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Just Lion things 📦😸👌 #StevenUniverse #maru #ifitfitsisits #fail 


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woah look i did a thing because i love kirby so much

do you ever just lie face down and think about how much u love a classical work or historical figure cause i’ve been doing that a lot lately

im currently wrapped in a blanket thinking about the eclogues and getting rly emotional


I didn’t notice on my first play through. While you’re trying to help find a way to Sully’s plane (after the run-down of dragging him off the island), Sam lingers at each and every scenic spot behind the group that they pass.

Just taggin along. Taking in all the things he probably spent most his time in prison and before imagining would sound, smell, and look like. And then he finds he’s going to need to leave it all. Before he’ll get the chance to really take it all in, and have it stay where the struggle to get there took place.


what do we kno abt jinki we kno that he’s hot I’m not saying more uwu

One thing I love in UsUk fanfiction: when France is Arthur’s good/best friend

One thing I hate in UsUk fanfiction: when France is portrayed as a raptist or jerk or is completely despised

France isn’t a raptist or jerk or is completely despised so pretty please stop portraying him that way. He’s canon said that Love shouldn’t be forced upon anyone so I think I can safely say he wouldn’t do anything without the consent of anyone.