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could you pray for me, that God helps me through this time, and that i find more lgbt people in my community? i live with an abusive homophobic family in a homophobic area and i've been feeling isolated and lonely :( btw, tysm for everything y'all do ❤︎❤︎❤︎

Being stuck with abusive, homophobic people is so hard; my heart goes out to you. We will absolutely be praying you through this time of isolation. <3

Protector God,
Watch over this person as they struggle through this long valley of loneliness and fear. Keep them as safe as possible from these family members, especially from the hate they spew. Hold them close to your heart, safe from harm and warm with the hope of your abundant life – of a future where they are free to be their full selves with people who love them for it. 
Send friendship their way, online and offline – people who are like them or will support them as they are. Let them feel your presence, Ever-Present God, and ease their loneliness. Amen. 

|| @ultimctepoet @icycoldavatarstate @beautiful-masa-sama & everyone else not coping with the drama–

As the self-proclaimed den mother of this neck of the woods, you’re all welcome to join me in my fortress of happiness. I have kittens and puppies & I will make cookies for you all. Unless you don’t like cookies; then I’ll make something else. But the point is, you’re all free to hide from the drama with me. Let’s go do some fun things <3

11 Questions

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1. . What is your favorite quote, or one that you find inspirational?
there are many XD one of them is:
Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. - The Old Astronomer
by Sarah Williams

2. If you were a D&D character, what class would you be?
I have no clue probably cleric or maybe paladin

3. What’s your favorite breakfast food?
I barely have time for breakfast but my favourite is pan fried mushrooms with toast and bacon

4. Do you enjoy listening or playing music (or singing) more?
both are great and it depends on my mood.

5. Who are 5 fictional characters you wish you could meet?
you know i’m not even sure?  Varric perhaps and Wonder Woman  And given the chance to yell at the Jedi Council I’d totes be up for that

6. Who are 5 famous (current or historical) figures you wish you could meet?
did you mean 5 current or historical authors because that’s what this list turned into XD Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Jean Johnson, Eloisa James and Alexandre Dumas

7. What’s your favorite food to eat during cold weather?
Butterscotch upside down pudding

8. What’s your favorite food to eat during hot weather?
Blood Orange Gelato

9. Do you prefer phone calls, text messages, or talking in person?
text messages or talking in person depending on the situation.

10. Dyed hair, piercings or tattoos?
I have my ears pierced, would love to get a tattoo/dye my hair but those things are expensive and i don’t have the cash

11. What fictional world would you like to visit? Idk depends on context really.  Probably Narnia.

My questions:

1. Do you do a craft (knit/crochet etc)?
2. Do you read webcomics?  Recommend one
3. If you could (permanently) change one thing about your physical self would you and what?
4. Cocktails or mocktails?
5. Name a favourite musical? (Yes Disney counts)
6. What would you choose as a superpower?
7. Bowling, Mini Golf or Laser Tag?
8. What would your Patronus be?
9. Would you rather have sweet or savoury snacks?
10. Do you have a funny/feel good video you’d like to share?
11. What would you do if you gained $100,000

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Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!

idol: thank you everyone we know we were a disappointment and we could have done better we will try even harder next time sorry™


There are two kinds of people in the world
  • Person A: 4kids dub is the worst thing to happen to anime, it ruins everything and is a disgrace to the original content.
  • Person B: *through the tears* this is the third pun and fourth shade the show has done in five minutes and everyone is drinking hot sauce cause they can't have alcohol, this dub is a gift from above.

ime bi people’s m/f relationships look Really Different from relationships between two straight people because bi folks have usually done a lot more questioning of heteropatriarchy and the Standard Straight Relationship Script. so like, for the most part, we handle gender roles differently, we handle sex differently (idk about hard science but I’ve read and heard a ton of anecdotes about bi folks being way less invested in piv than straight folks), we conduct our relationships in ways that work for us rather than conforming to the default heteronormative narrative b/c most of us have realized that that’s not the only option.

and the statistics from the CDC, the ones that reveal that bi men and women experience more intimate partner violence than straight or gay people in their gender groups, the ones that reveal that perpetrators of ipv against bi people are largely of the “opposite” gender…I think those do a lot to confirm that bi folks conduct their m/f relationships a lot differently than straight people, and are punished for it by straight partners who want them to conform to heteronormativity.

so please, please don’t dismiss these very significant differences by claiming that our m/f relationships are het/straight relationships or that we’re “het partnered” or anything else to imply that we’re the same as straight people in certain contexts because we’re really not.