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A teammate’s face gets closer to yours…how do you react?

Panarin sees Kaner’s face getting closer: Whoa, too close there, buddy…pulls away.

Kaner sees Jonny’s face getting closer: nbd, no surprise (he probably does it all the time ;) haha) 

give me a Hamlet who believes he must be cruel to be kind

a Hamlet whose “I loved you not” is choked out like the lie it is. whose words to Ophelia begin stumbling and contradictory but build to viciousness, tears in his eyes barely in check. Hamlet, whose attacks upon her femininity are calculated and careful, hitting her where it hurts most. a Hamlet who tragically mistakenly believes aiming for her most intimate insecurities, betraying that trust born of a tender love, will make a cleaner break of it all and keep her away from him, away from the doom that he sees settling over Elsinore like a black cloud.

give me a Hamlet who acts, as he always does, from a sense of necessity. Hamlet who protects those he loves by betraying them. Hamlet whose mistake was acting too much on his own, making true the isolation and single-minded purpose he promised the ghost of his father. Hamlet who walks away from Ophelia disgusted with himself, self-loathing and heartbroken but that’s nothing new. 

give me a Hamlet whose lamentations and rage at her graveside don’t feel hypocritical. a Hamlet who loved her and hates how he failed to keep her away from all this death, driving her to it instead. a Hamlet who sees that the pain he caused with good intentions only continues to build.

give me a Hamlet quietly begging that, in Ophelia’s orisons, all the sins he is about to commit against her be remembered.



rhea: oooo you’re ready!! do a turn for me!!!!!

ben: …………………………………..

rhea: i thought it was gonna be too small but this fits you perfectly

ben: you should start getting ready i know it takes you forever..

rhea: not true! stop spreading lies about me or i’ll have my boyfriend beat you up!!! >:-))

ben: ……..



Gonna enjoy my life here in Nola. It’s definitely my fav season of the year. Some people call it national show your boobies day here in the Big Easy. 😁

Well let’s party!

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Do you have a favorite snart episode?

Hmmm. Probably, if I were forced to choose, in rank order…

1. The Flash 1x22

2. The Flash 2x03

3. Legends 1x03

4. The Flash 1x16

5. Legends 1x10 (the fist fight with Mick in particular)

Legends 1x06 gets an honorable mention for the scene with Mick in the brig.


On this day: TLC II breaks down into an even crazier battle than The Hardys, Dudley Boyz and E&C’s previous Ladder matches when Lita, Spike Dudley and Rhyno provide assistance for their respective teams, but ultimately Rhyno’s the difference maker when he helps Christian up the ladder to win his and Edge’s 7th Tag Team Championship. (4/1/01)

dont play cards against humanity with white people

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“A dream…?”

“Come on, Serena, be a bit more into it, too!”
“Ah, it’s my first time having an official battle…”
“Ehh? Even though you’re a Trainer?”
“Yes, that’s how it is…”

“Pokémon Master, huh… It’s not just Satoshi, Citron and Sana too, and Tierno and Trova, they’re all travelling for their dream…
I feel a bit bad…”

In retrospect, nothing really big happened but this was still a lot more than what we usually get in XY: dayum, main characters are not entitled anymore.

Satoshi is not the best amongst regular trainers – Tierno and Zenigame beat him and Keromatsu with groove, smiles, happy feelings and teamwork, which was maybe a bit more significant for Satoshi than losing to Corni, who was in training to become a Gym Leader (someone higher, someone whom Satoshi would face as a challenger). First-stage starters, water against water, Tierno’s Zenigame and Satoshi’s Keromatsu both received from Platane, both relying on speed, Tierno having bonded with his Pokémon through dance so sharing a strong bond with him, Tierno having a dream (to create a Dance Unit, like in the games): so the loss was neat and clear even though Zenigame didn’t even have to touch Keromatsu… and Satoshi went back, for me, to having positive reactions while losing (being genuinely impressed at Zenigame’s moves, excited, not angry-face-look-how-serious-I-am; meanwhile, Keromatsu seemed a little more bitter about it). So, in that regard, if a rivalry is formed, it has a good basis to be a friendly rivalry à la Best Wishes!

Serena not battling is finally acknowledged as an oddity: she indeed explained it was her first actual regular battle, and Sana immediately highlighted that it was strange for a Trainer to not have battle experience. And, obviously, while the episode was not explicitly centered on her, the person who was the most unnatural and isolated from the others’ easy enthusiasm was Serena – so, even though Serena didn’t do much, her passivity was a little more meaningful and interesting in this episode, because there were signals everywhere, in her behaviour, that something is on the verge of happening. (Well, we still don’t know if something will happen, but there is a bit more hope?)

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