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International Hands will feature that hands of Miami’s Ekser (@3ks3r). hit up the Handstyler FB page for full info on the first Handstyler exhibition to be hosted in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. international buyers, please DM or email with your email address to be sent the exhibition catalogue when it is ready. - Melbourne show: @bside.gallery
- Sydney show: @good.space
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Kiss Meme

Tagged by the beloved @pathfindersemail thank you for facilitating :P 

RULES: List 10 fictional characters you’d like to kiss, then tag people.

(apparently, I am keeping it in the Bioware family tonight. to no one’s surprise ever)

1. {Garrus Vakarian} 

because you can try and pry him out of my cold dead hands, and I can guarantee you will fail

2. {Reyes Vidal}

my dirty little not so secret secret

3. {Bro Ryder}

fuck you all I will bang myself, and it will be glorious

4. {Aria T’Loak}

just wreck me please

{I’ll stop with the screenshots shall I?} 

5. {Cullen Rutherford} 

bangable doesn’t even begin to describe 

6.{Alistair Theirin}

everyone needs a ray of pure sunshine in their lives!

7. {Fenris}

protect the frowning one at all costs 

8. {Nihlus Kriyk}

oh what wonderful things could have been 

9. {Josephine Montilyet}

i have a soft spot for intellectual badasses 

10.{Vetra Nyx}

Vetra is love, Vetra is life

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and anyone else who wants to do this :) 

1 01.02.17 school is starting to pick up the pace, there’s so many tests coming and i’m quite worried, but here’s my biology notes for the first lecture topic! hope everyone is having a productive day (◡‿◡✿)

IDK why it’s not a more popular headcanon that Mccree didn’t just lose his arm in whatever explosion/calamity he went through, but also a significant chunk of his torso

I would imagine that whatever it was would have definitely taken out most of that side of his body, and even if it didn’t they would have had to do some serious work to create a working structure that supported the weight of his arm on his torso

I’ve also considered that those gigantic tubes wired into his stomach are just some fancy cooling system, but I also genuinely think it’s more likely Mccree’s got quite the injury that’s more than just a missing limb. He might even have some artificial/biomechanical organs under all that plating. 

Not to mention his torso kinda sorta resembles Zenyatta’s 

As well as Genji’s

So I do pretty much believe that the setup on Mccree’s torso isn’t just armor plating you can take off, especially since there’s no discernible reason a chest plate should glow like that unless it’s got some mechanisms running under there