tagging for personal archiving purposes only

hey i just want to throw it out there again i’m sorry for the lack of original stuff. I was about to get started on a lot of things I had planned when i started having to cling to my home with my pinkie nails but in addition to that 

i tag all donation posts for archival purposes but also blacklist purposes, but i won’t apologize for having more of those than chronic illness things lately. the least i can do feeling as bad as i am is use the number of followers i have to possibly help other disabled people in horrible situations, and i don’t know how anyone else feels, but i personally wouldn’t be okay with myself i didn’t at least click reblog and add tags. 

in my mind, sometimes the only people us disabled people have is other disabled people, and even though we may not be able to help each other moneywise, by boosting posts we might be able to reach an audience of people that can. 

i know from personal experience that able bodied people aren’t always going to help us, so as long i can tap “reblog” i’m going to do my best to help other disabled people in need, because if we as a community of disabled people can’t help each other, even in the smallest and for some of us, only ways, who else will?

anonymous asked:

could you maybe not tag ur ship hate. haha thanks.

1. The tags are for everyone who isn’t spamming or posting expressly to upset other people. The idea that they’re only for people who are 100% positive about the thing tagged is a made-up social fallacy.

2. The tags are also for personal archival purposes.

3. Negative posts are not ‘hate’, even if they’re negative about something you like. You are not the things you like; the negativity about the thing is not about you.

I resent my thoughtful analysis and ultimately mild opinion being characterized as 'hate’. Please learn to handle other people not liking things you like and posting about it where you can see it in ways other than passive aggressively demanding they not use public tags.