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for the love of god don’t ever use Chinese characters if u don’t appreciate our culture at all…. it’s so infuriating idc if u know what it means lol it doesn’t justify ur use of our language it doesn’t hide the fact tht u’re only using it because it looks Oriental And Cool™. nvr understood the whole yin yang trend and the shirts with chinese characters trend lol u white ppl and ur ugly trends. ur so-called knowledge of Chinese culture is probably just knowing who Bruce Lee n Jackie Chan are lmao,,,, and tht we eat rice as staple food n have strict parents n study everyday n have small eyes. yup dem basic stereotypes,, mhm

bet yall white people rushin to cover up ur western-centric views of us Chinese n deeming it as ur so-called knowledge of our culture,,, so u can proceed to use our culture as ur aesthetic haha

basically dont ever use another language as ur aesthetic without trying to appreciate their culture it is v demeaning and belittles their entire history. languages r integral to a race’s culture AND history, hence dont ever be insensitive abt it lol

Turnera Diffusa - fenfyre (Jace) - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Turnera Diffusa
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Rating: Explicit
Ship: EreJeanMarco

The plant commonly known as Damiana contains cineole, thymol and other volatile oils. Said to be antimicrobial and to stimulate sex hormone production it enhances sensitivity and makes orgasms more intense. Maybe ask mum about this?

Magical uses: Love, Lust and Visions

(or: Witches&Werwolves AU goes ao3 - mind the tags)