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Im also gonna transcribe the pages because i have cannot hand-letter very well.

Frisk (thinking): What?

Sans: heh, sorry. got carried away. but really, in two years you never wondered what i did before i was a sentry? never questioned my weird physics books?

Frisk: You mean it’s NOT light reading before bed?

Sans: pretty sure i said sarcasm wasnt funny. anyway. i used to DO stuff with that.

Season Finale Spoilers

So I’ve read a huge synopsis of the season finale and it is both epic and heartbreaking. These spoilers are not marked as official by TSDF but the spoilers have been accurate so far. DO NOT CLICK “KEEP READING” IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE SPOILERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!”

I am going to tag multiple characters to throw people off so don’t worry just because you see a certain character in the tags.

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Sims No Filter Challenge

Rules: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture. 

I was tagged by @treason-and-plot for this little challenge.  The challenge for me was find photos of my sims with before and afters :-p.  So below you will see three little sims that I have shared screen shots of before:

As you can see from the comparisons, Maudeline is the most made up, Eris just needed make up and a different hair do and Lizzy barely wears anything. I won’t tag anyone because most have already done this but if you haven’t and you would like to, please consider yourself “tagged”!

For everyone concerned about Cars 3 spoilers:

On this blog I tag the spoilers. BUT not everyone can blacklist, so despite knowing many major spoilers, I’m keeping a lot to myself.
(I personally have sought out spoilers because I’m gonna see the damn movie 493728473272 times anyway and I don’t mind)
And if I DO post anything major here, I’ll get on the main site (I blog from mobile about 100% of the time) and put stuff under a readmore. Readmores only work on your dashboard so be careful.
And usually, I’ll hide spoilers in my tags after a handful of warnings. So as you scroll, they’re revealed after cautioning.

As for the theatre RELEASE of the actual cars 3 (June 16th in the USA), we as a fandom need to agree on an open- spoiler discussion date. For example, the rule of thumb in the Star Wars fandom is ONE WEEK from the premiere of the movie. That means after one week, people start openly discussing the film. The Cars fandom needs to consider something like this. (We still have time. Was gonna bring up this topic earlier even lol)

As we approach June, we will be surrounded by cars. At grocery stores, billboards, commercials, YouTube ads, other social media ads, random merchandise, the news, etcetera. But spoilers can be mostly curbed. At least in some places.

I don’t want to loose you guys into the void because there are so few of us. We gotta work something out to stick together.

Two more months!!

Let's play a game... ask away!

I’ve seen something like this before, but I can’t find the original post for it, so I’m just going to make a new one!! 😀

Send me a question or make a request along with a ♩ and I will respond via audio. Obviously we need to be reasonable with this. Nothing hateful or super raunchy (a little naughty is fine, but don’t get too crazy).

I want to see how many people we can get on this band wagon, because why the fuck not?! I’m tagging a bunch of people (not necessarily to send ME an ask, but maybe to play the game as well and answer some questions their followers have). If you know someone who you would like to HEAR responding to a question verbally, tag em up!!

@big-banging-red @thespookshowbaby @southernblossoms @kkstars @lanyard09 @secretlyapallascat @mad-joker @chameleonsss

No pressure! Don’t play if you don’t want to, but I think it would be fun to put some voices to the faces! Have fun!!!!

everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you go tagging any hate about fma 03 just to be an asshole then your opinion is no longer valid because all your doing is spewing out hatred. like please don’t ruin a series for me, let me enjoy what i want. this includes any version of fma like be happy our fave anime got more than one series. not a lot of animes get that.

My Favourite Movies Since Birth Meme

We were @gloomy-sir-mordecai tagged us in so here you guys go.

Dame Leslie:

Here is my list it’s likely not super accurate since I am bad with the years things came out in.  I generally just went through Google and looked for North American Movies that came out.  So sadly no foreign films or at least not very many.

Things that maybe my favourite movie might not have maid the list because I didn’t see them or because I didn’t choose and just picked that thing I would rather watch at the time.

1981 Escape From New York
1982 The Last Unicorn
1983 Christine
1984 The Never Ending Story
1985 Back to the Future
1986 Labyrinth
1987 Princess Bride
1988 Beetlejuice
1989 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures
1990 Gremlins 2
1991 The Rocketeer
1992 Candyman
1993 The Nightmare Before Christmas
1994 In the Mouth of Madness
1995 Jumanji
1996 Dragon Heart
1997 The Fifth Element
1998 Dark City
1999 Galaxy Quest
2000 Snatch
2001 Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER’s Stone
2002 Spider-Man
2003 Big Fish
2004 Van Helsing
2005 Sky High
2006 Silent Hill
2007 Across the Universe
2008 Repo! The Genetic Opera
2009 Watchman
2010 Tangled
2011 Captain America: The First Avenger
2012 Avengers
2013 The Hobbit
2014 Big Hero 6
2015 Ant Man
2016 Deadpool

Sir Blackwood:

1984 - Ghostbusters

1985 - Back to the Future

1986 - Transformers: The Movie

1987 - Spaceballs

1988 - Die Hard

1989 - Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

1990 - Home Alone

1991 - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

1992 - Aladdin

1993 - The Three Musketeers

1994 - The Lion King

1995 - GoldenEye

1996 - Star Trek: First Contact

1997 - The Fifth Element

1998 - Ronin

1999 - The Matrix

2000 - Gladiator

2001 - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

2002 - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

2003 - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

2004 - Sean of the Dead

2005 - Batman Begins

2006 - Casino Royale

2007 - Transformers

2008 - The Dark Knight

2009 - Sherlock Holmes

2010 - Senna

2011 - Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

2012 - The Avengers

2013 - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy

2015 - Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

2016 - Rogue One - A Star Wars Story

So I we would like to tag in @kieranhiggins and @gawaincomic

i found out something really cool today

there’s a bird called the hoatzin that lives in south america that looks like this:

it looks really cool kinda like a feathered dragon??

but the coolest part about this bird is the juveniles!! the babies in this species have claws on their wings that help them climb until they’re old enough to fly, and by that time the claws disappear!!

you can see the tiny claws in this pic!! it’s so cool because birds are living dinosaurs and these little baby hoatzins look like baby raptors with their claws!!

idk i just had to post about this bc this is a rly cool birb that deserves more attention!!!


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Call for POC in fandom setting

Please share and participate in my poll concerning racism within fandom. I would like the most accurate statistics possible which would mean getting many of your inputs.

Along with that, if some of you are comfortable I would also like to hear stories/screenshots of experiences you’ve seen be it first hand or something you simply witnessed. 

White followers if you could signal boost this for your non-white followers to see that would be fantastic.

I would like for the POC in fandom to have an opportunity to share their experiences within the fandom setting and not be talked over, all things shared will be kept anonymous whether or not you send a message openly or privately.

(If I’ve tagged your fandom it’s because I’ve already heard and seen a multitude of complaints from the fandom in question and would like to direct attention there.)

Thank you for helping and reading!


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


“We gave them a prom they’ll never forget.”
Me neither. It’s the best night of my life.
“Even if it was ridiculously romantic?”

I always see so many social-justice type things that are like, reassuring people in the oppressor group that no, we’re not trying to take anything away from you! Your life will be pretty much the same but better if we achieve our goals!

Which, in a sense I guess that’s true, because a fairer world is better for us all – but honestly, yes, we are trying to take things away from you, and achieving our goals will mean your life is different. Because people in oppressor groups have not been pulling your/our own weight this entire time.

Men, abled people, cis people, white people, straight people, rich people, non-intersex people, etc., all benefit from oppression. As in, there are things we/you have that we/you literally only recieve as a direct result of oppression, and in a world without that oppression, we/you will not receive those benefits!

Privileged people will have to give up being centred more, trusted more and deemed more competent than anyone else; having emotional work performed for us/you quietly and without recipricocity; having our/your interests prioritized over everyone else’s; being treated as the default from which everyone else is a variation; and a million more unfair advantages.

Ending oppression will require people in oppressor groups to actively give up all kinds of benefits that stem directly from oppression. There will often be things that oppressors didn’t even notice was a benefit of oppression that will now have to be relinquished. It’s difficult work, and it absolutely will affect your life. But it’s necessary and important work.

If you’re only interested in ending oppression with the caveat that it not affect your life whatsoever and you’ll never be inconvenienced by people gaining back rights they should always have had – you’re not interested in ending oppression, and you should make an effort to cultivate that interest.


yooo rn these are pretty much it? they might change when i get to know some characters better or see other headcanons I like so much I integrate them into my art but YEAH

basically, nobody is straight

A couple reminders this #Blackout.

You HAVE to use the tags. Post your picture with the tags so more people can see them. That’s the way social media impressions work.


You HAVE to SCROLL the tags and click ‘recent’. You cannot depend on only what you see on your dash because then only the most popular and widely circulated posts will be seen. You HAVE got to actually go into the #blackout and #blackoutday tags to everyone a shot at being seen.


You cannot be so focused on getting your own content notes that you don’t give other people notes/shine. If everyone does that…well, nobody wins.

We. Have. The technology.

To print out our gifs on paper! (see above).

We also have the technology to mail them to you with a $10 Denny’s gift card.

For a chance to get one just: 1. Write and blog an original text post about what you’re thankful for, 2. Tag it with #GIFthanks and #Sweepstakes and 3. Fill out the form that we’ll send you.

Seriously. We have the technology and we want to give it to you because we love you. We love you so much.

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