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heyyy, i’m currently looking for more active blogs to follow because my dash is dead and i only follow like 80 blogs. So please reblog this if you post any of the following:

  • troye sivan, halsey, dua lipa, lorde, lana del rey
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  • any movies or tv shows tbh
  • fashion, lit, mythology

any aesthetic or multifandom blogs or anything else you think i’d like (tag page for ref)

  • maybe put in the tags what you post about so i can know!
  • i will mostly likely follow blogs who post original content or who already follow me
  • you can still reblog this even if you don’t post any of the things mentioned above, i pretty much post about everything so i will be checking out everybody who reblogs!!<3

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I have had anxiety attacks because of seeing/hearing them and I’m sure myself, other fans like me, and @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier would appreciate if you enjoyed the characters while keeping in mind the safety of people like me who have such intense adverse reactions. Not everybody can handle it and it’s important for you to keep those of us in mind.

Like myself, it makes me feel skin crawling and shortness of breath. My heart pounds and I feel sick to my stomach and it could all be avoided if we took the time to think of others. And in a community generally supportive, if we could at least recognize the issue… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you in advance.

As promised, here is the full graphic for my Pocahontas Appreciation Week Challenge!!!  I thought this way people who needed to would have time to queue stuff up and everybody would have a little time to think it over.

Remember to spread the word and get ready for POCAHONTAS APPRECIATION WEEK starting THIS SUNDAY!!!

I’m SOOOOOOO EXCITED you guys I can’t wait!!!!!

I’ll be watching the tag “Pocahontas Appreciation Week” pretty carefully, so make sure you put your posts there!  And to my followers, next week will be a bunch of Pocahontas spam, but let’s be real, who doesn’t like Pocahontas?  She is just so beautiful and inspiring and ugh I have to save it for next week guys I’m so excited!!!

Here’s to another year of the Jily Secret Santa!  Jily SS is here again for and from Jily shippers. We all need more Jily and what makes it better than “happiest season of all”? Last year was amazing, full of creative gifts and wonderful santas. We hope you consider participating!

Application + About

This festivity matches you up with other bloggers to be your “Secret Santa”. Your santa will spend time working on a gift for you anonymously and when Christmas comes around, will turn it in and you’ll receive it and find out who they are! Gifts can be things such as fanfiction, fanmixes, gifsets, poetry, edits, and fanart alongside their “wishlist,” a list of tropes they would like to see. Everybody will find their niche!

If you are interested, please sign up here. Reblogging is greatly appreciated. Applications must be in by November 13

Submit your gift by Dec. 22. Gifts will begin to be posted on December 25th, with the intended receiver tagged/ notified. All participants and their gifts will be revealed on December 30th. (full schedule can be found here)

For more information, please visit the secret santa page for rules and guidelines. You are also welcome to track/ search the ‘#jily secret santa’ tag for more or to see gifts and ideas from previous years.

Sidenote: Officialjily will not be operating the SS this year! You may ask me questions or for help, but please do not think it is through my blog or 2014 and 2015′s page, as I have received some already. Either way, this year will be as good, if not better! Please join in, it is always great to find others in the community and spread the holiday love outside of your family home. Happy holidays!

Moffat Appreciation Day 2014 - A Review

A list of personal favourites and my own contributions.
* signifies those which were outstanding even among the outstanding posts. Everybody was amazing.

My own contributions:


Favourites from the Appreciation Day:

And on to the Countdown…

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Okay, guys! This is what’s gonna happen: 

For the past couple days, Kate, Rose, Boaz and I have been trying to get a campaign started up for some positivity built up for Sam Winchester. The first night, we reached a really well respected person in the fandom on twitter, who tweeted about it a couple times - and that was awesome. 

But this little project isn’t very well known, and that is sad! So on Tuesday, May 20th, we’re going to try again. Yes, I know, everybody is going to be busy tweeting about Destiel and all of that good stuff. I will, too. But between Destiel-positive tweets, let’s take a minute to say some nice, happy things about our favorite moose, too, please? 

There isn’t really a set time, as far as I know, just throughout the day, tweet something good about Sam, and include the hashtag #smilesforsam. I know this probably won’t get spread around like some of the other things have, but if you see this, and you’re pro Sam and have a twitter, please consider getting involved. It might be fun! And who knows? We might get a trend going along side Destiel! Yeah, probably not but it’s nice to dream, right?

I would like to thank those who will participate in advance. I probably won’t know who all is tweeting, but Sam and I appreciate all the support everybody has been giving and will give. It’s nice to see that more people than just my friends and I care about him (: