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happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party

I wonder if they shipped my ship or not…

my actual dad 2k17

(he was talking about an amazon order but let’s just appreciate that out of context)

all i want is for the skam squads to not all end up paired off together like this is some shakespearean comedy

Now that Mark is getting into music...

can we all just say a silent prayer to whatever deity you believe in (if you’re atheist, just pick one for the purposes of this exercise) and ask that Markiplier be introduced to the musical genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda

okay but

I don’t Discourse, but I get so angry when people dismiss asexual’s people’s problems as something like “Boohoo, you don’t want to fuck, no one gives a shit”.

But it’s so much more than that. Obviously it’s not homophobia, never was and never will be. It doesn’t even compare, it’s not the same thing at all. 

But there are issues asexual people face like - there is pressure, part of it from society, and a lot of it come for ourselves. And that kind of self-hate and self-loathing and thinking you’re broken and unloveable, developping unhealthy sexual behaviour and self-harm - it’s a thing, it’s definitely a thing, not something 14-year-old kids on tumblr made up for attention. It can really mess you up, mess your relationships up, and people are so afraid to talk about it - I read words of older people - and I don’t mean people my age, I mean people in their 50s, their 60s - probably they don’t even know asexuality is even a thing, they got married and had kids and always felt wrong, because they hate sex and they never wanted it and never felt comfortable around it but they did it, quietly, never said a fucking word, and hated themselves a bit more every single time because they never understood why they felt they were missing what they were always told was supposed to be a fundamental part of themselves. They spent their entire life thinking they were broken.

and. it’s not homophobia, it’s not bigotry from an entire society keeping you from jobs and housing, etc. there’s no stats or anything. And maybe a lot of non-asexual people relate to this self-loathing, too. Things are never completely clear cut - there is always some overlapping. It doesn’t make it any less important. It’s still a thing that most asexual people go through, at least for part of their life, and it can really, really mess someone up. And there’s no need to get into discourse or into any (useless and frankly asinine) comparisons - it just needs to be taken seriously for what it is, because people’s health and happiness are what’s at play and it matters, too.


Gorillaz Gang V.S Humanz Gang

(For @maccamc awesome Gang AU for the Gorillaz!!!)

So, I wanted to use that picture of Meta Knight in a Pengy costume as a desktop wallpaper, but it was low quality so I said ‘Oh, I’ll just touch it up a bit!’ Next thing I know, I just drew over top of the image and completely redid it. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a redraw, but I liked the way it came out so I did more but without his mask. They are hopefully under the cut

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Okay Fablehaven people, where you at, because I have a thing to say. 

I think fairykam would make a fantastic Kendra.

That is all.

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imagine huddling up in a corner of your room because of the terrible emotions hitting hard. jimin would squat down in front of you, gently cup your cheeks with his hands and lift your head so that you’re looking directly into his eyes. “hey, listen. focus on me. it’s okay, it’s alright and you’re okay,” he’d say softly and press his lips on your forehead, giving you a long-lasting, comforting, gentle kiss. 

Hi guys! Yesterday I reached 5k followers! That’s something I never thought I’d even come close to getting, thanks so much guys for helping me reach this milestone, you’re the best! Huge thank you to every one who supports my blog and says nice things. You have no idea how much it means to me. Reblogging my gifs and edits you make me happier. I didn’t tag everyone because i follow too many blogs (exactly 404 blogs, what can i say, i watch too many tv shows), i’m so sorry if i didn’t include someone. Ok, lets do this:


@solitude-am-i @lecomics-hooverman Oh, my sweet Iv and El. Family don’t end with the blood and  you two are like my sisters from another mother. I tagged you together because the the three of us are unsaperate. I love you both so much and now i can’t image a life without you two ( i can’t image a day without our talks:) You two know me here the best. I’am so thankful that i have the pleasure to know you. You’re my real life friends. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my life with you <3

@mel-loves-all My sweet Mel, you are here with me since the beginning. Without you I would not be here. You’re one of the first person that i started to talk here.I was so shy, but this was my best decision to start interact with you. I love you so much my friend. Thank you for all the love, support, all the random messages. Thank you for being you, one of the kindest, lovable people that i ever met. Thank you for everything honey<3

@spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting Oh dear Abby, a day without a message from you is a lost day. Thank you for being a part of my life, a part of my spn family. I love you my adorable friend. Thank you for liking and reblogging my stuff, for all the support. Meeting you was a gift which I couldn’t be more grateful.

@smoakqueenz @oliversmoaked My dear Nelly and Brune, you two give me the power for doing what i do. Thank you for all the kind words about my work. Thank you for all the support. You two made me believe in myself, you made me believe that what i do is not meaningless. I’m a very big fan of not just your blogs, I am a fan of what you are as a person. I love you to very much<3

My favorite people since forever, you made me who i’m here now. Thank you sweethearts for everything. There is no me here without you. You all are very special to me and I love you all very much<3

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Thank you to every single one of you guys and I love you so much! Big  thank you to all of my followers, with all of you everything is possible ♡

Is this a crazy thought?

I’m going to tag everyone I can think of but please pass this around because I know the corner of fandom I live in isn’t the corner everyone visits.

Would anyone have any interest in the. Reaction of a blog that published weekly updates?

As in, each … Sunday or something?? The blog would post the links to all Gundam Wing fics written that week? With a brief summary and the main pairings?

It would be submission based- so if you wrote or updated something you would submit the link/description to the blog and on the assigned day all the written things would be posted?

I know that sometimes I’m away from fandom for days or even just visit Tumblr at weird hours and so I miss updates, and I think something like this would be super cool.

And/or maybe also include the fanart from the week?

Thoughts? Please spread this post and also let me know if you want to join in? And or if you think yay or nay?

Also sorry if I tagged you and you are no longer interested in the Gundam Wing fandom- just ignore but also hi and hope you are well

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new tag for dog training?

Is there alternative dog training tag in DOGBLR (or could we maybe just choose new one lmao) cause I absolutely hate going through ‘dog training’ tag because there’s so much NSFW content?

I would love to follow people who either write/film about obedience, tracking, IPO, mondioring, joring and I NEED TAGS TO FOLLOW because I can not follow everyone here in tumblr (most of you don’t tag anything and I don’t want my dash fulfilled with content I don’t really care about, jeez! Sorry, but it’s just sad that I would love to follow a bunch of people but you just won’t tag. Ever.) and my dash would be so full of content I couldn’t follow up with everything going on in here.

Anyway, I’d love to try out tagging dog training content with a new tag that would be completely new so no one would fulfill the tag with NSFW or other weird content no one wants to see. Anyone with me?

Lookit, a shrine :D

No, not really xD But yes, a little while ago I printed out a whole bunch of Tamlen’s (and a few other faces :D) some of you awesome people have drawn me over the last couple of years! Most of the time totally out of nowhere, unprompted, some others as part of fandom events and/or giveaways, one a gifted commission ♥. Just looking at them all still makes me so happy like the first day I saw them ;_; And it’s not even all, you might notice if you compare these with the ones in my “tamlen by others” tag… because I underestimated how many there were and I only had these two sheets of black paper xD I will add the rest in the future though :D

I did this during an afternoon where I felt like total shit - about my art, my life, my OCs, everything I touched seemed to fall apart.

So yes: I printed these out, glued them on the paper, and ever since they’re hanging above my desk, so that the first thing I see when I come here to sit down and draw is a wall of art of my favourite fictional son. As a reminder, a little, why I’m doing what I’m doing, to keep going; keep telling stories with my art and writing and sharing them here with you, keep wanting to talk about our OCs and interact, discovering new things, and keep wanting to hear and see your stories too :D You guys are all wonderful and brighten my days a bit everytime I see these drawings now!

Sorry for the poor photo quality XD and just because I can I’m also tagging everyone who’s drawing(s) is/are featured (because yes, there are instances where people doodled Tam more than once! crazy :D): @cherrypikkins, @mlp-micoo, @prismavore, @ethanscribbles, @merwild, @splinterstaff, @iio-in-thedas, @freya-theirondragon, @awesomonster (who did the first drawing ever of Tamlen that I didn’t do myself :D), @anneappelschnut, @ananjolee, @sunshinemage, @slugette, @becausedragonage, @numinlavellan, @americanbeauty-americansidehoe, and @eristhenat

Thanks so much again for taking the time to draw something that’s now on my wall, a constant reminder and source of motivation ♥

Brown Eyed Girl

This is my first Cinderella fanfic, so I’m just getting a feel for it!
Rated: K
WC: 893

The warm, spring sun shone down on Ella and Kit as they strolled through the palace gardens, laughing and chatting without a care in the world.

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Happy New™ bellarke fam selfie night!!! I’m so excited & anxious at the same time lol these 3 selfies represent my mixed feelings about a new season lol it’s gonna be awesome & painful but we will survive because that’s what bellarke fam does! Love all your faces, can’t wait to scream with you all

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I’m tagging everyone I can think of because we’re back babies!!! If you wanna be tagged or not tagged next week just let me know 😘

you know what i love about this chap ? these two panels :

tell me again bakugou katsuki is nothing but angry / rude character who didn’t develop at all during all this time. tell me again he’s just an arrogant & prideful boy who would blame others & not himself because he thinks he’s perfect. tell me again he’s a PIECE OF SHIT WHO JUST CARES ABOUT BEING THE TOP ONE & WHO DOESN’T CARE AT ALL ABOUT OTHERS. i’ll f ucking kill u. 

it’s really cool that our fandom is so large, and it’s so interesting seeing a variety of diverse people + content, but it can all sometimes be overwhelming tbh. there are so many posts + accounts out there, and it’s so easy to just feel lost among all of them. 

some blog:“you can`t ignore this, this is canon!”

Me:” Hold my tea and I show you how I ignore half of the mcu.”