82 true about myself. .. 😙


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Character chart:

Nickname: kitty, katboom, chile, shir, muñeka

Pronouns: She/her

Career: trying enter to U or get a job

Blood Type: A+

Height: 5'1" 😢

Right or left handed: Right

Glasses/contacts: glasses (but I lost them the most of the time😔)

Long or short hair: short by shoulders length

List 3 favorite colors: Purple, pink and turquoise 🌈

Do you have any pets: I used to have 2 till some days ago, now I only have a kitten

What do you like about yourself: my eyes and my freaky imagination

Right Now:

Eating: nothing

Drinking: nothing

Listening to: All ‘bout that bass, by Megan Trainor -to no fall asleep-

Favorite TV Show: Supernatural 😳

Relationship Status: Single🙌

Do you have a crush on someone: OCP Saizo Kirigakure, Shingen , Joshua Lieben, Yasu, Sieg Lieben and Keith Alford… there’re more but I’m sleepy

Kids: None

What’s getting on your nerves right now: I’m fine now, but I wanted kill t a jerk.

Something you can’t wait for: stamina to pass the mission

One thing you wish you could change about your life: my loved ones be back to the life

How many people from your follower/following list do you know IRL: None

Most Recent:

Drink: coconut water

Phone Call: None

Text: “why you don’t pick up the phone when I call you, you are impossible” (my bro)

Song you listened to: Slbp intro

What time did you wake up today: 6:45

What did you do for your birthday: chatting with my buddy in tumblr, ate cake,reviewed my facebook.


First surgery: None till now TG

First Best Friend: Tumblr - @phoenix-kiyota and @demon-princess-anastasia ; irl Dunny and Jean

First sport: dance?

First Vacation: I traveled so much when I was kid, but go to the camp to ride a horse under care of my dad

In The Last Year, Have You:

Made a new friend: yes all are online thanks to my sweet addiction to games

Fallen out of love: yes, cuz I can’t stand shit

Laughed until you cried: yes, when my bros/friends come out with some unexpected.

Met someone who changed you: Jean -I miss that devil-

Found out who your true friends are: Jean -rl-, @phoenix-kiyota the ones which I’m in touch mostly.

Found out someone was talking about you: yes. I kicked his balls.

Kissed anyone on your follower/following list: Nope.

Which Is Better:

Lips or eyes: Eyes. They show off if a person is lying or not.

Hugs or Kisses: Hugs -I like hugs-

Taller or shorter: I wanna be taller..

Older or Younger: depend on the day

Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous

Sensitive or loud: both

Hookup or relationship: neither

Have You Ever:

Wanted to change your name: Yeah, I wanna be called Cherry.

Dated Someone Twice: yes

Been Cheated on: yes, but he received that he deserved.

Kissed someone and regretted it: yes

Kissed a stranger: Yes, we date for a while, but we didn’t have anything in common.

Had sex on a first date: Nope.

Fallen for a friend: yes.

Broken someone’s heart: yes.

Turned someone down: yes.

Lost Someone special: Yep, my dad, my uncle and my babies.

Cried when someone died: Yes. I always do it.

Been depressed: Yes. Specially after something affect me.

Been drunk and thrown up: Yes, with my best friend we drunk till fell asleep, he’s a heartbreak.

Talked to a person named Tom: Nope.

Do You Believe In:

Yourself: I have to

. Miracles: Yes, actually is a miracle that I’m alive yet after all.

Love at first sight: Yes.

Heaven: Yes

Kissing on the first date: Yes, if there’s chemical.

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I was tagged by @coma-kidd to post my lock screen, my latest selfie and the last song I’ve listened too. Thanks dear! ❤ Since I don’t have a smarphone and I’m using mostly my computer rather than my mobile tablet, I show you my computer home screen or whatever it is called… :D The song is from the Finnish band called Absoluuttinen Nollapiste (Absolut Zero)

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Relationship Status: idk
Favorite colour(s): green, black, blue, red
Pets: horse 🐎 & cat 🐈
Last Song i listened to: irgendwas mit rot - Gerard
Favorite TV Show: idk😂
Hobbies: Horse riding, taking picturs, concerts
Last Book: Margos Spuren
Favorite Book: Eine wie Alaska
Fun-Fact: Today is Sunday..
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French artist Mathieu Tremblin is changing graffiti by recreating people’s tags to make them legible. He styles them like Internet tag clouds to show the analogy between physical and virtual tags and highlight the idea that while keywords are markers of net surfing, graffiti are markers of urban drifting. Source Source 2 Source 3