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The stuff with Sammy Lawrence on Hot Topic’s twitter was fun to read today. they ended the Q&A with this image of Bendy, which I think is cool and all, but that thought was followed by “Bendy clean this up! This place is a mess!!”

Can’t wait to see what other kinds of merch Hot Topic has in store!


Alright, guys! I’m happy to say that I’m finally, finally done with the Christmas requests that I’m willing to do. And can I say it has been a wild ride! I’ve learned so much past these months thanks to these requests and I feel like I’ve really developed my skill since I started this. Thank you guys! It has been fun! :)

Now I can finally focus more on my own projects that I’ve had in mind for ages! Yeey! :D

The legend herself


Fareeha phones Jesse later: “You realize there’s a demon living in that craphole you call a house?”

“It’s our house now, darlin,” and Jesse’s smooth drawl has Fareeha wishing she could punch him through the phone. “Besides,” his voice lowers a tad, “is he hot?”

She keeps spinning the toilet paper rolls till they’re empty and turning the AC down. Jesus, I thought you said we’d be getting rid of demons not collecting them.”

“I don’t collect them,” Jesse protests, and a mess of static breaks out over the line. His voice barely drifts over the white noise. “Just the stuff they leave behind.“

it’s a loser demons pharmercy au