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WOW IM BACK - about fanart!

for those who don’t know i actually hit post limit trying to reblog long exposure fanart/content to a new fanblog?? post limit is like 250 i think. thats SO MUCH STUFF YOU GUYS MAKE FOR ME WTF 💕

so that poll- the popular vote was actually to “keep everything on this blog”, but reading the responses i think “make a blog for fanart” had a better argument. some people can’t blacklist the “art for me” tag for various reasons, and felt my blog was getting a little cluttered/overwhelming with all the fanwork. while on the other side’s opinion, reblogging fanart here was good because it boosted lesser-known artists work to give them (heh) exposure

so i’m gonna try for a compromise

i made a blog specifically for fanart and other fan-made long exposure content:


…instead of reblogging fanart here from now on, it will be reblogged there. please follow that blog to continue seeing all the amazing fanart made by really sweet artists!!!!!

HOWEVER i will continue to reblog one piece of fanwork once a week as a sort of special feature! (”fanart feature fridays” maybe??) does that sound ok?? i’ll still tag it with “art for me” and “not my art” in case anyone wants to blacklist it (unless you’re on mobile- then you’re kinda out of luck sorry..) 


On-Going Fics-Rec

Just a 5 fic recommendation of fics I’ve read this week. You probably already read them but if you haven’t, you should give them a try. They’re really good!!!

Also thanks to these talented and amazing authors ♥ 

Don’t forget some of these fics are rated bc of various reasons. Please check tags and ratings before you decide to read them

- JiKook -

hard candy by jiminlogy/ @dishwasherjimin

Jimin douses himself in colours every day and then he meets black and white.

P/I : This one is hands down my fave on-going fic rn! Youtube/MakeUp Guru Jimin and mysterious (but in reality dorky) Jungkook. I love this so much!!! 

Claimed by spicytteok

They’re meant to be, he knows it. Park Jimin doesn’t have a choice.

P/I : Obsessive Jungkook. I don’t want to glorify anthing that happens in this fic. But it’s really well written and very interesting! Pls don’t forget, in this case, it´s just fiction!

- YoonMin -

The Marigold and the Machete by minxry

A mafia boss and a florist accidentally switch bags at the airport and all hell breaks loose. On their flight from Busan to Seoul, Jimin brings home a suitcase full of guns while Yoongi brings home a suitcase full of chocolate.

P/I : Yoongi as a mafia boss = HOT + Yoongi who is easily flustred bc Jimin is too cute. Not the typical Mafia Fic. Love it. Also TaeKook/NamJin ;) 

we welcomed the morning together by taehyng (irltooru)/ @btseunha 

Park Jimin lives in a society where soulmates seem to be the norm, and he hates it. The biggest reason is because he feels he should be able to love who he wants to love, by his own personal choice. The second reason is when you meet your soulmate for the very first time, your world is drained of all colour. They say it’s a sacrifice, but it’s one that Jimin doesn’t want to make. Living through years of denial, rejection, and avoidance, the inevitable happens to him. His roommate Jeongguk hopes for his mindset to change, otherwise somebody might get hurt by Jimin’s strong opinions.

P/I : Tagged with Major Character Death. Which I NEVER read (bc my heartu) but after reading the first chapter, I felt intrigued. I really wanna know what will happen. I hope I won’t cry :)))

- MinJoon -

It’s Just Kissing, Not Rocket Science by Ragi/ @ragific

Jimin is in some desperate need to learn how to be sexy so he can stop all his boyfriends from cheating on him, and he can’t think of a better teacher than Kim Namjoon, a notorious heart-breaker and the owner of the biggest gay bar in Korea.

P/I : A MinJoon Fic I’m totally in love with!!! Like, everything is on point. Innocent Jimin gets taught by wise Namjoon lmao 

You know what would be cool...

So, In the past week or so I’ve been going through the Su critical tag and I feel so great about it for various reasons. One piece of criticism I’ve seen is how the show has basically out grown  it’s format. Like focusing only on Steven’s point of view combined with the constant switching between plot heavy and slice of life has really dragged down the quality of the story line. I mean Su used to be a master of tying in world building with the slice of life and hinting at a bigger overarching plot, but the world has been built now and I think it’s time to explore it.

I don’t think I ever wrote a post about this theory, so I’ll try to summarize. During season 1 and following into season 2, I always believed that part of the reason the beach city residents got so much attention was because the humans would play a large part in fighting against homeworld when they returned. I took Sadie poofing a corrupted gem, Connie learning to sword fight, and even the Cool Kids messing with Peridot’s pod as clues that the series was heading in that direction. I thought that episodes like the one where the gems bonded with the pizza family were  signs of a future alliance with Steven linking everyone together.

Recently I’ve kind of lost hope for that because I’m not sure homeworld is coming and even if they are, the development of the human characters– well all the characters really, has become stunted. The crew doesn’t seem to want to develop characters off screen (well except for Lapis  & Peridot), so everyone has to wait around for Steven to make a return for a significant thing to happen. And really this didn’t use to bother me, but it changed from people developing over time to people only developing at certain time and before I go off on another tangent let me move into my main point.

The crew has all these stories they want to juggle, but are trapped by their format, so if I was in charge of the show I’d break the characters up into groups. First rewind all the way back to Log Date 7 15 2 (Oh wow, that was the end of the second season I didn’t realize so much time had passed.)

So at this point in the series there are three problems, all which were solved really quickly when I think about it.

Problem #1: Malachite is roaming around somewhere

Problem #2: The Cluster is set to emerge soon

Problem #3: The Cluster experiments are still roaming around(and for that matter so are the corrupted gems. Like if they’re drawn to other gems are supposed to believe that they don’t go to the temple even when the crystal gems aren’t there and aren’t trying to get to the cluster because that’s a massive hunk of gem. Anyway!)

So within the first 5 episodes of season 3, Malachite is taken care of, the cluster is taken care of, Lapis decides to stay on earth and her initial mistrust of Peridot is tossed aside and they become roommates, and the Rube5 show up and go away. And for the rest of season 3 conflicts are solved as quickly as they appear. So basically I’d almost completely rewrite season 3 by breaking up the cast.

A Team (The Crystal Gems w/o Steven): They’re off to solve problem #1. So instead of Steven getting the dream where Malachite is right away, they find some evidence where she might be somehow. For example humans have been having Malachite sightings, and Team A finds out about it maybe from Steven because of Team C(we’ll get there). Maybe they could even encounter Malachite a couple of times before Super Watermelon Island. Like we need Malachite rampaging around and destroying stuff(as a representation of Lapis and Jasper’s toxic relationship), so the gems are forced to go after her. Then we can explore their relationships more honestly because obviously Steven has only scratched the surface.

B Team (Steven, Lion, Peridot, and Connie): The cluster situation can be resolved in the same way as before because they’re is not much to do there. Instead I propose that B Team takes over the Crystal Gems old duties while they’re away. Basically we use the gems being off to find Malachite as a way for Steven to experience the world he’s been sheltered from first hand and for Connie and Peridot to get their Crystal Gem training. Peridot  gets a chance to see the real damage homeworld has done and Connie gets to be part of the adventure. Basically B Team could really explore the Su world and we could get a deeper understanding of the history behind it. We could have Steven discovering his powers and getting to put them to use.

C Team (Basically the residents of Beach City): So going back to my tangent earlier, both the corrupted gems and gem experiments are drawn to the gems and the temple, right? So then they should be arriving in Beach City. We can still have the slice of life human development, but with it still connecting to the overall plot. What happens if a corrupted gem arrives in Beach City while the gems and Steven are away. How is music involved in the corruption and could it possibly used to help them? Could human music be used as some sort of weapon against homeworld? I imagine the younger residents of Beach City would be the ones to lead this fight. Ronaldo’s blog could be a source in the tracking down Malachite until Steven has his Super Watermelon Island vision.

That’s what I’d do anyway.

On-Going Fics-Rec 2

Another fic, another rec ♥ You might know some, if not all, of these but if not, give them a try :) 

! Don’t forget some of these fics are rated bc of various reasons. Please check tags and ratings before you decide to read them !

- YoonMin - 

Nudes in Return by SnAnYu

Jimin thinks that fake dating his friend Yoongi will help him get together with his crush Taemin and helps him out for his photography project in return.

Little did Jimin know that fake dating his friend would stir up his life completely.

P/I : Guys!!! It´s a fake dating au, who´s not down for this??? haha Anyway I love it and it´s fun to read!!! Can´t wait for the next chapter :”)))

- JiKook -

Leave Your Mark by snarcsics/ @inarsics

The first time Jimin meets a gaunt, small beta boy named Jungkook in the examination room of Namjoon’s lab, he can’t seem to take his eyes off him. The second time he sees Jungkook it’s because he refuses to eat without him. The third time they meet, Jungkook is more teeth and claws than Jimin can handle.

P/I : Interesting idea! Different than the usual Alpha/Omega Fic and I like it!!! Looking forward to he next chapter :D 

- VMin -

summer, winter, spring (i’m falling for you) by kaythebest/ @kaythebest

The school starts to take notice of Jimin.

Taehyung has always noticed.

P/I : Childhood friends who are pining each other so much it almost hurts to read it? Sign me the fuck up lmao 

FFXV Scenarios - Ignis/Retainer!Reader (pt. i)

i / ii / iii

I’ve had this idea floating around my head for sometime but I can’t really put it into drabble form atm So I’ll be putting this down with bullet points to make it easier for myself ahaaa ;;; I tried my best to make this as gender-neutral as possible so everyone can enjoy our favorite spectacled chocobro

So here’s how it goes: 

  • You’re one of the many retainers for the Lucis family and your family prides itself with being the best butlers/maids/stewards, etc.. The unfortunate thing is that you are NOTORIOUS for being an absolute CLUTZ. Think Felicia from Fire Emblem Fates, cause she’s the inspiration for this and you’ll see why later on too *wink wonk* 
  • Broken dishes, laundry taking a mysteriously long time to get washed even with the top-notch washing machines and dryers in the Citadel, pots being burnt, it’s just-    it’s kind of amazing and sad
  • It’s mind-boggling to your family and so they’re about to pull you out of working for the royal family but whaaat Prince Noctis wants you to be his personal retainer??? Your Highness, are you sure about that?

  •  Yes, John Cena, I am

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

hi. rude request, but could you please use "read more" in some of your fics? for various reasons i can't block warning tags or sheith tag or you. whenever it appears on sheith blog i see it anyway (tumblr app), i'm too sensitive :c. you don't have to do that, internet is not a safe space, it's not your problem, i'm sure fics i'm scared of are good, but some read more would make my life 51% happier. sorry for asking this, it's probably dumb. have a nice day and thank you so much for your work.

Alright, I’m going to try and use read more on some of my darker fics from here on out, but I’ve really had issues with the system in the past.  Read more has a tendency to make it so I can’t actually read under people’s cuts that use it.  If it starts to cause issues where people can’t read my works, I’ll switch to just putting a bold warning in front of the fics.

Thx to @argywasdoingstuff now I gotta do this “know me better” thingy

Rules: tag nine peeps you wanna know better

Relationship status: single for various reasons

Favorite color: Cherry blossom pink :D

Lipstick or chapstick: Both, lipstick for my hoe side and chapstick cause my lips dries up quick

Last song I’ve listen to: Dreamcatcher by Nano

Last movie I’ve watched: Night flight

Top 3 characters:
#3: Squigly (Skullgirls)
#2: Reinhardt Wilhelm (overwatch)
#1: Roshi (Naruto shippuden)

Top 3 ships:
#3: Anahardt (tho there’s a chance it won’t be canon)
#2: Octasune/ Bosscelot (snake and hal/ big boss and ocelot)
#1 Mchanzo

Book you’re currently reading: Does writing a story counts?

Top 5 musicals: only seen two which was Charlotte web and legally blond

Now I’m pretty only tagging @blushingpears and @imcoffeecat cause gabe already got tagged :/

My face™
Feat. Septiceye Sam (the large mug coaster edition)


anonymous asked:

Have the mods heard about the Chrome and Firefox extension called "AO3rdr" that can filter tags, save bookmarks, and a few other things. Most of the tags on this blog won't be affected by a filter but I've found it really helpful in getting back into certain series tags that can be prone to certain types of content.


Yes! This is a really useful tool that might be of interest to our readers! Because Ao3 has a minimal filtering system (although it does have a NOT search option) users may want to filter out various tags for various reasons. There is a Firefox extension for Ao3rdr as well as one for Chrome. Read safe, and enjoy the fruits of your fandom!

For those interested in maximizing your Ao3 search results, I highly recommend reading the advanced search information they have on their website. As a librarian the idea of having this enormous fic archive is amazing, and the volunteers and coders do an incredible job making sure everything stays in one piece. The search functionality might be minimal, but they work hard to make it as useful as possible. Happy reading!

RPGM VXAce Basics Part I: Events and Switches

I was looking at the few tutorials I made before and I noticed that they all assumed people would already know the basics of RPGM. So I thought of doing a series of tutorials to cover the basic stuff you need to start making a game in RPGM. This will use VXAce, since it’s what I think is the most used, but looking at MV, the interface is pretty much the same so 95% of what I say here will also apply to MV.
In this first part I’m gonna talk about what are Events and Switches, aka the things that make the game happen. It’s going to be long, so go get a beverage or snack. I’ll wait for you. 

Ok, nice. Before we start, let’s take a look at the RPGM interface.

Once you click New Project and name your game, you will find yourself looking at this:

This is the RPGM interface, full of weird buttons like a cockpit. Here is what everything means:

  1. New Project, Open Project and Save Project, respectively.
  2. Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Undo, respectively. (I never used these in my life, I just use the Ctrl+X/C/V/Z Delete keys in the keyboard)
  3. These buttons are used to select what you want to edit in the map! First button is the Tiles/Map mode, where you can place and edit the tiles that are on the left (12) and build your game world. Second button is the Event mode, where you can see, create and edit Events (we will talk about these bad boys in a moment). Third button is the Region mode, where you can place invisible tags in the map, for various reasons that I’ll cover in a future tutorial)
  4. This buttons are the Pencil, Square, Circle, Bucket and Shadow tools for when you are in Map mode. Like MS Paint, the various tools help you place the tiles individualy, as shapes or as a fill, and the Shadow button lets you shade the tiles!
  5. These buttons are the Zoom control. Not much to say about them, except that they remind me of that Mazda Zoom Zoom commercial and I don’t like that.
  6. Database Button. This opens the Database, which I’ll talk about in Part II
  7. Resource Manager Button. This opens the Resource manager, where you can view, preview, import and export resources like Music, Images, Tilesets, Characters, Sounds, etc to your project. This may help you if you are not computer savvy, but I find it easier to just drag the stuff in and out of the project folders. Have it your way. I’m lovin’ it.
  8. Script Editor Button. This opens the Script Editor where you can place custom Scripts. What are scripts? A godsend. I’ll talk about them sometime.
  9. Sound Test. Opens a sound test window, where you can preview the tracks and sounds you have in your game. Which is redundant because when you are placing a sound, a similar window opens. I literally opened this for the first time in my life right now.
  10. Character Creator. In here you can create character sprites and portraits using the in-engine generator, and automatically import them to your project. It’s fairly easy to use and you can get some funny random faces. I laugh at them for being so bad then I cry because they are still better than anything I will ever draw.
  11. These are the Manage Project and Playtest Buttons, respectively. The Manage Project mode let’s you change your project name, path, thumbnail and permissions, and the Playtest button let’s you, uh, play your game!
  12. This is the Tileset window, where you can select the tiles you want to place in your game when you are in Map mode.
  13. This is the Map List. All of your game’s maps are here. It’s also here where you can create more maps, by right clicking this area and selecting new map. You can also edit existing maps’ properties.
  14. The Map View. The map you selected on the Map List will appear here, and you can edit the map with either new tiles, events or regions (See #3). Notice that the map is placed on a grid. Characters and events walk and move on this grid.
  15. Coordinates. This section here lets you know the coordinates of the grid cell/event you have selected on the Map View (#14)

“But Drax, the title said something about Events. Are you going to explain what they are, or are you too busy looking at your dashing good looks in the mirror?”

Funny you mention that, I was just about to get there. Events are everything you see and don’t see in your game, besides maps. I like to say there are 2 general types of events: The ones the player can interact with like Characters, Items, Doors, etc and the ones that run in the background, invisible, like the things that control weather, or that trigger cut scenes when you enter a room or step on a specific place. Let’s create an Event and take a look of what it does (spoiler alert: everything). Select the event mode (The second button on section #3 above, or press F6). You will see a grid pop up on the Map View. Double click any cell and it will create an event there and open the Event Window:

I’m going to jump around a bit instead of listing like I did earlier. #1 is the event name. You can type in anything, and I recommend you do, to keep track of things. If you are using MV, you have a search function and can find events by name easily. In previous version, no such luck. That little tab on #3 is the event page. Imagine event pages as layers of the event. When you create a new event, you only have one page. The section on #2 let’s you create, delete, copy and paste new page. Imagine this event will be a character: We can have them give you an item on page 1, and then page 2 will be them saying “I don’t have any more bananas to give you”. The item was a banana. You are playing monkey simulator.

But how does the engine know which Event Page to execute? That’s what section #4 is for, the Conditions. The game will always check the higher numbered page first, see if the conditions are met, and if they are, then that will be the page the event will execute. If they are not, the game checks the next page, and so on and so forth.  The conditions are as follows:
Switches: If the Switch box is ticked, you can select a switch (we will talk about those in a minute) and that page will only be read if said switch is ON. You can select 2 switches.

Variables: If you check the Variable box, you can select a variable and a number. The page will only be read if that variable is that number or above.

Self-Switch: The same as switches, the page will only be read if the self switch you select (from A to D) is ON.

Item: The page will only be read if you have the item you select.

Actor: The page will only be read if you have that character in your party.

Example time:

Above are 2 pages of the same event, which is a character. If I interact with this character, the game will start by going to page 2 and check if I have a Potion. If I do have it, it will run page 2, and I’ll get the text on the right. If i don’t have the potion (the conditions aren’t met) then it will go to page one, and I’ll get a different text. Remember, the event pages are always processed highest number to lowest!

This brings us to the Contents section, #10 in the guide image. I told you I’d be jumping around in numbers. Anyways, the Content section is where the magic happens. Its what that Event page will do. If you double click on the Contents space, it will bring up the Commands Menu:

All these options do different things. I will make a list explaining what each button does sometime, but the best way to find out is to mess around with it! Here, you can put in what the Event does when you activate it (aka, speak to it, step on it, or however the activation mode is set. We’ll get there.)  So, for example, if it’s a character that just talk to you, you click on “Show Text” and write the line. If they give you gold, you click on “Change gold”. Note how you can have the event Control a Switch. So, you can have a character say a line, then turn on a Switch that will enable the Second Event Page, that will have a different line. This is important when a character or chest gives you an item, because if you don’t enable a second event page, they will give you an item over and over. So, a proper way to build a character giving you something would be like so:

So page 2 would be the first to be processed, but since all switches are OFF by default, the condition “Self Switch A is ON” isn’t met, so page 1 will be the next in line to be processed. Since all the conditions in page 1 are blank (meaning, it doesn’t need any condition), then the Contents of page 1 will happen: A text saying “Here’s some money”, changing your gold +5, and turning the Self Switch A to ON. 
Now that the page 1 turned the self switch A to ON, the next time you talk to the character again, the conditions for page 2 are met, so those Contents are what will happen. This way, the character only gives you money once!

So we can begin to see what switches are for: They let you navigate between Event Pages by being turned on or off. Self switches are useful for the same event, like in the example above, while normal switches are good for changing things between events: An event that is a button on the wall can turn ON a switch, and a separate event that will be a door will only transport you to the next map if that same switch is ON, for example.
Variables are similar to Switches, but while a Switch only has 2 modes (On or Off) a Variable can have a wide range of numbers. Think of Switches as light switches and Variables as light dimmer dials.

Let’s go back to our Event Window

If you click on that blue square that says Graphic (#5), you can select how that event will look like in game. Events are by default invisible, but if you want to make a character or an item, you need to make it look like what it’s supposed to look. This is the place for it!

What are the advantages of having an invisible event? Lots! You can have an invisible event atop a tile on your map, just to add a description, or the event can be doing something like controlling the weather or a cut scene, so it doesn’t need a Graphic! 

On that area marked as #6 we have the movement options.Your event can have 4 types of movement: 

  • Fixed: No movement (for descriptions, items, Characters standing still, etc).
  • Random: Event will move about randomly, making the movement unpredictable. (useful for stuff that’s running around and you have to catch, for example,  or just characters walking around).
  • Approach: Event will move towards player. (useful for events that are casing you)
  • Custom: This option will enable the “Move Route” button bellow it, and you can input the exact move route of the event. You can make it move in various directions, pause, jump, play sounds, change the graphic mid movement, change opacity, lots of stuff. (This is useful for characters that are walking around a fixed route, or to add flavor to a stationary event, like making it change opacity from time to time)

Still on the movement option area, you can select the Speed of the movement (self explanatory) and the Frequency. Frequency matters for the Random and Approach move types. It’s the frequency at which an event will move, meaning, a low frequency event will move, pause for some time, then move again, while a high frequency event will not pause between movements.

In the #7 area we have the Options, which do various things:

  • Walking animation determines if the event does a walking animation when moving. If it’s checked, it does, if its unchecked, it moves without animating, appearing to glide. (Useful for girls that show up behind and elevator to creep us out seriously fuck you Pokemon X/Y)
  • Stepping animation determines if the event does the walking animation while standing still. Checked, the event will appear to be running in place (or doing whatever it is animated as the walking animation), unchecked it will be standing still when not moving.
  • Direction Fix determines if the event will look at the player when activated. If it’s checked, it will not look or change directions.
  • Through determines if the event is passable/go-through. Events, when moving, usually don’t go over other events, and may get stuck. An event with Through checked can pass and be passed by other events or the player themselves. But be warned, a Through-checked event cannot be activated by the player, since it can’t be touched! 

#8 is the Priority, which determines where the event in relation to the player.

  • Below Characters is under the player, so the player can walk on top of it (imagine the event is an item on the ground, or an area on the ground that will activate a cut scene)
  • Same as Characters are on-level with the player. The player can’t walk over it, but can interact with it when facing it on an adjacent tile. (Like if the event was a character or switch or door).
  • Above Characters are above the player. These events can be walked under and generally can’t be interacted with, having similar properties to a Through-checked event.

And finally we have #9, that determines how the event is activated.

  • Action key makes it so that whatever is on the Contents (#10) only happens when the event is interacted with with the action key (aka “talked to). This is used for speaking to characters, picking up items, and interacting with stuff. Note that if the Priority is “below characters”, you will have to be standing on top of the event to press the action key!
  • Player touch makes it so that the event is activated when the player touches it without having to press the action key. This is useful to trigger a cut scene once the player steps on or walks into the event!
  • Event touch is the same as Player touch, but it will also activate if its the event that touches the player instead of the other way around. This is useful for moving events that make something happen if they touch the player, like enemies!
  • Autorun activates the event automatically once the Conditions are met. Once it activates, the player wont be able to move while the Contents play out, stopping the flow of the game. This is useful for cut scenes that happen once you enter a map, or if you want stuff to happen once all the conditions are met. But be careful! An autorun event will start over and over in a loop if at the end of the Contents you don’t put an Erase Event command or a switch that will make it change it’s Page! Also, if two autorun events activate at the same time, the game freezes!
  • Parallel Process is similar to Autorun, but it won’t stop your character or the flow of the game while it’s playing out it’s contents. A parallel process can run simultaneously with an Autorun or another Parallel Process without freezing the game. It’s useful for events that control environment stuff, like an event that plays a thunderstorm sound at different intervals while the player walks about!

These are the basics about events. Messing around with the program is the best way to learn, so I’d advise you to try to make your own events and learn from experience after reading this! Anyways, I’ll leave some basic examples bellow!

Treasure chest

The first page is the closed chest. Interacting with it by pressing the action button will give you a potion and turn the Self Switch A On, enabling page 2, which is the opened, empty chest. Note the different graphics for when it’s been opened.


A simple guard with just one page, that talks to you when you interact with him. Note that the Direction Fix in the Options is checked, meaning the guard won’t turn to face you when you talk to him.

Cut-scene start

The event Trigger is set to player touch, so it will activate when the player touches it. It also has no graphic, making it invisible. When touched by the player, the event will make the text appear and then toggles the Self Switch A to ON, activating page 2. Page 2 is a blank event with through ON, making it inactive. This makes the scene happen only once!

 Thunder Sound Control

This event is set to Parallel Process, meaning it will be running in the background. It plays the sound of thunder and then waits 300 frames. Since no steps were taken to deactivate the event, it will loop to the beginning, playing the sound again.

Switch and Door

  •    Switch
  • Door

These 2 separate events work together. If you interact with the door first, it will go to page 1 since the conditions for page 2 (Red Switch is ON) aren’t met. Page 1 tells you the door is locked. If you interact with the switch event, it goes to page 1 as well, where the Contents make it so that the Red Switch goes to the ON position. This activates both events’ page 2: The switch is now with a different graphic and description, and the door now transfers the player to another map!

This was it for the basics, and I think that messing around with Events is the best way to get started. Open up  project, create events and just go to town on them. Experiment with the commands and try to make basic elements like characters to talk to, chests, items and small cut scenes!

I’ll be explaining the Database in Part II. Until then, feel free to message me with any questions! Good gaem maek!

Ok I just have something to say...

This has been annoying me for a while so fuck it - I’m tired of people instigating shipping wars by posting hate in rival tags. Listen. Y'all need to quit it because:

1. specifically on the matter of incest: This is Game of Thrones. A quasi-15th century medieval setting with a couple of dragons, direwolves and magic thrown around. There is also torture, rape, murder, rampant misogyny, fratricide, infanticide and yes incest. Of course none of these things are ok in our world, but this isn’t OUR world. If the sole thing that offends you is relatives marrying each other, what have you been watching/reading for the past 6 seasons/5 books because WAY worse things have gone down. It’s one thing to not like a ship but for some people to cry ‘ew incest’ when your ship is the same damn thing! Are you joking? please EXIT.

2. Stay in your fucking lane. Ship whoever you want and let others ship what they want. Don’t post garbage in other tags then complain about it when it’s done to you. Don’t send asks pretending to ship when really you’re lowkey a hater and then when someone drags you, you’re shocked. What do you expect?

3. If you really want to rant about a ship you hate, then either just tag your stuff ‘anti’ or any other variation besides the official tags. This doesn’t apply if you’re just honestly talking about something or want to pose a question. There’s ships I can’t stand for various reasons and I tag accordingly. Some of us just want to fangirl in peace but you’re forcing us to read negative trash about our ships. stop it.

Lastly, shipping should be a nice, fun haven for everyone. let’s keep it that way.


So like I’m kinda conflicted about tagging ship hate with anti etc. Like I get tagging it for ships that aren’t problematic for various reasons out of respect but I don’t have any for Reylo, Skyeward, Jessigrave shippers etc and I feel like critical hate of these ships needs to be in their tags. I’m not doing it to start drama for drama sake but….I know it’ll start drama.

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sorry if you've already answered this, but why do you ship bethyl? not trying to be like "Ew why" or w/e im just genuinely curious what makes you ship bethyl thanks!!

hi! this is gonna be a little lengthy but bear with me.

i remember being super worried after 4x8 and 4x10 that people would ship them because i didn’t like the idea at all. i thought it was weird, i thought they wouldn’t click, and i was sure that if the writers went down that road, they’d make it super creepy because, to be fair, it would have been so, so easy to make their relationship creepy. mind that i’m not usually the person to pair a young adult with a middle aged man. mind that i also headcanon daryl as asexual.

then still aired and i was like… alright. because they worked together. not as a couple, but as a dynamic. i liked seeing them together. i liked seeing them interact. i loved how beth was her own person in this episode. she wasn’t a sidekick. she was an equal. there wasn’t a power imbalance, and that was important to me; that he wasn’t just dragging her along, no, she told him what she wanted to do and she told him what she thought of his bullshit and that was great.

and then the porch scene, and them burning down the house… it was harmonic. it worked. it didn’t feel forced.

and then alone aired and i was like. oh. because there was so much to it. as in… the little things. the way they interlaced their fingers and the fact that he asked her to sing for him and the tiny, often overlooked way he ate his jam (or whatever that was) with a spoon because earlier that morning she had told him “gross” when he ate it with his fingers. it was sweet and it made me think, “okay, if the writers are going down that road, i won’t mind it, because this is written with care.”

we all know what happened next. 

but what really made me like them is the stuff that happened when they weren’t together. because beth changed daryl. in so many ways. (see: us, see: all of season 5, especially after coda. how he is still looking for people. and he’s doing it because she told him that there’s still good people, and i think a part of him does it for her.)

i don’t know who it was, but i remember one cast member said “he taught her how to fight, she taught him how to feel”, and that is important, but it’s also a little wrong, because they both always had it in them. 

beth was always a fighter. and daryl was always emotional. but they brought it out of eachother. daryl saw that beth had potential. and he showed her how to take care of herself. and beth saw that daryl cared. and she taught him how to show that.

and as i said - in my eyes, daryl is asexual, and i would have been perfectly fine with beth and daryl being a Dynamic Duo and nothing ever happening, not even a kiss, because they didn’t need that. i doubt that they ever even thought about that. yes, it was strongly implied (during the kitchen scene) that there were some sort of feelings from daryl’s side, but would he have acted on them, if he had recognized them as such? i don’t think so. and that’s fine

but… yeah. they changed eachother, they cared deeply about eachother, and i’m sad we didn’t get to see them interact more, because i don’t think i ever saw daryl smile as much as he did when he was with her.

in the end, i just wanted them to be happy. and they would have.

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Hi! Recently read your story about the gap year! I'm considering it too because I would like to have time to discover myself. Wondering... Which other medblrs took a gap year?

Great question! I feel like there are a decent number who have taken a gap year/years for various reasons. I’m just going to start tagging some people and others feel free to identify yourselves!

md-admissions luckystarsmd wishbone-md stayingmedicallyinspired elasticcartoonheart ermedicinedo honestlymd modernathena90 medschoolmanic francescamichelle

Also almostdrchelsearar (although I know you were most of a post-bacc)