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...Dan... do you like Valerie? As in... "like" like her?

Literally what is your affinity for this subject???  I’ve already told you my opinion of Valerie, why do you keep pushin’ the issue?  What do you expect me to say?  Are you wanting a confession or somethin’???

[very loud sigh]

Look, it doesn’t matter, alright?  We’re not even in the same timeline anymore.  Even if I wanted to tell her something—which I don’t—I wouldn’t be able to.  Plus, you’re assuming she’d even want to listen to what I have to say—not that I have anything to say to her anyway.  I’ll never see her again, and she’ll never see me, so…that’s that.

Just accept it.

Hello yes this is a formal portrait of Merle Highchurch as I imagine him because I am in TAZ hell so if this post happens to cross your dash and you’re an adventure zone blog please let me know because I need to get in on this beautiful podcast before it ends

Haikyuu Hamiliton Theater Au

So my three favorite things currently is haikyuu, hamilton, and theater aus. And since I made a Haikyuu Theater au right here [Link] I decided to take my favorite musical so far, Hamilton, and mash them together.

Haikyuu Theater Au, Hamilton Cast List!

Iwaizumi Hajime- Alexander Hamilton himself
Ushijima Wakatoshi- Aaron Burr
Sawamura Daichi- George Washington
Bokuto Koutarou- Thomas Jefferson
Kuroo Tetsurou- James Madison
Oikawa Tooru- Angelica Schuyler
Sugawara Koushi- Eliza Schuyler
Akaashi Keiji- Peggy Schuyler AND Maria Reynolds
Hanamaki Takahiro- John Laurens
Matsukawa Issei- Marquis de Lafayette
Tanaka Ryuunosuke- Hercules Muligan
Kageyama Tobio- Phillip Hamilton
Suguru Daishou- King George III

Headcanons underneath:

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tag boys!

i was tagged by one of the finest gifts to humanity @all-alone-in-the-moonlight thank u :) <3 <3 <3 

im assuming these are all regarding things i like so!!! :)

1 song: antmusic!!! idk i just thought of it bc im writing a scene to it rn
2 films: brave and res dogs <3
3 shows: tv shows right? uhhh always sunny, blackadder and the young ones :3
5 foods: i hate food unless said food = strawberries 
6 ppl to tag!: soz if i keep taggin u in shit i just love u u dont have to do it but: @mikedirnts-sideburns @queenatomic-a @inthelapofthegods74 @all-black-aesthetic ok that ain’t 6 but we’ll stop there bc i need 2 go get my coffee bc it’s ready!!!! <3 xxxxxxxxxxx