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another one of those update posts

1. Finals week is next week. I have two giant papers and one giant presentation. Then I’m DONE UNTIL SEPTEMBER GOD BLESS.

2.Depending on how much I procrastinate, I’ll either be posting a shit ton of new stuff OR I’ll be lowkey dead until Thursday. I guess that’ll be a fun surprise for all of us.

3. ATTENTION WRITER BLOGS: In the past when there have been requests I’m unable to do, I usually just say “hey I can’t do this rn maybe a follower of mine can take it over?” But now I’m trying to actually tag blogs I know are open to said requests. But that also involves me hunting through tags, which is super time consuming. SO! If any of you guys are looking for some requests, shoot me a message for what fandoms/characters you’d like me to tag you in :)

**There is an especially high demand for Yondu related stuff.

***Also it’s chill if you aren’t following me and still want to be tagged in prompts, like I just want to clean out my inbox a little.

****Though it’d be cool if you did follow me bc I dig friendship.

4. I’ve owned John Wick 2 for a little over 12 hours and I’ve already watched it twice pls send help.

Project Disney: Live Action Films, Day 3 - Favorite Musical
Careful the wish you make, wishes come true.
Not free.

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Lappy Fresh is the best thing I've ever seen with my eyes.


I don’t really understand the idea of follow forevers, and I’m not very creative about stuff like this, so I’m just going to shout out mutuals that have become friends and blogs that I really respect/admire and yeah!!


Special recognition for my buddy Danny ( @my-hesistant-stomachache ) cause I’ve known you forever and love you to bits, and too my boi Ari ( @lovelyhearttears ) who I’ve known for a while and love lots <3

@chubbypatrick @junk-hoe @mcr-fobpatd @tofingerscrossed (who also made the banner because they’re wonderful! <3) @briarrepose @drbenzememe @frnkvol @youngbloodthekilljoy @icethespiciest and everyone else I’ve spoken to since being back on tumblr (and anyone I may have forgotten because I’m terrible at remembering anything) thank you so much for being so kind and patient with me, for talking to me and making stupid jokes and just in general being wonderful people. I love you guys!! (give them love?! )

Tumblr Crushes!:

(okay so that’s basically what this is because I adore these blogs, they are all very nice people with very lovely blogs and post rad stuff and are insanely talented and just I love them okay go follow these peeps!!)

1 - B

@2003mcr @666toro @alloftheginjointsinalltheworld @alwaysfob @anervousboyslife @anqryboy @bangthedoldrums @bitterbeebo @bl00dspells @bo0zey @boozsey @bratfrnk

C - F

@cellabrations @cemetery-driven @cemeterydrlve @chokejpg @creativefobrelatedusername @cryptidgerard @cryptidway @cyanidefrnk @d-i-z-z-y-o-n-d-r-e-a-m-s @dearpercocet @deliciousstomach @demolitionfrank @demoltionloving @disloyalorder @disastrouspills @everysnowfranksdifferent @falllout-boi @fnckingpills @fob-on-high @fobmaniac @frankaliciousunicorn @franksiero @frnkensteingrl @frnkierosociety @frxnkieroshands

G - J

@ghostoutthecloset @ghostparachutes @gothlynz @heeyyyoungblood @hellallamerica @hesitantaliengee @holidaybassline @hesitentaliens @infinity-on-dru @infinityonhigher @jimmyurjne @josephtrohman

K - N

@ladysorrows @littlebeebo @lyn-z @lynzwcy @mindlessfrank @murderfrank @misspellediero @mournstrosity @my-chemical-addiction @no-fun-club @notrevenge

O - R

@obeebo @ode-to-frnk @officialbillhader @our-sweet-revenge @our-emo-dads @parachctes @parachutesfrank @patdsnaps @patienceiero @patrickstan @patrickstumph @patrickhurley @patroh @pavhate @pavlovingg @pencey @penceyspells @petewenturies @petewentzgifs @plkwpvs @pmvstump @prehiatus-fob @pretty-in-pete @prehiatus-patrick @prehiatus-pattycakes @pstumph @punkfob @rad-rt @rainingstump @revengefrankiero @rosto79 @rxvnge

S - Z

@saintdooms @sangrientojoe @save-fob-and-roll @saverockanroll @scftghost @shoelessghost @sixteencandlez @softfrnk @soulponk @soulpuns @spaceboyfrnk @stillfeelthatrushinmyveins @stillforests @stomachches @stump-o-matik @stumpomatic @stumpsfedorable @summcrtime @sweaterpawpatrick @sweatpea @swiftembers @thatswherepetewentz @the-stumped-life84 @theqhostofyou @thnks4thwntz @theshippedgoldquinn @thesoundofprettyodd @threecheersforsweetjane @transfrank @trick-ta-life @trohmann @trohmosexual @typicaltumblerer @uriesun @val-velocity @vcnom @vampirepete @vampire-yardin @vintagewentz @vintagebandpics @vengefulfrnk @vivalafrnk @wellpetericktbh @weirdpicturesofpetewentz @winterwentz @wydtrohman @xcfrnk @xkilljoy-unicornx @yourbuddyreggie 

I’m sorry if I accidentally included some inactive blogs, and I’m sorry also if this bothers anyone in any way? 

I hope everyone one of you, and everyone I may have forgotten (so sorry!!) have a much better 2017 than you did this past year. Stay safe everyone!! <3

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i know youre using the random pokémon generator but if youre still taking suggestions can i suggest Dragonair? it's so pretty *u*

you know that textpost where the person’s like “this is the worst part” and pulls the pizza out of the oven bare-handed, screaming the entire time?? that was me stippling this

Best Squad.

11 Questions

Tagged by an actual visual queen Alicia 💗🌼 ( @jungkookio) I’m going to answer her questions…..sorry that it took me while😅.

A. Always post the rules. Answer the questions then write 11 new ones.

B. Tag 11 ppl and link them to the post. Tell the person who tagged you that you’ve answered their question

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got tagged by @jihiro-kun eyyyo

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Relationship status: leave me alone

Favorite color: uh hmm. anything but green

Lipstick or chapstick: -

Last song I listened to: Winter Bird by AURORA

Last movie I watched: Doctor Strange?

Top 3 TV shows: OTGW, SU, Voltron

Top 3 characters: Komaeda, Chuuya, Lelouch

Top 3 ships: SOUKOKU, Viktuuri, Komahina

Books I’m currently reading: Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky `v`

tag @shiromochi, @arctic-programmer, @ any 7 other people

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I was tagged by @cvioleta  and @kingandqueen-of-gotham thank you, lovelies ❤

Last movie I watched: Velvet Goldmine
Last song I listened to: Blood Fire Death - Bathory
Last book I read: Riding the bullet - Stephen King
Last thing I ate: A ‘baleada’ (is a traditional dish from my country, more or less like a burrito)
Where would I want to time travel to: 80′s or 90′s I’m obsessed with those eras
Fictional character I would like to hang out with for a day: I honestly have no idea, maybe Inoue Orihime or Sakura Haruno.
If I could be anywhere right now where would I be: Somewhere in Japan, eating all the sushi and ramen i can, and then go for a coffee and kitties to pet at a cat cafe. 😻
Current fandom obsession: JokerxHarley, is the one consuming all my time rn lol.

I tag everyone who wants to do this :)


I was tagged by @reitasderpface thank you 😙😙
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Name: Iman (pronounciation is tricky, don’t bother too much XD)
Nickname : Imy but mainly Ribica or Riba
Start sign: scorpio
Height : 173 cm(5'8)
Favourite colour : black, green, turquoise
Time right now : 6:25 p.m.
Average hours of sleep : 5-6 hours
Last thing I googled: kissmanga
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1
Favourite fictional characters: Morn Hyland, Sice(ff-type 0),Faith and Angus Thermopyle
Favourite books:Everything written by Stephen Donaldson and Faust by Ghoete
Favourite band:the gazette, imagine dragons,gorillaz, daughter and dahlia sleeps
Dream job: architecture
What am I wearing : shirt and ripped jeans
When did you create your blog : around 4 years ago, but I just recently started using tumblr in for it’s purpose
Current amount of followers : 53 as mentioned above, I’ve been on it actively for two months
What do you mainly post : the gazette and other stuff depending on my mood
Do you have any other blogs: no I don’t
When did your blog hit it’s peak: it didn’t and probably won’t
What made you join tumblr : the word tumblr sounded interesting to me XD
Do you get asks daily : naah
Why did you choose your URL: it’s my nickname and everyone calls me like that so why not

I am not able to tag 20 followers damn
I’m tagging : @ladyinblack88 @ashdefer @taesstory @welcometothemalformedbox @aoi-sensei @uruha-lips @jrockbassistlove

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i just read noria's fic that you did some artwork for and SEPH I AM SCREAMING!!! I LOVE IT SO much!!! the black and white with red??!?!? iconic. perfect. battle magnus through and through!! also the shape of the battle magic?? amazing!!! gahh so damn good!!! it's beautiful - thank you for sharing your illustrations love <3

tell @themagnusbane noria thank you for sharing her headcanon and fic with me, it was too fucking good. it was easy to make art for it.

thank you for the enthusiasm and kind words tbh, it’s very encouraging 💙


illustration © attack on titan: lost girls by seko hiroshi

a very merry late christmas to attackthekilljoy! ta-dah, i’m your secret santa. i wasn’t sure what you wanted, so i hope this graphic isn’t too disappointing. i hope you had a great holiday!

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I'm sorry if this counts as rude or something, but do you study animation in a place meant just for that? If so, do you mind saying where? Also, do you have any advice on getting started with animation alone (as i'm 15 and have no money)?

oh, no, I’m not really sure how that could be rude at all…

Yes, I am studying for a bachelor specifically in character animation, and the school is The Animation Workshop, and they have one CG-arts program (3d modelling, concepts, backgrounds mm.), one character animation program (animation, both 2d and 3d), and one Graphic storytelling program (comics, illustrations and similar)

sure sure! I was in the same situation kind of! You can animate in photoshop, or in my case, use the layer function in photoshop elements and then save it as a gif! You can draw things with layers (and use the opacity of them as the lightable function) and then make every still image a saved image, and then convert them to a gif via online gif creators, if you don’t have anything else.

there’s also this super simple animation program that you can get for free:


I use it for douing sketch animations, to work out the movement, and then take in the still jpgs in photoshop and tidy them up.
It’s time consuming but free.

I have an animation tag on my inspiration blog, it’s a mash of animation I like, tutorials, wips, keyframes and stuff. Maybe that is a place to start looking for tips?  http://myrdrottningen.tumblr.com/tagged/animation