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A love story

An heir to the throne had made a deal with their father. They would marry any suitor who could manage to impress them, and they don’t impress easily.

Soon after word gets out a man shows up to the castle, a sword on his hip and a bloodthirsty look in his eyes. He knelt in front of the heir and bowed his head.

“In exchange for your hand in marriage you will be given land to expand your kingdom.” He spoke, lifting his head so he could meet eyes with the royal. “Does that impress you?”

They shake their head, folding their hands onto their lap. “What good is land to me when I’m perfectly content with what I have now? I’m not impressed with your offer, you may go.” They reply before waving the man away.

Two days pass and another suitor arrives. This one wears a robe and smells of herbs. He also kneels before he dares to speak, like the man before him. “I can teach you the art of magic and how to speak to spirits. Does that impress you?”

They shake their head. “Why would I need your skills when we already have a court wizard? I’m not impressed.” They say, dismissing the wizard.

Weeks pass and not one suitor has manage to impress the heir to the throne and the father is giving up hope.

A woman walks into the throne room and kneels, like the many men before her. Yet, unlike the men before her she has the heir’s attention.

The woman looks up and without a word reaches into her jacket, pulling an object out of her pocket. She grins toothily, a grin that made the heir’s stomach flip flop, and held out her hand. Slowly she uncurled her fingers to show a small round object that laid on her palm. It glowed warmly, a familiar glow that the heir couldn’t quite place their finger on.

“I bring you your heart. Are you impressed?” The woman asks, knowing already that she had.


      the first kiss is what he imagined it to be: awkward. go figure! there’s no starry eyed smirks beforehand. no convergence of eyes. no. it’s chaste. clumsy. tastes like earth after rainfall and the tease of gunmetal. he makes note to scavenge for chapstick on a future run. remembers what it feels like to be a teenager with sweaty palms in the presence of attractive boys - who almost caught him staring. and what is he supposed to do with his arms when daryl’s rigid as a board?  

daryl plays the role of the deer in the headlights perfectly and paul feels more vehicle than human when he leans forward. gaze loiters on lips, silent questioning for consent. he half wants to kiss the damn guy already. half prepares himself for the black eye he’s about to obtain. but holy hell, daryl doesn’t swing. doesn’t shut his eyes and waits for claim. doesn’t even shift his head to make this easier. is he broken? and not in the figurative way. dixon looks like someone yanked out the wires and batteries and he’s on the sleep setting of a computer.

it doesn’t bother him like it would anybody else. instead, this was becoming something to look forward to. someone to look forward to. slowly, an undressing of the man he was. sometimes paul could even pull a laugh from him. wondered how anyone could hurt the man enough to make him bury it. bury the happiness and self worth and smiles. it’s a faraway wish, to be able to voice how this man deserves the world. a world before this one, void of death, void of pain. impossible wish. so for now, all he asks is to spend time with him. he knows there are times it frightens daryl, makes him want to fall into himself and build the walls. paul wants to follow. make bed of the heartbreak. he doesn’t expect the other to change, remodel himself as if stranger. all that paul wants is to share the wreckage. remind daryl he is not the shutter of apparitions. but a home.

but validation does come after seemingly an eternity and five lives reincarnated later. the bop of throat, swallowing down the reality of them. acknowledgment to the reality of them. their glance finally collides and it’s all the confrontation needed before lashes fall and lips meet. fragile at first. gives the man enough freedom to recoil before they cross this ocean of a step. daryl doesn’t shy away and paul’s on fire. if daryl’s still present in the moment then he hopes he feels the pull of lips, the smile against others’ mouth. it’s involuntary, sprouts from the haze of his ribcage. he kisses him like he’s spun from silk rather built on scar tissue. he thinks there isn’t much difference of the two when you meet someone who makes mornings soft, nights even softer. a grip on the hem of his shirt is the closest to happiness he’s felt in some time. mutual adoration. daryl’s okay with this, reciprocating in the smallest of ways. he’s still cautious to this, though. doesn’t reach for him any closer. instead, familiarizes with the touch of lips. how daryl kisses like he’s atlas and holding up the entire world.

of course, the other is first to pull away. eyes slowly open to daryl flustered and quick to withdraw back into his comfort zone. he almost smiles, but the man is quick to rotate away. avoid eye contact. paul wants to hold him, tell him everything is going to be fine.  ‘   yeah. yeah—okay. i’ll be here.  ‘  it’s his way of saying i’ll be waiting.  distance is a slow spread between them and its emptiness is infectious. loss already settling into his stomach, a fading ghost on his lips. before the other gets too far, he clears his throat, doesn’t expect a response       be careful out there.     i can’t lose you.  he’s sure a grunt is audible. knows with it that it’s a promise of him returning. but paul doesn’t stop watching him leave. icy hues settle on a departing figure, the way space tempts yearning. he’s glad dixon doesn’t look back. if he’d even saw the cock of head, he’d be running forward.

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just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.  REPOST & TAG AWAY !

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  • 001. hopeful
  • 002. dedicated
  • 003. optimistic
  • 004. bold
  • 005. somber


  • 001. shades of pink
  • 002. bright yellows
  • 003. crimson reds
  • 004. black
  • 005. blue-green


  • 001. floral essence
  • 002. vanilla and sugar cookies
  • 003. oak and citrus aromas
  • 004. scents related to a smoky campfire, pine, and the woods 
  • 005. oriental and spiced scents


  • 001. earmuffs and other ‘fashionable’ ear accessories
  • 002. hooded capes / cloaks
  • 003. thigh high socks and leather gloves 
  • 004. portable medical supplies for minor wounds and neuropathic pain
  • 005. sea shells, herbs, and other things from nature she likes to collect


  • 001. Running with her wrists up and parallel to her body
  • 002. Puffy, red cheeks and obvious dimples when she smiles without her teeth showing
  • 003. Crinkling her nose and pursing her lips when she’s being playful
  • 004. Taking very light steps as she walks, and being extremely agile and cat-like on her feet
  • 005. Tilting her head and arching her back with her hands behind her back while looking up at certain people


  • 001.  Roses, and delicate pink/red flowers
  • 002.  Glowing pink objects, hearts, and textures
  • 003.  Lace, bows, and delicate pastel fabrics
  • 004.  Crystals and prisms reflecting a rainbow of colors
  • 005.  Misty forest landscapes, flowering trees, and earthly hiking trails

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Not a confession. That post about playing as an elf in DA4 really wasn't favoritism or elf elitist... it was just a confessor saying they'd play as this race because they felt the story would have more weight. They didn't bad mouth the other races at all. Please don't put it under a read more. It was the confessor's opinion, it wasn't negative, and it wasn't an opinion they were forcing on others. I really don't understand why people reacted so badly?

We talked as mods about this.  We won’t be doing read-mores across the board for confessions related to preference of playing a certain race.  It’ll all depend on the tone of the confession.  We tag each last name as well as race, so if people do not want to see it, perhaps use tags such as “dalish” “lavellan”, “cadash”, “qunari”, etc. 

Thank you!

Getting to Know Me

Your semi-hiatus has been interrupted by the fact that I’m bored in World Music and my deadlines are only kind of real to me. I’ve been tagged by quite a few people, so I hope I manage to mention you all! Everyone I’d tag has already done it, hehe, so if you are reading this and you want to do this, I tag you! Thank you to @howlcrs @itsawriter @heirofthebookstore and @miladyaelin (you were the first <3) for tagging me! I love you all <3

Name: Susanna

Nickname: Susa (pronounced suss-uh) and Buggity/buggityboo (my mom’s nickname for me, hence the URL)

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Taurus (though I immensely resemble the stereotype, I DO NOT APPRECIATE that all we do, apparently, is eat).

Height: 5′2………………………

Sexual Orientation: Straight 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (REPRESENT)

Favorite Color: Rose gold (yikes)

Favorite Animal: Owl <3

Average Hours of Sleep: 7 or 8 when I don’t have work. When I do have work, 4 or 5.

Cat or Dog Person: Yes. Both. Both is good. Actually neither, technically, because I’m severely allergic to both.

Favorite Fictional Characters: ….Rhys. Darcy. Elizabeth Bennet. Matthias of Redwall. Martin the Warrior. Katniss. Peeta. Feyre. Aelin. The list continues.

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: HA I have sensory issues so usually three or four.

Favorite Singer/Band: …I’m a musician. My favorite doesn’t exi–Walk the Moon and Tchaikovsky and Debussy and Mussorgsky and Stravinsky and Imagine Dragons and the Paper Kites and Schumann (NOT SCHUBERT) and I loathe with a deep burning passion everything that Vivaldi ever wrote. Just wanted to throw that in there. Never recommend Vivaldi to me, it’s awful. IMHO. Sorry if you like Vivaldi.

Dream Trip: Spain <3

Dream Job: LA Master Chorale, LA Grand Opera, soundtrack vocalist, and author!

When Was Your Blog Created: Right after ACOMAF was released, so, like mid-May

Current Number of Followers: 1,413 (y’all are crazy and I love you)

About Us!  Winter Style!

We were tagged by the wonderful: @kpopbrowniefics. (Senpai)

Name: Mia, that’s all you’re getting.

Single or Taken: I’m pretty sure I am single…don’t quote me.

Crushes: I prefer Peach to Orange…unless you mean like ppl, then no.

Favorite colors: Black, grey, purple, oxblood and gold.

Married: Not until polygamy is legalized EVERYWHERE

Want Kids: Been there, done that.

Last Drink: Smoothie!  Not really, just like saying it.  Right Lily! ;)

Glasses: Yep!

Makeup or no: Only on days when I put forth an effort.

Dog or cat: Neither.  I mean, I’ve had both before…

Evil or good: I’m a good yet necessary evil.

Fave Sport: To watch, football.  To play, volleyball.

Fave Animals: Timber Wolf/Gray Wolf

Weird? Always.

Do you have any haters? If I’m doing my job right, then yes.

Funny or nah? I’M FRIGGING HILARIOUS!  Despite what people say, shit’s funny.

Apple or Samsung: If I had my way, both.

Smart? I have my moments.

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Hello👋 Sorry, I never actually asked in a blog before so yeah... but anyways I'm new to your blog and I got to say your art is amazing 👌. But do you have a tag for your OCs 'cause they seem so interesting and I want to know more about your characters. ✨ from shy anon.

Thank you so much!! I tag all my posts with the names of the OCs so just click on their name tag and it should take you to all their posts 💙🌹

Okay so as basically every other person out there I am blown away by the latest Yuri on Ice episode and in a state where I just have to rant about it to even think about calming down. Prepare for lots of Viktor, and also both our precious Yuri’s.

 With just one look and one line of dialogue, the whole show turned on its head and we can now watch it from a completely different perspective, more correctly, Viktor’s.


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I will forever want justice for every female character who was demonized by fandom because their canon ties to a male character was deemed a threat to a popular slash pairing. 

No matter how their relationship will end up,i will probably still love it ..we still have another 8 weeks to go with this beautiful Anime


disloyal order of water buffaloes // fall out boy




did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

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