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As a person who identifies more with Keith and stans Lance, I am actually really offended by your post about Lance stans. I think you're right about a lot of things (the others aren't awful people for not bowing to Lance all the time, etc.) but Lance is team-oriented, considerate, and would be a way better leader than Keith in my opinion. Please don't make it sound like Lance has no good qualities and people who stan black paladin Lance are just projecting their insecurities. It's offensive.

That theory was under a “Read More” for a good reason and yet here we are

I never said that Lance doesn’t have good qualities. All I’ve ever said is that I don’t like the way most Lance stans take the other paladins’ good qualities and apply them to Lance, and when someone says “that’s not one of Lance’s character traits” it’s suddenly… making it sound like he has no good qualities?

Aren’t they basically saying that his own qualities aren’t good enough?

I agree, he is team-oriented, he’s smarter than some people make him out to be and he’s got a lot of potential for character development. I’ve never denied that - in fact, almost every time people have messaged me regarding Lance I’ve stressed that I don’t dislike him as a character. I merely (heavily) dislike the fandom’s portrayal of him.

As for Black Paladin Lance: Build-up, storyline and common sense aside, I don’t believe Lance would even want to pilot Black. Like, on the one side y’all are making him out to be this super-insecure walking meme and on the other hand you believe he’d want to take over as leader if given the chance? Okay lmao

I apologise if you took that personally, but then again… I’ve said that most Lance stans tend to project their insecurities, and I’ll stand by that.

I wonder if they shipped my ship or not…

my actual dad 2k17

(he was talking about an amazon order but let’s just appreciate that out of context)


yooo rn these are pretty much it? they might change when i get to know some characters better or see other headcanons I like so much I integrate them into my art but YEAH

basically, nobody is straight

Me trying to avoid Kingdom Hearts 2.8 spoilers like

you know what i love about this chap ? these two panels :

tell me again bakugou katsuki is nothing but angry / rude character who didn’t develop at all during all this time. tell me again he’s just an arrogant & prideful boy who would blame others & not himself because he thinks he’s perfect. tell me again he’s a PIECE OF SHIT WHO JUST CARES ABOUT BEING THE TOP ONE & WHO DOESN’T CARE AT ALL ABOUT OTHERS. i’ll f ucking kill u. 


Okay Fablehaven people, where you at, because I have a thing to say. 

I think fairykam would make a fantastic Kendra.

That is all.

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imagine huddling up in a corner of your room because of the terrible emotions hitting hard. jimin would squat down in front of you, gently cup your cheeks with his hands and lift your head so that you’re looking directly into his eyes. “hey, listen. focus on me. it’s okay, it’s alright and you’re okay,” he’d say softly and press his lips on your forehead, giving you a long-lasting, comforting, gentle kiss. 

I spent most of today making a collage to use on the brandom blog I’m working on, everyone should be on there. Some aren’t as specific as others, but please let me know if you think you aren’t on there!!! I will add you to it right away if that is the case, or I’ll point you to where you are on it! c:

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Happy New™ bellarke fam selfie night!!! I’m so excited & anxious at the same time lol these 3 selfies represent my mixed feelings about a new season lol it’s gonna be awesome & painful but we will survive because that’s what bellarke fam does! Love all your faces, can’t wait to scream with you all

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Brown Eyed Girl

This is my first Cinderella fanfic, so I’m just getting a feel for it!
Rated: K
WC: 893

The warm, spring sun shone down on Ella and Kit as they strolled through the palace gardens, laughing and chatting without a care in the world.

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Everyone’s A Paladin

So, according to the VLD fandom, everyone’s now a paladin. It’s an odd side-effect of us waiting for season 2 to come out, but I rather enjoy it, because so far we have:

Alfor as the Yellow Paladin,

Conversely, Alfor as the Blue Paladin,

The sloth dude as the Green Paladin,

Zarkon as the Black Paladin,

Thrace as the Black Paladin,

and I’m pretty sure someone mentioned something about the Balmerans and the original Paladins. Plus, we’ve got Haggar as Allura’s mom, Rolo as Prince Lotor and I’m know there’s more I can’t think of.

I’m gonna go through and tag these as ‘Everyone’s A Paladin’ because I can’t wait to see how off the mark we are in later seasons XD XD


So after a couple messages, asks, and pokes I finally got around to taking a collection photo. Let me tell you how shocked it was when I couldn’t even fit them all on to this vanity! I just have them in a pile in my room because I don’t have time to organize them so when I lined them up one by one I was so shocked at how big my collection has gotten @____@ Anyways here it is in all its glory and wonder. I actually didn’t have room to put the purses so I kinda just put them on top of everything LOL I also have a couple more coming in a week or two >___>||| Ung…. lol haha now it’s everyone else’s turn to post pictures of your entire Alpacasso collection! I’m somehow turning this into a tag! A POST YOUR ALPACASSO COLLECTION TAG! I tag @littleshyfawn@creeepytea @lumichi @m-lissa @celticshrooms @disneybunny @flavours-ly @snoopily @tamabonotchi @bobbibloodrose and everyone who sees this XD haha!

131. Jack Fenton’s Super Easy Holiday Fudge! (100)


14.5 oz can sweetened condensed milk

12 oz bag chocolate chips

2 tbsp butter

2 tsp vanilla extract (or coffee for mocha)


1. Melt the condensed milk, chocolate chips, and butter over medium heat, stirring occasionally.

2. Remove from heat, stir in vanilla and any additional ingredients (~½ cup of nuts, un-melted chocolate chips, crushed candy canes, shredded coconut, m&ms, etc)

3. Pour and spread into 9x9 aluminum foil lined (important!) pan.

4. Cool. Enjoy. (And hide with the good silverware if you don’t want Jack to inhale it before it’s ready.)

From chapter 1. Harry might braid his horses mane while he lets the cows have their autonomy. We don’t know. 

All right- I’m done spamming 100percentsassy and gloriaandrews for a bit. Maybe. 

Lisanna and Lucy’s impact on Natsu’s life

I was re-reading past chapters of FT and I realized one thing: One of the tropes in some kind of fanfiction, which is that Lucy and Lisanna hate each other and fight for the love of Natsu, is totally OOC. In fact, if you look closely while reading the manga or watching the anime, you can appreciate that they actually have things in common

Some days ago I’ve read a post in which somebody wrote that, until Natsu met Lisanna, the guild hadn’t really treated Natsu well. Actually, after Lisanna’s “death” he got more destructive in his jobs until he meets Lucy who, like Lisanna, befriended him and treated him like an equal. I can really see why.

(I don’t own the image, it belongs to ERTEAR).

Both Lucy and Lisanna have had lonely childhoods, the first because of her mother’s death and a father that didn’t really care about her and the second one because of losing her parents at young age and being despised by the townspeople of their hometown. I think that their kindness comes from that loneliness, which made them have less prejudices about people. Don’t you believe me? Okay, let’s go to the past a little bit: 

Do you remember when Natsu told Lisanna about the Dragon Egg? And when he told Lucy about his parent being a dragon? In both cases they could laugh at him for his crazy thoughts. But they didn’t. Lisanna offered her help while taking care of the egg and Lucy only told him that how come they could think that they would find a dragon in a city. They treated him like one of their friends and didn’t mock him, like other ones did. 

What I want to say is that, for me, both Lucy and Lisanna are two characters that made such a big impact on Natsu’s life, making him become what he is in the present day (being Lisanna his past and Lucy his future… but that depends on the interpretations). So, making them fight and despise each other in fics is writing them OOC, actually. They unconditionally care about Natsu’s wellbeing and the relationships they have in the guild, and they wouldn’t sacrifice their friendship for a love triangle (hell, you can see in both Tenro and Tartaros arc that Lucy and Lisanna get along well. In fact, is Lisanna who tells Lucy to stay close to him when they’re about to fight Hades). They wouldn’t harm Natsu that way.

These ladies deserve all the love. ^^

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ADA lasertag headcanons

because i can do this too and mod pabby cant stop me cause she’s on a date suck it mod pabby

Dazai Osamu

  • This guy isn’t seen unless he wants to be, like not even his own team mates have seen him for the most part they just hear him laughing and taunting Kunikida.
  • Will ruin all of Kunikida’s strategies regardless of whether they share a team or not
  • For the most part he’ll just sit there and watch things play out unless there are stakes to win something or Kunikida walks by
  • “I leave the team in your capable hands Atsushi-kun”///“Excuse me???”

Kunikida Doppo

  • Surprisingly into it
  • He’s a good shot and pairs his team up well.  Sometimes gets carried away and treats it like actual life and death
  • Stop tucking and rolling, you’re going to break the equipment sir
  • It simultaneously takes stress away and gives him a good amount back because Dazai is still there 
  • Will use Dazai as a shield if he has the chance

Nakajima Atsushi

  • Voted most likely to take a shot for you for literally no reason other than he just panicked 
  • He warms up to the competitive energy eventually
  • Still sometimes apologizes for shooting someone
  • Best if paired up with Kyouka so he doesn’t get bullied by others looking for easy shots

Edogawa Ranpo

  • Do you really think he’ll play?
  • He’s no good at things like this and if you think he’s running from anyone, you’re out of your mind.
  • Most likely to be put of base watching duty
  • He does pretty well with it unless a bunch of people rush him at once

Izumi Kyouka

  • Will take you down without hesitation
  • Has loads of fun with it, especially when paired with Atsushi
  • Racks up the most points and is one of the best assets to the team
  • If Atsushi is on the opposing team, she refuses to shoot him
  • Often gets hit by the mines because they don’t make noise and literally everything in her vicinity is flashing

Yosano Akiko

  • Will also take you down without hesitation, even if it is Atsushi
  • Best when working solo. She can’t stand just guarding the base though, she’ll get stir crazy
  • Dazai’s worst fear because she’s good at hunting down his hiding spots
  • Kunikida will sick her on Dazai and he gets a rush of satisfaction with it
  • Codenames are something she likes to pin on people but no one ever knows who’s who

Miyazawa Kenji

  • Usually on base duty with Ranpo
  • All around a decent player, but he really doesn’t pay attention and gets hit often 
  • Broke the gun once and pouted cause he had to stay out of the game for an entire round
  • Goes for the opposing team’s base
  • A good shield since he gets hit a lot regardless

Tanizaki Junichirou

  • Has a good aim and is best for stealth missions to shoot everyone while their backs are turned
  • Won’t use his ability to cheat unless his team leader prompts him to
  • Keep to hiding place unless flushed out or his sister gets in the line of fire
  • Usually has his sister next to him and gets distracted leading to the team’s downfall

Tanizaki Naomi

  • Doesn’t focus much on playing but will shoot someone for fun every once in a while
  • Usually gives away her and her brother’s hiding spot and then they’re surrounded great
  • Her brother takes a lot of shots for her so she retaliates and gets revenge for it
  • Forgets you have to keep both hands on the gun or it wont shoot

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  • Congrats if you actually get this man to play
  • Will anyone actually shoot at him?? Ranpo probably blocks all of those shots
  • The only time Ranpo will actually TRY to get people for revenge
  • The first one to shoot him is actually Atsushi but it’s an accident
  • Doesn’t know how most of this works but he doubts asking will help much 
  • Gives orders and suggestions most of the time rather than shoots people