tagging connor because i can

i’m so angry about this

I am deeply obsessive about tagging systems. like you wouldn’t know it but i painstakingly agonize over my stupid weird tag catagorization methods, and it gives me a great sense of personal satisfaction to use the tags that i use. 

(I do this at work, too, like, no one at the daily dot cares about tagging as much as i care about tagging, i obsess over it to a degree that i can only explain as a way of allowing me to channel all my obsessive-compulsive tendencies into a healthy organizational pastime.)

So I’m really pretty royally pissed that tumblr’s latest update apparently is trying to force me to use “real” tags by making it harder for me to find the tags i actually use.

Here’s what I used to see when I started typing the letters “ar” into tumblr’s tag fields:

  • arthur’s life always hardest
  • arthur and eames are in love
  • everything is arthur & eames
  • arthur is always macaulay connor (along with like three other mispellings of this tag because i can never remember how to spell macaulay connor)
  • shall we take a look at some paradoxical architecture

which is fine, because those tags are the ones i wanted.

Here’s what I now see when I start typing the letters “ar” into tumblr’s tag fields.

  • art
  • artist
  • heart
  • parenting
  • grammar
  • steve martin
  • art history
  • Arthur Conan Doyle

What’s more, while I can get “arthur’s life always hardest” to come up if i type enough of the tag, I can’t get any of the other tags to come up. Like even if I type out all of “arthur and eames are in love” or “shall we take a look at some paradoxical architecture,” I CAN’T GET THOSE TAGS TO PROPAGATE

And look, do you know how much i fucking do not want to have to type out all of the letters in all of the words “shall we take a look at some paradoxical architecture” EVERY TIME I MAKE AN ARCHITECTURE POST? meanwhile, if you’re wondering why i haven’t made an architecture post lately, it’s just because i haven’t really had time to go through and queue things but also it’s because I DON’T HAVE FUCKING TIME TO TYPE OUT THE WORDS “SHALL WE TAKE A LOOK AT SOME PARADOXICAL ARCHITECTURE” EACH AND EVERY TIME I WANT TO TAG MY DAMN POSTS

this is so enraging like this gif is me right now


fuck them alllllllll oh my god *curls into a rageball* 

like how is this in any way acceptable. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

eta: also when the hell have i ever even tagged anything on this tumblr with the word “parenting.” i literally have the word “babies” blacklisted so i don’t have to see anything remotely related to child-rearing. FIX THIS, TUMBLR. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I WILL BLACKLIST YOUR FACE

anonymous asked:

in connors #whatdidzoeysay snapchat it looks like theres a white bar across the top that he drew on? i know its like an invasion of privacy to try and figure out why he did it but am i the only one thats like a tiny bit curious¿?