Six Facts About Me

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1.) I love dogs soooo much. I’m not exaggerating either I love ‘em.
2.) I’m Asian and my best friend is Asian too xD
3.) I’m starting high school in like a day lol so if any of my mutuals have advice PLEASE HELP I WILL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL
4.) I am like low key so needy but I try to hide it by not responding too fast to a text or by waiting a few hours to send another one. Other times I’m like screw it and I’ll send like five or six in a row
5.) I totally suck at sports I can barely throw a ball and run ugh I suck
6.) Um I can kinda play trombone. I was the only girl in the trombone section (there were only three of us) so I got the nicest trombone when I asked xD

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A- Age: 18
B- Biggest Fear: needles, injections etc.  
C- Current Time: 12:08
D- Drink you last had: Orange Squash
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: jeansoftheskinnyandblackvariety​ 
F- Favourite Song: Aargh so many! At the moment, probably my playlist with This is Berk, Test Drive, Romantic Flight and Coming Back Around, all from the How to Train Your Dragon Soundtrack.
G- Grossest Memory: Our bin once got infested with maggots, It was horrible

H- Hometown: Londonish, I’m technically in surrey but I’m in Zone 6 for London Trains so it counts
I- In love with: Benedict Cumberbatch

J- Jealous Of: My little sister’s ability to wear any clothing and still look like she’s just walked off a catwalk. Like seriously she could pull off a bin bag

K- Killed Someone?: No, not that there aren’t people whom I could cheerfully murder
L- Longest Relationships: idk exactly but I’ve only had two and they were both around 4/5 months

M- Middle Name: Louise
N- Number of Siblings: 1 little sister
O- One Wish: That I don’t fail at life, like please just a nice job, someone who loves me, a couple of kids….

P- Person who you last called: my dad, to get a lift

Q- Question you’re always asked: What’s tumblr?

R- Reason to smile: I don’t have to leave the house today so I get to wear comfy clothes and no makeup all day 

S- Song you last sang: I was singing Unchained Melody randomly the other day
T- Time you woke up: 9am, pretty late for me, usually its between 7 and 8

U- Underwear Colour: Black

V- Vacation Destination: I went to California this summer but my next holiday will probably be Switzerland skiing at christmas

W- Worst Habit: I have loads, picking my nails, picking my split ends, chewing my tongue, always directing a conversation to something fangirl related…the list is practically endless

X- X-rays you’ve had: Teeth a couple of times, arm once but not to see if it was broken, just to look at my bone growth

Y- Your favorite food: Pizza, Pasta, Chinese, Chocolate, Wotsits, Cake

Z- Zodiac Sign:  Gemini

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the really great thing about swan queen is that it doesn’t work as a standard lady friendship. like i’ve been trying to compare it to Buffy/Willow as a benchmark, because that’s a platonic f/f friendship that lasted seven years and never had much of a femslash following?

and it doesn’t compare. Buffy would absolutely sacrifice her soul for Willow, but the point isn’t that she would– it’s that the show would never create that kind of dramatic scenario for them. If Buffy and Willow fought, it was resolved within an episode, not dragged out as a lengthy arc or a big cliffhanger. Because in general, that’s how female friendships are written onscreen! There are occasional exceptions but rarely so often for one friendship.

And why people read Swan Queen as shippy? Because we have great MOMENTS OF SACRIFICE. Because full arcs have hinged on their conflict with each other and full episodes have been about their conflict or its resolution– and rarely one after another. These aren’t tight oneshot stories; they’re sprawling sagas of trust broken and gained, friendship lost and won, sacrifices made and repaid. 

We had a full season about Emma struggling to bring Regina happiness. We had a full season about Emma faltering and losing herself and Regina fighting to bring her back. We’ve had full arcs about them learning to be partners to save their son and about them being rivals and enemies and coming together for that reason, too. The Cricket Game was structured around Emma having faith in Regina and losing that faith– and not regaining it until the S2 finale. Breaking Glass wasn’t a Very Special Episode about friendship– it was one turning point in a far longer arc.

It isn’t that Swan Queen is a relationship on the show– it’s the relationship that is the show, that runs as the backbone of the story, because Emma and Regina are the backbone of the story and their interactions guide it. And because the stories are romantic in how they’re handled! The situations they’re given are indisputably romantic, from Henry Has Two Mommies to Emma sacrificing herself for Regina to Regina holding Emma’s hands in her own and promising her a happy ending. This is romantic when it’s Emma standing on Regina’s doorstep and begging for forgiveness and it’s romantic when it’s Regina sitting in a darkened library and urging Emma to fight fate with her.

This is Mulder and Scully, Castle and Beckett, relationships that begin with friendship and develop beyond it, and it’s coded every step along the way as romantic in a way that far exceeds TV friendship. 

I love the ‘Awards and Nominations’ section of Troye’s Wikipedia page.

Like you have his fancy SAFTA nomination for Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film:

His fancy music awards and nominations:

Even fancy awards for his online influence:

And then you have this, the most prestigious honor Troye will ever receive:

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Hi✌🏼️I do love your blog😍and I want to know how do u make timetable for school and what u write in your notebook😌if u can send some photos😋thank u so much😱💕


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You should be ashamed of yourself. Your ship is toxic and the reason the fandom has a bad reputation. Don't you see you can't change anything? This isn't your show. Your ship isn't the writers' plan. Sending hate to the actors is horrible. How dare you make this cast feel bad for doing their jobs. Do you even care what Lana and Jen feel? All you do is threaten and hate. Try loving the show for once. Wow.

wow, i haven’t gotten one of these in a million years! so long i’m actually gonna answer it!

so, the reason the fandom has a bad reputation is its rampant homophobia, misogyny, racism, dedication to harassing people because of the ship they enjoy (look, it’s you!) and  …  what was it that made The Mary Sue? oh yeah, someone hacking and deleting a SQ blog in the name of CS.

no, it’s not my show. if it were it’d be MUCH better written. but it’s not your show either, nor do you know what the writers’ plan is. i don’t think even THEY know and they’re just making shit up as they go along pandering to what they think will make them money and/or trying to stop the hemorrhaging ratings (in which case, they’d do well to do SQ). no one is asking them to change things. people are asking them to treat SQ like legitimate fans and clamp down on the harassment in their fandom (look, you again!)

find me someone “sending hate” to the actors. not talking untagged about someone’s bad acting. not making critiques of storylines or letting people know what they want to see instead. not sent by one of the dozen 0Q-run fake SQ accounts. i’ve never seen any. i’d be interested to see what it looks like.

no one wants to make the cast feel bad for doing their jobs. it’s not THEIR fault the writing is rapey and misogynist, and they can’t do anything about it if they want to continue working. they are victims of the terrible writing as much as the people who like C$ and 0Q. 

i do care what Lana and Jen feel. do you? Lana loves SQ just as much as any of her other fans, is always happy to talk about Regina’s canon relationship with Emma, and understands that people shipping SQ makes sense. do you respect that? Jen is clear that Regina means a lot to Emma, and has demonstrably been far more upset by CS folks who don’t understand that she and Colin are not Emma and Hook.

people in SQ spend the majority of their time enjoying the things about the show they like–except lately when they’ve had to spend the majority of the time fending off and discussing attacks (you!). some  people (like me) are also critical of how the show is currently put together. i write analysis. that’s part of how i consume this popular cultural object. lots of people do. that is neither threats nor hate. 

again, please to send me any proof of these spurious claims. 

TL;DR: gaslight!  Ha da da dee da hada hada da da