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“being able to separate a fictional ship from real relationships” fuck u beverly some of us internalized, at an early age, those shitty values presented on screen as acceptable and desirable, and opened up the door for future abuse later in life. because we saw this behavior as acceptable and as #goals, we allowed it to happen to us. I got hurt because I saw a dozen nos get turned into a yes by a man. I let a man use me and hurt me because I thought he knew better and he knew what I wanted and I would tell him I love him and get back “I know.”

it doesn’t matter if it was a fictional relationship. it happened to me. that kind of behavior, I saw it on screen and thought it was okay in real life.

if you are so fucking insistent on watching abuse happen on screen, we need to see CONSEQUENCES. We need to see the perpetrator get punished and we need to see the victim heal. we need to see toxic relationships end and both parties move on. relationship violence and toxicity shouldn’t be glamorized on screen or relied upon for plot or shock value. it’s time for that shit to get the fuck out of here.


character posters: angelina johnson

and it’s johnson — johnson with the quaffle, what a player that girl is, i’ve been saying it for years but she still won’t go out with me —”

Let’s fuck under the stars. And by under the stars I mean in my bed underneath my glow in the dark star stickers.
—  Yuuri Katsuki’s drunk text to Victor