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I should put this under a read more, but I won’t… also, I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do or how to thing, but I’m getting angry, and it’s not good for me, and I’m telling you why.

I’m so annoyed by these people claiming that the baby gils is only Robin’s and not Regina’s.

I’m so annoyed with all of you… this fandom was crying for a baby one year ago. Now, just because Regina didn’t carry her, she’s not qualified to be the so desired OQ baby? Give me a break! Of course the birth mother is a despicable human being, but the baby should not be seen as some sort of walking-sin or terrible-reminder of what Zelena did to Robin. If anything, she’s the only good thing coming out of this horrible storyline so far, and I’m sure more goodness will come in the future. And just to let it very clear being a birth mother does not equal to being a mom who wakes up in the dead of the night to change diapers and sooth fevers.

I cannot stand the idea going around that blood family tops the family people choose to have. Many will say that this is not what they are saying, but the message I get is that blood relations are what matter. Fuck that!

And there’s also the bloody idea that Regina is raising someone else’s child… let me get graphic with my wording here: Fuck you if you think a child isn’t worth of love just because she wasn’t born out of her mother’s womb.

And in case any of you forgot it, Henry isn’t related to Regina by blood and I see no one crying indignantly because she should have a son of her own.


Screenshots from UNLIMITED POWER!! | Factorio Gameplay #9

just a quick note on criticism: criticism in general is okay. it’s good to be aware of what’s going wrong (or not perfectly) and it’s good to constantly be working to improve. there is no such thing as perfection. there’s always room for improvement. blind following of “perfection” is never good. with that said, however, criticism that is founded from a prejudiced and ignorant background isn’t constructive at all. hate in any forms is never constructive. it does no good.

it’s possible to find a happy medium between blind following and blind hatred. let’s try our best to always work towards living in that happy medium :)