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(A/N): I honestly love protective steve so much

Request: Can you write a StevexReader story where the reader is at college and has to work as stripper to get the money for it because her parents won’t pay it? And Steve sees her as Tony tracks him there one day to make him lose his virginity. And some guy starts to be rude to her and Steve comes to protect her?

Warnings: none

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   “You gotta get some experience Cap,” Tony mutters as he shakes his head, stuffing his hands in his pocket as they pass by the retro Strip Club, one that had ladies dating back to all sorts of times. You had your classic 80′s rocker, the 90′s grunge, the 70′s disco, the 60′s flower child, and Tony’s personaly favorite the 1940′s showgirl. “It’s completely authentic Cap, it’ll be reminiscent!” 

   “I don’t remember any strip clubs back in my day, “ Steve mutters as he nearly throws open the door, the old piece of wood smacking against the equally old brick. With an angry sigh he stuffed his hands into his pants pocket as he trudged into the club, his gaze raking over all the different girls. It was obviously a break of some sort for they had all congregated in the front room, not in their individual blast from the past showrooms. All the girls, some of them the drapper 30′s girls straight to the early 2000′s ones all sat around, either smoking or drinking, maybe chatting with one another. Every pair of eyes land on the two as they walk in and Steve can practically feel them undressing him on the spot. 

   “Hey girls!” Tony calls out boisterously, waving flirtatiously to some of the strippers. “We could a little problem here,” 

   “We’re on lunch break, sorry,” One of the girls gives him a small smile as she takes a drag from her cigar. If Steve guessed right she looked like she belonged to the 70′s era. 

   “Would uh- this convince you otherwise?” Tony waves a wad of cash in the air, watching as the girls followed his hand hungrily. 

   “Hm…” One of the girls rose from her seat, showcasing her rather voluptuous form. “I’m sure I could work on Mr. Tall and Blonde for ya,” She sways her hips as she walks towards the two, stopping just in front of Steve. “He’s pretty cute if I do say so myself,” 

   “Tony-” Steve begins, casting his friend a side glance when he stopped, his eyes catching onto one of the girls lingering in a corner, sitting by herself but still there. The dark of the room almost shadowed them but Steve would recognize that face anywhere. “(Y/N),” Steve sounds just the tiniest bit confused, his brows furrowed as he gazed into the corner. Tony perks up a bit too, his gaze travelling over the girls until they landed on the shadowy figure in the corner. 

   “Well I’ll be damned,” Tony chuckles, stuffing his money away as he made his way towards (Y/N)’s table. “Looks like we got yourselves quite the showgirl,” Tony clicks his tongue as he takes a seat right next to (Y/N), giving them a sort of twisted smile. “How perfect for our very own Captain America,” 

    “Leave me alone Tony,” (Y/N) mutters, folding her arms over her chest as she huffed just a bit. Even in the poor lighting Steve could see how exhausted (Y/N) looked, not even her copious amount of makeup could cover up just how tired she was. 

   “I’ve got money (Y/N) and if you’re working here you obviously need it-” 

   “Tony,’ Steve warns, his tone light for now. 

   “I just want to know why our precious little (Y/N) is out here, working that pert little ass off for money when she doesn’t need it,” (Y/N) bites her lip, blushing just the tiniest bit. “You’re so conservative at the tower, always covering up, damn- I didn’t even know you looked this good,” Tony licks his lips, allowing his gaze to travel up and down (Y/N)’s exposed body. 

   “Tony, that’s enough,” Steve growls, his patience running thin. “(Y/N) must have a good reason for working here, right?’ Steve looks to her, hoping his gaze was sympathetic. (Y/N) looks at Steve with almost shame filled eyes as she nods her head. 

   “I need the money for college, I can’t pay with a regular job but working here is sufficing,” 

   “You know,” Tony leans forward, getting way too close to (Y/N) to Steve’s liking. “If you gave me my own private little show I’m sure I could pay you those college loans for ya,” Tony’s lips brush against (Y/N)’s ear and the flinch, her face taking up an expression of both horror and distaste. 

   “Tony, stop-” (Y/N) whispers, attempting to push away from the man but he remained steadfast, quickly grabbing onto (Y/N) to keep her in place. That was all Steve needed to rip Tony away from (Y/N) and shove him against the wall, his elbow digging into his throat. 

   “When a woman tells you to stop you better fucking stop, got that?” Steve growls, pushing his elbow against Tony’s neck even more. The man coughs and chokes, clawing at Steve’s arm to let him go. Somewhere behind him the girls are all whispering about Steve and Tony and no doubt (Y/N) as well. “Do you understand Stark?” Tony nods weakly, clutching at Steve’s arm fruitlessly. With an angry grunt Steve let Tony fall to the floor, instead turning to (Y/N) to ask if she was okay. 

   “Are you okay?” Steve asks, his tone much lighter than it had been a few seconds ago. (Y/N) nods meekly, pursing her lips as she does. 

   “Wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened to me,” (Y/N) smiles sadly and Steve can nearly feel his heart break. 

   “When do you get off work doll?” The nickname slides from his lips easily, almost unconsciously. (Y/N) smiles just a bit, rubbing at her arms in the chill of the club. 

   “A few minutes actually,” 

   “How bout you get dressed and I can take you out to that cafe you like so much?” (Y/N) smiles even more as she nods, her spirits slowly but surely rising. 

   “I’d love that,” (Y/N) brushes past Steve, stopping by his side to give his cheek one little peck, one that had Steve’s cheeks ablaze and his heart hammering. 

   “Thanks Stevie,” (Y/N) whispers, their lips brushing against his cheek with each word. “I think I owe you your own private show sometime,” Steve’s cheeks flush even more, and he swears his heart presses against his chest with how fast it’s beating. 

   “Let me take you on a few dates first,” Steve smiles sheepishly. (Y/N) only smiles, nodding their head as they do. 

   “Cafe is date number one, bookstore is the second one next week, that okay with you?” Steve nods, a little unbelieving chuckle falling from his lips. 

   “That’s perfectly fine with me,” 


Continued my work with problematic™ genealogy. What is probably happen to be not really genealogical, because I am a freak when want to squeeze everyone in. 

• Deleted lines between Senya and Valkorion expect the one, that is showing them as parents of Vaylin, Arcann and Thexan. 
• Added Commander and tried to work with his changelings abilitites by giving him a mask. And putting caf in descriptions.
• Also added Dramath as actual father and “spiritual” grandfather both.
• And Tayleen. Not sure about how I must draw her and also about their and Thexan status. 
• Also you can see my favorite Knight being very loyal.

According to masterpost and my memory there are also Heskal, Hylo, Blizz, Koth, T7, Rammas, Lana, Theron, Skadge and Aygo.
And I know how I can add Rammas, Heskal, Hylo, Aygo, Lana and Theron.
And probably Koth. 
But can’t came up with ways for others. 

Probably I should stahp right there? Before it turns into one big mess?

anonymous asked:

I don't get why people don't get lizzy's character, like now that she does everything she can to see him happy again( she thinks it's because his parents are dead that he isnt happy anymore) people call her stupid or childish when she's just 14??

Hey Anon and honestly?


Like, I could speak about this subject for hours, I already did in the past more than once, but in a few months we would have the same kind of posts you are referring to showing up in the tags again so frankly  ¯ ¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯ ¯   

I’m really sorry for the rather… morbid tone Anon, I know you did nothing to deserve it, but seriously, if people want to misread or mischaracterize Lizzie that’s really none of my problem; they’re missing out on a great character so it’s their loss not mine. 

I personally consider that I understand what she’s like, what her qualities and flaws are, what kind of issues she has with Ciel and how I’m hoping she’ll develop, and I even wrote posts before to try and help others understand her better (since many had troubles with her before the Campania arc), but there will always be people unable to understand her, so I can’t do more than what I already wrote or reblogged on the subject of her characterization. 

Now though, since you went through the trouble of sending an ask, I might as well do a quick recap about the basis on Lizzie’s character, by precising that all this is actually understandable through a simple reading of the manga:

  • For people who think Lizzie is stupid/childish/immature -> wrong/biased idea. 

She’s beyond mature considering her age, her position, her relationship to Ciel and her personal issues about herself. 

I think one look at the flashback during the campania arc is enough to say just how fast she had to grow up because she was to be the Watchdog’s wife

even if, unlike Ciel, she still has the luck to have a supporting family.

A good example of immaturity and childishness in this manga would be Charles Grey.

  • For people who think Lizzie is selfish because she wants the old Ciel back and doesn’t understand how much he suffers -> obviously we don’t read the same manga.

First of all, Lizzie doesn’t understand what Ciel went through or how much he suffers simply because he refuses to address this subject with everyone.

Second thing, it’s obviously not a good thing but Lizzie defines her entire self according to (what she believes are) Ciel’s vision and wishes, meaning: 

  1. she loathed her strength for years and was unable to assume who she really was because he said he didn’t like strong women. 
  2. She doesn’t wear high heels because she feels she might hurt his feelings.
  3. She’s only after his happiness because she’s happy when he’s happy.
  4. She trained so hard even though she hated her strength and fencing (and was afraid he would not marry her) because she knew she had to protect him.

- “Lizzie is selfish” -> no.
- “Lizzie wants the old Ciel back” -> she never even implied it during a single panel in 23 volumes, especially not since this Ciel accepted her true self during the Campania arc.
- “She doesn’t understand how much he suffers” -> She gets he isn’t happy because of that one month but he won’t tell her why.

And here’s the minimal to remember when it comes to Lizzie’s self issues:

  • Before the campania arc: she thought Ciel was afraid of strong women and as such would hate her and refuse to marry her if he were to discover she was “like her mom”. 
  • After the campania arc: she fears she’s not strong enough to protect Ciel and make him happy, because she can only imagine that he went through something beyond awful (besides his parents’ death) if he’s the way he is today.

And that’s when the current arc rolls in.

TL;DR Anon, if people laugh and call her character childish/annoying/blah blah, let them. The way she was raised and everything she was taught from her very young age were all for her future as the wife of the Queen’s watchdog, so she would be a good support to Ciel

Lizzie isn’t the only one to get mischaracterized anyway. In one post like those you are complaining about, someone said about Ciel that he “rather dealt well with the scars of his past” and LMAO, apparently some people forgot the PSTD episode of the GW arc as well as how much Ciel lies to himself, so you see, that’s not just Elizabeth.

I hope it helps Anon, sorry again for the tone and don’t bother with people who mischaracterize her, okay?

Have a nice day. :)

Am I the only one who is kinda glad that Cassian and Jyn died on Scarif, if only because it means they can’t be Rey’s parents? 

As much as I love Rebelcaptain and have been obsessively checking the AO3 tag daily, that would be beyond cruel of the Star Wars universe to have Jyn end up abandoning her daughter (by choice or otherwise) like she was abandoned.  

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6:23 pm Been hiding downstairs from my family because I can't stand the misgendering anymore and it hurts so much. Can't even tell the step-grandparents because they won't understand. I can't stand being called a 'her' or a 'she' anymore. It hurts.

I’m so sorry about this, stay strong, hopefully they will understand soon! It’s so difficult to help with I wish I could talk to your parents for you, you don’t deserve it! I can’t wait for this generation to be parents we will all be so understanding..

I’m still angry that Mystique and Azazel are Nightcrawler’s canon parents.

Chris Claremont originally intended Mystique to be Nightcrawler’s father, because Destiny was her One True Love and shapeshifting gives you a pretty awesome set of options when it comes to things you can do with your girlfriend. Marvel nixed that idea before it could go to print, but it couldn’t stop us on Halloween.

so dani-paradise tagged me in the sims music tag (created by dreamteamsims) forever ago and i finally did it after forgetting about it for 32 years ~_~

“It’s simple, choose one or more of your characters, make a playlist for them and tag a few more people so we can all discover awesome music! Feel free to choose as many songs as you want.”

rooney’s playlist:

  1. rooney - when did your heart go missing?
  2. françoise hardy - le temps de l’amour
  3. mitski - first love / late spring
  4. el perro de mar - how did we forget
  5. feist - l’amour ne dure pas toujours
  6. say anything - a walk through hell
  7. marvin gaye - too busy thinking bout my baby
  8. foals - birch tree
  9. panic! at the disco - she had the world
  10. matt & kim - lessons learned

and if you wanna listen to it consecutively, i made it an actual playlist right here on 8tracks! <3 it’s only 30 minutes long and makes for good background music ^_^

i tag: @simmertimes, @buttersim@spellbursts, @erinthesimmer, @bluebellsims, @foxy-sims, @blurredsims@grammcorrsims@xicemilktea & @nerdieplumbs 

(but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, and if you wanna do it but i haven’t tagged you, pretend i did and do it anyway :* )

say the word, and we’ll find a way [fic]

Here’s another fic for my birthday week! This is a single parents AU bc duh. Don’t forget that I’ve got a new multi-chap fic coming out Wednesday, and you can find sneak peeks somewhere in my writing tag for it!

Thank you so much to seawedebrain for being a hella awesome beta. I would be garbage without you, Shay.

say the word, and we’ll find a way


It must be the hormones that are driving her crazy because she’s not usually one to openly drool over a very hot guy.

But goddamn, this guy is gorgeous. He’s tall, and he has black hair. And good god, he must work out every single day because he’s fucking ripped and she wonders what his arms would feel like if they were holding her up against the wall while he—

She takes a sip of her water. Yep. It’s definitely the hormones.

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You know what I’d love?

Snow and Emma scenes. Charming and Emma scenes. Henry and Emma scenes. Can I have more of these Emma interactions without Regina being pigeon-holed into them? We’ve already gotten a few different scenes in season 6 of Regina/Snow and Regina/Snowing scenes and it’s frustrating because I think Emma’s relationship with her parents needs some major repairs done to it and at this point I just can’t see it happening. They keep opening the wound to just stick an artificial band-aid on it, thinking it makes everything okay.

It doesn’t. There’s a lot of things that have been left unsaid all the way back to season 3 and it’s ridiculous that instead of working on their relationship with their daughter, Snow and Charming have taken to coddling the person who was responsible for keeping them separated.

Stuff it Dory.

I’m beginning to think that being a host is the most stressful job in a restaurant. It’s the only job I can think of where you catch hell for doing your job correctly, incorrectly, or seat too quickly or too slowly (because obviously the host controls the flow of fucking time - if I controlled fucking time I’d go back in time and give some people’s parent’s pamphlets on birth control) or for seating people who don’t tip as though I can see a walking soup kitchen advertisement waddle in wearing sweatpants and tell them they have to get take out.

I have a server who I call Dory. Dory is usually nice, but much like the Finding Nemo character (who I love) she can’t remember much past her name and maybe that’s only because it’s pinned to her shirt - when she remembers her name tag. Dory forgets a lot of shit, and it costs her in tips. Dory blames other people for her lack of success instead of realizing that it’s her own damn fault and asking for help and trying to imporve or finding more suitable work, such as in government.

Tonight the Final Four was on. This area is really big into college basketball. Which means that every bar in the area - especially mine - fills early and stays full. 

My first - and for a time greatest - annoyance was a gentleman who came in after tip-off for the first game and demanded to be sat immediately. 

Me: I have no table to seat you at.
Him: This is bullshit I have hungry kids and I know you can seat me I see an empty table.
Me: Yes, sir, I am aware there is an empty table. That table is reserved for the party that has been on the wait list for 30 minutes now. We just paged them.
Him: Well give me their table.
Me: I’m sorry sir, I can’t do that.
Him: Well I’m just going to go sit there because what the fuck can you do about it?
Me: Sir, that table is reserved for the people who have already been waiting. Now if you want I can add you to the li-
Him: Wha-
Me: OUT. I’m done with your rudeness. Please return another time. For tonight, however, you will not be getting food here.
Him: But-
Me: Good night sir.

He stupidly grabbed his shitty kids by the wrists and left, and a couple of the other people who had been patiently waiting sat there and told me they loved how I handled that because nobody likes a rude blowhard. Had he asked for a manager I’d probably have been written up or fired and he could have sat on the manager’s face for dinner because that’s how corporate wants it.

But Dory was in peak form tonight and thus earns my WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL WORKING HERE award for the evening.

Dory missed a table. And by missed I mean she never greeted them, and certainly didn’t take an order or get drinks. How do I know Dory missed a table? Because they came back up to the podium - and by this point all I had to do was tell people that they’re probably not getting a table any time soon and with 3 hosts on…well I had some free time.

I told them I’d find them a server right off. When I asked Dory if she could get to the table she told me that she deliberately didn’t serve them because they don’t tip. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for shitty service for shitty tippers (defined by somebody who gets great service and still leaves under 15% because most likely they’re just awful people) so don’t think her behavior isn’t something I’ve never considered. I’ve just never done it because while I’m not above treating some useless asshole like the trash they are unfortunately I do have to give them at least some level of service (bad is a level, right?)

Me: Are you taking them?
Dory: No.
Me: I’ll find another server to take it then.

Every other server was “too busy.” And by too busy I mean gossiping and concentrating on their 3-piddly-table sections and watching the game. 

So, in traditional John “fuck you all” Server fashion, I just took the table myself.

And immediately had to comp them an app because they started off pissed that they had to wait. I told the manager, who was also engrossed in the game, and he didn’t even question it. Of course, he didn’t go actually touch the table when I told him what happened either.

Anyway, these people told me (and filled out a stupid survey right at the table…which gets me a pat on the back and nothing else) that I gave them the best damn service they’ve ever had here. 

And then tipped me $45 on their $127 check. Wait…I thought these people didn’t tip. OH WAIT THEY FINALLY GOT GOOD SERVICE FROM SOMEBODY WHO KNEW WHAT THE HELL THEY WERE DOING AND GAVE A SHIT ABOUT DOING IT RIGHT.

But Dory wasn’t done. After the rush (see also: final game) ended, the place emptied out within about 10 minutes. I had cleaned the booth up and long ago done my side work and was getting my coat to leave when here comes Dory, looking smug as a dog who had gotten into the recycling AGAIN and got away with it.

Dory: I told you those people don’t tip!
Me: Yeah you did tell me that.
Dory: Did they leave you anything?
Me: Yeah.
Dory: How much? Couple bucks?
Me: 45.
Me: Dory?
Dory: Yeah?
Me: Cram it up your ass.

And then I clocked out and left. And then realized I’d actually called her Dory and she responded. That part I liked. 

And then I got a call from a manager telling me I’m not allowed to take tables. I told him that was fine by me. 

Next time I’ll send a manager to the table and screw off at the podium.

I’m now accepting results (if any) from the Restaurant and Retail Challenge 3. I said I’d participate, and I did, I’ll post the results in a couple days, though mine are a bit skewed since I did get fired and all. -J

“Please don’t be sad…”

She is a Queen, she is an Angel.

We are all equal and we should honor those who we are and who are the others. Leelah suffered a lot because of parents who don´t understood her and who failed to love such a wonderful person, who had a beautiful life ahead. Understand. Supports. Respects. Love. It is the best way we can honor the memory of Leelah.

I hope I have done justice to her and where she is, smile because all the beautiful tributes that all have been doing.

If you want to support organizations in favor of transgender, here is the post. Love everyone as equal.

“You messed the end up here. Now I have to change it.“

Erm, no Booth, you better not have changed it!!! What could be a more fitting end to this video for Christine, than this honest, beautiful live display of love between her parents?!

The tackle hug is such a wonderful moment- Brennan is so overcome with emotion and she just has to let him know how much he means to her.

And look at that face!!!! That’s what love looks like! (Of course Booth’s speech was amazing and it makes me super emotional but I won’t go into that now because otherwise I’ll be here all day, lol.)

(Also, I love that in the video you can see Brennan’s adorable little head in the background, lol <3)


2K15 six selfie tag thing tagged by @cishetwhitemales and @fineartwhore

all i can really say rn is… wow haha

man oh man

the first two pictures were from late 2K14 but i included them because that was around the start of my senior year of high school. so many changes… 

i had just regained my best friend back after allegations of lesbianism and pedophilia were made against us by the “higher members” of our religion. the decision had been made between them and her parents after invading the privacy of our text messages which they interpreted as a homosexual relationship. granted, we were both bi {i was biromantic asexual at the time} but we weren’t into each other that way. we were just really intimate friends. close friends. but y’know everyone assumes that if you’re gay then you must be a pedophile, too. :) no one had spoken to me, had tried to get my perspective on things… and as far as my best friend was concerned, they just saw her as a hypersexual pedophilic bisexual slut that needed to be shut down. 

so they had us separated and neither of us were allowed contact for about 6 months to a year i think. it was after all that that i really started to question what i believed in and what i stood for. who God was and if i wanted to be apart of his “will”. before i had taken a back seat when it came to feminism and pro-blackness on Tumblr, just viewing it as a spectator, scoping things out. my religion is very homo and transphobic, racism “doesn’t exist”, slut shaming is rampant, gender roles are highly enforced, and you are not allowed to have any part in trying to change the government because “man is imperfect and cannot change the system of things without ultimately God interfering”. we were also supposed to be “separate from the world” which discouraged freedom of expression through clothing. so with having all of those dogmas pressing down against my brain, i was very cautious about everything and i denied my heart.

but at the end of the day, i am an artist and i was constantly finding creative ways to get around things. my faux septum in the first pic really worried some people of my religion haha. my mom just told them that it was my “artistic alter ego” so that folks wouldn’t pry, but that wasn’t an alter ego or some character. that was me. i liked piercings, i couldn’t have any real ones so i made my own. and as the year went on, i continued to experiment with fashion and dressing the way i wanted… sometimes dressing less, wearing shorter dresses and wearing fishnet and collars and things. just as a person i become more and more accepting and i took a more active approach in feminism which eventually became womanism as i accepted pro-blackness and the progression of poc. i was more open with discussing topics like race and misogyny, and soon the rights of the lgbtq+ community. 

a couple months before the fifth picture was taken, gay people in the United States were granted the right the freely marry. i was so excited and proud that day! i had been at work. i worked at a variety and novelty store where we had happened to sell gay pride flags and so many people came in to buy them and i spoke to them and it was the most beautiful thing ever. my place of work was in Midtown Atlanta which is known for its gay pride anyway. and there was this huge parade and parties going on and restaurants and other establishments were having celebrations. but as it went on i grew sadder and sadder. because even though i was biromantic asexual and was technically apart of the lgbtq+ community… i couldn’t be. because my religion and the Bible was against that, and to openly show these people and this cause support would be blasphemy against God. i couldn’t get married to someone of the same sex and i couldn’t show support for others like me.

it was then that i realized that i was apart of this community and this is where i wanted to be. in the fifth picture was when i actively began noticing that i wasn’t all the way “cis” and that maybe i wasn’t just a girl {i was a boy that day} because i had just really began understanding the concept of transgender. i knew that with all these changes and with me finally coming to accept myself and others that i could no longer claim this religion. and y’know what? i didn’t want to. i was done trying to sneak ways in to influence them all to become more accepting. trying to find ways to be a “conservative” supporter because ultimately i wasn’t. i was in this and i was damn passionate about it and i wanted with every fire that lit my hear to be apart of it. in the sixth, i am happy to say that i am an unapologetically pro-black womanistic genderfluid black agnostic witch {who went by he/him pronouns that night}. by the start of 2K16, i will be able to be freely and openly me as i will no longer be living under my parents’ roof. i will be starting my freshmen year of college where i can pursue any course of life that resonates with my soul. i will continue to spread love and creativity and remain on the pursuit of knowledge, acceptance, and justice.

and i want to thank all of you for sticking with me. i swear to you that i’m here for you. i’m listening to you. i am fighting for you to be simply and beautifully. why? because i love you. and i always have. :)

personal thanks to the og, my senpai, the first woman i developed a real crush on and the one who started it all @pervyguru. i was so enchanted by you that i wanted to impress you and be apart of everything you were into esp. pro-blackness and spirituality. and you also rekindled my interest in manga and anime. :P i don’t slut shame anymore because of her. she helped pave the way to me becoming more accepting because she was unlike any person i’ve ever known. also thanking @onyourtongue, @proteinpills, @localhipsterruinseverything, @marfmellow, @luhshawnay, @hantisedeloubli, @babeobaggins, @sensitiveblackperson, @2jam4u, @black–lamb, @girlswamp @freetinking, @iluvgirls34@welp-i-tried, and @last-on-your-lips for both separately and collectively educating me on racism, pro-blackness, colorism and my lightskint privilege, the fluidity and concept of gender and sexuality, sex work and putting an end slut shaming, spirituality, religion, and witchraft, fat and body positivity, mental illness (and how it doesn’t make me less of who i am) and physical disabilities, and ultimately showing respect and taking a stand. you have all been a very important influence on the person that i am today and you best believe that i am going to continue to become this badass individual and spread this knowledge and love and demand justice and respect… i just can’t describe how amazing things are going to be and how i am going to be a force in the wave of change that all you are apart of. just thank you. i am so glad to be joining all of you. :)

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The Elite and Maxon as Little Kids!!

America: Constantly banging on the piano, and her hair is always a mess.

Celeste: Smears her moms makeup all over her face and looks into the mirror and asks herself “Am I pretty yet?” “Yes I am!”

Marlee: Makes friends and talks to everyone she sees, including the squirrels.

Kriss: Always drawing all over the walls, and always has a book in her hand.

Elise: Never says much at all, and spends the days perfecting herself in every way.

Natalie: Never has both shoes on, and runs around constantly getting lost from her parents with her sister Lacey.

Maxon: In attempt for friends has a bunch of imaginary ones, and runs around creating any mischief he can.

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I am so done with people in this fandom trying to tag taylor in posts begging her for free tickets. If you want to go to a show you are going to pay for the tickets. Save your money or help out your parents by giving up your allowance, or do housework for free but its so annoying when people think they can get tickets for free.
How would you feel if you worked hours and hours and saved your money to get a mediocre seat at a concert, only to watch someone get free tickets for being all charmimg on the internet? While this is not my experience (I was very fortunate because my parents bought our tickets) I definitely know people who have worked and saved to get these tickets. You’re not entitled to a ticket from Taylor if you act all cutesy online or some shit. You want to go? Start saving money and stop actinglike you can get this for free.


Nothing Without Love: 2x01 - The Portal Scene

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One of my favorite Swan Queen scenes is the one in 2x01 in which Regina manages to open a portal with Emma’s help.

In 2x01 we see for the first time that Emma cares about Regina and her safety: she saves her from an angry mob and promises her that she won’t let the wraith kill her.

This promise really astounds Regina who probably assumed Emma would side with her parents and let her die. But Emma is determined to keep the former Evil Queen safe because Henry asked her to. I assume that Henry isn’t the only reason she’s doing this but surely the main. In any case Emma made a promise that she indends to keep(just like in S4). 

When the hat isn’t working, Emma instinctively grabs Regina’s arm. This somehow opens the portal, which surprises both of them greatly(just look at their precious “Oh shit, I think we might be gay for each other” faces). True Love is the most powerful magic of all and strong enough to transcend realms. In S1 Regina used Daniel’s ring to activate the hat. And now a portal is opened by Emma simply touching Regina. The latter knows about the power of true love(but has no idea (at that time) that Emma has magic too ), which explains her shock. Maybe she wonders if they have a special connection based on true love.

Well anyway, while Regina and Emma are still standing around in shock, the wraith attacks. Once again Emma saves Regina and is thus pulled into the portal by the creature. She sacrifices herself for Regina in a way(another parallel to S4). Regina is shocked by Emma’s actions and imo her facial expression isn’t the one of someone who doesn’t care about the savior at all or wants her dead.

On the contrary, she’ll play a huge part in bringing back Emma and Snow later.

So yeah, I like this scene because I think it shows us how these two slowly start caring about each other.

But enough of me. I’m curious to hear what your favorite Swan Queen moments are snowwhitely , nadiiselsil , badwolfkaily , swanmills-kingdom , swan-queen-is-magic