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hey im relatively new to the fandom, and trying to warm up to the idea of shipping real people... ive seen some of your posts about f/er/ard, and i was wondering, is it problematic somehow? or do you just not like real people ships? (i broke up the ship name to hopefully keep it out of tags and keep the angry shippers away)

i find it problematic tbh bc (and this is only for people who actually think its real not for ppl who simply read fics and know its not real) its such a big part of this fanbase and ppl base their characterization of Gerard and Frank on their ‘theories’ and treat them differently because of it (villainizing Gerard/victimizing Frank) and so-called ‘fans’ hate on Lindsey for ruining their ‘ship’. i hate how pretty much 90% of the fanbase makes every little thing about Frerard. it just annoys the shit out of me. it annoys the shit out of me that the real people + the fans who dont ship it have to deal with it constantly. i get hate for saying i dont ship it and i have to explain myself why i dont ship it and that alone is just ridiculous tbh. thats the short answer, im not planning on giving the long one bc reasons. but im saying, ship what you want but know that its not real and respect people who dont ship it enough to not shove it in their faces all the time. and respect the real people and their real relationships.

A thing I feel needs to be addressed is some people’s absolute refusal to say anything bad about their idols ever, claiming that if you were to do so, you aren’t a real fan/a bully/etc. And this really gets on my nerves because there is, in fact, a difference between mindless hate, and calling someone out on their bullshit.

This is about youtubers specifically. Youtubers are people. They can make mistakes, yes. Some are less severe than others, in which case a simple ‘hey, actually that’s wrong and here’s why’ message is perfectly okay. You don’t have to ignore the problem, you can point it out. People cannot learn unless you educate them, and you can do so without being a jerk, and at the end of the day all is well. Other times, the mistakes are much more severe, i.e using racial slurs and antisemitic messages, even as a joke.

See here’s the thing. 'It’s just a joke’ is not a fool-proof excuse for bad behaviour, nor is it something you can just chuck at someone and follow it by 'you’re too sensitive, fuck off’ when they had the guts to say 'no, that’s wrong’. Jokes can be harmful. Jokes can be racist. Jokes are not always funny. Especially if you have a huge audience, where there are two types of people: those who are victimized/are the butt of these hateful jokes, and those who believe that these jokes stem from truth and in seeing them, find their beliefs justified.

I am incredibly proud to be in this community, the jse one especially, because so far all I’ve seen is positivity and people noticing problems and, for the most part, dealing with them in a mature manner. And anyone who’s talked to me for more than five seconds knows how much I love Jack. But see, if my boy ever says something bad, which I doubt he ever will but IF, then yeah, I’m gonna call him out on it. Not because I believe he’s a bad person, or because I believe he meant whatever he was joking about, but because his behaviour is harmful to others and right now, when we look at the state of the world, we cannot afford to ignore that.

Blindly supporting someone is… not the right thing to do. Eventually, it will get to the point where you cannot find any excuses, and you’re left to either face crushing disappointment, or to go down the same path of ignorance.

People calling others out is okay. Granted, you shouldn’t be needlessly rude about it, but you are justified in doing so. People will continue to do wrong things unless they’re told why it’s wrong. In some cases, people will continue to do those things even after they know it’s wrong. This goes for youtubers as well as it does for friends, family, politicians. And in those cases, sometimes the best thing is to get away from those people, because if they don’t listen to you, if they ignore you and refuse to consider how they may be hurting you, then they don’t respect you. And those people don’t really deserve support.

So if you see someone criticising a person you look up to, and I mean criticising, not just hating on something they cannot change, then don’t start yelling. What are they saying? Why are they saying it? What truth can you find there? In what ways are they right, or wrong? Educate them. Educate yourself.

People are not perfect. People make mistakes. What makes a person a good one is their ability to recognise that, to apologise, and to learn from it.

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Name/Nickname: nellie… auntie (its a wordplay of my surname and also describe how i am as a person)…. kong kid because i have -36 real life skills and is dependent af…. maknae because i was the youngest in my form for the longest time, if you yell mum chances are i will turn around with an eh? on my face, k because that was my weibo handle, rabbid yea that thing because apparently i look like one….. bunch of other random craps mostly inside jokes my friends are creative lmao 

Gender: cis-female i think idk man 

Star Sign: capricorn 

Height: 164cm? 

Sexual Orientation: idk man i am like gay but i really dk 

Hogwarts House: the most hufflepuff a hufflepuff can be 

Favourite Color: black, navy blue and white 

Favourite Animal: sloths because i am one of them, turtles they are so wrinkly and slow i love them, bunnies!!!!!! 

Average Hours of sleep: 6 - 8? i prioritize sleep over legit anything also i can sleep up to 22 hours if i have nothing else to do 

Cat or dog person: a rabbit person 

Favourite Fictional Characters: todd chavez from bojack horseman. im weasel from im weasel, spike from notting hill, dana scully from x files obviously, chanel #3 and denise hemphill from the scream queen series, cant pick a fave from rick and morty but summer and meseek?

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3 - 4 depends on the weather lmao 

Favourite Singer/Band: all time low, bowling for soup, homme, thatpoppy, younha, kdrew is a producer/dj i really enjoy, singer wise my favourite voice (?) has and will always be kim sunggyu he is just the best i heard him live for the first time over a year ago and i still havent gotten over it he is so goooooood the hell um who else changsub i love my ugly bean and how expressive his voice is 

Dream Trip: one way ticket to hell lmao 

Dream Job: a 9 - 5 job that allows me to live in a industrial-minimalistic apartment and afford a pet bunny i am a simple person 

When was this blog created: 120202 i think 

Current number of followers: almost 5k woah 

When did your blog reach its peak?: that sungjae and kylie jenner post lmao 

What made you decide to make this Tumblr?: i was really into ukiss back then and tumblr has the biggest kissme fandom atm 

ahhhh there are so many followers i wanna tag but i havent reply to everyone’s dms in like 3 months so okay lets pretend this isnt awkward😂 @sorrowlicher @cinna-mons @nazwiskotonieimie @jamieprotectionsquad @simply-a-figment-of-imagination @holysmxkes @firenren @kumalacindy @seoeunkwang @yu-wrong @kumalacindy @firenren and tumblr wont let me tag more lol 

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Nickname(s): Casey is a nickname in itself, then I actually have about half a dozen more. 

Starsign: Pisces 

Height: 5′6″ ish

Last thing I googled: a whole stack of star wars research questions

Favorite music artist: okay, so it’s impossible to have ONE favourite. mandatory skip. 

Song stuck in my head: We Know The Way (from Moana soundtrack)

Last movie I watched: The Arrival, for the second time actually. Still amazing.

Last tv show I watched: Emerald City. My housemate is watching it but I don’t know if I’m enjoying it or not???

What kind of stuff do you post: At the minute? Rogue One. When I’m not midst-obsession, I’m normally very multifandom, and sometimes politics. 

Do I have any other blog: yeah a few neglected ones. there’s the one I’d have followed you back on, learnfromthewintertrees, one for my graphic design (I am currently without photoshop, hence its desolateness), one where I reblog amazing fanart, and then scarily also a RL one which I’m probably gonna disentangle from my fannish identity very soon, so follow while you can, it’s mostly feminism, nerdery, etc right now but can get pretty writerly

Why did I choose this url: hahahahahahaha omg this name is as old as fandom to me. my first fandom was Alias and I liked Vaughn and Sydney and every other name was taken on the board so… you know. it stuck.

Do I get asks regularly: not since the Brexit thing blew up but you’re always free to send me stuff

Gender: Female-ish

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff AND PROUD

Pokemon Team: I don’t play, but if I did, I’d be Instinct 

Favorite color: Forest green

Average hours of sleep: a lot. like, 10ish. but I have disturbed sleep most nights so who knows what this actually equates to

Lucky number: 8, and doubly so for 88. hence, the username.

Favorite characters: Natasha Romanoff, Raven Reyes, Wynonna Earp, America Chavez, Kara Thrace… it’s only just occurring to me that I may have a type.

How many blankets do I sleep with: omg I recently bought a big winter duvet and so for the first time in my adult life I can actually say NONE. or just… one. I don’t understand how Americans define bedding honestly. 

Dream job: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH [my existential crisis] 

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When the bottom of page 91 happens
  • Will: I apologize for my boyfriend.
  • Me: *screams*
  • Me: *throws books*
  • Me: *cries real tears of joy*
  • Mom: *walks into room* are you o-
  • Me: *flops around on floor* sOlaNgElooOOoOo
  • Mom:
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom: That's a Percy Jackson thing isn't it?
  • Me: *nods because I am incapable of speech*
  • Mom: *sighs*
  • Mom: *yells to Dad* don't dial 911, she's fine, just reading another book.

Okay so im posting this in terms of that starter thing that YES I did reblog but forgot to actually add tags too.

im quite lax in the fact im a mother and I know how hectic real life can get. And hell sometimes I wait for a month before giving someone a nudge. Obviously you take a little longer then that then I worry and well move on kinda.

anyway under no circumstances will I force someone to reply straight away as im slow as shit. So don’t think that because I reblogged it im aiming at you because im not. Its my mistake it not tagging it after reblogging.

Little STPD Things #128

I like have no idea if anyone is calling my name, because half the time it really is some background noise, but the other half its real. And sometimes when someone call my name I ignore because I thinks it’s fake, and sometimes when it’s fake I go look for whoever is calling my name and it’s not for me they are calling or it’s just some random background noise.

god, okay, one more personal thing and then i’ll try to actually shut the fuck up for a while

so this post:

right here ^ is in the tag right now and it’s making me feel incredibly uncomfortable. Because they’re right. I’m just speaking for myself, but I totally set myself up for this. Why wouldn’t the Grumps look up stuff to mock it (and I don’t mean just content-wise but just the overall idea that people are doing it; fanwriting gets a bad rep everywhere)? Why wouldn’t they poke fun of the portion of the fandom that does this stuff?

it’s seeing stuff like this, among other things, that makes me not want to put anything out anymore. I love this fandom, I truly truly do, because none of us have ever been trying to shove it in others’ faces, especially not the Grumps’. We have our own little corner, as it were. So to see it like this, and put it like that, it discourages me greatly

I don’t know how things went last night (i missed the stream) and i’m not sure i want to know. All I know is that I’m not sure I’m going to be posting art or fic for a while, or at all. Again.