tagging artists

A merm pretending to be a blue sea slug.


it’s commission time! i need money to buy gender-affirming clothes so if you could do this for me that’d be super rad!

payments must be made through paypal. payment is due when i send you a proof of your commission, after payment has been confirmed you will receive a version without a watermark.

things i will not draw:

  • anything n/o/t/s/a/f/e/f/o/r/w/o/r/k
  • anything illegal
  • f/u/r/r/i/e/s

things i will draw:

  • ships
  • fanart
  • original characters
  • humanoid characters
  • fan characters
  • and more! just ask!

to set up a commission please message me through tumblr messenger and i will get back to you as soon as i can. please have references prepared if you’re asking for something specific in case i ask! thank you!!

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if you post art or writing on tumblr and are trying to get it seen don’t swear in the tags

tumblr will usually automatically flag the post as adult so that it won’t show up in filtered tags/searches and now with tumblr’s new nonfunctional “"safe mode”“ it’ll hide the post completely

i don’t know yet if swearing in the caption has the same effect but don’t swear in the tags

also and i’m not completely sure about this one but it seems like tumblr flags posts with too many tags because they look like spam; remember that only the first five tags actually make a post appear in that tag so limit it to that and whatever personal tags you need

thanks bye