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*Running up to Mutt before I loose my nerve*  I got excited and I made you a thing!  *standing on tip toes to give him a kiss on his zygomatic bone, before trying to get away* I hope you like it!

~Tyrant, I may just have to start spamming you with art cause this was so much fun to make!  This was from the SSLL chapter where Mutt realizes that reader may not be as vanilla as he though.  Hope you enjoy!

“hang on there, darlin’.  you aren’t gettin’ away that easily.”  You don’t make it far before Mutt grabs you around the waist and pulls you against his side.  He’s smirking from the kiss to his zygoma, a lit dog treat shifting between his sharp teeth.  In his other hand is your drawing, which he hasn’t had a chance to look at just yet.  “i’ve gotta see what’cha made first.”

He glances at the picture, his sockets widening ever-so-slightly in surprise.  He wasn’t anticipating art.  “damn, darlin’.  this is good.  really good.”  His eyelights shift toward you, and his smirk widens.  One eyesocket begins to glow orange, and a long ecto tongue snakes out to run along his teeth; he’s pulling off the pose from your art.  The tongue dispels, and he tightens his arm around your waist, giving you a one-armed hug.  “an’ i see you have a thing for my tongue, huh?”


I study rainbows

If this is goodbye,
I would want you to know
That without you I never would have grown.

If this is goodbye,
Try your best to stay here
Knowing that I, too, am filled with fear.

If this is goodbye,
You were family to me
In a way distinct from ancestry.

If this is goodbye,
I would just like to say,
That I’m believing in you every single day.

But if this is goodbye,
It will not be the end.
I would never do that to my belov’d friend.

—  If this is our last day together, letโ€™s make it a good one. A.M.A.
30 Questions Tag

jRules: answer 30 questions and tag some blogs you would like to get to know better

I was tagged by the sweetest sunflower @kc-junghsk and adorable @jvnckles๐ŸŒปโœจ๐Ÿ’› thank you sm, angels!

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  • Theon: You saved me Ramsay.
  • Theon: I owe you my life!
  • Ramsay: No thanks, I've seen it and I'm not impressed.

canada line’s heart-fluttering singing ft. the boyz being relatable 

Spreading Some Love

Personally, I’ve been having shitty weeks for like two months now and I’m exhausted. I do need some positivity and I figured others might, too.

So here’s how this works. Pick 5-10 mutuals you know/or just enjoy seeing on your dash, tag them and let everyone know exactly why you like them so much! (only if you want)

@denilmo ; Deni (or Kori) is a very lovely human being. Not only is she incredibly supportive and kind, but she never fails to give just the right advice when you need it the most. She also happens to be my beta. Without her, I wouldn’t be so confident about posting my work online. That said, this woman is an incredible writer! It’s so much fun working with her, and even more fun to just brainstorm ideas together or fangirl over our favourite ship. She’s just delightful to talk to and I adore her.

@sayurinomoe ; Sayu (or Illaria) is one of my favourite people on this earth and definitely one of the best friends I’ve ever made. She’s the first person I think of when something exciting happens to me, just like I’d immediately seek her out whenever I have a shitty day because she just always knows how to make me feel better. She’s so sweet and lovely and it’s so sad that not many people know that. She’s a little shy and doesn’t talk much on this site but I’m very lucky I could be an exception! She’s an incredible artist and one of the most supportive people I know. 

@moonfox22 ; Kit Kat (or Kaytlin) is a cupcake. Possibly the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. She’s downright adorable and makes me wish I could reach throught the screen and pinch her cheeks. She’s always a nice company to have and I enjoy chatting with her. She’s such an incredible and supportive person. She has this strange ability of starting a conversation in moments I really need somebody to talk to, it’s like magic. She’s so much fun and an incredible writer and her work never fails to make me smile like an idiot. 

@silmaril-br Silmaril is someone I know from ff.net before Tumblr. We don’t exactly talk but I recognise her as a constant reviewer on almost all my writings and her support is so incredible and moving and seeing her pop up in my reviews makes my day every time. I’m very lucky to have a fan like her. 

@sarahbearah1914 ; Sarah is one of the nicest people I’ve met on this site. She’s so sweet and strong and supportive and I love her and her cutie little daughter to pieces. Conversing with her is always fun and talking to her always makes me feel happy and generally better. A very supportive and nice friend.

(I’ll take a moment here to say that I’m very blessed to have beautiful supportive friends who are always there for me when I need them, without them my life would be incredibly shitty)

@mouseymightymarvellous ; ahhh where do I ever start with this one. Maus is… incredible. We’re not particularly close but whenever she pops up on my dash with a new piece of writing I get so giddy and excited I do a little dance. She’s protective and smart and sweet and so very smart and mature and incredibly talented and I really do look up to her. She betas my time travel fic and helps me feel so much better about my writing. I’m very glad I know her. 

@natanije ; Anyone who knows Misha will probably tell you she’s an adorable bean. She’s such a lovely and caring friend, she’s always there when I’m not feeling well and talking to her cheers me up. <3

@skittledoodles ; and we have skittle of course. My favourite artist on this site. She’s just so damn talented and amazing and lovely. Her work makes me smile so huge my cheeks hurt. You rock skittle, and I love ya. 

@meliss-cake ; melissa, the sweetest infamous monster I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her art is A+ and seeing her on my dash gets me so excited! She’s so incredibly talented and awesome and I’m a very big fan of her work.

@eeearnest ; Liz is a pleasure to talk to any day. Her art is  a m a z i n g. She colours like she freakin’ invented colouring, I’m so in love with her work. She’s so supportive and lovely and always there for a chat when I feel crappy. This person is amazing and I love her. 

(I’m going over limit I know omg but one last one <3)

@fineillsignup ; Yunyu, because I can’t possibly finish this post without including her. One of the most talented, creative, smart and educated individuals I’ve ever, ever had the pleasure of meeting. I just so adore it when she criticises Boruto and the plotholes in Naruto and we have discussions about the whys and hows of the naruto verse. Without her, I wouldn’t know half of the people on this site and I’m just so endlessly grateful for her I have no words. Half of the people mentioned above I’ve met through her and I can’t thank her enough for it. 

(one last one I swear)

@mister-kh ; Krista is hilarious. She roasts hard and it makes me laugh each and every single time. Talking to her is a breath of fresh air, to be honest. I lost count of the number of times I’ve stalked her blog but its just that amazing. I feel like most people on here just don’t know exactly how much of an incredible person she is but talking to her on the KS group has given me an insight on her person and it’s been an absolute pleasure. She’s amazing.

Ahhhh there’s so many more lovely people that I know of course. My beautiful KS group that’s just my little piece of heaven on this earth, I love them all, but that;s it for this post! Spread the love!

November Drabble #30

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Finally wrapping up this drabble series with the voted prompt from myย two-prompt post earlier today. Winning prompt is bolded in the fic.ย 

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my lesbian mother @princesscarriefisher tagged me into a thing so here are my fave selfies from 2017! i only take pics from one angle! this collection of my faces includes classics such as “is mimi an extra from skam?” and “a beach lesbian is forced to add a sun emoji to her picture because someone is naked in the background” if a mutual wants to do this pls tag me i wanna see!

happy birthday syd!! i hope you have a great birthday, And your really cool so i drew you a connor!

 go check her out @clouffy


okay so i was tagged by @babydontpcy and @zhpxng for the 2017 selfie thing. thanks for tagging and you guys are both gorgeous by the way omg. 

i’m tagging @dazedjongin @suavesehun @starsehun @cockybaekhyun @dksalbum @pixelxiu @sehunstiddies-l @osnowhun @bubblemoon @bbhsthighs @okaybaekhyun and anyone else who wants to do it! i wanted to tag a ton of people ugh.


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