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Something I’ve been thinking about lately…

I don’t ship things often, but I do notice ship wars in fandoms (because they’re uh, kindof inescapable, even when you block tags), and it’s made me think, like…

You can say “I like the way the negative relationship between these two characters is portrayed because it’s realistic and fascinating and makes me think about  how this sort of thing happens in real life” and a lot of people will agree. Uh, random example off the top of my head–the villain from Tangled and her relationship with Rapunzel–I’ve seen folks discuss their relationship and how it shows how complex and awful an abusive parent/child relationship can be. People generally agree that this is a good thing to show.

So why is it that when people say “I like this negative romantic relationship” that people go “WHAT??? NO, YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LIKE THAT!! YOU’RE ROMANTICIZING BAD THINGS STOP IT.”

I mean, I get it, it’s totally possible to romanticize a terrible relationship. The Twilight series did that. A lot of incest shipping does that (incest is inherently unhealthy but in fandom it frequently gets portrayed as totally normal and A-OK).

But if you’re going to ship something while totally acknowledging that the relationship is not a healthy one, then… what’s the problem? Unhealthy relationships exist. Fiction is a healthy way of exploring and understanding how unhealthy relationships work. I would even go as far as to say that it’s important to explore that in fiction at times, so we can understand it more in real life–so that maybe someone can see an unhealthy relationship in fiction and be like, “oh, crap, this is what I’M going through” and maybe start to get themselves out of it.

I don’t think it’s wrong to be fascinated by something in fiction that would be terrible in real life. I find it fascinating to watch characters go through hardships (death of a loved one, abuse, injuries, harassment) and see how they respond to that. I obviously don’t think any of those things are great in real life. So why would it be bad to explore those things in a harmless way?

Why should it be bad to be fascinated by an unhealthy, fictional, romantic relationship?

I don’t know.

I’m crying in the club because Rachel called me and talked to me for like over an hour and normally she can’t say I love you bc homophobic parents are around so I just normally say it and she just kinda giggles
But tonight I said I love you and she said it back and I was so happy I almost cried bc I like never get to hear her say it and I just wanted to say I love you over and over so I could keep hearing her say it


The Edge of Seventeen Tag! by @alwaysimming!

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

So, Violet and Damien as teens. Damien Sharp, he was suave and quite a mooch. His parents weren’t all that wealthy, heck he did his own haircuts. Violet on the other hand, is-no was an heiress to a company. Damien at first was attracted to her because of her money, but when things went south for her, he ended up helping her and her family and growing closer to Violet. Violet can be very clingy, but supportive of her man. And he’s hers.

Also tagged to do this one so, why not kill two birds with one stone using the same sims xD I was tagged by @lemonheadsims and @sevthe. I tag whoever wants to do this!

These two aren’t as developed as Veronica and Toby, but I didn’t want to use them because I kind of..am already using them lol.

Mixed race character and feeling disconnected from your own culture

@the-galactic-republic asked:

So I’m writing a fantasy story in which one of the main characters is mixed race. She lives with her (white) mother in a setting based largely off of northern european culture, as that was where her mother lived and her parents met. Her father (presumably black,arab or indian equivalent) had travelled up to this area from the south (which is based more off northern africa or southern asia and the middle-east). As he was a traveller, he didn’t stay long, so no one really knows who he was.

Because of where she grew up, she connects more with the predominantly white culture of her homeland. However, she also recognises that she is culturally different to her peers and experiences discrimination. I was wondering how I could describe the connection she feels with her mother’s race but still keep the alienation she feels because of her father’s?

Alright, so this feels somewhat relatable to me, so I’m going to answer this from my own personal point of view. It doesn’t have to be the same for everyone.

First of all, it sounds like you have the absent black father trope in here. You can find more about this trope in our tags, but to put it shortly, it’s a harmful stereotype of Black people being bad parents who abandon their own children. We’d like to see that stereotype gone.

As to your character’s feelings for their culture and heritage. If she doesn’t know her father, meaning he hasn’t played a part in her upbringing, how is she culturally different? What other culture has entered her life and how? From your wording, it also seems like you’re confusing race and culture, while they’re not the same thing.

Growing up as a Black mixed race, non-white passing person in a predominantly white setting and culture, can really give one mixed feelings about their culture and belonging as well. Like growing up like the outcast amongst your own people and everyone knows it, but no one talks about it. Like sometimes forgetting you’re different until the micro-aggressions hit like a slap in the face. Like feeling an ever-present but passive disconnect from the only culture you really know, because even the cultures you’re connected with through family members doesn’t feel like it fits as best as you feel it should. It’s feeling part of your culture only when you’re with people outside of that culture, then completely losing your sense of belonging once you’re surrounded by people of your own. 

It’s getting weirded out by national pride. It’s internalized biases and always having to prove yourself. It’s days of completely rejecting your culture while others you force yourself between narrow lines and definitions just to feel a part of something. It’s using mocking humour and racist jokes just so you don’t have to hear them from others and seeming less threatening and “uppity”. 

It’s being the exotic other in your own home. It’s not always knowing what to think or feel. It’s being mistaken for a foreigner, while white foreigners are treated like family. It’s people, friends,as well as strangers being biased and discriminative, racist even right to your face because they think you’re cool with it. It’s being “one of them” so they can use you to excuse their xenophobic and racist ideas and opinions. It’s being called a “tropical beauty” but not suitable to bring home to their parents. It’s in so many little, but important things.

Describing a complicated and nuanced situation like that is extremely hard if you’re not doing it from experience, which is why we always advise stories like these to be written from within the community. “Outsiders” have little ways to really understand the fine parts of these sorts of experiences and can easily by mistake pepper their stories with tired stereotypes because they aren’t aware of them. These are often also pretty personal.

Assuming this will be a minor detail instead of part of the plot, you could describe your characters connection with their culture with nuanced and mixed feelings towards things related to their culture. Have them search for a sense of belonging, possibly struggling to find it. It’s hard to give any clear or pointed advice here, because of the nuance, complex and personal nature of this, so the only other thing I can say is ask appropriate beta-readers to find the appropriate reactions to specific situations in your story or leave the cultural (dis)connect out of your story and for someone who can write from experience.

~ Mod Alice

What Matters (Ignis x F!OC)


Ignis x F!OC

My first FFXV fan fiction. I’ve been thinking up my OC, Kya, for a while now and decided I wanted to actually write something with her. I hope you guys enjoy. I hope to write more FFXV stuff in the future. If you all have requests, feel free send me an ask. :)

Fun fact: I wrote this on my iPad during a 3 hour road trips…so I apologize for any typo’s you can find. 

Tagging @iinkpools because I know she loves Iggy. <3

The Scientia household has always been a quiet one, even with a five year old girl running about.

Aleena was always on her best behavior. The fellow residences in Lestallum quickly learned to adore her as she made her way to school each day. She greeted her neighbors with a smile and a wave as she skipped through the many alleys of the overcrowded city.

Her parents were constantly complimented on how mature and intelligent of a girl she was for such a small age.

Aleena held onto her mother’s hand while she grasped a piece of paper in the other.

“I can’t wait to tell daddy!” She exclaimed as the door to their apartment came into view.

Kya smiled and released her child’s hand to place her house key into the door knob’s slot. “He will certainly be glad to hear about.”

As expected, opening the door allowed a wonderful scent rush over their noses. “Something smells good,” Kya announced their arrival with a compliment shutting the door behind them.

No matter how many times she told her husband to not to worry about cooking every night… he always insisted.

“Daddy! I’m home!” Aleena shouted, kicking her shoes off and running off in the direction of the kitchen.

“How was your day, sweetheart?” Ignis’s voice finally sounded.

Kya entered to find her husband with Aleena in his arms.

“It was good! I finished another book,” she stated proudly as Ignis placed her on her feet once more.

“Tell daddy about what else you did,” Kya encouraged.

“Oh right! Come on, I want to show you the picture I drew,” Aleena grabbed her fathers hand and pulled forward, urging him to let her lead him.

“I have to finish cooking-”

“I’ll take care of dinner,” Kya assured, patting her husband on the shoulder gently. “Do you want your cane?”

“No, I’ll make sure he doesn’t run into anything, mama,” Leena said confidently, still trying to pull her father forward.

“All right then, darling, lead the way,” Ignis nodded.

“Yay!” The five year old cheered, finally being allowed to carrying on her path to the kitchen table. She assisted Ignis into a chair and crawled into his lap.

“So today we were learning about what it was like before the darkness came,” she began. “And I remember you telling me about your adventures with Uncle Noctis and how different everything was back then… so I decided to draw a picture for the class.”

“What does it look like?” He asked curiously, his head tilted in the direction he heard the child’s voice.

Leena held the picture out in front of her and began to describe each and every detail.

“I drew a big sun in the sky. I colored the sky blue, by the way. Just like how you explained it to me. I drew white clouds… I used the marshmallows mommy packed for my desert as a reference. In the background I drew Hammerhead with Ms. Cindy fixing up some cars with Uncle Prompto… then next to Hammerhead I drew Uncle Noctis and Uncle Gladio fishing at Galdin Quay. I made the water with blue and green crayons. My teacher really like it so she hung it on the board all day!”

“That’s lovely, Aleena,” Ignis complimented with a smile.

“Do you think we can send it to Uncle Prompto and Uncle Gladio?”

“I don’t see why not. We’ll just have to make copies.”

“Yay! I can’t wait for them to see it!”

“Leena, why don’t you wash up. Dinner will be on the table in a few minutes,” Kya called.

“Aw, okay,” Leena sighed, jumping off her father’s lap and back onto the ground before scurrying off into the bathroom.

Ignis sighed and got to his feet.

Kya smiled sadly.

He carefully maneuvered himself back to the kitchen.

“She was really excited to tell you about it,” his wife explained.

“I know and of course I’m proud of her. I only wish I could…. Really see it.”

Kya signed and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. “I know, Iggy. But you know how much pride she takes in explaining and describing things to you.”

Ignis nodded a smile appearing back on his lips. “That she does,” he paused. “I apologize. I’ve just been… feeling rather down about my condition as of late. One would think after 6 years, I would be used to it already.”

“Oh don’t apologize,” Kya shook her head, her tone almost annoyed. “You’re allowed to be frustrated and upset, Ignis,” she reminded him.

He chuckled. “Thank you for reminding me.”

“Anytime,” Kya smiled, kissing Ignis’s lips gently.

felicitybadassmoak  asked:

Hi! I've just found a fic about when felicity left the team arrow for almost 5 years from when the fic was written and then she came back to Oliver because she needed help with her child and oliver didn't know the child was his. I've searched through a lot of tags and everything and now I can't find that fic again 😭 could you help me?

I’ve answered this question before, right here. And I apologize but I’m going to use you as an example.

Because it looks like no one knows how to use our tag page correctly, I’m going to do a brief tutorial of this said ask:

Felicity has a kid, right? 

  • Under Relationships we have a subcategory of  PREGNANCY & PARENTS
  • Options are: Felicity as a parent, Oliver as a parent, Olicity as parents, Pregnant Felicity, and Miscarriage
  • I chose Olicity as parents, looked through all the official recs, and could not find my story. 
  • Next I choose Felicity as a parent. It’s not there either 
  • Back to the tag page, under Details we have a subcategory of  OLIVER’S CHILD and I search through all the OR’s and the story i’m looking for is not there. 
  • Now I go to search box, I type in “Felicity leaves” Nothing comes up
  • “Oliver+kid” brings nothing up
  • “Oliver’s Child” in the search box brings up a lot. however, on the second page, about 5 asks down, is a fic ask very similar to the one  I’m looking for. 

And now you don’t have to ask theolicitylibrary for a fic you’ve already found! 

So please, look through our tags very thoroughly and use multiple search terms. Sometimes synonyms will bring up what you’re looking for. Thanks! 

bloodredmoon87  asked:

Bodyguard scenarios (HAHA LOOK AT ME BEING SUBTLE!), masks, names and address, secret admirers and tattoos for Romanogers, of course. ;)

(for my kink meme)

Okay, so I lagged on writing this and that’s nothing new but, YES THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US BACK TO THE ROYAL ‘VERSE!! Confession: I’ve actually been working on a fic about how Bodyguard Steve and Princess Nat meet and get together and all that jazz, but I keep rewriting everything because I can’t make up my mind! I promise I haven’t forgotten about this ‘verse, though :D

Her gown is a champagne paillette Oscar de la Renta that her parents had made for her to wear to the masquerade, and she knows that it must have an impressive price tag. It’s gorgeous, and she absolutely shouldn’t be tossing it onto the floor of her hotel suite like some dress she picked off a rack, but. She can’t really focus on anything other than Steve’s lips on her skin, kissing down the column of her throat, across her collarbone, above the dip of her breasts, his hands fumbling to tug her dress off. There’s something a little more urgent about the way he’s touching her, a little more forceful, and god, does she love it. Steve is a gentleman through and through, but he’s not afraid to be a little rough with her now that he knows she likes it, and he respects her way too much to treat her like she’d break if he made one wrong move.

And, okay. She knows part of his forcefulness has to do with the fact that he’d spent all night hovering nearby while guys kissed her hand and her cheek and blatantly flirted with her, even though she hadn’t made any advances of her own. She wouldn’t, because she’d never, ever do that to Steve. But it’s not like she can come out and tell everyone that the princess is having an affair with her bodyguard.

God. The media would never let her live that one down.

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“At least Sarada is well behaved. That was all Sakura uwu.”


My dad and sister would sometimes do stuff like this to shut us up too when we were growing up. The difference? My dad and sister couldn’t leave craters in the fucking ground with their bare fists. And you know something? People would always tell my parents what a well behaved child I was. Especially when I’d have to be right next to them. People stopped talking about what a well behaved child I was when this blossomed into a full scale anxiety disorder.

Look at Sarada. She’s terrified and ashamed. For what? Questioning her parents non-existent relationship? She had valid concerns and was seeking answers so what did Sakura do? 

She scared her into silence. She made it clear that asking a simple question is something that can almost get you hit with enough force to tear the fucking ground apart, then just to be sure she changed the subject. I wonder if this is even the first time something like this has happened.

I wonder how much Sarada will confide in mommy dearest in the future?

Risky- Glenn & Maggie

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Could you please do a fic where the reader is like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, when they met she had no parents so they treat her like their own. In the line up Negan chooses Glenn and the reader begs for him to take her instead, and because she’s only a teenager and she shows courage Negan is impressed and takes her instead, and Glenn and Maggie are screaming and crying because there is nothing they can do to stop him, and readers last words are, “I love you, mom and dad”. (I love you) xx”

Word count:

Warnings: someone dies whoops

 starting to make a dent in my requests! :)

Tagging: @zombeeegurl@mrfaiirfiield@supernotnaturalcas@milkyblubberinbox or message me if you’d like to be tagged in upcoming fics! (please specify if you’d like everything or certain characters) 


“No!” You screamed, the weight of your words smashing into you like a train. You sighed, the pent up sadness and agony all releasing from your body at once. Tears rolled down your dirty cheeks.

“Ex-fucking-cuse me?” Negan snapped, his body turning to you within a second. You were bent over, panting from either fear or adrenaline. It was too hard to tell.

“Just..” You sobbed, your body moving forwards with the motion. With your mouth open slightly, you tried to compose yourself enough to talk. “Take me instead. P– Please.” More tears slipped down your cheeks, a whimpers escaping your lips as you shook your head. “Don’t– Don’t kill him. Not him.”

“(Y/N), don’t–” Glenn tried, but Negan cut him off, screaming.

“No! Let her talk. I wanna hear this shit.” He chuckled, swaying Lucille in your face. Maggie’s pleads for you to stop were too quiet to be noticed. She couldn’t watch her family be ripped away– again.  

“Please– Please don’t hurt him. Just kill me, please.” You begged again, causing Negan to chuckle with a hint of evil.

“Jesus, girl.” He laughed, leaning down to your crouched position. He was close to you, so close you could smell his breath. “You really care bout him, don’t you?”

The tears had slowed down, giving you a chance to look him in the eye. No doubt, your eyes would be red and puffy, but it was still a power gesture. Negan scoffed slightly.

“I like you. You got balls.” Negan smiled wickedly. With every breath he exhaled, a puff of steam followed. His body moved back and he was soon standing to his full height. Lucille twirled in his hands, taunting you.

“But,” He continued, the smile dropping from his lips. “You’re risky. You’re a rule-breaker.” He sighed deeply, shaking his head, “I can’t have that. So you need to go.”

Glenn and Maggie were screaming at this point, begging for Negan not to bash your skull in. But it was too late, he’d made his choice.

You turned to them both, whimpering out your last words, “I love you, Mom and Da–”

The bat hit you, harder than you’d ever imagined. You wanted to get up– you were trying to get up– but then Negan hit you again, and everything went black.

I always wear a ring
Right hand
Middle finger
It’s symbolic, I tell my parents
and because my mother still thinks
she raised me with manners
and I hate disappointing her
I don’t mention that it’s also
when I need to flip off the next guy who calls me a prude.

“It’s a thing, a real thing.”
“No, I’m serious!”
“It’s not a choice.”
“The ‘A’ doesn’t stand for ally!”
“I’m older NOW.”


I break down on my mother’s shoulder
crying and letting her rub my knuckle with her thumb
because I know I don’t like boys
and I just got a letter from my best friend
and I miss her so much
and I don’t understand myself
because no one’s ever bothered explaining
what it means to love someone
without wanting to kiss them.

Someone gives me a novel
and the pieces fall together when I read it.
…THAT’S where babies come from?
Why would anyone DO that?
…No, I really don’t think I’ll like it when I’m older.

My friend is going on a date
and all I can think is
“You really wanted to kiss him?”
I start to wonder what I’m not understanding.

I have friends now
and they ask me, giggling,
“Who do you have a crush on?
‘Oh, right,’ I think
remembering books
‘People talk about that sort of thing.’
So I pick at random.
He looks nice and I can make up stories about him.
Isn’t that what everyone else is doing?
(he moves away six months later
I’m happy I never had to kiss him.)

One of the other girls uses the word “hot”
I ask her what it means.
She says “You know” and giggles.
…I really don’t.

Why do people in movies always have to keep kissing?

My parents talk to me
about boys.

I can read books myself now.
People are still kissing.
I still don’t like it.
I miss Aidan at school
because no one else will play tag with me.

Aidan and I are going to get married someday.
We’ll have a trampoline and five dogs
I kiss him on the cheek.
He kisses me on the cheek.
I think we’ll have a wedding without kissing
But lots of cake!

I don’t like kissing stories.
Mom says I will when I’m older.



My parents are planning to support their child
no matter what gender they like to kiss.
They never do realize that ‘none of the above’ is an option.


March 16


“Am I old enough now?”

sasori’s parents are always cute and kind in my head lol they would love sakura a lot… and mebuki hates him by default because everyone!! in suna is conservative republican!!!! and therefore horrible (kizashi and sasori probably bond over terrible puns)

(please view in full size thanks)

It all started with History...

Pairing: teen!Dean x reader
Anon request: Can you do a teen!dean X teen!reader where her parents r out of town and she calls her best friends Dean over to help her study and they end up confessing their feelings for each other and sleeping together (with smut?)
Summary: The reader calls her friend Dean over to help her with History because her parents are out of town, which leads to them having their first, somewhat intimate experience. 
Warnings: Smut, dry humping, male orgasm (yes, not female) tagging @but-deans-back-tho
Words: 1′894

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anonymous asked:

i went to my therapy office for the first time and they had a tangle and fidget cube and ahh they were so good i'm gonna get one

Oh, I’m so glad, anon! Both that you enjoyed them and that toys are being provided for people to use in therapy sessions! I’ve been to five different psychologists, and only the last one caught on to stim toys … because I brought mine in and shared them with her (and gifted her a box of them). Even the psychologist who was the parent of an autistic son never even thought to bring in fidget/stim toys. But in an environment that can be as difficult, strange and emotional as therapy, stim toys are so important, and I am thrilled they are becoming more accessible.

If you need help in hunting these items down, try our tangle and fidget cube tags. There’s several different posts on sources for each of these, especially the Tangles.

But thank you, anon, for sharing with us!

- Mod K.A.

Tag Game

I was tagged by @azxrae - thank you!

🎀 - Are you named after someone?

nope. my parents actually changed their mind on how to name me so I wouldn’t be named after someone. at first I was supposed to be Anita, but there’s a Polish singer with this name and my dad said that people would associate my name w/ her. so they decided on Aneta instead (which is tbh less common than Anita)

🎀 - When was the last time you cried?

I can’t remember the exact day but like two weeks ago or smth I teared up a little because I kinda started thinking about how much I miss my cat :v

🎀 - Do you like your handwriting?

it’s okay but sometimes people have a hard time reading it

🎀 - What is your favourite lunch meat?

do kabanosy count?

🎀 - Do you have kids?

fuck no.

🎀 - If you were a different person, would you be friends with you?

maybe? I’d probably find myself annoying tho.

🎀 - Do you use sarcasm?


🎀 - Do you still have your tonsils?


🎀 - Would you bungee jump?

lmao so actually I was supposed to go bungee jumping quite recently and I already paid for it and everything but then I realized that my spine would most likely not take it very well and I didn’t do the thing :v 
but I’d do it if I were in a better shape than now

🎀 - What’s your favourite cereal?

honey nut corn flakes

🎀 - Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?


🎀 - Do you think you’re a strong person?

I guess? I kinda had to become one to get where I am now

🎀 - What’s your favourite ice cream?

peanut butter or chocolate chip cookie dough or kinder surprise

🎀 - What’s the first thing you notice about someone?

hair maybe?

🎀 - What’s your least favourite physical thing about yourself?

boom crack the sound of my joints ♫ 

🎀 - What colour trousers and shoes are you wearing right now?

black yoga pants and no shoes

🎀 - What are you listening to right now?

DNCE, Nicki Minaj - Kissing Strangers

🎀 - If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?


🎀 - Favourite smell?

coffee? or I have some perfume faves that I like a lot

🎀 - Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

my friend from uni

🎀 - Favourite sport to watch?

corgi racing basketball or volleyball

🎀 - Hair colour?


🎀 - Eye colour?

brown with gray spots.

🎀 - Do you wear contacts?

I’m lucky to have a 20/20 vision so nay

🎀 - Favourite food?

tomato soup

🎀 - Scary movies or comedy?


🎀 - Last movie you watched?

some documentary about Ebola

🎀 - What colour shirt are you wearing?


🎀 - Summer or Winter?

winter! summer is okayish but I hate when it’s really hot

🎀 - Hugs or kisses?


🎀 - Book you’re currently reading?

“Sword of Destiny” by Andrzej Sapkowski. It’s the 2nd book of The Witcher saga.

🎀 - Who do you miss right now?

my cat and maybe some ppl from my high school

🎀 - What’s on your mouse pad?

I don’t use one

🎀 - What’s the last tv program you watched?

House MD

🎀 - What is the best sound?

opening the door w/ my keys when I’m coming home lmao

🎀 - Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

I don’t care aby them tbh

🎀 - What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled?

midwest us and I’m eastern european

🎀 - Do you have a special talent?

sometimes  I draw and the thing actually ends up looking okay?

🎀 - Where were you born?


I’m tagging @furidojasutin​, @achilleanragnor​, @darkmagicianknight (of course only if you want to)

anonymous asked:

You can exist Hayley's tag then since you don't like her anymore. She is never going to love Klaus the way you want her too, trying to use Hope for your agenda is trying. Klaus was not weak like Elijah was so with him going into the pendant there was more of a chance of him being brought back out then his brother. And Klaus wasn't going to let his brother die, if you thought otherwise then idk what show you've been watching. Hope knows how much Elijah means to both her parents.

  1. I’m not using Hope let’s stop with this, Please. Thanks.
  2. Why are you putting this on the ship side? What’s your problem with Hayley caring for Klaus? Because she cares as you can clearly see in this season.
  3. I’M GONNA SAY THIS ONCE AGAIN. I LOVE HAYLEY AND THE FACT THAT I DISLIKED HOW SHE ACTED IN THIS ONE DECISION DOESN’T MALE ME AN ANTI-HAYLEY PERSON. NEVER EVER GONNA BE ONE. So I’m gonna stay in the hayley tag forgive me If I love her. When I love a character it doesn’t mean I have to agree with each one of her decision!
  4. Never spoke about Klaus because it’s totally different, because there was no chance in the world that he would let Elijah go. Klaus can’t live in a world without his big bro. That’s what I think about it.
  5. About Hope and her uncle well I’ll be happy to see more of Hope ideas’ about her uncle, like does she know that her mum loves him? A child always want his parents together so I’m curios about how she will react or how she reacted If she already knows. But we didn’t get nothing of an Hope- Elijah dynamic until now. It’s a pity. Let’s hope for more.

something that i don’t think straight people understand abt carol 2015 dir. todd haynes is that the choice given to carol by harge is no choice at all. even if harge didn’t require the kind of playacting and emotional labor that he demands from carol when they’re “reconciling,” even if carol weren’t being sent to conversion therapy as a requirement of that reconciliation, life lived in the closet can be phenomenally brutalizing. the psychological and emotional demands of living a closeted life can be devastating–and since harge does require carol to playact the role of wife for him, and since he does require her to go to conversion therapy to “fix” her homosexuality, imagine how much more devastating it is for carol.

like, straight ppl seem to see it as, “she just has to be nice to harge, and then he’ll let her see rindy, so why does she give up custody at the end of the movie?” no. what harge wants and has wanted the whole movie is for carol to kill a part of herself so that they can go back to playing happy families, so he can have what he wants, regardless of carol’s well-being. carol’s choice to give up custody at the end of the movie is a choice to prioritize her own psychological well-being over the demands harge and society overall placed on her. her decision is made because she’d rather be a safe, healthy parent at a distance than a fractured, broken, and bitter parent up close.

I like her and my parents don’t know because I’ve replayed their cries of shame in my brain over and over till my head exploded and decided what’s left unsaid won’t kill them like it’s killed me and I don’t need blood on these small hands of mine I use to stroke her cheek.
I like her and her parents don’t know because she wears dresses so pink like the champagne they drink and wipe their tears with hundred dollar bills and don’t like that I pick her up in jeep and not a limousine like the boy who took her to prom and smacked a fake smile on her face with her favorite color flowers.
I like her and she knows because we spend weekends in the back of my jeep where my hands stroke her cheek and the air freshener smells like her favorite color flowers and I kiss her to the melody of bubble gum pop songs that taste like her lip gloss and told her I loved her when I was tipsy off champagne she stole from her parents.
I love her and she knows because I thought about my parents cries when it rained that day I confessed it to her and I knew it’d be okay because rain washes blood off my hands that’s red like her lips when she kissed me and whispered she loved me back.
—  “She’s my loudest secret” - Angie P
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Name: Jaclyn

Nickname: Jackin, Jackie,  jack, jalin, Jacquelyn , Jacquelin 

Starsign: Taurus 

Sexual orientation: Straight

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, but Hufflepuff is in a  mix. I never really read Harry Potter, because of my parents but I have many friends who gladly give away info abut it and took quizzes.

Favorite color: the spectrum of pink to red. 

Cats or dogs: I can’t decide I love them both.  I’m leaning on to cats for right now but dogs are amazing …

Favorite fictional characters: this is like asking a mother who is her favorite child.

When was this blog created: February 25, 2017 

Number of followers: 36

When did this blog reach its peak: not yet

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Are you named after someone? - one of my middle names is Maria which was my grandmother’s name! she was born on july 22, 1899 and i was born on august 22, 1999 so my parents picked her name 

When was the last time you cried? - not sure, i don’t cry very often but it was probably over something dumb because of hormones tbh 

Do you like your handwriting? - yeah it’s usually pretty nice, it can get messy though What is your favourite lunch meat? - calebrase or leberkäse!! 

Do you have kids? - noooo and not planning on it 

If you were another person, who would you be friends with? - i’d still want to be friends with my best friend from school, but other than that maybe like daniel ricciardo or pascal wehrlein because i think we’d get along 

Do you use sarcasm? - yeeees 

Do you still have your tonsils? - ye 

Would you bungee jump? - yeah i would!! i think i’d prefer skydiving but sure 

Favourite cereal? - rice krispies probably 

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? - lmao no never 

Do you think you’re a strong person? - physically? yes sort of. working on it at least. and i guess mentally i would say yes as well at least for the most part 

What is your favourite ice cream? - mint chocolate chip or fruit sherbet 

What is the first thing you notice about people? - usually what they look like and how they act, like what their attitude is or if they’re confident 

What is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? - i get SO much acne and i hate it, also the little areas of fat that won’t go away on my hips and arms 

What colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now? - light blue boyfriend jeans and no shoes bc im at home 

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? - maybe periwinkle or peach!! im not sure but those are my favourites 

Favourite smell? - chanel jersey, or the smell of rain 

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? - my best friend 

Favourite sport to watch? - definitely f1 

Hair colour? - dark blonde ish 

Eye colour? - hazel/grey 

Do you wear contacts? - ye 

Favourite food to eat? - kartoffelsalat or apfelstrudel or seafood 

Scary movies or comedy? - comedy 

Last movie you watched? - i don’t watch a ton of movies, maybe the heat?

What colour shirt are you wearing? - white lace and i’m wearing my grey cheer hoodie over that 

Summer or winter? - summer for sure 

Hugs or kisses? - both if they’re from the right person, probably kisses though 

What book are you currently reading? - none tbh, i tried to re read great expectations a few days ago but kinda gave up 

What do you miss right now? - f1, what do i do on my weekends now 

What is on your mouse pad? - do people still have mouse pads? 

What is the last programme you watched? - i have greys on in the background right now 

What is the best sound? - rain when you’re falling asleep or a v12 engine

Rolling Stones or The Beatles? - i don’t listen to either so i have no idea

What is the furthest you have ever traveled? - either hawaii or vienna but i’m not sure which is further

Where were you born? - Calgary, Alberta

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have a gentle psa from someone feeling less-than-gentle

QUICK REMINDER: #nsfw stands for not safe for work, the concept that if you were scrolling through your dashboard in a public place, you can block things you wouldn’t wish for people to look over your shoulder and see.

as much as this website loves feminist statements and “breaking out of society’s mold”, #nsfw content INCLUDES: gore. sex. ~heated scenes~. lingerie. nudity.

these (and more) are all things i’ve seen people refuse to tag as nsfw for whatever reason (”it’s not sex” “they aren’t naked” “nudity is something we shouldn’t be ashamed of!!!” etc) and i’m here to tell you:

  • if you forget to tag something, you don’t suck. 
  • if you blatantly refuse to tag something that someone considers nsfw, especially if they’ve asked you to correct it, you suck. 
  • if you don’t use the #nsfw tag because you have ~your own fancy tag~ with 5 symbols that probably says “desires” in three different fonts or something, YOU SUCK

don’t argue with me. just tag things that are nsfw with #nsfw. if you’re not sure, tag it to be safe. if you’re not sure, think “would i be comfortable with my parents seeing this? would i be comfortable with my boss seeing this?” 

just tag it. PLEASE.

— sincerely, a 16 year old girl that doesn’t want that material on her dashboard, and can no longer use tumblr around her parents in fear that they’ll see something they consider inappropriate.