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“Sometimes you pitch things, and the room is very excited, and they’re like, ‘Yes! Let’s take risks!’ And then, months down the road, when you’re actually trying to take those risks, you get a phone call from someone in Business Affairs who’s like, 'Yeah, that thing with the thing? We can’t do that.’ And then it all gets wound back.”  {netflix creatives panel}

I am so tired of Louis never being given credit for the wonderful things he does. These days, literally every single good thing he does, every gesture, every word; is discredited; brushed off as something he had to do, a stunt, ‘his team’ doing it, twisted to fit one conspiracy or other. Can’t we just accept things at face value once in a while, and acknowledge that maybe Louis just wanted to do something nice, because he is a good person and he wants to make other people happy?

Last night was a perfect example of that. I was disappointed not to see him at the Brits. I had assumed because he was there last year when he had nothing to promote that this year, he’d go, especially when he had music to promote, an award to possibly win, and when he did the promo for the nominees show and said how important they in particular were to him. When he flew in 3 days before, it seemed pretty much a given that he’d attend. And it was strange to not have him there and not know why; especially as he was on social media and didn’t appear at the time to have other things going on. And when he posted the video it was such a sweet gesture, to show that it was still important to him that we voted, that he still appreciated the award, that he wasn’t taking it for granted. And it was great that he was getting to spend time with his family. Yet I still wasn’t sure why he chose to go back home at that specific time, why he chose then of the several nights he had been home to do something with them, especially because it really would benefit his solo career to be with the music industry people.

Then, I realized that there was a reason for it. Louis specifically chose that time and that night *because* it was the night of the Brits. His mum went to the Brits with him last year, and I believe she did in prior years. He spoke very fondly of sharing his first Brit win with her, and always said how special they were to him. And, his family probably always watched the Brits together, or, once he was there himself, attended it. Louis PURPOSELY stayed home to do something with them, because it was more important to be there for and with them for support because the Brits was a big thing to his family. Watching it with them and maybe having dinner or something was his top priority and he wanted to show that, instead of being about himself and going to promote himself. Then, to add to that, he then made us a really sweet video, which was posted only 12 minutes after the award was announced, proving that while his family means everything to him, he really does care about us and is grateful for the things he wins too. And not only did I totally understand it then, but I was so proud of him for it.

And seeing people dismiss it and brush it aside and say ‘he could have tweeted that’ or making it about him refusing to attend the awards show for some sort of rebellion or to fit some theory, I just felt like I needed to say something, this time. He went out of his way to make everyone happy, and why is it never good enough for people? He really does do special things to show how much he cares whenever he can, and, too many people dismiss them and turn them into something they’re not. He deserves more credit in all areas than this fandom ever gives him.

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who always wants to play the classics, and who always finds and suggests the most obscure surreal modern pieces?

rose lalonde has memorized exactly 7 obscure modern performance art plays back to back, 3 of them one-woman productions, and immediately shoots down anything musical because she knows she can’t sing and she’ll be damned if she gets a choral part because of her wretched pipes

jane crocker shows up to the cast meeting with an armful of shakespeare scripts and a head full of determination

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“But god, just notice you’re both looking at the sky”

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This is a public service announcement.

           once you actually       become       a victim,         it’s almost        SIMPLE       to pick others out of a crowd.       those dragging their feet,        not really fitting into their        ‘new normal’          the way initially expected.     it’s not what she sees in the man before her,        though physical signs reveal his misfortune   ──  accompanying the tale his eyes proceed to tell.          “ i appreciate the concern,      but i’m fine. ”          never took the time to get caught up in it.         she lives her life,         albeit mostly drunk.           “ now maybe i should ask you the same thing.      what is it that some scumbag did to you,   hmm  ? ”    

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