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When I’m sad, I like to imagine Natasha dragging Sam and Steve along to one of her favourite New York clubs to ’re-educate Steve in modern dance’ (though it’s really just stress relief, and a chance for Nat to see her boys let go and have fun.)

And there’s strobe lights everywhere, and way too many people to be legal, and some loud dance song Steve can’t even hear the words too with his super solider hearing -

Sam drags Steve to the center of the dance floor, Nat following, and soon Sam and Nat are pulling some pretty amazing moves while Steve kind of stands off to the side awkwardly swaying to the music. There are a few people watching him out of the corner of their eyes, sizing him up as a potential dance partner, and Steve is trying desperately to ignore them cause god he could barely do more than a box step back in the 40s, and he surely isn’t doing better now.

And then Nat appears out of no where, grabs his hand and pulls him close and starts moving him along to the beat, and then Sam joins in with his hands on Steve’s hips from the back, and he isn’t really doing much more than swaying with the help of two extra people, but he feels like he’s actually dancing and it’s fantastic. And surrounded by the two people who make him feel the most alive, swaying along to some song he can barely hear but still kinda likes, Steve let’s go and learns to shake his butt and it’s great.

(And on one of the top floors, a man with a mess of brown hair shoved awkwardly under his cap leans over the railings and watches Steve dance, a small smile on his face before he disappears back into the crowd, strobe lights glinting off his metal arm.)