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Fucking Fandoms.

You know I was always a little skittish about the whole “racism in fandom” discussion not because I didn’t believe it existed but because I wasn’t 100 percent sure that these fans felt this way. However when I go into the tags for my favorite shows and movies the POC regardless of their roles are incredibly hard to find. For example the Flash tag is FULL of DP, SuperGirl (not even on the damn show) FS and GG. There are 4 other people of color that actually are more talented and you CANNOT find them until  you scroll to the bottom of the page. Same goes for Teen Wolf, Blacklist, AOS, Quantitco… the list goes on and on and on. The saddest part is these same types of fans who are obsessed with those (white) characters are the same ones who drag these shows to hell by terrorizing the showrunners and harassing the actors via social media until they get their way, their dream, their vision, their fucking ship (PLL anyone?)

You know how you can tell when a show has no more decent material to discuss and has literally turned into digital brothel for it’s fans? The amount of “Imagine” posts, AU, and shipping fodder for almost all non-relevant or compelling characters. NO real conversation over current episodes or material just a fantasy land full of pictures, fanfictions, and posts of irrelevant or completely non-existent characters that have left the show but still clutter the fuck out of and are at the top of the tag EVERY TIME I GO INTO IT. I literally CANNOT be the only person that feels this way or am I?

And not that anyone will read this because it’ll be at the bottom of the damn tags but I understand and appreciate all those mediums that fans use to demonstrate their love and appreciation for these shows, I reblog the art, AU gifs and I read those fanfics (I write them too) but I need you to understand where I’m coming when I say WTH happened to those (white) characters that they became so hollow and mannequin like that what they ACTUALLY are on the show is non-existent and OOC to what everyone even like about them? All so that they can feed into this unhealthy fixation to fulfill these canonically twisted views that somehow usually ends with almost all the POC being erased in the fandom and sometimes on the actual show! And your so-called white faves turned into selfish one-dimensional robots because you and your mutuals have a dream but the damn dream is a literal nightmare for actual ratings and for continued quality of good storytelling!

Operation CARYLUTION - Clean Up The Tag!

“And I love her—I love this character. I do feel like she’s very alive for me. I feel protective of her. When I talk about her, I feel like I’m betraying her confidence. So I’m not comfortable talking about her sometimes. She’s my buddy, and I don’t want to tell you what she was thinking or her fears. She confides in me. The letters I received and stories that people shared with me—very personal, intimate stories about how they were in an abusive relationship, like Carol was. They identify with my character and her circumstances, and then as the show progressed and Carol evolved into a stronger character, more letters came from people being inspired by her character and sharing stories about how “she reminds me of way back when, when I got out of that relationship.” October 6, 2014 - Melissa McBride on Carol Peletier in Under The Radar Magazine 

As Melissa McBride fans we are all aware of the fact that Melissa too is a huge Carol Peletier supporter. 

She loves Carol deeply and very personally AND so much so that merely talking about her and sharing her transformation with the audience has often reduced her to tears and overwhelmed her to the point of speechlessness. This character is someone she is proud of, inspired by even and her life story is something Melissa herself loves playing and putting out there because at the end of the day the strength that Carol represents is something this world full of underdogs and underestimated people really needs. 

Ultimately it’s exactly what Carol represents that is important to see and is probably the biggest driving force behind the unyielding support her fans continue to show and nurture amongst themselves. 

Next time Melissa peeks into the Tumblr tags - whether it’s the Carol, the CARYL or HER own tag - this is what I would like her to find; 

People who are inspired by Carols transformation and re-discovery of inner strength. 

People who love the journey Carol forged for herself and on her own, despite all the obstacles the world has placed in front of her. 

People who have connected with other people because of their shared appreciation and love for her character and her as the actress behind it.

People who have seen themselves in Carol and were given hope that they too are stronger and worth a lot more than their abusers wanted them to believe.

People who decided to “be more” and “do more” because of Carol. 

People who are encouraged that TV is finally getting the guts to showcase women and relationships in ways that doesn’t stereotype or belittle connections between individuals so much so that it degrades them to mere physicality or sexuality. 

People who are genuinely affected by the possibility of CARYL, and the potential of happiness and healing for two people, who connected despite everything in their history telling them they shouldn’t. 

People who want to believe that soulmates and truly life changing bonds still exist. 

People who have been reminded that relationships can be more than just couples coming together because they could or because they looked “good together”… 

People who were changed because Carol and Daryl showed them that they could change…. 

The things I would really prefer Melissa didn’t see; 

People begrudging her because of her talent, her personality or her appearance 

People pushing hatefulness and malice on Carol, who she is and what she’s accomplished because of someone’s shipping preferences 

People bashing Carols actions simply because they can’t understand or appreciate the gravity under which her decisions were made 

People degrading her physical traits or comparing them to someone they find more “attractive” 

People criticizing Carols compassion and heartfelt emotional motivations because the concept of her feelings and the way she expresses them is lost on them. 

People labelling Carol as anything else but a human being who is doing the very best it can to protect, care for and honour the family she selflessly LOVES… 

More than anything else I don’t want her to see Carol being torn apart because of anyone else….any character but especially Daryl! 

With that in mind - let’s focus on cleaning up the tag, start sorting through the negativity in the tag and drowning the tag with positive and relevant things that celebrate ALL aspects of our ship. 

Those tags deserve to be represented by THE BEST OF THE BEST and Carylers know how to be THE VERY BEST when faced with negativity and toxicity of all kinds! 

Let’s change the view together! 

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come! 

Love XOXO