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Billy would totally set up a Power Rangers Instagram and Twitter and they would post pictures and stuff. No one can hack him obviously. Plus no one else knows they're called the "Power Rangers" so it would get their name out there lol.


  • Zordon would absolutely disapprove because it’s too risky but they don’t care. 

  • Billy gives them all the password and the entire account is them in their suits in progressively ridiculous poses.

  • They make the picture of them dabbing their icon.

  • One day Billy tags Jason in one picture by reflex and immediately corrects himself but he legit felt his heart stop for half a second.

  • People following the account start commenting on how the Red ranger and the Pink ranger would make a cute couple and Trini gets gradually more annoyed and grumpy for days and nobody knows why until one day she scrolls through the comments and

@PowerRangerFan: Pink and Red forever
@KimHart: ew gross they seem more like brother and sister to me
@JayScott: I agree

  • she feels a little better after that
  • For Pride Month, they take a very dramatic picture with their respective pride flags as capes and caption it “NONE OF US ARE STRAIGHT, DEAL WITH IT”. Even if she is wearing a mask, Trini feels so good about finally sort of coming out, along with all of her friends. Jason too, but he doesn’t say anything. This same evening, his Dad tells him how much he loves him and would always love him no matter what, out of the blue, Jason is confused but very happy.

  • Zack posts 7 selfies of himself in a row like “me in a pit”, “me with a cool tree”, “me and a rock I found on the ground”, “me and a second rock I found on the ground” etc. He also posts a video of him yelling “I LOVE MY MOM” in the mountains so it echoes. Trini deletes all of his selfies but leaves the video.
  • Kim posts a video saying “I need people to know that my boobs aren’t that big, the suit is a lie. That’s all, have a good day. Oh and also, I’m not dating Red please stop with this nonsense. Okay bye!”

I could go on and on but this is getting long

this is where most people would put some sort of tonally appropriate caption, but i just can’t seem to do that for some reason. i apologize


100 Follower Gifts!!! 

I cannot express how thankful I am to have all of you guys here! I never thought I would get this many followers- like ever. But here I am with 121 followers and they are still growing! I’m so excited and happy to see where this can take me. I have so much content coming up for you guys and I’m so excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This wonderful sim is up for download on the gallery, just search “Aylin Hahn” or use my origin id which is kassadym. If you can’t find her always make sure you have the “include custom content” filter on! The CC will be under the cut! I, unfortunately, will not be linking the CC just because I gave me such a hard time last time with my lookbook, but I am putting the name of the item and who it’s by so you can also get her! If you use her tag me @simsarchive !! (also sorry for like the low-quality photos I don’t know what happened lol) 

I know I’m finally getting to this, I’ve had a lot of things going on these past few days but I’m not trying to make excuses. So better late than never. Love all of you guys! Thank you! Alsoooo there will be another gift coming later today!!!

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HC: After the parabatai bond/curse is broken, Jemma has sex. Emma doesn't realize her birth control rune is gone and ends up pregnant. They have a daughter and name her after the two dead Blackthorn women they have known who deserved a longer life. Eleanor "Ellie" Livia Blackthorn was born not long after. Her hair is the same color as Emma's but wildly curly and she has her daddy's eyes. She's utterly devoted to her family and her favorite uncle is Ty, though Mark and Tavvy think it's them.


  • Julian is very protective about Ellie
  • Emma wants her to be the best Shadowhunter of her generation
  • so as soon as Ellie can walk she starts her training
  • Julian isn’t so onboard with that idea
  • “If she’s going to be the best, she’s gotta start as soon as possible”
  • “Not when she’s a year old!”
  • Julian personally wants Ellie to be an artist
  • Jules teaching her results in Ellie having a bath 
  • Emma, trying to get paint out of Ellie’s hair: “By the Angel Jules, what kind of paint did you use? Next time use kids paint!”
  • Ty is her favourite uncle because he shows her all the bugs and animals
  • Ty also reads her Sherlock Holmes stories
  • Julian: “Ty, she’ll get nightmares!”
  • Ty spends all day pulling children books down off the shelves from the library 
  • Ty calls her “Livvy”
  • He (Ty often tags along) takes her to the park 
  • Ellie doesn’t say “Kit and Ty” she says “Kitty”
  • thus their ship name is born
  • Dru doesn’t want to be a babysitter again 
  • “Dru, Emma and I are busy tonight can you-”
  • “Oh! I forgot to tell you I’m have.. plans tonight, lol see ya bye”
  • Tavvy becomes good friends with Ellie 
  • he lets her sleep in his room where his tent is still set up
  • Mark likes to have Ellie on his shoulders and go for walks
  • aunty Cristina loves to sing Ellie lullabies 
  • Kieran doesn’t know how to child
  • he freaks out when Ellie cries
  • “Kieran, calm. She’s just hungry.”
  • Emma, Julian and Ellie are often found at the beach
  • Emma is playing with Ellie by the shore 
  • Julian brings his art supplies along and draws them in the ocean
  • In conclusion, everyone would die for Ellie.

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Hey, I really like your art, keep up the good work^^. Can I request all your emo quartet(or other bandoms) ships, please? I'm quite curious to know what are your favs!

My main ships/BROtps in the emo quartet are:

and here’s my second ones:

and uhh I didn’t draw some [Rikey, Petekey, Ryllon (ryan seaman x dallon), etc.] because I was too lazy lol


My name is Goose and I’m a pretty cool person.
I write and draw but like….once in a blue moon because my motivation is a cryptid but you can see all that I’ve already written and drawn and stuff and enjoy those?
Also I’m really chill and love talking to people?
And if you reblog this I’ll write you something when my motivation for short short fics comes back, just leave a ship in the tag? And I’ll make a list. (You just have to be okay with waiting for months lol).

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I think you know who I’m going to ask for lol but please can you write Morrigan for the lettering thing? You’re so talented Maria ahhhh they all look AMAZING! 💕💕💕

Hahahaha when I saw the beginning of the ask and your name I inmediately thought ‘duh, Mor’ 😂 .

Okay so I took my sweet time finding the perfect crown/tiara for the perfect queen that is our Morrigan, but here it is!!! Also, the flower I kinda just threw in because I had an idea. And thank you so much for the suggestion Emily!!! 😉

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YOO can we pick a ship name for fjord/jester?? for tagging reasons! i saw people say fester and honestly why lol there's gotta be a better alternative merging those two names fandom c'mon

i’m just calling them jesterfjord for now because if y'all chose fester/fjester for such a cute ship i will decimate you

Accent Tag
s m h
Accent Tag

i’m sick lol sorry

i!! was tagged by the official snake herself, @officialbabyanon ily but pls why must you expose me
all people who’re tagged will be at the very bottom

Accent Tag

1. Your name and username
2. Where you’re from
3. Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY
4. What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
5. What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
6. What do you call gym shoes?
7. What do you call your grandparents?
8. What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
9. What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
10. Choose a book and read a passage from it.
11. Do you think you have an accent?
12. Be a wizard or a vampire?
13. Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
14. End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.

2nd Tag

this time i was tagged by a few ppl  ^^  tagged by @woojiniee, @pwjins, @deepdickdaniel, @alliwannado-w1 and @daehwifi [if you tagged me im sorry i am not on top of anything rn]

  1. NICKNAMES: jade, jae/jay, rin, child
  2. GENDER: female
  3. STAR SIGN: aquarius
  4. HEIGHT: 4′11″
  5. TIME: 20:44
  6. BIRTHDAY: february 18
  7. FAVORITE BANDS: all of the groups i write for, BTOB, f(x), MAMAMOO, HOTSHOT, etc.
  8. FAVORITE SOLO ARTISTS: i’m not listing them all ‘cause then we’d be here awhile bUt samuel, CL, kahi, sewoon, etc.
  9. SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: at the moment it’s innocent love - astro
  10. LAST MOVIE WATCHED: i didn’t watch the entire thing but i watched a chucky movie (idk which one) in P.E on thursday because it wasn’t my turn to go up
  12. WHEN DID I CREATE MY BLOG: this blog was created on 2017/07/18 but not by me :)
  13. WHAT DO I POST: imagines/scenarios (+bulleted), reactions, ships, complaints, etc
  14. LAST THING I GOOGLED: ,,, ‘nct haechan smile’
  15. DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: my side blog @solivagantjn and another blog that no one needs to know about :))
  16. DO YOU GET ASKS: i do!! and i love receiving them like they make me all happy n stuff
  17. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: if you can’t tell my ult is lee donghyuck
  18. FOLLOWING: 1183
  19. FOLLOWERS: 1240 <3
  20. FAVORITE COLORS: amethyst or dark orchid probably
  22. LUCKY NUMBER: 13 lol
  23. INSTRUMENTS: piano, flute, recorder lmao, acoustic guitar (slightly)
  24. WHAT AM I WEARING: a black shirt with a star sign on it lowkey a homestuck fan lol and blue shorts
  25. HOW MANY BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: one currently
  26. DREAM JOB: english professor
  27. DREAM TRIP: london, italy, or france
  28. FAVORITE FOOD: i have a deep love for chocolate raspberries
  29. NATIONALITY: filipino and vietnamese but born canadian
  30. FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW: colours - day6

Get To Know Me Tag

okay!! i was tagged by @boomboombitches, @chenlays. and @banhchan this time :)) you’re all great ilysm


jade is a nickname lol but other people call me jae/jay, rin and child smh you know who you are


female ^^

Star sign:



151cm,,, or 4′11″;;;


i!! am bisexual :)) tbh gender doesn’t matter to me tho

Hogwarts House:

ayee i’m a hufflepuff :))

Favorite Animal:

O T T E R S !!

Average hours spent sleeping:

y i k e s pls don’t attack me but like… two-three hours

Perro (dog) or gato (cat)-

how dare– i love both equally >:c [i’m around dogs more often tho, if that counts]

Number of blankets you sleep with:

i’m weird,, i sleep with two in the summer and one in the winter

Dream trip-

i’ve mentioned this before but i really want to visit London, Italy, or France

Dream Job:

english professor

When I made this account:

technically jane made ‘xx-we-all-need-jisoos-xx’ or was it xxwe-all-need-jisoosxx i can’t remember on 2016/07/18 bUt i joined sometime in october 2016?? i can’t remember the exact date lol it was some time around oct. 20

Why we made this account:

i didn’t lol but i joined because jane knew i liked writing (obviously)

Number of followers:

currently 1240 :)) i love all of you!!

Bias Selfie Tag

how many times have i done this one,,, idc bc it lets me show my love for hyuck :’))
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okay!! that was a long post rip

tagging: [you can choose any or all to do tbh if you want!!
everyong: @pinksausageduo, @alliwannado-w1, @pwjins, @woojiniee, @wannasseu, @fromwannaone, @whatabrightplace, @hiyawoojin, @starrywinters, @mongniel, @ycungmin, @wannabl, @ennergetics, @chimchimaliensuga, @mochamark, @wanna-17, @euigones, @heochannies, @kanggdaniell and whomever else is in everyong that idk the blog name of rip
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How to make tumblr friends

by me.

This is how you do it: the big secret. Literally ask any of my mutuals because this is what I did to glom onto them.

1. Check out their blog. If you like their blog proceed to:

2. Check out their About/Me. If it seems vague or you like what you see proceed to:

3. Ask or message button. Say: Hey I really like your blog. We’re alike because…(name post. name vague FAQ). If they respond proceed to:

4. Go for the gold and type: “We’re officially tumblr friends now.” 

5. If they say “okay” congrats! Tumblr friend! Now you can tag them as a mutual. Be sure to like a bunch of their posts whenever they post new content.

6. If they say “lol okay”…. well that’s happened to me too. Try again with someone new!

7. Hey kids. We’re already friends. I am the big sister of all y’all. (I have never before used the word y’all in my life and hopefully never will again but i’m sticking by it here because it felt right). 

8. I have honestly had conversations about Serious Things with tumblr mutuals because i didn’t know who else to ask in Real Life.


SHIPS + Aesthetic: Simmons & Ward (requested by batsonthebrain)

“You can’t keep doing this. You tell me that I’m a demon and in the same breath reprimand me for not acting like an angel. Tell me, Haziel, am I an angel or aren’t I?”

“You were once.”

“You know, I’m almost relieved to hear you say that because I’m free of all your damn rules and restrictions. If you want to stop me from being an angel, then I will become an archangel and it will take the full strength of Heaven to drag me down to Hell. I will not be damned and I will not be stopped, no matter what I have to do.”

Azrael, Heaven’s Trial

Sometimes Seto has terrible nightmares about the way things used to be when he was too small to do anything about it. He’ll bolt upright in bed and sit trembling in a cold sweat, waiting for the images to fade away into the darkness of the room.

Atem always wakes up at these times, the sudden jolt of the mattress and the loss of Seto’s body heat clueing him into something being wrong. He’ll sit up and gently call Seto’s name, careful to not lay hands on Seto until the man is calmed enough to recognize his voice.

Seto’s shoulders will slump in visible relief when he remembers he is not alone and that Atem is there. He’ll bury himself into Atem’s chest and just wrap himself around the small man as much as he can, and Atem only utters soothing sounds and gently strokes Seto’s hair until the shaking stops for good because Seto fell back asleep.


simself tag.

okay i am so so late?? i literally got tagged ageess ago. i got tagged by @oasisprngs and @vvindenburg (thankyou guys so much!)

favorite season?

autumn + winter! i love it because its when i can cozy up ina  blanket with a hot chocolate and just read a book!

favorite book or author? 

i love great expectations, to kill a mockingbird just to name 2.

favorite song or band? 

i love almost all music, i couldn’t pick just one!

favorite food and drink? 

hmm.. honestly, pancakes+ i’ll be boring and say tea/coffee/fizzy/ lol water a lot!

dogs or cats?

i am a dog person!! always have been, always will be!

okay so like everyone has done this bc i was tagged last year but if you haven’t done it and want to you can say you saw this and i tagged you!!


@chocokidda But, like, actually that’s what happened XD

Keep the ball rollin dude

About My OC

I was tagged by the lovely @joufancyhuh and the wonderful @renlyslittlerose to talk about one of my OC’s and while I have plenty of Shepard’s I could talk about (hence making more than one of these posts) I think I’m just going to stick to the one for now! :) Thank y’all for the tag!! 

This is John from Someone to Love (because he’s my baby, and I know the most about him. lol) Answers are true as of the end of the story. 


Name: John Arthur Shepard

Alias(es): Shepard, Commander, Councilor

Gender: Male

Age: 43 

Place of birth: New York 

Spoken languages: English

Sexual orientation: Homosexual

Occupation: Past: Gang member, prostitute, soldier, Spectre; Current: Human Councilor


Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Dark brown (I’m sorry, I always think Sheploo looks like he has almost black hair. I can’t see him any other way.)

Height: 6′5″

Scars: Many, most prominently the one in his hairline that was earned in a knife fight as a kid

Burns: Most of them have been replaced by skin grafts and synthetic flesh, but there are some scars still visible on his body

Overweight: No

Underweight: As a child, yes


Colour: Red 

Hair colour: No real preference. 

Eye colour: Kaidan’s whiskey-brown, of course

Music genre: Blues and classical

Movie genre: Just about any action movie, and historical flicks whether documentary or drama

TV show: Probably anything on the History channel

Food: Kaidan’s steak sandwiches, strawberry milkshakes

Drink: Whiskey

Book: John loves to read. He rereads the Iliad and the Odyssey over and over. Most classic literature and anything historical. He eats it with a spoon.


Passed university: He took a series of exams to earn his equivalency diploma so that he could join the Alliance at age 18

Had sex: Yes

Had sex in public: Yes

Gotten pregnant (themself or a partner): Sort of? He has a baby with Liara who took advantage of their mind meld without his knowledge. She gave the baby to him and Kaidan.

Kissed a boy: Yes

Kissed a girl: Yes. When he was younger and wanted to “be sure” of his sexuality.

Gotten tattoos: Yes; he had many tattoos before he was killed over Alchera. Most of them from his gang days. The only ones that survived his resurrection were the N7 on his right shoulder, the tally marks for gang kills on his left rib cage, and a little more than half of the Tenth Street Reds symbol on his left shoulder blade. He also has Kaidan’s name on his ass cheek.

Gotten piercings: No

Had a broken heart: Repeatedly. Mainly from abandonment by his mother, and the abuse he suffered at the hands of the gang he was with. 

Been in love: Only once

Stayed up for more than 24 hours: Probably more times than is healthy. (Stealing Renly’s answer here!)


A virgin: Nope

A cuddler: Absolutely

A kisser: Yes

Scared easily: Not easily or often, but certain things terrify him - reminders of his past, thoughts of losing his family, his own failures

Jealous easily: Not particularly. Not now that he is certain of Kaidan’s feelings for him.

Trustworthy: Yes. To a fault

Dominant: He’s an N7, military Commander, and Spectre, so… yes (In the sexual sense, no)

Submissive: Not really. He prefers there to be give and take in his relationship with Kaidan, though he is compliant with his superiors. (If we’re talking in a strictly sexual sense, then definitely no.)

In love: Completely and utterly. (Stealing Renly’s answer again! :D )

Single: Nope


Have they harmed themselves: John was a drug addict as a teen

Thought of suicide: Before he joined the Alliance, yes - all the time

Attempted suicide: No

Wanted to kill someone: Yes 

Ridden a horse: No - not sure he’s ever really thought about it.

Have/had a job: See above

Have any fears: Most of his fears center around losing his family


Sibling(s): 1 half-brother, 1 half-sister

Parents: His mother is an Admiral in the Alliance; His father is unknown

Children:  4 - Brinley, a spunky 16 year old girl whom he and Kaidan found and took in when she was 7 after the war was over; Ashley, a 9 year old asari (Liara is her mother); Cameron and Claire, his and Kaidan’s biological 3 year old twins. 

Pets: One long-haired orange Tabby, Agamemnon 

Tagging: @estalfaed, @mshenkoaddiction, @willowdeville, @blueteaparty and anyone else who wants to give ‘er a shot! Feel free to ignore! :)

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Hey, other than your AMAZING fanfic, can you recommend any other campcamp fanfiction?

man okay real talk my memory is absolutely awful. Like it’s garbage. I can’t remember any titles of anything apparently, but any fics i’ve reblogged on here (and there’ve been a lot!!) is super recommended!!! i don’t think i have a tag for them because i forgot (surprise surprise amiright) but i love them all

i’m sure they’d come up if you search “cc character’s name” if they were included in the fic because i tag characters, but you might hafta do some digging

anonymous asked:

I hope this doesn’t like become a problem on your blog?? but to those anons it’s time consuming to remember to tag all of your posts like I usually keep up with my tag system but it’s hard and it’s just an extra step that takes time and it’s her blog so she can do whatever she wants

thank you lol i mean, if it was triggering or something i would totally understand and queue it with an appropriate tag but i was genuinely curious as to why they’d want me to tag my zendaya posts?? because i mean if it’s just to blacklist her name bc they don’t like her, that’s kind of a personal issue

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Are there any other Jaime appreciation blogs you recommend that acknowledge his ptsd, defend him, and show how shit Cersei is to him??

hmmmm all these ppl are multi fandom but out of my mutuals you wanna check out @fleurdulys @drafee @misssfriday @him-e @screwdriver-and-souffle @robb-greyjoy @ginmo who are all excellent, and if you wanna go on my jb wank tag you will find a few posts in whose notes you can look and find plenty more like-minded people (i’m gonna retag with that some posts in the future because I want receipts for when the inevitable canon bang happens so check often lol); I would also advise you to go check the notes in this post here where it’ll be OBVIOUS where to find likewise-minded people ;) and to also check @jaimebrienneonline for reblogged meta which might give you more names u__u ah, and the jb people who reblogged this trainwreck of a post with the good additions XD have fun u_u

kayatash  asked:

Good! Now one more little hc before I hit the hay. Anti has a (slightly less) soft spot for Chase, bc he just wants to see his kids man. So Anti’ll help him out a bit, whether it’s helping him edit his videos or glitching them all to Disneyland, completely out of the goodness of his heart and not because he loves Splash Mountain (Marvin tags along so they can get the super passes I forgot the name of them lol)

Anti isn’t completely horrible. He at least kinda cares about the others

(Hope ya sleep well my friend)