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A get to know me thing...

I was tagged by @rexwolfe @slightlyintimidating and @ktlsyrtis who are all adorable sweethearts for thinking of me, thank you! (Probably because we played CAHC yesterday, lol, which is totally fine with me. I can’t tell you how super happy it made me to play the thing with actual real people.)

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Name: Nic. Nicky. Nic-nic. I answer to all.

Star sign: Virgo. Pretty accurate tbh.

Average hours of sleep: Weekdays 7-ish. Weekends much longer if nothing disturbs me. I fall asleep on the couch a lot.

Lucky number: Never had one. Never really understood the concept.

Last thing I googled: How to unwarp a wooden table top. I made a beautiful parasol base and table combo out of half a barrel for my deck and it looked great for a couple of weeks. But then we got a whole host of storms and, despite copious amounts of waterseal/stain, the rain got in and now it’s splitting and curling and I could cry. Making a new top might be the only option. My wife says it looks like a taco, but she likes to tease me. It’s honestly more like a pringle.

Favourite Fiction Character: Bernie Wolfe. Catherine Cawood. Caroline Elliott. Kathryn Janeway. Helen Stewart. Julie Dodson. Basically lots of awesome older women.

What are you wearing right now: Navy chinos, V-neck t-shirt, Union Jack Toms.

When did you start this blog: Umm… I can’t remember. A few years ago I think, when the first series of Last Tango In Halifax aired, maybe. Back when Rizzoli & Isles was still alright. 

Amount of followers: 925! I know, I can’t believe it either! Lol. Thank you for sticking around, people. I certainly don’t deserve you.

What do I post: Berena, art, fics, and anything else that catches my eye. Usually attractive older women. Do we sense a theme?

Do I run any more blogs:  Not right now, no. There was that time I made myself (and very few other people) chuckle with a Rizzles Comicbook blog but it was very silly and now sits unused.

Do I get a lot of asks: Sadly, no. But it would be nice! I did turn anon messages off so maybe that’s why? I dunno. But I’m nice, honest. Come talk to me if you want, I don’t bite unless you ask nicely.

Why did I choose this URL: It’s my name and I was apparently devoid of any creativity or desire to remain anonymous on’t’internet when I signed up for this here social media malarkey. Every time I think of changing it I wonder what difference it would make. It feels a little late for trying to reinvent myself.

I tag @midlifelez @berenasaurus @mrsconneryisunfaithful @thenicecheese @tea-and-procrastination @mabra44 @strangerstarsandlands @albaquine @thewiggleslove. Sorry if you’ve already been tagged elsewhere!

amazoniankryptonian  asked:

Billy would totally set up a Power Rangers Instagram and Twitter and they would post pictures and stuff. No one can hack him obviously. Plus no one else knows they're called the "Power Rangers" so it would get their name out there lol.


  • Zordon would absolutely disapprove because it’s too risky but they don’t care. 

  • Billy gives them all the password and the entire account is them in their suits in progressively ridiculous poses.

  • They make the picture of them dabbing their icon.

  • One day Billy tags Jason in one picture by reflex and immediately corrects himself but he legit felt his heart stop for half a second.

  • People following the account start commenting on how the Red ranger and the Pink ranger would make a cute couple and Trini gets gradually more annoyed and grumpy for days and nobody knows why until one day she scrolls through the comments and

@PowerRangerFan: Pink and Red forever
@KimHart: ew gross they seem more like brother and sister to me
@JayScott: I agree

  • she feels a little better after that
  • For Pride Month, they take a very dramatic picture with their respective pride flags as capes and caption it “NONE OF US ARE STRAIGHT, DEAL WITH IT”. Even if she is wearing a mask, Trini feels so good about finally sort of coming out, along with all of her friends. Jason too, but he doesn’t say anything. This same evening, his Dad tells him how much he loves him and would always love him no matter what, out of the blue, Jason is confused but very happy.

  • Zack posts 7 selfies of himself in a row like “me in a pit”, “me with a cool tree”, “me and a rock I found on the ground”, “me and a second rock I found on the ground” etc. He also posts a video of him yelling “I LOVE MY MOM” in the mountains so it echoes. Trini deletes all of his selfies but leaves the video.
  • Kim posts a video saying “I need people to know that my boobs aren’t that big, the suit is a lie. That’s all, have a good day. Oh and also, I’m not dating Red please stop with this nonsense. Okay bye!”

I could go on and on but this is getting long

anonymous asked:

HC: After the parabatai bond/curse is broken, Jemma has sex. Emma doesn't realize her birth control rune is gone and ends up pregnant. They have a daughter and name her after the two dead Blackthorn women they have known who deserved a longer life. Eleanor "Ellie" Livia Blackthorn was born not long after. Her hair is the same color as Emma's but wildly curly and she has her daddy's eyes. She's utterly devoted to her family and her favorite uncle is Ty, though Mark and Tavvy think it's them.


  • Julian is very protective about Ellie
  • Emma wants her to be the best Shadowhunter of her generation
  • so as soon as Ellie can walk she starts her training
  • Julian isn’t so onboard with that idea
  • “If she’s going to be the best, she’s gotta start as soon as possible”
  • “Not when she’s a year old!”
  • Julian personally wants Ellie to be an artist
  • Jules teaching her results in Ellie having a bath 
  • Emma, trying to get paint out of Ellie’s hair: “By the Angel Jules, what kind of paint did you use? Next time use kids paint!”
  • Ty is her favourite uncle because he shows her all the bugs and animals
  • Ty also reads her Sherlock Holmes stories
  • Julian: “Ty, she’ll get nightmares!”
  • Ty spends all day pulling children books down off the shelves from the library 
  • Ty calls her “Livvy”
  • He (Ty often tags along) takes her to the park 
  • Ellie doesn’t say “Kit and Ty” she says “Kitty”
  • thus their ship name is born
  • Dru doesn’t want to be a babysitter again 
  • “Dru, Emma and I are busy tonight can you-”
  • “Oh! I forgot to tell you I’m have.. plans tonight, lol see ya bye”
  • Tavvy becomes good friends with Ellie 
  • he lets her sleep in his room where his tent is still set up
  • Mark likes to have Ellie on his shoulders and go for walks
  • aunty Cristina loves to sing Ellie lullabies 
  • Kieran doesn’t know how to child
  • he freaks out when Ellie cries
  • “Kieran, calm. She’s just hungry.”
  • Emma, Julian and Ellie are often found at the beach
  • Emma is playing with Ellie by the shore 
  • Julian brings his art supplies along and draws them in the ocean
  • In conclusion, everyone would die for Ellie.

100 Follower Gifts!!! 

I cannot express how thankful I am to have all of you guys here! I never thought I would get this many followers- like ever. But here I am with 121 followers and they are still growing! I’m so excited and happy to see where this can take me. I have so much content coming up for you guys and I’m so excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This wonderful sim is up for download on the gallery, just search “Aylin Hahn” or use my origin id which is kassadym. If you can’t find her always make sure you have the “include custom content” filter on! The CC will be under the cut! I, unfortunately, will not be linking the CC just because I gave me such a hard time last time with my lookbook, but I am putting the name of the item and who it’s by so you can also get her! If you use her tag me @simsarchive !! (also sorry for like the low-quality photos I don’t know what happened lol) 

I know I’m finally getting to this, I’ve had a lot of things going on these past few days but I’m not trying to make excuses. So better late than never. Love all of you guys! Thank you! Alsoooo there will be another gift coming later today!!!

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How to make tumblr friends

by me.

This is how you do it: the big secret. Literally ask any of my mutuals because this is what I did to glom onto them.

1. Check out their blog. If you like their blog proceed to:

2. Check out their About/Me. If it seems vague or you like what you see proceed to:

3. Ask or message button. Say: Hey I really like your blog. We’re alike because…(name post. name vague FAQ). If they respond proceed to:

4. Go for the gold and type: “We’re officially tumblr friends now.” 

5. If they say “okay” congrats! Tumblr friend! Now you can tag them as a mutual. Be sure to like a bunch of their posts whenever they post new content.

6. If they say “lol okay”…. well that’s happened to me too. Try again with someone new!

7. Hey kids. We’re already friends. I am the big sister of all y’all. (I have never before used the word y’all in my life and hopefully never will again but i’m sticking by it here because it felt right). 

8. I have honestly had conversations about Serious Things with tumblr mutuals because i didn’t know who else to ask in Real Life.

I was tagged by @loveandturmoil87​ to spell my name out using song titles. This is my whatever songs are on my phone on shuffle version because I have problems choosing. I chose my tumblr url name but you can choose whatever name/nickname of yours you prefer! It’s all below the cut including the tags, you don’t have to do it but I’m interested to see the songs y'all pick! Maybe I’ll find new favorites this way. (you could even just spell it out using band/artist names if you want instead). :D

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SHIPS + Aesthetic: Simmons & Ward (requested by batsonthebrain)

That 20 Questions Tag Meme

I was tagged by @plupluru!!! 🌸

Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better.

Name: Ani

Nickname: Call me whatever you want lol

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 5'6"

Orientation: No clue, current relationship would imply straight but previous feels debunk that theory

Ethnicity: Parents + family are all English, but I was born elsewhere, so… ???

Favourite fruit: Peaches, plums, cherries, cantaloupe, and mangoes

Favourite season: FALL AND WINTER because it’s cold and I can wear sweaters!

Favourite book series: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, the Inheritance Cycle, and everything written by Ray Bradbury 😂

Favourite flower: I love all flowers, but my very favourite are blue hydrangeas 💙

Favourite scent: Rain Smell™, Lavender/most herbs, coffee, and most incense

Favourite colour: Purple, black, blue, green, and silver

Coffee, tea or cocoa: Tea! (Cocoa and Coffee are tied for second place)

Average sleep hours: 6-7 hours maximum

Cat or dog person: I have four cats, but I like all of my friends’ dogs, so??? Idk anymore??? (•v•;)

Favorite fictional characters:

Far too many… uhhh Obi Wan Kenobi, Rey, Princess Leia, Spencer Reid, Eragon, Luna Lovegood, the 9th Doctor, Samwise Gamgee, Bucky Barnes… and like 25+ others

Number of blankets you sleep with: heavy duvet, plus 3 more small blankets in the winter (university dorms are COLD)

Dream trip: I don’t really have one? I’d honestly be happy going anywhere as long as I wasn’t alone; I like adventure (:

Blog created: Definitely 2012, can’t remember the month anymore

Number of followers: 471 (my blog type changes so much I’m shocked that I have that many tbh)

Its gonna be more than 20 people but I choose to tag: @living-reflectionfromadream @driftingsilently @pokegirlema @yeschaddus @sad-eyed-lady-of-the-low-lands @soccernugget @purplekitten813 @music-is-all-i-need6 @fixrentinx @reremus @simplejustcallmeyourmajesty @blissfulldelusion @adhd-punk-bat @lumpatronics @i-miss-my-90gb @bokunojuby @grimdarkstiles @crumplelush @catsandtokis @etoilestea @darkumbreon9 @nopesther @roadkill-jay @cuddlesnakes @the-carrot-clarinet @emiewemy @kayceedillaaa @forest-strider @madlokilavender and @evilinfectedzombie

hi my name rose and i will be blog sitting for my STINKY SISTER while she figures out her life i guess lol anyway i’m 14, my insta @ is uglycheeseman and all i know about voltron is that my sister gave me a long list of tags that i have no idea where they go to so if someone who actually watches the nerd show can help me out bc she’s paying me money to do this and i can’t mess up because i really want the Weed™ 👏🏼👏🏼

20 Questions

I was tagged by @nagemsu, thank you! Besides your nice drawing skills, you can play the piano? I’m envious! (No, really, I am)

Rules: Answer the twenty questions and tag some people.

Name: Malena

Nickname: Ma, Lena, Miranda or Mira

Birthday: 16/10

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: Around 168cm last time I checked

Orientation: Probably straight

Nationality: Brazilian

Favorite Fruit: Pineapple!

Season: My favorite? Summer!

Favorite Flower: Violets, because they’re the only ones I can think of when I’m asked this. I prefer “regular” plants lol

Favorite Book: I hate this question with all my heart. I don’t read! ;_; So I’ll tell you my favorite comic: good ol’ Naruto

Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa: Hot cocoa

Average sleep hours: Sheesh… Nine? Ten?

Cat or Dog: I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE *runs away crying*

Favorite fictional character: Stop it, stop with those questions that get me answering a different thing all the time. Uhm… right now, it’s Nagato (sorry Sasori!), from Naruto, but how can I have a lifetime answer for that? You’re asking too much of me! I have lots of love to give (for a short time span of course, thank you very much)

Blog created: December of last year, I think

Hobbies: I like drawing, reading manga, daydreaming, insighting, journaling, researching about “language stuff”, researching illustrations and facts about my current favorite work or character, eating sweets, watching soap operas, watching/reading shitty stuff, watching gameplays (especially by ElectronicDesireGE, he’s an amazingly funny Brazilian youtuber)… :)

Top 3 Favorite Otome Games: Hum… I only play My Candy Love and Eldarya, so this is pretty shallow. But I absolutely love Jiwoo from Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You (his route is the only one I’m familiar with), so I’ll be considering it as well ^^

Fictional place you want to visit: Fictional? Oh… Maybe Simbaria from Magi! That place seems to be hella fun. I’d really like to visit Amegakure during the days Pain was in charge too. Also… Kuroha Castle, from Ashi-Girl… The Wall and King’s Landing and Highgarden! :’D Anyway, Game of Thrones locations

Top 3 countries you want to visit: The hell with top 3! Japan, China, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Thailand, France, Italy… Ok, but, really, my top 3 would be Iceland, Australia and Japan

Top 3 favorite songs: Uhh… this is getting embarrassing, but I’m really in a Naruto phase (yet again), so it’d be the 7th and 8th opening of Shippuuden, called Toumei Datta Sekai and Diver respectively, plus Tell Me How by Paramore (it’s from their new album and it’s probably my favorite song ever!). I can’t really answer this for good, because, for example, I am sure that I love My Chemical Romance. But, right now, I can’t even recall the melody of a single song of them, or rather, I don’t want to. That doesn’t mean there won’t come a time again when I’ll think “OMG HOW MUCH I HAD TO LISTEN TO THIS AGAIN” and that works for me

That’s me! Now tagging some good fellas: @weronszabecause you’re sweet :p but you seem shy so don’t feel forced, @lian-mae because I just really like you x’DD you’re cool, @itsvictorianstyle-mcl because I already know you like Lysander but what else? u_u, @serahimehana because I think I only know about you and your friend’s characters x’DD

This is supposed to be fun, so only do it if you want :p (if you’ve been tagged and I haven’t seen it, I want to, so tell me or provide links, which is even better ¬u¬)

20 Questions

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better.

Tagged by @akirakurusuimagines thank you so much!! ^^

Name: It’s a secret ~

Nickname: You can call me Swan!

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius sun (Capricorn moon and Gemini rising if you’re curious lol)

Height: 4′11

Orientation: Pan Asexual

Ethnicity: Half Hispanic and half Italian

Favorite fruit: Watermelon, especially with tajin! +_+

Favorite season: Winter because the heat kills me.

Favorite book series: This isn’t really a series, but I ADORE Agatha Christie’s books.

Favorite flower: Foxgloves! Look them up, they are beautiful! ;A;

Favorite scent: Coffee. ~

Favorite color: It’s generally mint, but it varies from day to day.

Favorite animals: I love ‘em all!

Coffee, tea or cocoa: Y E S to all!

Average sleep hours: 4 am - 10 am don’t follow my example lol

Cat or dog person: Both are blessings.

Favorite fictional characters: Don’t do this to me lol. Right now it’s all of the Phantom Thieves. ^^

Number of blankets you sleep with: I have one (1) big comforter to snuggle with ~

Dream trip: Anywhere, really, as long as I’m with good company!

Blog created: About a month ago and wowie we’ve come a long way!

Number of followers: Right now it’s 1,058 and I am baffled??? Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me!! ;A;

Everyone I was going to tag has already been tagged RIP but uh @imaginedeliciouspancakes @hono-kingyo @phantomthievesofwriting @yourbestmasks @rip-off-masks @rosesandpersona5imagines and anyone else that wants to do it!! ^^ Let me know and I’ll add you!! ^_~

sethiesdeano  asked:

Unpopular opinion about your fandom? (cos I'm a lil' shit?)

Ahah my favourite question LOL :))
First of all, I can’t stand the fans who are constantly bitter and/or complaining about stuff, because they totally ruin the fun of it and make a sick clusterfuck of Tumblr and social media in general (I put it under unpopular opinion because salty fans seem to be so many ahah). And secondly, when it comes specifically to this website, those who pollute the tags with non-pertaining posts (like, who tags with a name of a wrestler/ship a picture of another wrestler/ship) or cringeworthy stuff like, for instance, LOOK AT HOW DEAN AMBROSE IS A TOTAL SLUT FOR DICKS which is something many probably don’t agree with, like stop poisoning the Ambrollins tag with that shit and keep it for you and your friends because I don’t want to block you but I also don’t want to be forced to see it in the tag of my ship that isn’t even your real ship and which otherwise, without your crappy posts, would be neutral and safe for all the shippers. Oh of course I’m not referring to anyone in particular, it was just an example outta nowhere LMAO

I want your thoughts on this.

When I created this blog, it was just for something to do every other night. Which is why I made it a secondary blog to my main account and not a blog all on its own. However, I find myself becoming more and more into it. You can’t like things on this account, nor can you reply to posts on these types of accounts. I was wondering if I should make a totally separate blog (with the same name, but probably with a dash somewhere lol) and I just wanted to hear from you guys. This blog isn’t big, but it’s growing and I don’t want to have all this work done and then decide to move blogs.

Let me hear your thoughts!

*tagging all my followers because I’m legit serious about this and would love feedback*

@hollyashton @jakemcknzie @mollyannice @a-fangirl-at-heart @choices-addict @rare-and-rottenmaebird @lovelyzig @superwholock-diaries @ginger-lives-matter @pa-tro-clus @wrenessence @wes-chriselle @kara-choices @obsessedwithseriess @ninjaribbon @rebelrise @brazukinha @claveuniverse @lookatmychoices @dragonballz2010 @hopelessly-hopefully-hopeful @pb-boeboe @mermaidwarriorqueen @rr-roe-es @larosecontent-official

Get to know ME!

@buckybarneswintersoldier tagged me for this, so thanks doll!!

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag some amazing followers you’d like to get to know better.

Name: Britney (yes i was named after Britney Spears)

Nickname: Brit, Brit Brit, Miss Artsy 

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 6′3

Orientation: Bi

Nationality: American (But I am mainly Irish and cherokee indian)

Favorite fruit: Ummm I LOVE Watermelon or cantaloupe can’t decide which I like better lol

Favorite season: Fall because I love all the colors

Favorite books: Harry Potter (I am slytherin) and also the chronicles of Narnia series

Favorite flower: Tiger Lily

Favorite scent: Japanese Cherryblossom

Favorite color: Wine Red

Favorite animal: Lynx

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Coffee, but I like a bunch of sugar and I prefer french vanilla creamer

Average hours of sleep: depends during summer and on saturdays it is normally like 9, but besides that it is normally like 7

Cats or Dogs: I have one dog and three cats so I guess cats?

Number of blankets you sleep with: normally just 1 bc I am hella hot natured

Dream trip: I don’t really know, although I have always wanted to go to ireland, and probably Harry Potter world bc I am a nerd

Blog created: I think it was 2013????

I nominate: @live-for-me-puddin @addictionmarvel @deanwinchester-smut @worlds-forever-apart @kingslayers-angel @dreamingintheimpalawithdean @marvelous-barnes @therealjamesbarnes @ambrollinsisbae @the-switchblade-princess @lunaambrosemox

blackjackgabbiani  asked:

Why did you leave that last reply to me within the comments? I want to be able to reblog it to add a reply! (though if more blogging sites took a cue from LiveJournal and implemented comment trees we wouldn't have this problem)

Wasn’t big enough to justify a full post since my followers have already seen the post on my feed.

You can just block quote it and tag me, like


oh look a quote here lol

Supposedly there’s some official way to do it, but eh.  

Regarding that topic, while I don’t believe all Robert E. Lee statues were erected in the name of white supremacy, one in the news for being removed recently was.

So if rednecks putting up a Robert E Lee statue bothers you even if they’re not actually racist per se but because it’s symbolically racist and offensive, then it’s just part of their culture you don’t approve of, which makes you uncomfortable, which was the entire point of using rednecks as the example in the first place.  Respecting such things is itself part of culture.

And if you’re assuming it means they’re actually racist, then that delves into more harmful/threatening territory.

(Yes, I know not all rednecks are like that, but I saw how libs/lefties responded to the election, including btching about rednecks, and that post is intended to have libs/lefties that say “HOW COULD ANYONE EVER BE OPPOSED TO DIVERSITY?!” stop and notice that they, too, don’t actually terminally value diversity.  

And thus while it may be worth the tradeoff, the opposition are not actually a bunch of weird evil people being evil to be evil.)

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 followers

Name: Emily
Nickname: Em
Zodiac sign: Scorpio sun, Aries moon, Taurus rising - I’m sorry to everyone I come across lol
Height: 5'8"
Orientation: queer
Nationality + ethnicity: American, white af
Favorite fruit: Banana or avocado
Favorite season: Summer in Seattle is heavenly, but also fall because Halloween!!
Favorite book: all of Austen, can’t choose one!
Favorite flower: Peach peonies
Favorite scent: Jasmine
Favorite color: frosting pink, peach, or raspberry red
Favorite animal: Florence! 
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: iced or hot - coffee w/ creamer or green tea. no sweetener.
Average hours of sleep: 8 unless I have a bout of insomnia.  Sleep is so important to my mental health, I really work on making it happen.
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 comforter, 1 sheet. Even that’s too hot for sleeping right now but I need a heavy blanket to sleep!
Dream trip: Probably what I’m doing for my honeymoon - staying with a family in Mexico and the mom is teaching us how to cook local dishes all week. Also seeing an actual Dia de los Meurtos parade/event.
Blog created: 2010
Number of followers: 90 but half of them are probably porn blogs lol.  I lost a lot of friends after I had a family member basically stalking me on here :\

You’re all tagged!! <3

Tagged by @lesbiancronus Thank friendo!!

rules: answer the questions and then tag some people who you want to get to know better

name: Quintus

nicknames: Quint. Quinty. 

zodiac: Pisces

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

gender: nonbinary

orientation: lesbian

favourite fruit: pineapples!

favourite season: winter! Then I can just snuggle up and do Nothing™

favourite fictional characters: The Dolorosa, Porrim Maryam, The Disciple, Neophyte Redglare, The Condesce, Sn0wman.

favourite flower: eh. Not too keen on flowers.

favourite colour: anything bright and vivid.


favourite artists/bands: Nightwish, ABBA, Gorillaz.

average sleep: I’m too sleepy to count hours rn, but whenever I go to sleep I ALWAYS wake up between 7:30 and 8:30 am. 

number of blankets you sleep with: one because it’s a thick duvet.

last thing i googled: Wakefield One Museum because I went there yesterday on my lunch break and I couldn’t remember the name of that man who did the taxidermy on all those animals. There were birds!!! And also a huge stuffed caiman under the floor that you could walk over because there was glass on top.

how many blogs i follow: 504

number of followers: 314 and it’s been hovering around that for a few months. I love you guys. (Except the bots)

what i usually post about: Homestuck, Pokemon, birds, text posts, particularly text posts about how Super Gay I am.

my aesthetic: Birds. Using the :V emoticon because it looks like a bird with its beaky open. Beautiful views and landscapes. Seeing birds on these beautiful landscapes.

I tag: @nostradamus-was-right @asiafish @silenttreatmentfaun @rosexprimadonna @missgangarna @davedrawsdicks

Can you do this without lying?

Tagged by @chronicwhimsy & @kangofu-cb ! ^3^ Thank you!

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
Black coffee (always lol)

2. Where was your profile picture taken?

3. Do you play Pokemon Go?
Not at all. I downloaded it when it first came out, but there was some bug so I couldn’t play it at all. And everyone else lost interest in it so quickly and pretended like it never existed again so I’m not too bothered

4. Name someone who made you laugh today?
I just woke up I haven’t laughed yet

5. How late did you stay up last night?
I usually go to bed around 1 am

6. If you could move somewhere else where would it be?
My husband wants to move to Australia, I think I would be cool with that. Or somewhere in the US, if it’s not permanent

7. Ever been kissed under the fireworks?
No? ..Because I was watching the fireworks?

8. Which one of your closest friends lives closest to you?
Haha! The only person I consider any sort of friend lives half way cross Japan, I would have to travel 6 hours just so see her

9. Do you believe ex’s can be friends?

10. How do you feel about Dr. Pepper?
10/10 would drink

11. When was the last time you cried?
A few weeks back

12. Who took your profile picture?
I like to pretend that it’s a really swag selfie/ootd pic

13. Who was the last person you took a picture/video of?
My son

14. Was yesterday better than today?
Every day is the same, I kinda forgot what I was doing yesterday?

15. Can you live a day without TV?
I never watch TV

16. Are you upset about anything?
My husband as usual lol

17. Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?
Not really.

18. If you could have any job/career, which would you choose?
I’m pretty happy with the house wife lifestyle, if I could just have some kind of part time job on the side as well so I felt like I was contributing a bit more instead of being a lazy slob. I could go back to waitressing maybe

19. Are you a bad influence?
I like to think so! ;)


hey guys!!! this is a new similar because i got tired of not being able to reblog all of the cool cc and stuff i find on my regular blog and i wanted to like find a place to ~fit in~ i guess so here i am!!!! my name is amber but you can also call me maber (it’s an uneventful story with a name that stuck lol) but i will reblog mm stuff and you might see an animal crossing post pop up once in a blue moon but i will tag it!

with that said,,,, i need some people who are mm friendly to follow so like/reblog this please so i can follow!!!! i hope to talk to some of you soon!!!