tagging at 3am is hard

tagged by @lawrenceoleander !! ily eve 😘💋

5 things you’ll find in my bag
🎒 cute pepper spray
🎒 phone charger 
🎒 earphones
🎒 keys , somewhere
🎒 thousands of receipts

5 things in my bedroom
💀 wax fragrance melter
💀 my altar 
💀 empty Coke Zero bottles at varying sizes 
💀 fairy lights 
💀 at least three (3) bottles of alcohol at any given time

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life
❣ be better than this one girl from middle school lmao
❣ maybe do a podcast??? 
❣ travel ! ! ! 
❣ be in a polyam relationship someday 
❣ get my writing published someday maybe

5 things that make me happy
🌹 good tunes 
🌹ciel phantomhive 
🌹 the ass the tick 👌🏽
🌹 success
🌹 my beautiful amazing friends whom i would die for

5 things that I’m currently into
🔪 the classics
🔪 rick and morty (on the lowkey)
🔪 the walking dead game!! love clem named my puppy after her 
🔪 cryptids, paranormal 
🔪 poetry

5 things on my to-do list
⛑ take off makeup
⛑ go to the LGBT+ club meeting tmr!!
⛑ finish my resume !! start applying for jobs!!!!
⛑ a thousand movies n shows all listed elsewhere
⛑ finish those fics u promised ppl , it’s been months girl…

5 things you may not know about me
☁️ i scare super super super easy 
☁️ i have freckles 
☁️ i worship the greek gods (hellenic polytheism) 
☁️ i am, so petty. it’s unreal. im that ‘everything is salt’ video condensed into a single girl
☁️ i lowkey live for validation via positive affirmations n physical affection

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