tagging for tumblr fame

Get it together kids.

Pray tell, why must there be an overwhelming amount of people who do not understand the concept of tagging? Specifically when it comes to kpop groups. I get that half of these people are 12 (and no I’m not pulling the “everyone younger than me is 12 card” there’s hella young people on this site) but chillllllll. I don’t care for your relatable kpop memes. That, and whatever other nonsense you’re tagging incorrectly. You tag the groups you’re actually talking about and we can all live in a slightly less hellish tumblr world.

my 15000th post!

My beautiful Princex des Vampires @colour-by-numb3rs tagged me for this. Thank you!

Rules: enter your answers then tag ~10 people! Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Real answers only. If the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use the same word twice.

Name: Fastrthanlite
A four letter word: Fork
A boy’s name: Freddie
An occupation: Fashion designer
Something you can wear: Foulard
A food: Fig
Something you can find in a bathroom: Fixture
A reason for being late: Figuring out the fastest way get somewhere and getting lost in the process
Something you shout: F*ck! (no surprise there)
A movie title: Fame
Something you drink: Fizzy water
An animal: Ferret
A type of car: Fiat
Title of a song: “Fame” - David Bowie (covered by Duran Duran)

tagging 10 tumblrs: @catlover-9719 @rosearcana @socentralrain @h0tlove @duranduranlover @steshaheats-blog @barefootonwickedstone @thethinwhiteziggystardust @lovenrockets @headfullofchopsticks

Tag me back so I can see your answer!

Richonners may I suggest we start doing mass blocking sprees of followers who are purposely trying to start shit. We already know whatever happens on Sunday haters will be trolling our tags and looking to pick fights in record numbers. So whenever we see racist, trolls, hater, or people just looking to get numbers on their post ( I swear some people on here only come in the Richonne tag to troll for “tumblr fame”) let’s just bock them and be done. I don’t know about you, but I’m not there for it. Whether we always believed it would happen or still have or fingers crossed, ALL of us who ship Richonne have been waiting for this to happen, I know most of us can hold our own with these fools, but I’d rather spend my time celebrating.