yugyeom’s name

-You all search every room you can find

-All of you are silent now, making the random noises that happen seem louder and closer

-All of you are scared now even if you don’t admit it

-And you’re all worried like crazy for Yugyeom 

-The process just seems so slow and intense

-Because you’re all quiet and it gives you more time to think

-Finally you guys reach the end of the mall and there’s only a couple rooms left

-JB shines his light into a particularly dark room and starts to walk in

-You’re all following like ducklings again, but this time a bit further behind

-JB walks into the room fully and you hear him say “What the-” before

-Suddenly there’s yelling

-You don’t know exactly what happened 

-But suddenly you’re on the ground and there’s lots of screaming

-You panic and scramble to get up

-And when you finally get up and look to see what happened, you see Yugyeom laughing and JB starting to yell at him

-”Hyung please calm down, we have to go get BamBam and Youngjae, they bolted”

Originally posted by jackseunie

-You all yell at Yugyeom the whole ride back

-He laughs through the whole thing

-When you all leave you’re all grumbling and saying how you never want to do that again

-But the next week you get a text

-”We found a new abandoned mall, we’re going tonight, you in?”

Love Game 1

Originally posted by luedeer

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader (Hanbyeol) ft. mentions of Sehun x Irene

Genre: romcom | fluff | enemies to lovers!au | cheating!au | smut (later on)

Word count: 3.5k

Summary: Byun Baekhyun founded a company that aids people cheat on their partners, while Park Hanbyeol runs a firm that helps find evidence of infidelity. However, they both face real difficulties when they help their common friends. Regardless of the effort, they are bound to fail. Miserably, I may add.

Masterlist | 01 | 02 | …

It was a beautiful evening; the sky in its unique shade of orange, the air unusually clean, the street musicians playing smooth jazz. The scenery was breathtaking, most certainly postcard-worthy, yet the man clothed in a fine, navy blue suit, sitting in a local cafe, a cup of espresso and a piece of cheesecake on the table in front of him did not appreciate the view, as he stared at his phone, waiting for a message from his secretary.

Ultimately, his phone rang. It wasn’t the long-awaited call from his secretary, though. Rather confused, Baekhyun looked at the name flashed up on the screen; Oh Sehun—his friend, freshly married at that. Scratching his temple, Baekhyun answered the call, having no clue why Sehun wanted to reach him.

“Baekhyun, I need your help,” the voice on the other side of the line quickly spoke, not even bothering to greet his friend; he just went straight to business.

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Hey! So I was hoping you could help me find a fic! It's one where Bellamy was becoming a priest and I think he fought in a war but then he meets Clarke and they fall in love (I think they meet on a jog but I may be wrong). Thank you!

You’re looking for Take Me to Church!

@lostinmorley asked: ‘Hey I’m looking for some bellarke fics with stuff like hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, snuggling/cuddles, etc. I just love fics where they make each other feel safe and loved because we all know they deserve it. Also I’m just a sucker for reassurance through touch’

We have a few good tags that you can search through: here + here + here!

Anonymous asked: ‘Clarke and octavia bff fics canon or not plzz their friendship is amazing (+ bellarke if u want)’ + Anonymous asked: ‘Heyy !!! Do u know any good fics where clarke and octavia are bffs? ( with bellarke ) ?👑🗡’

Check out this tag!

Anonymous asked: ‘can you find the fix of modern au bellarke where it has something to do with a scarf and they’re both happy for awhile until clarke leaves bellamy but she comes back? it’s pretty angsty’

We believe you’re looking for It was rare (I was there).

@annabeth-chase1 asked: ‘Are there any Bellarke fics that involved race car driving? Like they’re competitors, on the same team, or one subs in for the other injured one? Anything would be great!’

Anonymous asked: ‘Can you find/write a walking dead bellarke fanfic? Season one the 100 meets season 1 of twd??? Love your blog it gives me hope💞💞💞’

Here are some great zombie!au’s:

Anonymous asked: ‘Heyy!!! Looking for some really great Clarke grounder aus!! Heavy on the Bellarke please!?’

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Anonymous asked: ‘Hi I was wondering if you could help me find a fic where Clarke frequently sees Bellamy on the subway but they are strangers and one day Clarke wakes up and they are dating. It takes place during Christmas time. Thanks!’

We believe you’re looking for: my only wish this year (it’s you)

Anonymous asked: ‘do u guys have a tag for clarke and roan as like bros tho ??? pls and thanks’

Sure do!

Anonymous asked: ‘Hi! Do you guys know a fic where Clarke and Bellamy both attended a wedding, possibly Raven’s? Not quite sure! And at some point Bellamy lapdanced on Clarke. She was one of the bridesmaids. I can’t recall the plot because I read it ages ago. I really want to find that fic again, though! x’

We believe that is: i’m not asking much of you

@bellarke100addiction asked: ‘Do you have any Ark AU fics with Clarke and Bellamy dating before Jake was floated? I just really like the idea of Jake and Bellamy interacting cuz Jake would have loved Bellamy. No lie. Thanks!!’

Try this tag.

— the night i saw you; son hyunwoo

Pairing: Street Fighter!Shownu x Reader
Words: 3.4k
Genre: A bit angst-y, street fighter Shownu, mafia au
Warnings: slight violence ahead
Rating: M
Summary: Shownu spotted you in the streets and decided to take you to ‘that’ place.

Note: Unedited, please forgive any errors! ;-;

You’re exhausted. The feeling of heat covering up your body making you sweat in all your pores are visible in your clothes. You just ran away from home. And it wasn’t home for you. It’s hell, if you’d call it.

Hearing your parents throw hurtful words against each other and the fist of your father landing between the walls of your house is enough for you to scream at them and ran away. If they wanted to end their marriage so bad, why would they make it even harder?

You think they are selfish, too selfish for thinking only about their own selves.

You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket but it didn’t move you in one bit. Knowing it’s your mother, you ignored the call.

Right now, you don’t know where to go. You tried to be nonchalant as possible so the happenings between your family wouldn’t hurt you that much. But there’s a pang in your chest everytime you ignore it. You know by now that you’re gonna live your whole life without either your mom or dad.

You sat at the pavement of an empty street. Not minding the ghost stories and the danger the moon tries to tell you.

“I’m fucked up.” You breathed, putting your knees together and covering it with your arms.

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So I’ve just been thinking about what would actually happen if Fresh, for some completely improbable reason or another, got emotions/the capability of feeling emotions - and I was just thinking, since he has no prior experience with things like that - and doesn’t understand them either - it would honestly be a train wreck.

“Fresh, whoa? Are you okay?”

“Fresh. That’s a cat. And I think you’re feeling happy.”

All his emotions would affect him in a really exaggerated way. Like, think about it. An infant cries all the time and yells and giggles because what’s this new feeling or ooh look at tHIS or aAAAA PARENT IS GONE and I just think Fresh would be, well. A big baby.

With all his previous knowledge, that is. Gaining emotions would be a totally new thing and it would be like a hurricane just tore through the place.

“Whoa what are you talking about?”
“…Where’s what?”
“Oh my god don’t get so angry you just left it on the kitchen table”

( @loverofpiggies ) (tagging you just cause you might find this interesting??)

i-am-the-official-zebra  asked:

Hey guys, first off I want to thank you so much for the work you do, it's seriously incredible. I'm looking for a fic where Bucky is robbing Steve's house and Steve comes home early from work because it's raining and offers Bucky a place to stay for the night. I'm pretty sure Bucky held up a vase when Steve walked in. I've looked through the tags and tried looking through ao3 but I haven't found anything. Thank you again for the work you do!

It doesn’t have the vase but it does have all the other elements, so it might be this one?

Caught Red-Handed (20th December) by Razzamatazz

“Don’t worry,” Bucky shot the man his best charming smile. “It’s my house, I just lost my key.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the muscular man continued to smirk down at Bucky. “I was under the impression that this was my house,” he pulled out his keys and leaned against the doorframe.

“Shit,” Bucky muttered and hit his head against the door that was still firmly shut. “Well it was worth a shot, gimme a head start before you call the police,” he sighed as he got to his feet and slipped his tools back inside his jacket pocket.

“I’m not going to call the police,” the man said as he unlocked his door.

Steve catches a man trying to break into his house. So naturally he lets him in, feeds him, and lets him crash on the couch.

anonymous asked:

Hide/Inu mistaken to be in a relationship cockblocks both guys from going after mc or any girl really. Like they're bros but they wanna tap the pussy. 😎

This got longer than I expected. Set in my modern AU.

It wasn’t like he had ever been drowning in female attention, but he wasn’t so modest as to not have noticed women looking at him, his significant height and  muscular physique had definitely attracted his share of attention.

Recently, though, it was as if a switch had been turned off. Women still acknowledged his existence, but their eyes rarely lingered and he certainly never got offered any phone numbers.

It just didn’t make sense. Nothing had changed.

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This piece is dedicated to “ 5 Times People Thought Noct Had an Imaginary Friend    +1 Time They Realized He Wasn’t So Imaginary “ by nickofhearts on AO3

Please right click –> view full image !!

You can read this great ( read hilarious and amazingly written) fanfiction here:  https://archiveofourown.org/works/9216608

Ardyn’s expression was me the entire time as I tried to figure out the SHEER BULLSHIT THAT IS HIS OUTFIT GDI!

I used a lot of references for little Noctis, shuffling a look between his Brotherhood incarnation and the Platinum demo, but I still wanted him in a place where he was still smoll and innocent.

Nutella Kisses

Pairing: Patrick Stump X Reader

Summary: A short, fluffy and cute story. It’s the morning after a show and you decide to make Patrick some Nutella pancakes.

Words: 1112

           Sunlight filtered in through the blinds, waking me up from a pleasant dream about a mountain or something. I turned to face the love of my life. Patrick slept soundly, occasionally snoring. I’m not sure how late he got back last night but at least he had a few days before the next show. I stretched and sat up. I should make him breakfast. I kissed his cheek gently and crawled out of bed.

           I tried to get downstairs as quietly as I could but the house creaked every now and then. We haven’t been living together for long but I wondered why we didn’t do it sooner. I was living with my best friend and there was nothing else I could ask for.

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GF/BF tag, a Garrett Watts x Reader

In this fic, Garrett is staight… 

Dating a youtuber had its pros and cons, 


           The hate comments

           The constant filming

           The travelling. 

But the pros were different


           Starring in videos

           Meeting other youtubers.

      Starring in vidoes was your favorite though, especially with your majorly adorkable boyfriend Garrett Watts. You had only ever been in 2 of his videos and you were never introduced as his girlfriend, today that changed. You usually helped with filming and editing, but today you were doing the girlfriend tag. You decided to get overly made up for this video, you wanted the fans to like you, I mean they had liked you before, but now you’re going to be introduced as somebody dating people’s idol, that would cause more hate then your already getting in the youtube community. 

      You sat down in front of the camera and Garrett hit record. 

       “Hi youtube! Garret back at it with another video, now I know that I have not uploaded in a long span of time, but today is going to be a very special video so bare with me here” He then signaled for me to come in, seeing Garrett record was so different than watching the final product video, so much editing went into his videos and you really enjoyed watching them.

      “So for those of you who don’t know, which is most of you, I have a significant other! her name is y/n and she’s such a little cutie? aren’t you?”

      “That’s me.” You awkwardly chuckled. 

      “And today we’re going to be doing the girlfriend tag.” He had memorized the questions because he is just that prepared, which you found cute and charming.

       “the first question is where did you two meet” You looked at him and slightly laughed as you remembered the time you two meet. 

        “We met at that new years eve party remember” Garrett put his arm around you and you looked at the camera.

        “The one that 100% didn’t take place on new years eve” you laughed as he put a finger over your lips shushing you about that whole situation. 

        “Second question is When did you guys get together?” 

        “3 months ago March 19th” you said before he could get a word out. 

         “Yeah that is true, it took a while for us to start dating didn’t it?” Garrett said. 

       “Yeah we tried for a bit in February and then decided we’d be better as friends, but we barely even tried so it doesn’t really count as an anniversary to us” you added. 

        *skipping ahead a bit because writing out a whole video would get long*

         “Final question” Garrett said “How long do you plan to stay together” 

         “This could be a question that could backfire” you chuckled. 

         “I plan to stay with you until I get bored, so.. I’m sorry to say but I don’t think this is going to work out” You added

         “Haha very funny y/n.” Garrett said rubbing your shoulder. With that he turned off the camera

        “Hey you forgot to film the ending!” you said. He leaned in to kiss you and said “Don’t worry we can do it later.”

Sorry this fic actually sucked, I’m not good at video related things… oops.

10 Actors I 10/10 Would Kiss 😘

tagged by @shygaladriel

Rules: List 10 actresses and/or actors (or a mix of both) you would kiss and then tag 10 blogs.
oh my goodness shygaladriel, why would you call me out like this. Uh, i don’t normally think about these things? I mean, I barely watch live action shows, and it’s even rarer I bother looking up a character’s actor…


there is one…












bonus, because anst is also my weakness

I’m not tagging anyone because rules are meant to be broken– but if you wanna do it go ahead and tag me.  I need more variety in my wanna-sculpt list of actors. 


This is a quote by Bill Cipher in his recent AMA,

I have eyes in many places. I have friends with many faces. I keep the Pines in proper places. Don’t look now - I untied your laces.

I was re watching Blendin’s game, and I noticed that Wendy and Stan are the first ones to start the laser tag game when the alarm goes off, leaving Mabel, Dipper, and Soos behind. They are all about to go, TOGETHER, when Soos gets distracted because his LACES WERE UNTIED.

This distracts Soos so he won’t leave with the twins when they are captured into another dimension by Blendin, so the twins are on their own, and Soos can’t protect them


Hey Jude

== Dean Winchester x Reader || Fluff Overload || Request 

Words: 2,916

A/N: I linked this story to a previous one called The Visitor. I highly suggest you read that one first before you read this. You can find it right here!

@galactictoastxd1 - Thank you for the request! Sorry it took so long to get to. 

The moment Dean opened his eyes and remembered what day it was, a big smile covered his face. He quickly pushed the blankets off and hopped out of bed, eagerly throwing some clothes on.

“Ah,” he whispered, remembering that Y/n was still sleeping soundly. Tip-toeing to her side of the bed, he admired her as he buttoned up his shirt. “My baby,” he said softly, resisting the urge to lean down and kiss his girlfriend. He had errands to run before she woke up; he wanted this day to be perfect.

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