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I’m just really amused by how like…

Okay so Han and Leia clearly disliked each other in A New Hope, didn’t get along or anything, can’t stand each other’s presence. But they’re still on the same side right. 

And then there’s Kylo and Hux who very clearly just don’t like each other either and oh yeah totes on the same side and everything too. 

Not that I’m saying anything or anything

Suspicion and Cinnamon Rolls

Eremin AU where Carla used to always make these absolutely mouthwatering, delicious homemade cinnamon rolls before she died due to a car accident. Each year on her death anniversary, Eren always goes to her grave alone. After dating for three years, Armin notices the pattern, and after sitting Eren down to talk about where he’s going on that same day every year, Eren kind of just lets everything go. Armin pulls Eren into his arms and listens as Eren tells many stories from his childhood with his mom. After a while of silence and Armin rocking Eren gently back and forth, Eren falls asleep. Eren wakes up the next morning on the sofa to the scent of something rather nostalgic…cinnamon. And sweet frosting.
Cinnamon rolls.
Eren walks into the kitchen, eyes wide, to find Armin bustling about, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, and mumbling something underneath his breath about trying to use the cream cheese frosting recipe next time.
Then Eren sees the counter.
There are seven batches of cinnamon rolls sitting on the counter. When Eren finally speaks up (startling Armin in the process) he asks why there’s so many cinnamon rolls.
Armin smiles and replies, “I’m trying to figure out how to bake those cinnamon rolls that your mom always made. Would you mind taste testing a little of each and then telling me which is most simi-“
Armin didn’t finish because Eren had wrapped his arms so tightly around the blond so quickly, that it was a little hard to breathe.
And this is how Eren’s suspicions that he had the best boyfriend in the world solidified into fact.


I just hit 5k+ followers and I think I might cry.

There is over 5,000 people following my blog. That’s a lot of people, there are cities out there with less people than that. I’m not quite sure what made you follow my blog, what kept you following my blog, but thank you so very much. You guys have made tumblr a way better experience for me. I know this is just a silly website but I get really happy interacting with you guys. Whenever you send me an ask, make a nice tag on a gifset I did, reblog anything of mine, reply to a text post, anything; it makes me happy so thank you. I didn’t ever think I would get this far, I know it might not be a lot to some but it’s a lot to me, so thank you all for following and putting up with my lameness. To any future followers, welcome! And to the old followers, thank you again! And to anyone who has been following me since I switched from a multifandom blog to a Hetalia blog to a Free! blog to whatever it is now, bless you and wow. To the friends I’ve made along the way, I love you guys! 

Just to everyone, I’ll say it again, thank you. 

For now, I would like to also thank the people follow, the ones that made my dash a little better every day and keep putting awesome content out for me to reblog and ignore all other responsibilities. It’s not a big list because I have never followed a lot of people but thank you a lot for being awesome and random and great and wonderful, ok. I honestly hope we can be friends if we aren’t yet. Some of you I’ve been following for a long time and it’s the point where our blogs aren’t the same but I like you on my dash because you’re great and some of you I’ve recently followed with wonderful blogs and overall, everyone is great okay. 

These are in no particular order, at all.

natdragneel | insidewallmaria | bertholdtbraun | ohayocelestia | feathertide | romakoto | oikawah | taiwansflowers | samezukaz | hotaaro | tachibanos | teatimewithrum | woocream | transtachibana | akashis | isaacmcargent | garrchomped | iggysepic | makototachbiana | samezukatrio | bielschmidt | hayasakas | kuromau | maztsuoka | makotroytachibolton | heckyeahdeathnote | fuckyeahreiharu | myswimmerboys | captiveprincesss | brettsdavern | uncagedsoul | einsamkeit | eduardvonbocks | cedion

all the bolded ones are my favourite blogs.

                … oh wait.

I don’t think I forgot anyone and I hope I didn’t misspell anyone’s name wrong but thank you all again for the 5k+ and thanks to everyone who I follow that make my dash great!