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How's jury duty going????

Hi Nons! Thanks for checking in. Today was our second full day of hearing testimony and one of the cases we heard was very, very hard - basically my worst nightmare in terms of the type of case I’d see, and I actually came home and cried for a bit before pulling myself together. (Sorry to be vague, but I can’t really say anything beyond that.) But at the end of the day, I am incredibly lucky and privileged to merely be hearing about upsetting things instead of living them, and I’m trying hard to recognize that. xo

Hi everyone!
Would anyone be interested if I made a witchy Instagram account? I thought I could better document my personal magic there, as well as doing fun little things like “crystal of the month” or something similar? Please let me know what you think!

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.

in february, he’s my snow angel ❤︎

just a quick paint for some hair practice! working some new techniques into my rep, so have a simple soft jeonghannie with really glossy hair :))

just realized i never posted my piece for @runcharityzine… i’m hoping it’s okay to post at this point? 

Autistic tag yourself:Hogwarts Houses Version

-Body stims
-More hyposensitive (sensory seeking)
-Huge meltdowns

-Publicly stims because f*ck you
-Weird/“bad” special interests
-lacks empathy but will do anything for their friends

-Makes animal noises to stim
-“Childish” special interests

-Visual stims
-Nerdy special interests
-More likely to shutdown

a flower tattoo & jasmine perfume | one

In which Spencer has a huge crush on a bartender, Cassidy, who works at the bar/restaurant down the street from his apartment. On his free weeknights when she’s working, he heads over to keep her company. An unexpected face from his past just may unknowingly give him the push he needs to tell Cass how he feels.

a/n: this is part one of my piece for Hannah’s OC/trope challenge. @reiding-and-writing my OC is a totally cool amazing ray of sunshine named cassidy, and my trope was: “pretend to be my boyfriend/girlfriend please, it’s just for tonight.” this is a three part series about spence and cass, i hope you all like this and love cassie because i think she’s pretty badass and awesome (-: 

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Spencer Reid wasn’t one to drink much, he’d have a beer on occasion but aside from that he didn’t consume much alcohol. He considered himself somewhat of a social drinker– he’d drink alcohol mainly on social occasions and only in small quantities.

So when he found himself walking to the bar for the third time this week, he reminded himself to have one beer at most but he’d rather not drink at all. He wasn’t alcohol’s biggest fan, in fact he’d only been drunk a small handful of times in his life and he couldn’t really remember much about it, nor did he want to. So why go to the bar? 

Well, that was an easy answer– he’d fallen for the bartender.

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I am not a poet.
I am a scientist,
and there is nothing a scientist loves more
than the pursuit
of discovery

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o53 - music is meant for sharing feat. dean’s pink ipod

i just want dean and cas to take a moment and listen to songs together in dean’s room and basically just snuggle bc ugh there is a serious lack of destiel in the bunker. anw this doodle is for my bb juliet♥ uwu


after a brief discussion of how I tend to present:

behold my femme to soft butch range