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Wow why was you called Out?

Oh, well… it was the inevitable question I guess….

It was last year, I don’t remember too well what was happening or what was I talking about, but i know it had to do with Steven Universe and race or kins?. 

So, someone (sorry for being vague but I don’t wanna put them in trouble) told me that I needed to admit that Amethyst was an stereotype of the “Wacky black women friend” and… I wasn’t feeling so good and I just had a post that talked about Stereotypes so I sort of did other one saying that I saw Amethyst more as a “Party-wrecker Latinx” and that stereotypes where unidimensional characters while Amethyst was not, I sounded a little mad because I was really tired and tbh it was my fault….

So… that pal took screenshots of my post an the answer i gave them and they made a post about it saying something like “Goopy-Ame is anti-black moodboard” and other junk calling me anti-black and tbh I was scared and confused because I really didn’t got it and I wasn’t fully aware.

Since the whole thing was on public I apologized on public… three times for my incompetence and my harmful behavior and offending people, since then I ask people to please PLEASE send me a private message before taking that step when I fuck up so i can learn because I am not perfect and I’m still learning, its not an obligation but theres a huge possibility that if i said something wrong is because i am not aware of it…. 

Whatever It Takes - Part One

so, after many jokes about Lin being pregnant and death wishes, @buckybarneshairpullingkink and i finally present part one :)

Summary: SingleDad!Lin x Reader

Length: 1,904 words

Warnings: None

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apologies and please shoot me a message if i forgot to tag you!

prologue || reviews fuel us <3

The apartment looked strangely daunting with nothing in it. Where everything once had its place, there is now nothing: the coffee table - a moving-in gift from your mother - had been sold, alongside the couch and the bed, the fridge sold, and all your groceries that had once sat inside lined up on the kitchen counter. Even your dying house plant had been thrown away that very morning, despite your long-time love for the greenery. The entire place felt as though it had been gutted, hollowed out. This was your home for nine years. Now, you stood in a place you no longer recognised.

You sighed. On the counter, partially hidden beneath the insuperable mountain of groceries, your phone lit up with a series of new text messages. Since you’d called three months earlier to announce to your family that you’d be returning home, your mother hadn’t left you alone on the subject. You knew she only wanted to help, but endless phone calls and text messages offering you ideas of what to do with your leftover furniture and belongings were erring on the edge of annoying.

Still, no matter how lonesome the apartment felt, you couldn’t get over the idea of returning home. In a few weeks, someone new would find themselves settled between these walls, and you would be at home, telling tales of your adventures to all those you hadn’t seen in however-many-years.

Excitement bubbled and rose. You could almost forget about the dismissal of your house plant and the loss of your small, albeit comfortable, English home.

With one final scan over the place, you placed your suitcases by the door. Most of your heftier possessions had already been shipped back to America, where they would sit in the spare room of your parents’ house until you found a decent place to live. Tomorrow, when you flew out, you’d take with you only your clothes and bare necessities. Tonight would be a night slept on a borrowed air mattress.

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You Barely Even Knew Him

Ok so I got this as a gift peice on ao3 and loved it so I thought I would share it with you.


Words: 385

Grief/Mourning, Missing in Action, Secret Relationship, Crying, Tears, Tearjerker, Regret, Oblivious Keith (Voltron), Homophobia.

Keith is sick of Lance being all mopey about Shiro’s disappearance at the end of season 2 and lashes out at him. Only, what he finds out in response isn’t what he was expecting…

it’s so amusing being a katie mcgrath fan because even if we all love and stan and would protect our unproblematic vampire with our lives, we still all have our own cliques that we sit with in this katie cafeteria. we have the:
- “katie is a goddess”/original merlin-era/ mcgeeks side of twitter,
- the bald lena/“supercorp did anal”/ “katie is a goat side” of twitter,
- the “spread love and positivity”/katie mcgrath character analyzation side of tumblr,
- the “invade the kramel tags”/“its cute how pressed you are”/ironic manuel blogs savage side of tumblr,
- and the ones who just laugh and silently tag and reblog/retweet everything katie-related that appears on their dashboard/timeline

make this pain worth it. | part 1.

Andrew Minyard was born to die. It was the sad, harsh truth of his existence. It was something he lived with everyday, a weight like the world on Altas’ shoulders. He was carrying his demise. It wasn’t even scary, the thought of death. Maybe it’s because death could be compared to a parasite; it lives inside you, festering, forming, until it takes you apart slowly and then you become rot and ruin and dust, until you decay from history itself.

Andrew Minyard knew he was going to die well before he was supposed to.

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i'm brazilian, i'm offended and i'm pissed at the comment SKD Scans made saying we are the ones responsible for the drama on the tag ("Are we sure these aren’t the brazilians wanting to trash us again?")... don't judge a fucking book by its cover and don't drag all brazilian saint seiya fans into the same hole, for fuck's sake! calling aldebaran a "sack of potatoes" just made this even worst for me!


I’m sorry to hear such a comment is going around, certainly uncalled for. This drama thing is getting out of control lately.

For the time being, though, let’s enjoy good ol’ Alde being a rockstar and blessing us with that fabulous hair and chiseled nose.The unibrow is always a plus  |;)

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@Anons: holy shit it's just a drawing, can't you guys chill??? If that picture makes you feel this uncomfortable that you have to bitch about it to this extent, then maybe you should log out because there are some real gem fanarts out there that you can find in the main tag (like Johnny and his horse in the act, for example............). For real, if THIS Koichi and Jotaro drawing makes you this offended, I think you should stop looking at fanarts at all.

Okay fucked up other shit aside, araki himself draws way more intimate poses, look at anything gyro and johnny have done for cover art, look up a ton of panels of okuyasu and josuke, look up even HIMSELF AND ROHAN, so idk, its just a weird mess and its just one loud person, theyll go be mad at something else and go back to being negative and miserable somewhere else, hopefully soon.

Not that i wish them misery, i just wish they wouldnt try to infect others with that nastiness.

5 positive things

Tagged by @blessed-but-distressed to be nice to myself and list 5 positive things about me. 

1. I am independent AF. This is partially how I grew up, and I was independent before, but traveling alone has made me even more confident in myself and my ability to be alone. I realize that sounds kind of sad, but it’s not to me. Learning how to be alone is one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned. 

2. I’m successful in my career, which is nice on its own, but really, money to do things (like travel!) is wonderful. I hated my job for six years, and that sucked, but it got me where I am, so let’s throw in perseverance as 2.5. 

3. I’m an incredibly loyal friend. Once I consider you someone I care about, you gotta fuck up pretty bad to lose my friendship. 

4. Me and words get along pretty well. I may not like all of my writing but overall, I feel good about my skill level. Even if y’all do come shouting at me about the feels. 

5. I make excellent cheesecake. 

Hmm…let’s see…. imma tag @evil–isnt–born @lenfaz @nfbagelperson @seethelovelyintheworld @this-too-too-sullied-flesh


 Thanks everyone who asks, reblogs, likes and follows this blog!!

When I started this I didn’t thought it was going to get so big ;A; Im so grateful to have join this community and I want to talk nag get to know more people from this community!! (( Sometimes I get too shy please I’m sorry, I want to talk to everyone;;; ))

 I’m thinking of making a livestream since I’ve seen a lot of them recently or an art raffle, maybe both!! I’ll think it on the next days and let you know!

 Also I am going to be changing the concept of this AU a tiny little bit. I’m currently working on the backstory and I want it to fit perfectly with this Au!
  I will be publishing the changes later on the week!! Again, thanks everyone who follows me and supports!!

I love every single one of you~ ♡!


you are seriously and honestly one of my best friends on this site. i know we havent spoken much lately and our content blog wise differs quite a bit but by knowing you i feel like ive been able to become a better person. you’re such a lovely and sweet person and such an enthusiast for things like star wars, that 70s show, the martian, ect. i recall reading some of your fics and they were a joy to read and if there’s one thing i can say with absolute certainty its that your BEAUTIFUL poetry knocks me off my feet off my time. im so glad you tag me in them bc i miss it on my dash a lot. your structure & language are always so heartfelt & genuine & even it pertains to a fandom im not in, the emotion and effort you put into that poem never fails to be conveyed and i love that. i am truly thankful to be friends with you <3