tagging gets annoying sometimes

people get so upset when they post their negative and unwanted shit opinions in a tag that is for certain ships, or characters THAT people go to and search up to enjoy the content and not see people bashing it, like the triggered asshats are, and then when someone comments about how they don’t wanna see negative things, the idiots get pissed and defensive?

it’s 2k17 and i thought everyone knew that you can’t post anti-thiam or anti-jikook or anti-any ship and/or character *cough*theo*cough* without it showing up in the thiam, jikook, taekook, theo, kpop ship, YouTuber ship, tv show, or whatever fandom tag. you HAVE to put a // or something that separates the word. tumblr isn’t smart, it’s not going to look at the “anti-” and think “oh yeah, got to separate that shit from the actual tag.” if it has those ship names or character names, it’s going into that tag no matter what.

not all people are going to ignore it like me, who just blocks your ass. most will get pissed because you’re coming in and shitting on things they like. no one pays to go to a concert they don’t like and boo the whole time. no one watches YouTube videos from creators they don’t like to just shit on everyone in the comments. at least..you shouldn’t do that but people do and you’re a fucking piece of shit if you do like dayum.

BUT the whole point the this rant is that if you do that, you’re literally asking for people to fight you. that’s is all you’re doing. others are going to tell you to stop and to go somewhere else or to delete it. so when you start being a piss baby, don’t. because you did it to yourself. just fix your tags and posts.

  • My opinion of Marlie while I'm watching Class: Wow, Charlie is such a complex and engaging character, with that combination of bewilderment and moral greyness, and Matteusz is so kind and smart, and they're lovely together!
  • My opinion of Marlie while I'm browsing the other characters' tags on AO3: If I don't see something soon that's not a goddamned Marlie fic I'm going to PUKE.

I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. 
I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe.
When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. x

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Hehe I just have to stop and tell you right now that I always get a kick out of your tags 😂 every time I see them, I start to laugh out loud, I kid you not 😄 please do not ever stop.

lolol I’m so glad someone other than me is getting some entertainment out of them 😂

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Where do you get your gifts from

I take it you mean gifs? Pip and I make them….? Where else would i get them lmao

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I'm glad people understand the tumblr tag issue. Honestly, Normani, Ally, and Dinah's tags can be annoying too. They get bombarded by Camren shippers or sometimes just L stans. I love L, but if I search Normani, I want Normani content. Same with Ally and Dinah. Why is it so hard to use the tumblr tagging system respectfully?

honestly though, like i’m tired of going through certain tags of DNA and seeing camren or camila and her updates

Imagine that Person A and Person B are in different rooms when suddenly Person C decides to ask out Person A. Person C is considered popular and attractive, but Person A has no interest whatsoever and tells Person C that they’re already dating someone. Person C asks who Person A is dating. Person B walks into the room and Person A grabs their hand, looks at Person C, and says, “I’m dating Person B.” Person B is considered unattractive by most people, including Person C, and Person C tells Person A that they “can do better”. Person A shakes their head and walks out of the room with Person B, who’s blushing furiously. Person B was surprised to see that Person A stayed with them.

repeat after me on this

only markle related belongs in the markle tag
only rucas related belongs in the rucas tag
only lucaya related belongs in the lucaya tag
only riarkle related belongs in the riarkle tag
only joshaya related belongs in the joshaya tag
only rilaya related belongs in the rilaya tag
only larkle related belongs in the larkle tag
only smarkle related belongs in the smarkle tag
only zaya related belongs in the zaya tag
only ziley related belongs in the ziley tag
only augva related belongs in the augva tag
only corpanga related belongs in the corpanga tag

It gets annoying sometime (ok most of the time) whenever I go on my otp tag & I see more of the notp like no, I searched for my otp not my notp and I’m sure any of y'all can relate to the feeling…

And if there’s gonna be any hate directed towards a ship, get out cause I don’t wanna see hate directed towards my otp & I’m sure neither do any of y'all

I feel like I’m just coffee in human form
Either people really like me,
Really hate me,
Or would only like me if I changed myself for them.
Also I’m really bitter and I keep people awake

Aaaaalright, let’s do some spring cleaning, shall we? I’ve noticed a lot of different fandoms making new tags specifically for edits, gifs, colorings, graphics etc. and I figured we could hop on the bandwagon. (‐^▽^‐)

I know, for myself at least, that the FT tag is kind of unpleasant to go through. When your looking specifically for edits and such it’s pretty troublesome, unless you’re using the most popular feature then everything’s pretty dandy. Only then, a lot of people’s work goes unnoticed and doesn’t receive enough recognition.

It’s a great tag for all over community stuff, but sometimes it gets downright annoying.  I know we also get confused with “Fairy Tale” a lot so, let’s make use of this tag.


This tag’s already being utilized, but doesn’t get that much attention. I’ve seen a lot of posts floating around that FT should have it’s own “edits” tag and we already do! Let’s just spread the awareness of it yeah?

And of course to keep this tag what it should be, there’s gotta be some guidelines.

Here’s some do’s and dont’s-

  • DO post gifs, edits, manga colorings, manga caps, fanart etc.
  • DON’T post rants, text posts, reposts of someone else’s edit or fanart, or personal things regarding FT. 

There are so many reposts in the tag and it’s horrible guys. -____-“Credit goes to the owner!!!@!@!xD” is not a good way of giving credit. It’s not giving credit at all. It’s not that hard to hit the reblog button. That way you still have whatever it is you wanted to post on your blog, and you’re also keeping the source intact. 

PSA: “WeHeartIt” is NOT a source.

And it’s really that simple guys. Also, please keep your “anti-tag’s” out of this one. Shipping wars are dumb and don’t belong in this particular tag. Keep the hate out. (⊙‿⊙✿)

This will make things easier for people to find nice edits, and maybe even find new people to follow. So reblog, like, whatever you choose. Just spread the knowledge of this tag! (>‿◠)✌ 

Dear Haikyuu Fandom

Dear Haikyuu!! fandom,
I know we all love haikyuu!!, why else would we be in this fandom. I know we all ship what we want, and care for the characters we want. This is totally common.

What I don’t understand is why we have to throw things at other people for liking something different from yourself? Why not Spend time loving what you love instead of hating on someone else’s ship or character.

If you absolutely is AGAINST a ship then DON’T go into that ship tag OR in the character tag.. I know it sucks but there should be space for everyone. And that character is STILL named the same even if in another ship. It is common to tag the characters individual other than the shipname.
If you can’t ignore things you don’t like there is the option to BLACKLIST

Also just don’t tag your NOTP or mention them or put some censor over it so it doesn’t show up in other people’s ship tag. Also please DON’T put your NTOP into your ship tag. Why would you want to make other people in your ship fandom hate on another ship? You could agree you dislike the same ship, but there is no need to spread it. If you need hate don’t tag it. The worst though is DON’T BRING DOWN ANOTHER SHIP TO MAKE YOUR SHIP LOOK GOOD. If your ship is as good as you say then it should be cool by itself not being raised by looking down on all the other ships.

Last thing, We all love fanfictions, merchandise, doujinshis, extra materials. Please take some time considering how much time and effort the people who draw, translates, clean, writes, typesets and so on do to fuel your ship or fandom. please appreciate, PLEASE CREDITS!!!! and please support them however you can. A Share or A reblog can sometimes do huge difference. Sometimes just writing nice tags or just leaving a comment can make people so happy that their hard work is appreciated.

Also if you reblog something you aren’t that fond of. Instead of writing: “I don’t rly like this but reblog anyway” or “I don’t ship this” or “nice but I don’t really them together”, don’t write/tag anything or just like it. Most people check their tags, they can get annoyed, sometimes sad or even hurt seeing being spreading negative feelings around our works.

Sometimes, rarely, however it happens people ends up STOPPING sharing or DELETING their things online because it is just not worth it. This is not only the western community but pixiv artist too get demotivated seeing negative things around their work.


If you read to the end, Thank you!
Have a nice day and enjoy the Haikyuu!!
(if you want a more rage and emotional felt rant post my tags is on fire)