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for the love of god don’t ever use Chinese characters if u don’t appreciate our culture at all…. it’s so infuriating idc if u know what it means lol it doesn’t justify ur use of our language it doesn’t hide the fact tht u’re only using it because it looks Oriental And Cool™. nvr understood the whole yin yang trend and the shirts with chinese characters trend lol u white ppl and ur ugly trends. ur so-called knowledge of Chinese culture is probably just knowing who Bruce Lee n Jackie Chan are lmao,,,, and tht we eat rice as staple food n have strict parents n study everyday n have small eyes. yup dem basic stereotypes,, mhm

bet yall white people rushin to cover up ur western-centric views of us Chinese n deeming it as ur so-called knowledge of our culture,,, so u can proceed to use our culture as ur aesthetic haha

basically dont ever use another language as ur aesthetic without trying to appreciate their culture it is v demeaning and belittles their entire history. languages r integral to a race’s culture AND history, hence dont ever be insensitive abt it lol

Everything to me (Simon Request)

The tweets were endless. Mentions of you not being good enough for him. Tagging you in photos where Simon was without you. Saying he was happier then. Anything you tweeted yourself would get hate. If you even thought about replying to a tweet from your boyfriend, they’d all attack you with their words once again. It was easier to stay clear of all of it. But Simon claimed you shouldn’t have to do that.
Disabling his comments hadn’t helped. It only fuelled their hatred claiming that ‘you had made him do this’. They said that things were so different since you had been with him. And you were scared that now you were beginning to admit it might be true.
You looked at yourself in the mirror and couldn’t see anything good anymore. You hadn’t felt like this in a while. Not since you had Simon. He made you forget about all of your insecurities. But now that had changed. Those comments and those tweets had changed it.
You now saw how your stomach wasn’t completely flat. You didn’t have the shadows of ab muscles forming or a gap between your legs that was somehow aspirational. You had skin on your thighs that was definitely unwanted and you couldn’t fit into the size six like the models could. Your cheeks were chubby from never really losing your baby feature and you couldn’t wear a crop top comfortably in the summer.
Every time your eyes skimmed over your body you seemed to find more and more features that you didn’t like. That you despised.
You hadn’t mentioned anything to your boyfriend. He knew that their words had affected you but not this much. Not so much that you couldn’t even look at yourself in the mirror anymore. To the point where you had considered leaving him just because it would make him happier. You cared about him more than anything and if you were stopping him from being himself, you would be the one to change that. Of course, he had never said to you that you had done anything to make him feel like that but the millions of subscribers had pressured you into believing it.
“(Y/n)?” Simon calls when he evidently walks into the room and you jolt your head towards the bathroom door just to make sure it was closed.
There were tears in your eyes now and he couldn’t see you like this.
“I’m in here” You reply loud enough for him to hear even with a croak in your voice.
“Hey babe” He chirps and you can see the cute smile on his face, “Do you wanna film a video with me and the guys? We’re thinking of starting a new series”
“Umm hang on a second” You quickly respond, tugging down the material of your ‘Sugg Life’ jumper that hung oversized on your body, “What were you thinking of doing?” You ask, closing the door behind you and going to find a pair of jeans or joggers that didn’t necessarily hug your legs as much…
“Like random games or GTA or dead by daylight and stuff but with you in it. Basically just us teaching you how to play” He explains happily, “You in?”
“I don’t know Simon, I’m not feeling too great” You lie, grabbing a pair of joggers and pulling them over your legs.
“Were you sick?” He frowns with evident concern, the smile slipping from his lips.
“No no I just… I’m gonna go lie down for a while” You nod, “I’ll go in the spare room”
“Don’t be silly, you can stay in here” He assures you, “Everyone knows you live here anyway”
“Its okay” You force a smile onto your lips, leaning up to kiss his cheek, “Enjoy filming”
You don’t notice how worried Simon looks as you walk away. You just felt so enclosed that you had to get out.
~~~Simon’s POV~~~
I was concerned now. Something wasn’t right. And as my thumb clicked onto twitter, I could tell why. Her mentions were full of hate. And these were only the ones I had been tagged in. She must’ve seen so much more. Tweet after tweet pushing more and more negative thoughts into her mind. And none of them were true. I loved my viewers but did they really have to be like this? I could only imagine how upset she was. She was sensitive even if she didn’t admit it.
And with this, I couldn’t blame her.
‘Kill yourself you fat bitch’
‘Haven’t seen Simon look so fed up since I started watching him. It’s her’
‘She needs to start using those fat legs of hers and walk out’
‘Who the fuck even thinks Simon likes this girl?’
‘I feel bad for Simon. He must be desperate if he’s with that fat fuck’
The anger bubbled in my stomach until the controller I had been planning on using to use for filming goes flying across the room and crashes against the wall.
“I was gonna ask if you were gonna join the call but that can wait” Josh starts, leaning against the wall of my room, “What’s going on?”
“I need to talk to (y/n)” I sigh, getting up, “Record without me yeah?”
“Sure but, are you sure everything’s okay?”
“No, but I just need to speak to her,” I nod and head outside, going straight to the spare room.
~~~Your POV~~~
You were sat on the bed with your laptop on your legs, replying to some emails from work and generally just catching up on a few things when Simon came in.
“I thought you were filming” You frown.
“Nope” He shrugs, reaching out his hand, “Come here”
“What are you doing?” You question as he lifts you up to stand.
“You’re coming with me beautiful” He mentions simply, leading you out of the room and downstairs.
“Babe what’s wrong with you?” You chuckle slightly as he hands you a pair of shoes and slips on his own.
He leads you silently to the car and you climb inside without protest even if you didn’t feel up to it.
It was dark outside now. The clear sky forming a sheet of stars above the house and the moon reflecting the past light of the sun.
Simons hand doesn’t leave yours as he drives and you keep your eyes focused on his adorable face with his glasses perched on his nose. They were right. You didn’t deserve him.
He soon parks up and you notice he’s taken you to the top of a cliff where the pair of you had gone after a date before. It was the place of your first kiss.
“Why are we here?” You frown and he sits down on a large rock with you beside him.
“So I saw those tweets” He starts, fingers absentmindedly playing with yours.
“Si-” You start
“And I know they would’ve upset you” He comments with all too much truth, “And I don’t know where to start (y/n)”
“You don’t have to” You shake your head, feeling guilty now.
“They mean nothing babe” He states simply, “I don’t give a fuck about 140 characters on a tweet. I don’t give a fuck about your mentions. I don’t give a fuck if they say it every single day. I only care about it affecting you. Because it shouldn’t”
“Its endless Simon. Every single thing I do they seem to have something against” You look down, “I’m starting to think they’re telling the truth”
“Bullshit” He states simply, “They could say a thousand things and it wouldn’t matter. They could say a million times that you’re not good enough or whatever and I still wouldn’t care”
“Look at me Simon” You exclaim, “There’s Sarah and Freya and Katie and Kay and Emily and then there’s me. I’m not beautiful like them, I can’t take a selfie that I look good in. Hell, I don’t even take photos on my own. I don’t look good in tight clothes, I always just wear sweats. Im nothing compared to them”
“(Y/n), do you remember when we first met? Because I do. 3 years ago. You were at the restaurant and you served us. I remember you said something about JJ and it made all of us laugh. And we spent the night chatting to you because by the time we left, it was hours after you should’ve closed. And I remember every time you walked away I realised more and more how beautiful you were. You liked sport even if you did prefer rugby and you liked video games especially gta and you had this fascinating life outside of that small restaurant that I was mesmerised by the more and more you spoke. You were stunning in your simplicity. You didn’t need makeup or perfectly done hair. You were you and to me, that was everything. And that’s not going to change”
You have tears in your eyes now. Simon was never one to speak like that.
“Think of it this way” He nods, squeezing your hand, “I fell in love with you and that’s what should matter, don’t let my viewers stop you from remembering that”
“Thank you” You mutter, the tears threatening to slip from your eyes as they built up more and more.
“Don’t cry babygirl” He whispers, the pad of his thumb wiping under your eyes quickly, “We all have these days. Yours just aren’t necessary” He chuckles and you smile.
“We should probably get back. You have filming to do right?” You sigh, knowing moments like these never lasted long.
“YouTube can wait”

I Remember You

Summary: You run into someone you knew before the apocalypse and that someone happens to be, Negan.

Sentence starter: “I remember you, I had a crush on you for like a month back when I was like thirteen.”

Pairing: Negan x Reader, Negan x You

Word Count: 1,435 Words

Type: Oneshot at this stage 

Multi-part series, 1 /2

Warnings: Swearing, awful flirting, large age gap (legal age gap, y’all), general Negan stuff.

Rating: Probably like PG13???

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

As you fired another bullet between the branches of the bush you where crouched behind you were suddenly shoved face first in the dirt, the gun being ripped from your grasp. You were roughly pulled from behind the shrub and thrown to your knees in the muck. Your eyes met with a black pair of boots, a barbed wire bat resting on top of the left shoe. As you slowly look up taking in the man standing in front of you, from his blood splattered white shirt to his leather jacket you weren’t expecting to see a familiar grinning face looking down at you. Negan.

“Well shit honey, I did not expect to have someone as cute and small as you firing a fucking M60 in my goddamn direction today – AND! Where in the fuckin’ fuckedy fuck did you manage to find such a badass gun?” He very enthusiastically said, you don’t remember him being so animated. He had always been loud and charismatic but it seemed he had taken on a new persona, like he was playing a modern-day king in a musical.

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Okay, friends and fellow Ignis trash—the people have spoken, and I hear you loud and clear. You want more naked Specs drawings, and I am more than happy to oblige.

The reason I asked is because I recognize that some are more sensitive than others to works of a sexual nature, and I want ISEB to be a safe place for all FFXV fans. I’ve made an effort in the past to shove any fics or headcanons even remotely NSFW under a cut, but image uploads unfortunately don’t carry the same option. With that in mind, here’s what I can do regarding naughty drawings going forward:

-Label images with a NSFW tag

-Post explicit images after 9 p.m. PST

I’m still under a looming work deadline, so just as before, my posts may be somewhat sporadic. But I do happen to have one ready to go for tonight, so if you find yourself browsing Tumblr in the wee hours of twilight, don’t say I didn’t warn you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Fandom PSA

Your friendly neighborhood Elu has a concern, brought to you by your fellow fans. 

In light of discourse, we’ve seen ups and downs, common to all fandoms. Right now we are in an age of positivity, trying to maintain peace between each other by keeping negative slanted posts to a minimum. Good in theory, but, that is starting to backfire.

A number of people are telling me that it’s been difficult to express themselves lately, because they are worried about hurting other people’s feelings and attracting negativity themselves. This is at the expense of isolating themselves with their own thoughts, not reaching out when we should all be in this together. We’re a small fandom and we need to support one another.

To have a healthy functioning fandom, we need to be able to freely debate and have healthy arguments, but also churn out positive posts, art, etc., to continue to inspire one another. We need an environment that fosters both, because nobody should be left behind. 

I propose some new tags: boueibu confessions; boueibu debates

This allows individuals to be as honest as they want, but for those who are more sensitive, they can freely block them. Try and download XKit and use the blocking feature. 

Helpful Tips on Engaging with your Peers:

1.) When writing, don’t accuse or antagonize any one person or group. It causes unnecessary tension with literally everyone with a self-conscience.

2.) If you have an issue with someone, contact them privately. Don’t call them out publicly. Be courteous, gentle, and open-minded. Don’t retaliate or force them to communicate with you if they choose to drop a topic. 

3.) If you receive the above, don’t panic, just read it once, step back and take a deep breath, read it again and carefully reply back. Respond if you want, you can tell them to leave you alone, if they keep bothering you, just ignore them.

4.) Be nice. Treat others like how you’d want to be treated. If something someone says in a way hurts you, don’t say it like that to someone else.

5.) If you are worried you cannot express yourself while trying to do the above, ask for help, tell someone you are struggling, ask them to be patient so they can maybe listen or help you, whichever comes first. Don’t feel alone, because you’re not. 

In positive fandom projects, we are putting together a Boueibu Shipping Week and I’m back to scanlations. Let’s have a great time together, let’s inspire one another! \m/

Turnera Diffusa - fenfyre (Jace) - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Turnera Diffusa
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Rating: Explicit
Ship: EreJeanMarco

The plant commonly known as Damiana contains cineole, thymol and other volatile oils. Said to be antimicrobial and to stimulate sex hormone production it enhances sensitivity and makes orgasms more intense. Maybe ask mum about this?

Magical uses: Love, Lust and Visions

(or: Witches&Werwolves AU goes ao3 - mind the tags)

hehe ^^ of course I gave it a listen! While it’s not something I’d randomly turn on myself (as I’m more into silly, happy stuff), the song itself is very good. It has a prominent feel of painful struggle to it imho, both the emotional and physical kind. You can really picture someone being close to dying, but yet having to push themselves to see things through, so they’re stumbling along while bleeding everywhere and suffering in general. (I haven’t played Castlevania myself, so I cannot judge how well it fits the actual character/story, but that’s the mental imagery I get)

As for tags, could you do me a favour, if it’s not any trouble? Next time you submit a song, please let me know whether you can alter the tags, a. k. a. remove them and add your own. It should be possible, but I’d like to make sure before providing tag prompts à la “your name here” ^^

Story time, kids!!

So yesterday, my sister and I had tickets to an advanced screening of Captain America: Civil War.  We got into Boston early because we weren’t guaranteed seats because they overbook these things in case people don’t show up.  We get in line (we’re like 40 people in) and we settle in to wait for 2 ½ hours to be let in to be seated.  

I know Mike Beach is currently in Boston, filming Mark Wahlberg’s new movie, Patriot’s Day.  I jokingly started tweeting him about how he should come keep us company in line at the theater (because there was no way I’d be content to just stand there and talk my sister).  

Literally about 2 hours laters, I get a reply and yeah. 

This is what happened:

Naturally, I start freaking.  “Is he serious?”  “Is he teasing me?”  “I know he said he wanted to do a meet up, but is he pulling my leg?”

The movie was going to be a long one, so I wasn’t going to hold my breath.  

Then THIS happened:

H O L Y  S H I T

He had mentioned in an earlier tweet that he was going to be around the Prudential Center on Boylston, so my sister and I started walking in that direction for when he told us his location.  He had a place in mind, but they ended up being closed, so we could tell he was trying to find something else.  

When we stopped at a corner to give him some time, apparently he walked right by us on the street.  (We weren’t RIGHT on the corner.  We were out of the way and he was on his phone.)  I get a reply telling us he found a place.  

It was a bar.  We walk up, we see him in the window, by himself.  Holy shit.  We go in and introduce ourselves.  He gives us big hugs!  He’s wearing his Harley Davidson biker vest.  He’s so happy to see us!  Its literally just the three of us.  I don’t know why I thought he’d have someone else with him.  When I meet people from the internet, I always like to have one other person there with me, but he’s a 50+ year old man, so…….

We immediately start discussing Civil War.  We obviously didn’t want to spoil anything, but he had one or two questions that he needed answers to just for his own piece of mind.  haha.  He told some anecdotes of his kids.  (The man has 7 kids.  Oldest will be 30 in November and the youngest will be 2 soon.)  

We order some food.  He got a dinner and my sister and I split nachos.  It was 10:30 at night.  We didn’t want to eat too much.  

I feel like we literally talked about everything!  We talked about his kids.  We talked about our jobs.  We talked about his experience in the industry and the movie he’s working on right now.  The previous day he had been talking to Deval Patrick for about 3 hours, trying to really do the role justice.  

We talked about The 100.  He asked me what I thought about this season.  I asked him if he really wanted my honest opinion and he said, “Yeah!  Its no skin off my back!” 

Well….I ranted.  Due to the many different kinds of followers I have on here, some might not agree with me about my stand on certain things, so I’m going to refrain from going into detail about that.  

We also talked about The 100 cast.  He feels so genuinely towards them.  He honestly feels like they all honestly love each other.  He thinks its beautiful.  I think its beautiful.  God, I love this cast.  I told him how Bob was actually supposed to come to Boston twice, but he had to cancel both times.  I said if he did it again, I was going to start to take it personally.  He got a kick out of that!  Obviously, I’m joking.  I just really want Bob to try to come to Boston.  Always.  

We talked about the Jason/Ricky thing and I’ve mentioned how I haven’t liked Jason for well over a year because of how he’s treated different sides of the fandom over the course of all 3 seasons.  I told Mike about the “Ricky’s a great actor. I wish him all the best” or what have you and how that was literally all he said when asked.  Jason wrote an essay over a fictional character, but barely gave a full thought about a real person that he really hurt.  Mike didn’t even know Jason said anything at all and seemed to not be too happy about that.  

I’m getting heated all over again, fam.  Please forgive.  

Like, we told him how we met Ricky in November and just how lovely we thought he was.  How it broke my heart to hear that he was treated that way.  I love Ricky so much, you guys.  

We talked about how the cast actually used to be pretty active on social media, but because of all the hate they receive, its caused them to kind of clam up.  “Especially Bob. He can be really sensitive towards that kind of stuff.” Again, I’m just paraphrasing, but he did mention Bob specifically in regards towards the hate.  

RANT TIME: Literally, how gross do you have to be to send hate to an actual person OVER A FICTIONAL CHARACTER??  I’m disgusted by each and every person that continues to harass him, and the rest of the cast.  Guys, we’ve been following Bob for a good chunk of time now.  We know he’s a bit more sensitive to the hate.  Just fucking knock it off.  If you’re going to hate one someone (who you don’t even really fucking know, mind you), at least have the decency to not tag them on social media.  He literally does not need to see that shit.  When I was suddenly woken up at 3am and looked at my phone this morning to his tweet

I was literally ready to go to war.  I was ready to fucking fight.  I told Mike how that absolutely broke my heart to hear because Bob is one of my favorites, if not my number one, on this cast.  He’s a precious bran muffin who deserves the world.  I’m literally CONSTANTLY sickened by the amount of hate he gets.  

Mike also told me how, while he was live tweeting the episode last night, this girl was coming at him and when he went to reply, she had blocked him.  Like, how attention seeking are you?  Go outside.  Read a book.  Don’t start shit on the internet, honestly.  

He also told me, without giving away any spoilers, that the episode was probably the best one yet.  I told him that I couldn’t wait to watch it!  That it honestly looks like it was going to be the best one yet this season.  (And it was!) 

We talked about how he’s going to his first convention and he was asking what conventions are like.  We told him as much as we could.  We only have three cons under our belt, but I feel like we gave him a pretty good picture.  He doesn’t understand why people should pay to get pictures and autographs.  He doesn’t believe it should be like that.  But its literally always about money, so…..

(ALSO, CHARLIE HUNNAM IS GOING TO THAT CONVENTION??  I kind of geeked out. Me: “Charlie never goes to these things!” Mike: “I know!!  A whole bunch of us (SOA) will be there!”

We talked tattoos.  Our tattoos.  His tattoos.  He showed us the one on his bicep.  He had to take off his jacket and roll up his sleeve.  I nearly died.  That dude is FIT for 50+.  

I could’ve stayed there all night, but he needed to go to sleep and my sister and I needed to catch one of the last trains.  So I asked for pictures and we went outside to take them.  

Here’s mine:

Then he asked which way we were walking.  (We were actually walking in the same direction, so we started walking together.)  His hotel was right up the street, so we stopped out front and got hugs.  Said thanks.  We said that we hoped to do this again!  He’s leaving on Sunday for LA for a week, but he said he’d be back the following week for a couple of weeks.  He seemed down to meet up again!  We said goodnight.  He told us to get home safe and then he crossed the street to go into his hotel.  




Tips for starting Ask blogs.

So I’ve seen a lot of ask blogs come and go when people become upset that they’re not getting asked questions. Running an ask blog can be really fun, but starting a blog from scratch takes time and effort! 

Keep in mind that I work as a marketing professional, so I’m all about exposure + getting people to interact/buy what you’re selling. If that makes sense. It might seem a little over the top but it works! 

1) Create a new account for your ask blog so you can like + follow other blogs from your ask blog. This allows you to interact with everyone much more easily! Friendships create exposure and are a fun way to immerse yourself in a fandom. 

2) Create content before you start asking people for questions. People are more likely to ask you a question if they know what they’re going to get in return. Whether you’re roleplay, cosplay or art oriented, make a few posts highlighting your craft to pull people in. 

3) Tag everything (but don’t spam). Exposure exposure! Tagging your posts correctly is pretty much the only way you’re going to get other people to see your content. If you’re starting from scratch and have 0 followers, you’re going to want to utilize the tagging system in order to get yourself out there. That being said, repeatedly posting content to the tags can earn you negative attention. Don’t overdo it, but don’t be afraid to tag your posts! 

4) Organize your responses. If you’re posting something like images and gifs, be sensitive to how your posts appear on people’s dashes. Long stretched out posts or fuzzy image quality is obviously much less preferred to clear gifs and concise posts. Sometimes this is obviously hard, but it’s something to be mindful of. 

5) Interact! Talk to your followers. Ask questions in a post and enable answers. Don’t be afraid to ask your followers questions about what they enjoy or what they’d like to see more of. 

6) Turn off anon if you feel comfortable. There’s much to be said about tumblr’s anonymous messaging system, and of course if you do not feel comfortable opening yourself up to anon messages then that is more than okay. But people may be too nervous to send you a message off anon. At least when you’re first starting out, you may want to try and turn anon on for a little bit. That way, you’re more likely to get questions that will help you kick off your blog.

7) Don’t take it too seriously. (says me lol) BUT REALLY. Blogging should be fun! If you don’t get questions, make posts anyway. Cosplay when you want, rp and draw when you want. Don’t rely on questions to enjoy and produce for your blog. As you pull people in with your content, the questions will come.

And there you have it. 

On the Update:

Since we’re getting an update on the 30th, I wanted to take this time to remind you all of a few things.

First off, tag your spoilers! Be courteous to those who read the update later than you.

Remember that Michelle is a human being with thoughts and feelings and a life of her own. She may be slow with updating on a regular schedule at first. Don’t clog the tags with impatience and anger towards her if this happens. That’s just rude.

If you create any fanatic or fiction, please tag your posts accordingly. Despite the comic’s more mature content, the fandom is overwhelmingly filled with minors. That means if you create something nsfw, you better tag it. This also goes for material touching on sensitive topics as well.

The last thing this fandom needs is more drama and I think most of the fandom would agree. When the update hits, the fandom will grow again and the activity of it and the tags will increase. Let’s all be mindful of what we post, not only for ourselves but for others as well.

So, I tried to send this as a series of asks to a few people I follow, but Tumblr is a butt and apparently has a limit on the number of asks per hour?

So, I guess I’ll try just posting it here and tagging people?

“Hi, I’m currently studying before I start conversion to Judaism, and for the past few years I’ve been writing on a high fantasy RP site as an essentially Jewish-coded character.  The character, and his culture, started out as only vaguely referencing Judaism, but as I learned more, and became more aware of issues like antisemitism and cultural appropriation, I’ve tried to reign it in so as to make it more culturally sensitive and a closer fit with the real-world culture and religion I had been basing it on.  It’s become a long-term project to make this culture in the fantasy setting as respectful and representative of the variety and methodology of religious/cultural practice.  I’m at a stumbling block, however, as I try to define their history.  I know that Jewish people have faced a lot of adversity, racism, antisemitism, and other problems throughout their history, and I don’t want to whitewash that out of the representation.  However, I also recognize (and have been seeing through my observations of “Jumblr”), that there are a lot of stories and representations of Jewish people and narratives that focus heavily on their suffering, and that a lot of Jewish people wish there wasn’t as much of a focus on that aspect.  So, I’m messaging you, and a few other Jewish tumblrs that I follow, to ask what your opinion would be on this, and if you have any recommendations or requests as to what to avoid or include.  For clarity, I’ve long included facets of psychic sensitivity and elemental magic among a small percentage of the populace, and a diaspora across the known regions of the setting, but these aspects haven’t been completely nailed down either.  Feel free to either respond privately or publicly (and I wouldn’t mind more opinions than the ones I asked, either!  The more the merrier!).”

lilyevenspotter jewish-privilege jewishsocialist returnofthejudai witch-of-habonim-dror