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So error-rfa made this post about 707 and his Hogwarts house and it gave me feelings so I needed to write a quick thing. The best part about writing this was imagining 11 year old Seven. So tiny. So cute.

“Choi, Luciel!”

At the sound of his name (he had tried to get them to change it to “Super Secret Agent 707”, but apparently that wasn’t happening) Seven jumped up. He put a hand on his chest as if to say “Who, me?”, his dramatic expression earning a couple laughs and several eye rolls throughout the room.

He grinned and made his way to the front, waving and blowing kisses like he was heading his own little parade.

He wasn’t really anxious about the whole sorting process. He already knew which house he’d be in. How could he not when it was so obvious where he belonged?


It was the only house he fit in.

He was smart, sure, but he was no Ravenclaw. He wasn’t studious like Jumin and Jaehee. The fact that these things came naturally to him didn’t matter. He didn’t value learning the way they did just because he was a genius.

He wasn’t a Hufflepuff either. Their friend Yoosung was going to be in that house next year, they all agreed. And no one would try and say that he was in the same category as that sweet, innocent (and entertainingly gullible) ball of fluff and hope that was Yoosung.

The fact that he wouldn’t be in Gryffindor either went without saying.

No, it was obvious he’d be in Slytherin. His friends had all agreed. How could they not when hiding things and messing with people were what he was famous for?

Besides, his mother had been a Slytherin too. It was in his blood. There was no getting rid of that.

He sat on the stool, definitely not anxious. He thought he did a pretty good job of hiding thoughts of his mother from his face as the hat touched down on his head.


Wait, what?

The hat’s shout was clear but it made Seven’s head spin. Him? Gryffindor?

“There must be some mistake.”

He was Seven the trickster, Seven the genius hacker, Seven the coward, the worthless. Definitely not Seven the brave.

“The hat never makes mistakes,” Dumbledore replied, eyes sparkling as a hint of a smile graced his face.

Dumbstruck, Seven walked towards the Gryffindor table, making his way to V and all the other courageous and kind people he apparently deserved to sit with.

“I knew you’d end up here,” V admitted, smiling that soft V smile of his as Seven took the seat next to him.

Seven wanted to laugh but he wasn’t sure he could manage it without crying.

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