tagging her art

I’ve been wanting to draw these two together for a while and it’s @spoopy-eneko’s birthday so I figured I’d make a birthday gift out of it!! Go wish em a happy birthday <3

Scruf Vulcan - The Blacksmith

Scruf is a resident of Toon Town ever since his creation. Do not let yourself fool by his smile, he is the type of guy that just enjoys to push people’s buttons to no end, he describes himself as someone always in the tightrope. He is rowdy, endangering others with his violent, “friendly” rough-housing. He lives in the edge of the Town, but is rarely at home, he is what you can literally call a “street cat”. Master of elabotare jokes and crafting, something left behind by his creator to him, he does not talk about that or even works with it anymore… For now.

The second one for the mafia AU from @eliana55226838 and also one more cat for the cat army of the fandom

she’s trying her best


some more ddadds! i love when my favs are each others favs too. also when i was looking up refs to see how big i could conceivably make duchess i learned that the average adult english mastiff weighs between 130 and 220 lbs and i feel like this information has changed my life permanently

hey so uh. travis 100% based his new taz character on nadiya from the great british bake off right
like he did that
and i will be very disappointed if she doesn’t say this at least once

Galra Pidge to help cheer up @leafbo-i, who sent me the nicest, purest ask a few weeks back.

we all had that one friend who wasn’t allowed to read books because of their devil religion amiright