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Nickname: So many! Otie, Oats, Osamu, Osa, A few family ones that I dare not say
Sign: Aquarius
Gender: Male
Height: 5′10
Time & Date: 9:44 PM 6/17
Average Amount of Sleep: 6-7 hours
Lucky Number: 3, 6, 7, 9, All numbers Divisible by 3
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: Just one
Favorite Fictional Character: Link
Favorite Books: Siddhartha
Favorite Musician/Band: Either Daft Punk or Caravan Palace, Probably Daft Punk XD
Last Movie I saw In Cinema: Django unchained I think… I don’t really do movies often
Dream Holiday: Hmm…. Either Tokyo or partying in Ibiza
Dream Job: Something that I can do that will help people, Like a clinical psychologist…. or a dancer, I like moving and music XD

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Time to be Proud of Myself (meme)

I’m really super late on this because of reasons and time-not having enough. Aaanyways, I was tagged by cherrychapssstick missmudpie and jedichick04. Thanks Ladies!

1. The first thing I’m insanely proud of is my Season 4 Speculation  this baby right here made me famous. If you haven’t read it, please do. And keep in mind that this was originally developed back around the beginning of December and revised/reposted in March. Updated Version   (i’ll do another update after SDCC)

2. My Fics

  • At the Edge of Nowhere: When i wrote this, I had written multiple drabbles and stories that didn’t really get any attention. They didn’t really spark my creative genius. And then I was reading an old one shot of my that I had written years ago. I was inspired and revamped that one, adding and changing and manipulating until it revolved into the masterpiece it is today. 
  • In the Middle of Somewhere: Sequel to the above this is my first multi fic. I’m actually trying to make and effort to post and be consistent. I”m testing myself with this and pushing to write through writers block; it’s very liberating. But the plot is so intricate and delicate that I’m amazing myself with all the twists and turns. 
  •  Mirror Image: This one started as an angst prompt that mylunarsolstice sent me. However, I was inspired by the imagery and tumbled away with it. It’s an AU that is sort of a soulmate but not. I’m just really proud how it turned out even though it’s a less loved one. It’s one of my favorites.

3. Arrow Summer Rewatch: This event has been an adventure. One little observation, a little math and BAM! I’m in charge of a VERY. BIG. THING. If it wasn’t for olicityalamode I would be drowning in everything. That fact that everyone wants to do it, and make comparisons to current episodes just floors the heck out of me. I’m proud of it, but very intimidated by the whole thing.

4. Theory Thursday: I’m still working on it, but my big group of 23 are my darlings. They’re they ones that bring me down when I go all cray cray with theories and speculation. I’m so excited to spend Thursdays with you obsessing starting in October!

5. Last but not least my Vids. I’m pretty happy with the way most of them turned out. My absolute favorite is my Burn Notice Parody because I chose the PERFECT scenes for them. I still laugh at them. Some of Mention is Flares, Let Her Go, Gravity, Thousand Years and Girl Worth Fighting For

Tagging People Who’ve probably already been tagged but I want to be proud of them. 

dust2dust34 I love her fics especially BLOOD HANDS and SOULSHINE (hint hint nudge nudge bre) She always puts so much expression and thought into any action.

dettiot What can I say about Mel besides if you’re not following her or her fics then you’re making a grave error. Her Ink Ran Dry series is amazing. A season 1 rewrite where both Oliver and Felicity are writers. And oliver is the Arrow. Her series that she’s working on is a Marvel/DC cross and I love her for it. GO READ THEM!  (also I stalk her AO3 account bookmarks if I need new fanfiction to read)

olicityplease This tumblrer was my very first Follower from the Olicity Fandom. You. Thank-you for giving me a chance. 

olicitykisses She has had amazing fic recs that I’ve saved and if I need more that’s where I go. She’s also was one of the first people to follow me so thank-you. 


juleswritesallwrongs HER FICS ARE AMAZING AND MAKE ME CRY AND OH MY GOSH SO SO SO SO PROUD OF HER her fic is What Happened In Vegas and IT”S AMAZING

itchiygo Fred. Be proud. You come to tumblr and even though you don’t speak english very well you try and you never stop trying. You go!

anthfan There is nothing to say to the master but thank-you. Thank-you thank-you. 

sailorslayer3641: Her father’s day fic made me cry. She always has awesome theories as well. 


Ten Series - Two Faves

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1. Penn Zero - Sashi and Larry
2. SVTFOE - Marco and Star of course
3. Gravity Falls - Mabel and Stan
4. Steven Universe - Connie and Garnet
5. Phineas and Ferb - Doof and Izzy
6. RC9GN - Julian and Viceroy
7. OTGW - Beatrice and Greg
8. Yonderland - The Gay Oracle
9. Adventure Time - Fionna and Beemo
10. Wander Over Yonder - Wander and Hater

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1. Your Nickname: Jassi but nobody calls me that anymore ._.

2. Your Eye Color: Blue-Grey-ish

3. Your Hair Color: Blonde

4. One Face About You: I have a Pikachu Phone Case

5. Favorite Color: Black? Pink? Who knows?

6. Favorite Place: Baltic Sea

7. Favorite Celebrity: uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

8. Favorite Animal: Dogs? Cats?? Dolphins? Tigers??? Wolfs???? so many

9. Favorite Song: Right now probably Day Of The Battle by Jonas Myrin but it changes like every day

10. Favorite Book: Crown of Mifnight from the throne of glass series from Sarah J. Maas


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“List your top 10 favorite characters” (THIS IS NOT IN ORDER)

1. Castiel (supernatural)
2. Garnet (steven universe)
3. Soul Evans (soul eater)
4. Death the Kid (soul eater)
5. Death (soul eater and supernatural, I guess that counts as one character???)
6. Maka Albarn (soul eater)
7. Tsukune Aono (rosario + vampire, although it is the most pervy anime ever, he is the cutest out of all these characters trust me)
8. Bender Rodriguez (futurama)
9. Charlie Bradbury (supernatural)
10. …and STEVEN (steven universe)

…and so I tag: starshinedean chevroletdean flannelhunters patrcolvs steverogesr labyrinthcas wappalibu winsynced jimmynovsk ehnocian and anyone else who wants to do this!


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1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2015.

ACOTR, Crown of Midnight, The Wrath & The Dawn.

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2015.

Crown of MIdnight 

3. New release you haven’t read yet, but want to.

Ember in the Ashes

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year.

Carry on by Rainbow Rowell

5. Biggest disappointment

The Heir by Kiera Cass

6. Biggest surprise

ACOTR. I’d only read Throne of Glass at that point, so I wasn’t prepared for the amount of emotions that Sarah J. Maas can reek in a person.

7. Favourite new author. (Debut or new to you)

Sarah J. Maas and Renee Ahdieh <3

8. Newest fictional crush.
Pretty much every character from any of the books I’ve read. But all the guys from The Ivy Years books.

9. Newest favourite character.

Celaena Sardothien

10. Book that made you cry.

The Ivy Years books by Sarina Bowen. Geeeezzzzzzz.

11. Book that made you happy.

Hmmmm, probably To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 

12. Favourite book to film adaptation you saw this year.

What has been released this year, I can’t even remember.

13. Favourite review you’ve written this year. (Booktube version: Favourite video you have done so far in this year)

eh, no clue.

14. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

15. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

All of them.

I tag: freshface-blankpage readthebloodybook read-and-be-merry paigeinbooks bookmad (if you want)

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(above you see my natural state at school where linkfreak uses a measure of “how many pens in Kelli’s hair” to judge my stress level /work load)

plz ignore the clutter in my room and the washed out face

It gets mighty chilly doing chores some days

Getting 10 was hard which I blame on the fact that until a few months ago I didn’t have a phone with a front facing camera. 

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Facts about this particular user

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Write 6 facts about yourself then tag 6 followers

  1. I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with 3 men : Kyuhyun(super junior), Markiplier(youtuber) and Jacksepticeye (youtuber)
  2. I like the feel of wet paint on my fingers…
  3. When writing I often read my chapters aloud to see if they sound right…not caring who in the room. (lots of raised eyebrows on this one)
  4. I day dream 80% of my life away..
  5. I am 36 years old, but act like i’m 20…I REFUSE to grow up
  6. Post-its are a staple in my existence…I CAN’T LIVE without them…

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1) write your name in song titles

 S- Stressed Out by TOP

Y- You dont know what they do to guys like us in prison by MCR

D- Disloyal order of water buffalos by FOB

N- NaNaNa by MCR

E- End of all things by P!ATD

Y- Young Volcanoes by FOB

2) Why did you choose your URL?

idk honestly i started this blog as a black and white/sad blog but bands took over 

3) whats your middle name?


4) if you could have any fictional/fairytale pet what would it be?

I’d keep a mermaid in my bathtub or a dragon

5) Favorite color?

Maroon or black

6) Favorite song?

idk man I like everything by emo bands  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7) Top three fandoms?

supernatural, holy emo trinity, skeleton clique

8) Why do you like tumblr?

I’ve made so many friends and i love meeting people and finding out Im not alone with all the crazy shit I do

9) tag nine people










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About Me

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Name: Ashlee
Nicknames: Ash, AshCash, Lola 
Where I’m from: the bumass but magnificent New York City 
Fav Animated Film: tie between Coraline and Tangled
Fav Show: The X-Files, Empire, Hannibal and OITNB
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Fav quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
Fav musician/band/vocalist: Beyonce, Rihanna, J Cole
Favorite season: Winter ftw
Movies I’m waiting for: DOPE!!!!

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