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Prompt: Roman is really close friends with the reader (hugs, kisses on the head, cuddling without sexual contact). He overhears a conversation with her and her close friend where she admits she’s been in love with him for ages but would never do anything because he’s married. He confronts her and she feels embarrassed and starts avoiding him. He’s hurt and misses her, trying to reach out every so often. He sees her finally getting herself together and dating someone new. Finally one night he can’t take it and goes to her room, telling her he’s always loved her. There are tears and desperation but they end up sleeping together. Open ending preferred.- Anon

This one really gave me fits guys, but I hope you like it!

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Little Miss Matchmaker|| Charles Xavier

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Requested by @katiedreamy : Can you write a story where the reader has a 5 year old daughter who’s a telepath and isn’t sure how to cope with it. So when you meets Charles and tell him about your daughter, he agrees to help. Problem is, falling in love… well, you’ll see when you read it. 


y/d/n - your daughter names

y/d/f/n - your daughters friend’s name

If you would like to be tagged in this, please let me know!

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Can you please tell me what happen during the last 30 minutes of ouat? There's a huge storm here in my city and they interrupted the show to give updates.

Check out this tag on my blog to see my whole live blogging session. :)

Basically the big things are:

Regina gave the EQ part of her love in exchange for part of her darkness so they kinda became the same person and then Henry sent EQ to a place where she could start over and it was the bar wish realm Robin was in.

And Killian was about to leave SB with Nemo but then talked with Snow and changed his mind so when he went aboard to tell Nemo was no longer leaving SB and he has to stop running from his problems, Gideon showed up and was like HAHA NOPE BYE and started submerging the ship and locked Killian on and said he can’t be in SB for what he’s got planned.

So now Emma thinks Killian left her after their argument and I’m a puddle of tears.


thank you @lilchurrogames for tagging me for the Spring Sim challenge c:

this is the sim i created, Rose (she doesn’t have a last name yet yikes). i am so in love with her?? i might use her in a story sometime.

anyways, i tag @cranberrrybog @aandidas @babby-sims @sp00kyfruit @anxietymoodlet @blushillusion and of course anyone else who wants to do it!

i can’t wait to see more cute spring themed sims  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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i hope this is the end of the h00k boner A&E have. Also did you see the way emma lies on regina as she soothes her in the promo ?!?!? like can we have one episode featuring that only ?!?!

i doubt this is the end but hey we can dream right? and yes siiiiighhhhh they are always so gentle with each other it makes me want to shoot myself in the face. also, the world will probably end first before we get a whole episode with just things like that. SIGH.

tarran : why aren’t you on facebook ?
me : well i dunno i don’t really see the point of it
tarran : pleaaaaase ? i need to tag you in our selfies :(
me : urgh fine

me : er, i’m not sure…
tarran : pleaaaaase ?
me : urgh fine

tarran : also are you on insta because -
me : why would i even try to resist you again. app downloaded.


sessshomaru’s mother | requested by @bandz-amakeher-scream

i thought that the clip where sana and isak fight about whether the answer is A or D was kind of unnecessary but now i see the importance of it. it reminded us how strong sana’s opinions are and how confident she is in them. how when she sets her mind on something nobody can stop her. she is so sure she is right that she doesn’t even want to check the right answer from the internet when isak suggests it. but now. now sana has gone and googled homosexuality + evolution. she has done some research and educated herself. sana admits that she was wrong and tells isak, because she is a good person who wants her friend to feel safe and comfortable around her.

She’s white, medium size, and has brown circles around her eyes.

A warning to writers on Tumblr

To all the writers below, there is a wattpad user who goes by @themkpopsmuts who is using your smuts on their account. Now they claim to have asked for permission, but other people have had their work taken by them without asking. 








@igot-scenarios (they have taken around 4 or 6 of your works)








































I have gone through and tagged all the accounts identified for getting her “permission” just in case she is indeed lying about it. I know that this has sadly become a huge problem lately, but it’s not only bigger writers that can be targeted, so please, be sure to check every once and awhile to see if your stuff is getting stolen.

Love you all

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Hello! My friend and I recently saw your post about your great great grandmother and the nudes and we started arguing, Did the nudes make him come back? Was the husband your great great grandfather or did she remarry or something? We also started arguing about what the nudes looked like and what she was doing but out of respect I wont ask about that. Thanks!

First of all, thank you for not being a weirdo and demanding to see GGG’s nudes becauxe a lot of people here are WERID.  So if you go through the “Family Lore” tag on my blog, you can hear the whole story under “A Holiday Story”, but to Clarify:

1.  First husband was a JACKASS, drunk and abuser who had nine daughters with her, then faked his death and fucked off to Chicago.  She had every reason to believe he was dead, as his brother had been murdered due to gambling debts the year before and had to be fished out of the Thames.  Victorian England Sucked.

2. GGG re-marries, has two more daughters, including my great-grandmother, so I am not related to First husband.  Second Husband is a pretty OK guy who only beat her sometimes.  Victorian England still sucks.

3. Fist Husband runs out of money, writes her for more.  This causes a problem as they never divorced, so now GGG is committing bigamy in the eyes of British law… despite the fact they handed her his death certificate.  Victorian England- You get the idea/

4.  In the middle of this legal brouhaha, Second Husband dies from being stabbed at a Pub.  Distraught and having 11 daughters to support GGG goes to a studio and has The Nudes done and mailed to Chicago in hopes of coaxing him back.

5. First Husband, because he is a JACKASS mails them back with an angry letter saying he never loved her and “I was as glad to be rid of you as one is of a leech.”

6. Well.

7. GGG takes a look at all the bills and the lack of pensions and court fees and decides if First Husband can Fuck Off To Grand America, so can she, so she goes about making sure all of First Husband’s daughters  are married/moved away/have their names changed so the courts can’t get to them (the first nine are all adults by now). and books three tickets for her and her 16 and 14 year-old daughters of Second Husband on the Titanic, because if you’re going to Flounce from a country to go murder your First Husband, do it in STYLE.  Third-class BUT STILL.

8. Great-Aunt Liz (14) gets the measles, inadvertently saves everyone.

9.  They’re on the NEXT Boat, because First Husband Still Needs Killing, they end up picking up some of the survivors from ANOTHER wreck, which is how GG (16) met a nice Definitely Austrian Man, And Absolutely Not A Russian Jew Fleeing to America (19).  He accidentally gave her head lice, so she had to be shaved when they got to Ellis Island, and he felt so bad about it he tracked her down and presented her with a Nice Hat*.

10.  The allow the Nice “Austrian” Man to accompany them as they travel East, because this is 1912 and America is kind of an armpit so it’s handy to have a Man to deal with the locals and he’s good at bargaining and not bad-looking and regards the three of them with an Appropriate Level Of Fear.  They get to Chicago and find out First Husband has died, painfully, from drinking tainted whiskey, tell the state of illinois they’re not going to pay court fees for his sorry ass, and settle in Cleveland Ohio.  

11. GG and The “Austrian” man marry, produce my grandmother, GGG never re-marries, as she is done with the court system, but has fun taking “cooking lessons” from Mr. Bianci down the street, and everyone lives happily ever after in the relative lower-middle-class comfort.

*Unfortunately, the Nice Hat was lost when an uncle set my aunt’s house on fire during a particularly nasty divorce.  We also lost grandpa’s Hip-bone Cane and Popeye’s Single Sucessful Hunt Trophy.

cute sapphic winter things

• when her cheeks get all red from the cold
• big cuddly jumpers and swapping them with her
• when u can see ur breath and it’s all around her like a halo ??
• ice skating !! especially if ur both clumsy and fall over and laugh a lot and then just drink hot chocolate and watch the people who are good at ice skating and make up stories about their life in a snow circus to explain how they can stand up on those lil knife boots
• when she’s cold so u give her ur coat and ur cold but she looks cute so it’s 10000000000000% worth it
• christmas coffee dates and getting silly names on ur cup and warming one hand on the festive takeaway mug and one hand in hers
• u both have cold hands but only one of u has mittens so u have a mitten each and hold hands,,,,, for warmth
• snow !!!!!! making pretty snow angels and saying look it’s u and making a really bad snowman and saying look it’s u and having snowball fights and
• christmas is great u could call her on christmas day and open ur presents together over facetime
• ridiculous seasonal nicknames that get out of hand and become really competitive “hey snow angel sugar plum fairy gingerbread house christmas tree”
• matching ugly christmas jumpers oh my god
• there are so many possibilities,, enjoy being sapphic this season


Guys I could really use your help right now. My 9 month old nephew Austin is in the hospital right now in North Carolina because he is having seizures(yesterday he had 9 in 10 mins) and we don’t know why. There’s a blood test that checks for genetic disorders that my sisters insurance outright refuses to pay for or even bill her for so she can have answers as to what’s wrong with her son and what they need to do to fix it. I don’t have many followers at all so please can you guys spread this like wild fire. Each day that goes on with no answers is agony.if can’t donate to his go fund me please just spread this. We need as many eyes as possible to see this. tag as many things as possible that people will see. Also if anyone is interested in buying physical items from me message me bc I’ll be selling as much as I can to raise money. gofundme.com/austins-future

Loving a strong, independent woman is not for the faint of heart…
You need to be self-assured and confident in your own masculinity because she will not fawn over you to give you constant gratification or cry down the phone to you begging to see you because she misses you… She is not the type to ask for your help or advice on how best to do something, so if you’re in love your own opinions and the sound of your own voice then this isn’t the woman for you.
She is spirited and confident and will embark upon projects and adventures without consulting you; you can either tag along for the ride or not, it makes no difference to her. So if you need to be in control of every decision in a relationship it’s best you call it quits now… She’s not a perfectionist or a control freak, in fact you’ll find her both reasonable and forgiving - but she’s also nobody’s fool so if repeating the same behavior and apologizing every time is the most amount of effort you’re willing to put into the relationship she won’t keep you around very long…
But the joy in loving a strong independent woman is knowing that if she chooses you it’s because she loves you – NOT because she needs you. A woman like that learned to rely on herself and stop needing people a long time ago so if she’s with you it’s because she admires and respects you for who you are as a person and not for what you can offer her. If you’re a man who can truly handle being a woman’s equal… then you just might be man enough for a woman like her….

no wait im not quite done because imagine lucretia being overjoyed to see some version of her friends even if they aren’t quite the same and she brings them up to the moonbase but. somethings wrong. they’re wrong. They’re all so different, so haunted, but they won’t tell her why and she desperately wants to comfort them but she can’t.

sweet carefree magnus, who wears his heart on his sleeve, is just a little more reserved, a little less like the kind boisterous man she remembers. a little more cautious with his feelings, a little less cautious with his life. there’s a haunted look in his eyes and she knows he has nightmares and she can’t ask why.

taako never cooks any more. he and lup used to delight in cooking for everyone back on the ship, and she thinks maybe it’s just because he’s alone now, but there’s something else there. something horrible happened to him and none of his family was there to help him through it. he doesn’t trust her, doesn’t trust anyone, and she has no idea why or how to fix it.

merle is so much older now. he used to be the first to jump into the fray; he died more than any of them. but he’s lived a life now. he has a family and kids that she’s not supposed to know anything about. When she let everyone go it never occurred to her that they might grow attached to this world they doomed. How could she ever ask him to choose between this life and his last one?

Is Iris Pregnant When Savitar Murders Her?

(Repost cause I can’t see my post in the tags)

So, I know what we don’t know if Iris just called off the engagement or broke up with Barry. I kinda think she was about to break up while they were in the loft. But then she got interrupted. Either way, I don’t think they’ll be on good terms for at least a few episodes.  I think the Wally engagement bombshell drives a wedge between them to the point where communication is not open anymore. I’m sure Iris doesn’t feel that she can trust Barry in the following day/s weeks, which will make it easy for a secret to brew between them

Anway, I said all of that to say, I think Iris is pregnant when Savitar murders her.

Here’s why:

1. If Savitar kills her, the speed force in the child she’s carrying could bring her back to life. That way, she can “die” and we can freak out, and Barry can break down, but it won’t be permanent,.  Also, I believe that if this happens, it WON’T be the tornado twins. This will be a single child that will die. That way, the twins from the comics can still come along when the time is right

2. The writers have made it VERY clear that WA has been screwing like bunnies since they got together. Since they won’t give is a sex scene, I can only think they’re setting up a pregnancy.

3. Iris is wearing a big ass coat/poncho think in what’s supposed to be MAY. This Is IRIS. She loves showing skin. Why is she covered up like that in late Spring? It’s PERFECT for hiding a little bitty baby bump, though. 

4, I also think Iris KNOWS that she is pregnant by the time Savitar captures her. I think that WA probably aren’t on good terms romantically until the finale. In that time, Iris finds out she’s pregnant and decides to hide it, but hasn’t told Barry yet because She doesn’t want him to know that he’s about to lose not only her but his child as well. Like, she’s thinking of his well being from beyond the grave. She KNOWS that will crush him. 

Anyway, this is just my theory. I’ve literally been discussing this ALL day in my group chat, and I finally decided to make a post about it. I’d LOVE to hear your opinions. 

(Also: I’m very satisfied with the fact that I convinced two shippers to go along with my theory @trashywestallen @kmad17LOL Sorry again!)

ALSO. YES. I know it’s super dark, but I kinda want this to happen.

The baby could save Iris’ life, but it could also be a traumatic event that beings WA back together. They’ve both been through SO much and have been each other’s ROCKS, but those were individual struggles.

Losing their baby would be a SHARED tragedy, one that they get through together.

ALSO, Candice and Grant would act that HELL out of those scenes. We would ALL be straight BAWWWWLING.

Who Tells Your Story (33129 words) by lululawrence
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Félicité Tomlinson, Tomlinson-Deakin family, Jon Shone, Dan Richards, Sandy Beales
Additional Tags: okay now let’s see, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Blow Jobs, Phone Sex, ish, it’s complicated - Freeform, liam is just kinda mentioned, sorry liam, i’m really awful at tags, but i don’t think there’s anything triggering in here, just talk of illness, not life threatening!, okay i’m stopping now

Louis stands and is about to stop recording when he hears Fizzy say, “Holy shit, it’s really you!”

Curious, he picks up the camera and is attempting to keep it focused in case Fizzy gives him some good footage.  The camera focused on a very familiar torso and tattooed arm causing Louis to freeze and glance up from the screen to see a dimpled smile.

“Uh, yeah.  Hi, I’m Harry.”

Without thinking, Louis answers, “Figured that much out, yeah.  Why are you here ?”  Wincing, he shakes his head and is about to take it back when he hears Harry laugh.

“Well, I kinda wanted to surprise you, or Fizzy specifically.  So…surprise?”

Louis finally comes to himself and turns the camera towards his sister, who is still standing with her hands covering her mouth trying not to cry.

“Would you like to come inside?” she squeaks.  Harry Styles, pop star extraordinaire, nods his head and steps in with a soft word of thanks.  Louis quickly shifts to the side to allow Harry through their narrow hall and widens his eyes at Fizzy.

Where should we take him? he mouths at Fizzy in worry.

I don’t know!

Louis flaps his free arm before scurrying to reset the living room from their interview setup and something more befitting an international celebrity.  Shit.

…or the one where Harry is a rock star, Louis is just another midwestern kid who put his dreams aside for his family, and a wig for Fizzy changes everything.


Hello my fellow simblrs!

So I was talking to @deetron-sims about a dress from the CL expansion. I loved the top part, but not the skirt part, so I asked her if she could change it for me. Like the amazing wonder woman she is, she said yes and this is what she came up with. Isn’t she awesome!? 

TOU - This is a new mesh, so please be nice and don’t upload this anywhere, or claim as your own. You can totally recolor it, but please don’t include the mesh. Also, tag us! We want to see what you come up with.




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Characters: Y/n, OC Ellie, Lisa, Ben, Dean

Pairing: Past Dean x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Not much. Just angst at the end.

Word Count: 680

Summary: Y/n runs into the last person she ever wants to see in her new home. 

A/N: Ok, random fic here. Just got this idea and wrote it. Probably not gonna be a part 2 or anything, cos I don’t really like the whole Lisa thing and I couldn’t write her constantly in a fic that’s not AU. So probs no part 2, but I hope u like this. 

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“Ellie! Sweetheart, can you please not play with the bubble wrap?”

Y/n heard the little girl giggle and sighed, knowing she wasn’t going to listen at all.

She continued unpacking the boxes, glad the movers had done almost everything beforehand and even put stuff up for a little bit more money.

Placing the last plate in the cupboard, y/n looked around and smiled.

Her new house was complete.

“Mommy! Mommy! The door!”

Y/n turned around, too taken in observing her kitchen that she hadn’t heard the doorbell.

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